Seducing Shinji, II

By five pm, Saturday, Kamio was beginning to question his manhood.  He seemed to have lost his balls somewhere in the last few hours, and losing his
practice match against Shinji hadn't helped matters any.  The gameplan was to give Shinji a good workout, maybe rile him up a little, and offer to rub his
shoulders after so they'd be in an intimate, or at least tactile, position when he made his move.  Losing the match hadn't been part of the plan.  Getting Shinji
all suspicious and paranoid hadn't been part of the plan, either.  It just figured the one time Shinji noticed something was up was the one time it didn't involve
arousal.  Kamio had spent twenty minutes of fast talking to get Shinji into his room, and now he had no idea how to get those guards down again.  

Shinji wasn't even muttering.  He was watching him.  From the desk because he didn't want to go any closer until he knew what Kamio was up to.  And he
stiffened a little every time Kamio so much as fidgeted from his seat on the edge of the bed.  Almost as if he expected to be jumped.  Maybe he did.  It was
really hard to get something past a paranoid Shinji.

If Kamio had been better at planning, and admitting defeat, he would have aborted the attempt and went back to the drawing board.  Surely there were other
people he could get advice from.  Someone who dealt with a twitchy sharp-eyed tensai all the time and came out on top.  It made him wonder who was nailing
Kirihara.  The one to do that had to be the perfect person to get advice from.  At least Shinji wasn't prone to violence.  As far as he knew.

"If you aren't going to say anything," Shinji spoke up, "I'm going home."

Kamio jolted at that.  For a moment he forgot 'The Plan' and remembered the plans he'd made with his best friend.  "I thought you were going to stay over..."

"You're being strange," Shinji muttered.  He was still giving that sharp look that noted even the smallest muscle twitch.  

Kamio suddenly wondered if this were how opponents felt when Shinji used his 'spot' technique on them.  He gave a funny look and tried to scoff.  "I am not.  
I'm just pissed that I lost so quick.  My rhythm was all messed up."


And now Shinji's eyes were narrow and he was staring at him even harder.  Kamio fought the need to squirm.  Where the hell had his balls gone?  He was the
seme here, damnit.  Shinji didn't make him nervous.  Nothing did.  He was a seducer and Shinji was the vulnerable, unsuspecting target.  Yeah.  Shinji was the
one who should be squirming and looking nervous.  If he had any idea the sort of things Kamio wanted to do to him...

"Your face is getting red," Shinji noted.  A slow blink, then his head was tilted curiously, all that suspicion replaced by casual interest.  "Maybe you're sick."

Dear God, he was blushing.  Kamio sputtered and rubbed a furious hand over his cheek.  That was it.  Balls or no balls, he wasn't gonna be the nervous,
squirming, blushing one here.  Time for the direct approach.

"I'm not sick," he sighed, with a frustrated scowl.  "I just had a bad game and you're rubbing my nose in it.  Come sit over here.  There's something I want to
talk to you about."

"We're talking now," said Shinji, master of the obvious when he wasn't being oblivious.

Kamio gritted his teeth in a painful smile.  "Yeah, we are.  But this is important, see?  I don't wanna talk across the room at you.  Come on, Shinji.  I'm not
gonna bite."

Shinji snorted a little at that.  But he also got up and crossed the room.  Kamio did his best not to grin evilly as he was joined on the edge of the bed.  Score
one for the direct approach.  Bonus points for getting Shinji on the bed with him.

"How important is it?" asked Shinji.  He was frowning now, but still curious.  "You should have said it before we played.  Your rhythm always gets skewed when
you're distracted.  I've never seen you play so badly.  I thought you lost on purpose, but you should know better than to do that and think I wouldn't notice.  
Unless you really are sick.  You're not going to tell me you're dying, are you?  You better not be.  Because there are much better ways to tell someone
something like that than-"

"Wha...?  No!  Stop," Kamio blurted, "seriously.  I didn't play that bad.  I throw one game and you think I'm dying?"

