Yu Yu Hakusho Yaoi Fanfiction
~*~One Shots~*~

Kurama wants to seduce Hiei and he recruits Yusuke to help him. But the half-koorime isn't going to be fooled so easily.
Yaoi, shonen ai, slightest lime, PWP, slight humor, bit of fluff.

After Yusuke is resurrected, Hiei wakes to find himself back in the human world.  And the first thing he does is destroy the black tape.  
Kurama is determined to find out why. Shonen ai, Kurama+Hiei.

In Your Arms
This is a poem, not a fic.  I wanted to do a songfic, but I couldn't find lyrics with the theme I was imagining so I wrote a little poem.  
It's Hiei's perspective of his and Kurama's 'relationship'. Shonen ai, hint of angst, definitely Yaoi.

Nothing To Say
Hiei reflects on his past with Kurama after the kitsune makes an unwanted advance on him.
Yaoi, shonen ai, Kurama+Hiei, angst, Hiei's POV.

KuramaxHiei Yaoi Nursery Rhymes
As the title says, these are parodies of well-known nursery rhymes.  I'll probably add on as time goes by, for now there's a hentai &
humor warning.

'Deciding Dominion' Arc

Setting The Rules
The final match of the Dark Martial Arts Tournament is about to begin, and both Hiei and Kurama are missing.  A late night encounter
marks the beginning of a cautious relationship based on compromise. Yaoi, shonen ai, slight humor, lime content, KuramaxHiei.

Kurama has finally mastered the switch to youko, and he's ready to show his skills to his obstinant lover.  The real question is whether
Hiei is ready to relinquish control. Yaoi, shonen ai, minor angst, bondage, descriptive lemon, KuramaxHiei. One-shot

Blood Lust
Humans have been off-limits for so long that some demons feed off their own kind.  And one has his sights set on Hiei.  Convinced that
Biula is after Kurama, Hiei challenges the demon, and loses badly.  He's left in a pact to suffer in the youko's stead, but Kurama won't
stand by while it happens. Yaoi, TWT, violence, major/minor angst, rape, torture, shonen ai, sap, lemon, KuramaxHiei, BiulaxHiei.

Part 1     ~*~     Part 11

'Gmen' Arc

A prequel to G-men focusing on Hiei's past as a mutant.  This fic can be read without reading G-men, and explains how Hiei met
Kurama, and the reason for he and Yukina's strange relationship. Yaoi, violence, child abuse, angst, sap, will have lemons/shonen ai.
Yukina+Hiei/H+Y (not sexual) will be KuramaxHiei.

Part 1    ~*~     Part 3

Another prequel to Gmen, focusing on Jin and Touya, this is also a crossover with Naruto.  When Jin rescues a lone Ice Master from
uncertain death, he's eager to bring him into the light. But Touya's past catches up to him far too soon. JinxTouya main.

Part 1     ~*~     Part 3

Fusion of GW & the original X-men series, late YYH crossover (starting at part 20).  When the mutant Gwing boys unite to fight
against OZ, they find themselves needing training.  Luckily for them, Kurama and Hiei offer their services.
Yaoi, 1x2, 3x4, 6+5, KuramaxHiei.  Up to Part 39.
Gmen:  Awakening (The Music Video)

General Multi-Parters

Dark Side
The Reikai Tantei have a new mission, but this time they're going after ningens, not youkai.  A group of humans have taken to stealing
weak youkai for their own twisted amusement, and the tantei split up in order to infiltrate the group and identify the ringleader.  Yaoi,
KuramaxHiei, will have angst, violence.

Part 1     ~*~      Part 2

Heart of Darkness
A sequel to my GW fic, 'Without the Moon,' and my Inuyasha fic, 'Exigency,' this is a crossover of Gundam Wing, Inuyasha, and Yu
Yu Hakusho.  The main pairings are KuramaxHiei, 1x2, 3x4, and InuyashaxMiroku.  Two new students, Kurama and Hiei, drag the
GW gang into a feudal world where demons roam and their powers are pushed to the limits.

Part 1     ~*~     Part 4

Heir and a Spare
Bleach/Naruto/YYH, NarutoxSasuke, RenjixByakuya, IchigoxIshida, KuramaxHiei. Four couples learn that marriages of convenience
are anything but. They're fighting like cats and dogs. Or cats and foxes, as the case may be.

Part 1     ~*~     Part 4

The Hidden Continent
Naruto crossover, NaruSasu, KuramaHiei. Drawn by the energy unleashed between Naruto and Sasuke, strangers have come to
Konoha. Their interest in Kyuubi isn't nearly as disturbing as where they claim to be from.

Part 1     ~*~     Part 4

Higher Learning
HP crossover. When Snape is revealed as a spy, Kurama and Hiei are set up as guards at Hogwarts. If Voldemort wants to pursue his
new vendetta, he'll have to get through them first.

Part 1     ~*~     Part 9

History Denied
A Rurouni Kenshin/Yu Yu Hakusho crossover fic.  A resurrected spirit has changed the past, making a new future. Now the tantei are
going back to fix history, to face a familiar enemy...and a new one.  Yaoi, KuramaxHiei, SanosukexKenshin, SensuixItsuki, references
to NCS.

Part 1     ~*~     Part 2

The last time Kurama was hit by the 'fruit of the past life,' he regressed to an adult youko.  This time he's much younger, and he's
attached himself to a very unwilling Hiei, literally. Will be shonen ai, Hiei+Kurama/Kurama+Hiei.

