Inuyasha Yaoi Fanfiction
A sudden attraction to his friend leaves Inuyasha torn between his demon instincts and his human conscience.  Despite his attempt to
resist, a sudden attack brings his demon nature to the front and he does something that may ruin his friendship for good.
Light Yaoi, shonen ai, InuyashaxMiroku.

Heart of Darkness
Sequel to Exigency and Without the Moon. Two strange teens show up at the G-gang's school and drag them into a daring plot to
protect their world from a demon menace.  Kurama and Hiei enlist the 'scouts' to help them go into the past in order to retrieve a
magical stone.  That simple task is complicated when they learn that Kagome shattered the stone and the pieces are now scattered over
a demon-infested landscape.  If that weren't troublesome enough, demons are targetting the well used to travel between times.  While
Heero and Duo venture into the past to help find the shards, Trowa and Quatre find help from Jin and Touya in guarding the well from
those who would destroy it before the mission can be completed. Yaoi, shonen ai, shoujo ai, HeeroxDuo (1x2), TrowaxQuatre (3x4),
DorothyxCatherine, KuramaxHiei, JinxTouya, InuyashaxMiroku, possible HildexKagome.

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