"It was pretty bad," Shinji admitted.  "You stumbled and you were slow and you kept looking at me instead of the ball.  I thought you were plotting something,
especially after what Shinjou-san told me, but it would make sense if you had something serious to tell me and it was distracting you.  I'm glad it's nothing
terminal, though.  I'd rather have you ask me out than tell me you're dying."

"Wha..."  Kamio jolted back a little.  He closed his eyes tight and then frowned at Shinji's serious expression.  "Can you repeat that...?"

"I don't want you to die," Shinji said, in a matter of fact tone.  "You're my best friend."

"Got that part," Kamio waved.  He was starting to get annoyed now.  And who'd have guessed, his balls were back with a vengeance.  "Repeat that last part
about Shinjou and asking you out."

"He said you were probably going to," Shinji shrugged.  "He invited me to practice with him and some friends of his, you know how he's been calling me a lot
lately, and I told him I was coming over here.  And he said to watch out because you were being really suspicious the last time he saw you.  Like you were
planning to ask me out and didn't want anyone else to first.  I didn't think so, but then you played so bad I wasn't sure anymore.  Would that be something that
hurts your game?  You shouldn't go out with anyone if it's going to ruin your tennis."

"It's the asking that's hard," Kamio muttered, "not the going out.  I can't believe that vulcan freak.  You turn him down so he tries to turn you against me?  
Where does he get off?  He's not even on our team!"

Shinji blinked and frowned a little, like he wasn't sure if he were confused or suspicious.  "I don't think rival players should practice together away from their
teammates.  I told him that, too, so there's no reason he'd get mad and try to stop me from practicing with you, instead.  He's just paranoid because you run
him off when he tries to talk to me after school.  You shouldn't keep doing that.  People will get the wrong idea, and it's not like I can't just explain why I don't
want to practice with rival teams."

Kamio's smile was tight enough to hurt, but not nearly as much as that vulcan was going to be hurting the next time he caught up to him.  "Shinji, I don't think
tennis is what he wants to practice with you."

Shinji gave a slow blink, oblivious written all over his face.  "You don't?"

"No," Kamio half smiled, half grimaced.  "And I'm not worried about people getting the wrong idea, either."


"Yeah," said Kamio.  "So.  You thought I was gonna ask you out and you came over here anyway.  Do you wanna go out with me?"

"Where?" asked Shinji.

Kamio resisted the urge to find a solid surface and repeatedly slam his head against it.  He did twitch a little, though.  Direct approach, he reminded himself.  
Direct.  Yeah.  Direct was working just a minute ago.

"I like you," Kamio tried again.  "I'm attracted to you.  I want to have an intimate sexual relationship with you."

Shinji blinked.  Kamio stared back.  Yeah, his balls were definitely intact now.  He didn't even whimper in frustration when Shinji started to lean away from him.  
He smiled, instead.

"What do you think?" asked Kamio.

Shinji leaned back a little more.

"Careful, or you'll fall off the bed," said Kamio.

Shinji stopped leaning and sent a startled look at what he was sitting on.  Like he'd just remembered beds were occasionally used for things besides sleeping.

Kamio admitted that sometimes oblivious was kinda cute.  He had to prod himself to stop smirking in amusement and start moving before Shinji made a run for
the door.  

"Oi, Shinji?"

Dark eyes flicked back to him, and Kamio leaned close enough to kiss him.  He didn't do it, but he was in the perfect position for it.  He gave his most seductive
smile.  And Shinji had the nerve to snort at him like it was funny looking.  There went his ego.  It wasn't like he'd had that much practice at being seductive.  
Guys, and girls, had been trying to get in his pants for as long as he could remember.  Shinji was the weird one who hadn't wanted to jump him on sight.  
Arrogant oblivious asexual tensai.

Kamio did his best to pretend he wasn't annoyed.  "I really like you, Shinji."