Part 1     ~*~     Part 6

Companion Pic by Cai

In Our nature
When Kurama decides he's ready for a mate, he seeks out a mating service that is famed to be able to match any request.  Yomi
completes his task by finding a certain youkai who seems to be perfect.  But Hiei has a condition that Kurama isn't aware of and it
causes problems when they are set up to meet during a full moon. On-going.

Part 1

Saiyuki crossover fic.  Kurama and Hiei are reunited and sent to oversee some talks in the Makai.  While there, Hiei finds himself with
two suitors, and Kurama finds himself quite jealous.  The motivation to make his own claim on Hiei comes right along with Hakkai's
urge to end Gojyo's flirting with a claim of his own.  Yaoi, shonen ai, will have lemon content, Gojyo+Hiei, Bui+Hiei, Kurama+Hiei,
will be KuramaxHiei, HakkaixGojyo (not the other way around).

Part 1     ~*~     Part 5

Something is happening to Kurama.  His youki is being drained and he's in constant pain.  Having exhausted himself trying to find the
cause he's decided to suffer through it, but it's more complicated than he knows.  After dreaming of the kitsune, Hiei returns to the
Ningenkai and finds himself with no choice but to interfere. Yaoi, will have angst, shonen ai, Kurama+Hiei/Hiei+Kurama. On-gong.

Part 1      ~*~     Part 2

Yaoi, AU, KuramaxHiei. Kurama is drawn to a strange dimension, and he's expected to end the Koorime's curse as legends have
foretold. But there's a catch. Hiei's role is already determined.  An unusual mix of a slave-fic, a mpreggy-fic, and a lemony

Part 1     ~*~     Part 3

Kurama has a chance to undo one thing in the past, to save a life in return for his own.  The chance comes too late.  Hiei has finally
reached out to him, and even Kurama's love for Kuronue isn't enough to make him leave the youkai now.  But he hesitates too long
and Hiei takes matters into his own hands.  Neither of them knew what Kuronue's amulet would do, and it isn't certain who will be
taking the place of whom. Yaoi, shonen ai, Kuronue+Kurama, Kurama+Hiei/Hiei+Kurama, will have lemons, angst, KuronuexHiei,
Kuronue/Kurama/Hiei. On-going.

Part 1

Companion pic

The Game
A Gundam Wing crossover fic in which Heero, Duo, and Wolfwood (Trigun) travel through various dimensions in order to play a
game.  After a strange encounter, Kurama and Hiei get roped into helping them.  Kurama+Hiei.

Part 1     ~*~     Part 21

Seme Seminar
Problems usually run rampant in any yaoi pairing, and the ukes are supposedly the ones to suffer.  But the semes suffer just as much, if
not more.  When it comes to chasing down a potential mate as the 'dominate' partner, semes can find themselves very frustrated.  
Finally there is something to help them - a seminar for semes, dedicated to resolving their problems and offering emotional support.  
The duration of the event has yet to be determined, but no one is going to walk away without solving his problem.  Whether magic or
therapy is necessary, there are people willing and ready to help.  Semes are no longer alone as the first meeting of the Seme Seminar
begins.  Crossover fic, yaoi, KuramaxHiei.

Part 1     ~*~      Part 2

Shadow Dragon
Based on Anne McCaffrey's Pern saga, this is a fusion of the two with noticeable differences.  Hiei becomes a dragon rider and the
partner to a dragon that no one claims, or understands.  The missing queen egg is at the top of people's minds and Kurama leads a
search for the party responsible for the switch.  The dragonriders' world is turning upside down and Hiei's presence isn't helping at all.
Yaoi, AU,  will be KuramaxHiei, possible Kuwabara+Yukina, Mukuro+Hiei and more.  On-going.

Part 1   ~*~    Part 3

Companion pic 1:  Kurama and Delana
Companion pic 2:  Hiei and Ryu

Crossover of Rurouni Kenshin and Yu Yu Hakusho. Cults have been practicing black magic for centuries. When the cult Sanosuke
infiltrated manages to complete the ritual, he finds himself master to a myth, the deadly Battousai. In another part of the city Kurama is
forced into a similar ritual, one that's performed by a mere apprentice, and one that goes very wrong. The Jaganshi is summoned
unwittingly into the human world, and it's up to Kurama to decide what to do with him. It isn't until he crosses paths with a certain cop
that he understands the darkness hidden in his chosen home. Yaoi, violence, bloodshed, will have shonen ai, possible angst, lemon
content, will be SanosukexKenshin, KuramaxHiei.  On-going.

Part 1     ~*~     Part 4

Twist of Fate
A crossover with Dragon Ball Z (The History of Trunks).  When Kurama and Hiei go through a rift in the Makai, they find themselves
in a parallel universe to the human world they know.  Androids are killing the ningens and they team up with the only two fighters left,
Gohan and Trunks.  Together, they plan to take the androids out before finding a way back to their own world.  On-going.

Part 1     ~*~     Part 3

Yaoi University
A multi-anime crossover, schoolfic.  Mukuro and Shizuru are opening a new school for young bishonen to learn how to be the perfect
yaoi couples. And refusal is not an option. Yaoi/Yuri, KuramaxHiei, YusukexJinxTouya, and more.  On-going.

Part 1:  Mandatory Attendance (YYH)