Earthian Yaoi Fanfiction
Jaeger Strike
There are two types of angels roaming the earth, both having originated from the planet Eden.  But only the ones with white wings
travel between the two worlds, the black are hidden among the humans of Earth.  When a white angel turns up missing, the others are
certain the dark ones are to blame.  But their searches turn up nothing until a young black angel finds them, looking for the girl's
brother.  Kagetsuya is determined to find his sister, and Chihaya is the only one who knows where she is.  The question, is whether he
can get the boy to talk before the other white angels take their hatred out on him.  AU, Yaoi, shonen ai, minor angst, violence,
Chihaya+Kagetsuya/K+C. On-Going.

Part One     ~*~     Part Three

Gundam Wing fusion with the Earthian manga.  As the only black-winged angel to be born on Eden, Duo has spent his life as an
outcast. When he's adopted by an eccentric Archangel, his life is turned upside down. Suddenly he finds himself attending school with
the top echelons of Eden, and playing academic rival to one of the most competitive and confusing angels he's ever met, Heero. It's a
partnership made in Hell, set in Eden, and sent to Earth. 1x2, minor 3x4, RaphaelxMichael, TasukixChichiri, etc.

Part One     ~*~     Part Four

Seme Seminar
Problems usually run rampant in any yaoi pairing, and the ukes are supposedly the ones to suffer.  But the semes suffer just as much, if
not more.  When it comes to chasing down a potential mate as the 'dominate' partner, semes can find themselves very frustrated.  
Finally there is something to help them - a seminar for semes, dedicated to resolving their problems and offering emotional support.  
The duration of the event has yet to be determined, but no one is going to walk away without solving his problem.  Whether magic or
therapy is necessary, there are people willing and ready to help.  Semes are no longer alone as the first meeting of the Seme Seminar
begins.  Crossover fic, yaoi, KagetsuyaxChihaya.

Part 1     ~*~     Part 2