Author's Notes:  This will be my first 'preggy fic' and my first 'slave fic' - though it takes a big spin on both cliches.  I seriously doubt this has been done before,
so I'm not too worried.  Just don't expect the fic to play out like others you may have seen for these 'types' but keep in mind that it'll have aspects of both
Category:  Anime, YYH, Yaoi, AU
Pairings:  will be KuramaxHiei
Warnings:  none, will have angst and lemon content in future parts
Author:  Arigatomina


Part 1

His head nodded, an instinctive twitch lifting it for a moment before it eased down again.  Three times should have been enough, but he hadn't slept in so
long.  He just wanted to rest his eyes for a minute, a short break from the experiment.  No harm in that, he'd locked the doors so it wasn't like the others would
notice his slip.  The vague sleep filled thought came right with a real slip.  His body decided to follow his bowed head and he pitched forward in a remarkable
lack of grace.  

Green eyes snapped open at the loss of balance, pale hands flailing in front of him.  Sparks, currents, all the carefully manipulated fields twined inches before
his eyes.  He gave a sharp denial as his hands struck the orb, months of effort tipping away, wires tugged free.  He crashed into the machine, taking it down in
a nasty heap of hissing sparks.  His desperate fingers clutched at the hot orb, jerking it close as he twisted to keep from crushing it in his fall.  And it cracked
between his palms.

For a brief moment he was frozen with shock, eyes blind from the explosion.  His numb fingers twitched first, brushing something.  Then he blinked, gasping as
the light seemed to condense into a small circle before him, darkness all around it.  He realized he was still holding the orb.  The fields were a paler shade,
more blue than white, but the orb was definitely intact.  His hands had merely cupped it.  

He was just sighing in relief, ready to pass it all off as a daydream caused by his isolation in the lab, when he realized the darkness behind the glowing orb
hadn't changed.  There were lights in the lab, even an electrical outage wouldn't effect the backup generator.  But that darkness remained.

Was he still dreaming, then?  

Kurama blinked again, moving his hands away from he cool orb to rub his eyes.  His sight did adjust a little when he looked again.  He could make out a
shadowy wall not too far from the orb, and the orb itself seemed to be sitting on a pedastool or something.  There weren't any wires attached to it, the glow
much calmer than it should have been.  

And silence.  The orb was absolutely silent along with the room.  At least, it was silent until something rustled behind him.

Kurama wheeled sharply, wide eyes suddenly growing ever so much wider as he realized he wasn't alone.  And he definitely wasn't in his lab.  

The room was dark, with the only light coming from the orb behind him, but he could make out figures in pale robes mere feet from him.  They seemed to be
praying, bent in some old form of worship.  His gasp caught their attention.  

When they looked up he was sure their wide eyes mirrored his own expression.  Suddenly he wondered if he hadn't fallen after all and struck his head.  He
wasn't the sort to dream up something so strange.  

Despite the dark, he saw that they were all the same, each one having the same features, the same pale eyes, the same pale blue hair.  That decided it.  He
had to have hit his head if he were imagining blue haired women.

As if they'd planned it, they all gasped, Kurama shivering at how eerily similar the voices were.  The women closest to him scrambled away from him, and he
blinked at how tall they all were.  Not sure what to do, he let his eyes move from one to another, taking in the identical robes and features.  

A sharp cry broke his dazed study, and he flinched, jerking around to find the source of the sound.  

Another of those odd blue-haired females was struggling between two others.  This one was smaller, barely half as tall as the two dragging her, and her eyes
seemed notably darker than the others.  Those eyes were sparkling, sharp points of light falling to spark on the dark floor and he could swear he heard them
land, soft tinkling that had an almost ominous sound to it.  The three moved further from the frozen women, and he spotted a faint doorway as they
disappeared through it.

A signal seemed to pass at their exit, because the other women abruptly dropped again.  Confusion, and not a little wariness swamped over Kurama as he
stared down at them.  They were definitely bowing, but he could swear they were bowing at him, and not the orb behind him.  Dream or not, he couldn't just
stand still.  

With a deep breath, he leaned down a little, looking at the bowed head of the woman closest to him.  "Ano...excuse me, but I think I'm lost."  

It was so ridiculous he might have laughed if the woman hadn't let out a quiet whimper and scooted a few feet further away from him.

A soft sound caught his ear, and his gaze snapped up to find movement in that shadowed doorway.  Another tall female entered the darkened room, the
bowing women shifting aside to leave a cleared path for her to walk.  She looked older, and he couldn't help but be relieved to see they weren't all clones.  But
aside from her white hair and the wrinkles, she had the same robe, the same pale eyes.  

