Final Fantasy 7 Yaoi Fanfiction
When Sephiroth survives Cloud's final attack, he finds himself with an urge to seek out peace away from people.  But he's a long way
from his desired destination and he can't let himself be seen if he wants to hide the fact that he's alive.  Luckily, help quite literally falls
into his lap.  Yaoi, minor violence, will contain angst, lemon content, shonen ai, SephirothxVincent.

Part One     ~*~     Part Three

Dark Tournament
Taken from their worlds, twenty-two fighters are brought together to participate in a tournament. A crossover with multiple
animes/games including Gundam Wing, Rurouni Kenshin, and more.  Pairings:  SephirothxVincent, etc.

Part One     ~*~     Part Seven

Seme Seminar
Problems usually run rampant in any yaoi pairing, and the ukes are supposedly the ones to suffer.  But the semes suffer just as much, if
not more.  When it comes to chasing down a potential mate as the 'dominate' partner, semes can find themselves very frustrated.  
Finally there is something to help them - a seminar for semes, dedicated to resolving their problems and offering emotional support.  
The duration of the event has yet to be determined, but no one is going to walk away without solving his problem.  Whether magic or
therapy is necessary, there are people willing and ready to help.  Semes are no longer alone as the first meeting of the Seme Seminar
begins.  Crossover fic, yaoi, CidxVincent.

Part 1     ~*~     Part 2