Anime Info
Information about the anime, including links to a detailed episode guide.

Music Videos
Anime music videos, or amvs, best viewed with Windows Media Player or Media Player Classic. These vids may include yaoi and shonen ai content. 
Main yaoi pairings for romance vids include – Gats/Griffith.
Download problems and playback issues should be sent to

Requests - Guestbook
If you want to make a request for additional pics in a gallery, please state the characters you’re looking for and the type of pic – doujinshi, fanart, screencap, or any. For fanfics, fanart, and amv requests, it’s best to send a request by email.  The gallery request form has a word limit, so click ‘view requests’ to make sure your post wasn’t cut off partway through.


Update 07/11/06.