Kurama opened his mouth to try a hesitant question, and the words died in his throat.  The woman walked straight to him and bowed, just like the rest.  
Kurama's left eye twitched and he frowned down at her.

"We have awaited you arrival," she said.

That scratchy voice was quiet, but it managed to turn his frown into an expression of pure confusion.  Again he opened his mouth, only to find the words dying
once more.  

The other women were backing from the room, moving so quietly he barely heard their long pale robes rustle.  Kurama watched as the last one disappeared
through that distant doorway.  He was about to turn his eyes back down to the woman in front of him when someone else appeared in the doorway, and he


The word echoed in his mind as he stared at the small figure outlined across from him.  Dark hair, dark loose pants, dark shirt with odd sleeves that he could
see pale skin beneath.  And dark, dark eyes that locked with his and paralyzed him.  

The figure moved, a silent step into the room. Kurama shuddered.

A shockwave shook him, heat rushing through his veins followed by icy pain that clenched his muscles in an instant.  He barely registered the gasp from the
woman in front of him, his eyes closed tightly against the stabbing current.  

Then it was gone, as suddenly as it had come.  

A shaky breath left his lips and he gasped before forcing his eyes open.  The woman was still there, but the dark one was now kneeling to her left.  

Kurama's eyes fell to that one, but something else caught his attention.  His white lab coat was gone.  

Jerking back, he clutched his chest, staring down at the odd clothing that had somehow replaced his own.  It was thin, still white, but it looked like a robe or a
toga or something from the middle ages.  And it barely closed over his chest.

His shocked gaze snapped back to the woman, but he was distracted again.  Silvery white hair had flown over his shoulder with the movement and he nearly
reeled back.  With trembling fingers, he touched the strands, pulling more over his shoulder where he could look at it.  

This wasn't his hair.  Not only was the color wrong, but it was thin, very fine, and flowed from his fingers without the slightest tangle.  With a numb sense of
bemusement, he moved a hand over his head, feeling the difference from his normal tangle of thick red.  

And he encountered a furry object that made him choke.  If he didn't know better, he'd have sworn there were pointy ears on the top of his head.  The thought
came just as he noticed something swish along his thighs.  

Head snapping around, he forgot to breathe.  There was a tail behind him, and it was coming out of the back of those odd pants.  

He must have hit his head very hard.  Now he was worried.

"I'll take you to your den."

The low voice made him jerk in surprise, and the words registered just as he looked down to meet dark wide eyes.  "My what?" asked Kurama.

The woman shifted, and he blinked in utter confusion when she sent a somehow icy glare to the dark one beside her.  Then he was staring into the male's
eyes again, registering the blood red color with a bit of wariness.  

Though small and bowing before him, the male felt dangerous.  Those dark eyes just felt...dangerous.  

Silence ate at him for a long minute before he realized they were waiting.  With a long suffering sigh, he shrugged.  "All right."  

Dream or injury induced hallucination, he wasn't going to figure much out by standing there.

The woman stood, her eyes not meeting his as she half bowed and waved him toward the doorway.  Kurama followed her, doing his best not to shiver when he
felt that tail brush his legs again.  

Despite himself, he couldn't help but glance back at that furry appendage, and he blinked.  That dark male was following them, directly behind him.  But those
eyes were directed at the floor, narrow in a readable glare.  Kurama turned away quickly.

The doorway was shielded by some sort of dark curtain, and he watched in bemusement as it moved to let them through, as if it had a life of its own.  Then
they were walking down some sort of tunnel.  

Though he was a scientist, Kurama couldn't make out what the walls and floor were made of.  It seemed to be some sort of crystal, pale blue and glowing with
an easy light that glinted on the old woman's same shaded robe.  

More dark doorways spotted the walls, similar curtains blocking the rooms from view, and he turned back to look at one as they moved by.  A glance at the
dark male still shadowing them made him whip his head back around.  

For some reason it made him very uncomfortable to know the stranger was directly behind him, even if those eyes were still directed at the floor.  At least he
wasn't staring at his tail.

They moved straight for what must have been minutes before the tunnel ended sharply. Another doorway was before them, but this one had a white curtain,
unlike any of the ones they'd passed.  

The woman stepped to it, moving just inside and bowing slightly.

"Please enter."

Looking at her nervously, Kurama moved through the doorway.  He stopped a few feet inside and looked around with surprise.  

There were lights on the ceiling that looked almost like the ones in his office.  The similarity was uncanny.  But the walls were definitely made of stone, a pale
marble that glinted under the yellow lights.  The floor seemed to be made of the same.  

