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The series focuses on Guts, his romance with Caska,
and Griffith, an old comrade gone bad.  From what
I've seen of it, namely the first dvd, first five episodes,
the series is about demons and ambition leading to a
twisted kingdom that needs saved from itself.  And
Guts would be just the man to save it, considering his
macabre birth has set him apart from others from the
onset.  I came across this anime due to a misleading
amv.  I don't expect to get the rest of the series, but the
manga looks worth a read or two.
"In the castle town of Midland, a new king has come to power.  Through treachery and
violence, his demonic agents victimize the citizens, until one night, a mysterious warrior
comes to destroy them.  Known as The Black Swordsman, he has long held an unrelenting
grudge against the king.

Before the twilight of Midland, a young mercenary named Guts fights for his fortune on the
front lines.  There he meets Griffith, who is charismatic, graceful, and deadly.  Griffith's
mercenary company, The Band of the Hawk, is a powerful military force and the talk of
elite political circles.  Between the strength of Guts' anger and Griffith's ambition, the face
of Midland will never be the same."
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