"Ah," Shinji nodded.  He'd gotten that much.  "I like you, too.  I wouldn't mind going out with you, if you meant dating and going places.  But I don't want to have
a sexual relationship.  It's messy."

"Messy," Kamio repeated.  There was a brick wall two blocks from his house.  If he swung his head hard enough, he'd be unconscious after the first blow.  "Sex
or the relationship?"

"Both," Shinji said, as if it were common knowledge.  "Dating looks like fun, if it's with someone you like hanging out with, anyway.  But the rest is messy,
especially with the same sex.  That leads to fights over who's supposed to be the girl, and I don't think you're girlish.  If you think I am, I'll have to hurt you.  
Then there's the sex itself, which is always messy just because it is.  Even if one of us was a girl, it would still be messy.  And I heard once you start having sex,
you can't stop, like a drug addict or something.  I already have guys trying to touch me when I take the rail.  If I got addicted and started to like that, I'd
probably have to kill myself."

"You've...really thought this out," Kamio managed.  All he could think was that he wanted to find the person who'd been feeding Shinji that twisted logic and
smash his face in with a tennis racket.

Shinji nodded solemnly.  "I've had a few people ask to have sex with me.  I'm not sure why they're almost always guys.  I used to just admit that the idea of
them naked made me want to throw up, but they tend to be big guys and that's dangerous.   The longer explanation works with anyone, and it's less insulting
and personal."

"I see..." Kamio stared.  

He wanted names.  Anyone who threatened Shinji for turning him down was begging for an ass-kicking.  He had an overprotective team just waiting to deliver.

"Wait," Kamio blurted.  "Does that mean the idea of me naked makes you sick?"

"Not you," Shinji said quickly, a frown starting over his face.  "I've seen you naked, remember?  I don't look because it's rude, but I'm not blind.  If there were
something wrong with the way you look, I'd tell you.  Not that I'd expect you to change just because there's something about you that I don't like.  It's just
something friends should do.  If I were growing hair in weird places, or smelled like a sewer, I'm sure someone on the team would tell me.  Unless that's why
you guys look at me sometimes.  It rude, and it makes me uncomfortable.  I'd probably notice stuff like that on my own, so there's no need to look for it when
we shower."

And now Shinji was scowling outright, resentment and confusion and a little bit of suspicion mixed in.  Kamio sighed.  Oblivious.  Good intentions, thinking that
pack of horndogs were watching him out of friendly concern, but completely oblivious.  And still, it was kinda cute.

"Shinji," Kamio said slowly, "the guys aren't sneaking peaks at you because there's something wrong with you.  It's because you're hot and you're not going
out with anyone, so that makes you fair game."

"You, too?" Shinji frowned.

"Yeah," sighed Kamio, "me, too.  I told you I was attracted to you.  I wasn't trying to make you uncomfortable.  But you know, if we went out, maybe the guys
would stop looking so much."

There wasn't a chance in hell of that happening, but at least they'd be a little less obvious after he told them Shinji had noticed all the staring.  Kamio frowned
at his would-be boyfriend.  Shinji was still within kissing distance, but the mood was pretty much dead.  He didn't think this could even be considered
seduction.  Maybe that whole 'direct approach' wasn't so good when it came to talk.  Shinji could talk his way around anything once he got started.  It almost
made him regret dismissing the 'gag' suggestion.  Almost.

"Oi, Shinji?" Kamio prompted.


"Are you attracted to me?"

A miracle happened then.  Kamio would remember it long after as one of those rare moments when Shinji's blunt nature worked in his favor.  

Shinji blinked as if startled.  Then he dropped his eyes and, damn, if a blush didn't work its way across his cheeks.  He seemed to remember the multiple uses
of a bed again, and to recognize his position on said bed, because he shifted uncomfortably like he would have gotten up if Kamio hadn't been leaning over

"Sometimes," Shinji mumbled.