A doorway stood to the right, and Kurama felt a wash of familiarity when he caught sight of what lay inside.  It was a normal bathroom, nothing odd and
glowing, just a normal room.  Well, not quite normal considering they hadn't used that sort of facility since the late twentieth century, but close enough.  

Not far from the doorway was a huge canopied bed with pale irridescent curtains that made him raise an eyebrow.  He couldn't remember the last time he'd
seen one of those.  

And there was a fireplace on the other side of the room.  They'd outlawed those years ago.  So much for the room being normal.  

Kurama frowned in frustration as he stared at the fire, not really looking at the pillowy pads laid in front of it.  

This was just weird.  He barely glanced over the dark alcove on the left, taking in black curtain over it.  He'd seen plenty of those during the walk through that

And that was it.  The rest of the room was empty.  

His gaze shifted in another, quicker look around the room before falling back to the two standing near the doorway.  The dark one was right next to the door,
leaning against the wall with his arms folded.  And he was still glaring at the floor.

The woman stepped toward him, and Kurama wasn't too surprised when she bowed yet again.  Much more of this and he'd get used to it.  She stood again,
and he blinked when she waved a wrinkled hand at the room.

"This is your den.  If it is lacking anything, speak.  Whatever you desire will be provided.  We are forever in your debt."  Pale blue eyes rose to look at him for a
second before she dropped in another half bow.  "We thank you for coming as the legend said you would, coming to break the curse."

Kurama's eyebrow twitched again, and he shook his head.  "I think there's been some mistake.  I don't know where this is, or what you're talking about.  And I
definitely don't know anything about a curse."  

Wide red eyes snapped to him, and Kurama blinked in surprise.  That sense of danger he'd read from the male disappeared.  

The woman had also lifted her head, but she dropped it again.  "You are the one," she said, "who has come to save us from extinction."

Eyebrow rising, Kurama stared at her bowed head.  "How am I supposed to do that?"

"The prophecy foretold the coming of a demon who will take the forbidden child and undo the curse that has fallen upon us."

"I don't understand," Kurama said, frowning when she still didn't look at him.  "What is this curse?"

Her voice hardened a bit, but she kept her gaze aimed at the floor.  "We have been unable to bear children since a demon came into our midst and corrupted
us.  Once the demon seed gives birth to new life the curse will end."

Did they expect him to get one of them pregnant?  

Kurama shifted back without thinking, his expression twisting into a disgusted scowl.  No wonder he was having this dream.  His mother had been pushing him
to produce an heir for years now to take over the corporation.  

But...this was a little odd to be a dream.  If it were real...

Kurama's eyes widened suddenly and he took a sharper step back, his voice rising.  "You don't expect me to have a kid with one of you!  I'm sorry, but I'll have
to decline.  You must have the wrong person."  

The woman flinched, wide blue eyes looking up at him in obvious surprise and something else.  It almost looked like disgust.

"We do not profane ourselves to produce children," she whispered, her voice cold.  "Our births are clean and untouched by male corruption."

Relief nearly weakened his legs, and Kurama sighed.  "That's good to hear. mean you have children without sex?  That's-"

"Of course," the woman nodded.  "But since the curse, that has not happened."

With a confused sigh, Kurama ran a hand through his hair, scowling when he brushed one of those odd pointed ears.  "I don't understand.  How am I
supposed to help you, then?"  

The woman waved a hand to the side, directing his gaze to the dark male still leaning against the wall.  "Once the forbidden child gives birth, the curse will lift."

"The-"  Kurama's mouth snapped shut and his eyes bulged in sudden understanding.  "You-"  

His hands flew up and he took a huge step back.  "Are you kidding?!  He's a male.  He can't have children, and especially not by me he can't!"  

The male in question was now glaring at him, but Kurama didn't particularly care.  Shaking his head furiously, he took yet another step back.  "No way."

Straightening, the woman turned to follow his gaze, her eyes narrowing sharply when she caught sight of the dark glare.  With a half bow to Kurama, she
moved back.  "I appologize.  Please rest yourself."  

Wide golden eyes stared at her, but she quickly avoided them, her gaze falling on Hiei.  The short male dropped his eyes as well.

Kurama didn't move as he watched them leave the room, his body pretty much frozen in place.  After a moment, he managed to break out of it.  

Shaking his confusion aside, he moved to the doorway, thinking to watch them, and maybe look around to see if there were a way out of this place.  But his
hands didn't fall on cloth when he went to shift the curtain aside.  No matter what it looked like, the texture was solid, hard, and it didn't give.  It might as well
have been stone itself.  

They'd locked him in.