Kamio couldn't help the grin that split across his face.  Luckily, Shinji wasn't looking at him, so it went unnoticed.  He leaned down so they were just barely
touching.  Go slow, go slow, go slow.  Repeating that mantra in his head seemed to be working for now.  He did brush cheeks a little, getting close enough to
murmur right into Shinji's ear.  Earning him a shiver.  Oh, yeah.  Go slow was nice...

"You know," Kamio said quietly, "tennis is messy when you think about it.  All sweaty and strenuous with difficult people to deal with, and we do it because we
like it and the rewards are more than worth it.  This is just like doubles, you just figure out who's in the best position to take the shot and work together for the
win.  Sure, it might be a little messy, but it's also fun, invigorating, and very, very, enjoyable."

Shinji pulled away so he could look at him.  He was frowning, but that blush was still on his face.  "Do you think I'm girlish?  The girl in this?"

"No," Kamio smiled.  "Not a bit.  I think you're new to this, so I should take the lead till you catch on.  You're as hot when you're confident and in control as you
are when you're all flustered and blushing.  All that stuff about the girl one and the guy one is just talk, depends on the couple.  That's why I said it's like
doubles, see?  We both know you're a really fast learner."

Shinji narrowed his eyes and let out a skeptical little 'hmm' sound.  

Kamio recognized that sound as thoughts processing in the tensai's head and took that moment to go for the kill before Shinji could turn those convoluted
thoughts into words.  He kissed him lightly on the mouth, testing the water more than anything.  And Shinji blinked at him.  Kamio was pretty sure this would
work better if Shinji's eyes were closed.  More romantic or something.  At least he wasn't glaring anymore.

He slipped a hand up to play in Shinji's hair.  It was silky and soft and he was so glad Shinji had never cut it shorter than shoulder length.  He could tangle a
fist in that hair and Shinji wouldn't be able to pull away.  If he'd been inclined to move, that is.  As seconds ticked by, Kamio realized that this was rather like
kissing a doll.  A warm doll with a very chewable lower lip.  For someone prone to scowling, Shinji had an adorable pout, so getting the chance to nibble on his
lips wasn't exactly a bad thing.  Still...

His fingers turned and tickled behind Shinji's ear.  That got him a surprised little sound as Shinji pulled back as if to protest.  Score.  Kamio would have grinned
if his mouth hadn't been otherwise occupied.  He had one sweet taste before things went sour.  With a vengeance.

An hour and a half later, Kamio was slumped on the edge of his bed with two sympathetic friends sitting on the floor in front of him.  At least, they'd sounded
sympathetic when he'd called them earlier.  Now they looked more amused than anything, with matching 'I told you so' smirks.  Kamio was too depressed to
even glare over it.

"Well?" Ishida prodded, his eyes taking in every nuance of Kamio's dejected and frustrated slump.  "Details.  How bad was it?"

Mori elbowed him, but kept watching Kamio with mirthful eyes.

Kamio glowered faintly and mumbled something.  His glare had a little more life in it when Ishida prodded him to repeat that, louder this time.

"He gagged," Kamio muttered.

Ishida cackled.  Cackled.  Kamio almost killed him right there.  Who the fuck cackled?  It wasn't that funny.  At least Mori had the decency to turn his laughter
into smothered snorts, like he was choking on something.

"Shut up," Kamio ground out.  "Seriously, Ishida, even gay guys aren't supposed to laugh like that."

Ishida just snorted at him and cackled a little more before he was finished.  Once he was done, he settled into smiling smugly at his frustrated friend.  "Maybe
you're just a really bad kisser."

"That's crap," scoffed Kamio.  "Even Uchimura jumps at the chance to kiss me."

Mori sniffed a little at that.  He'd never quite figured out why his 'boyfriend' didn't care for kissing, but he had noticed that Uchimura broke that rule when it
came to Kamio.  Personally, he thought that was because Kamio rarely invited kisses, and even people who didn't care much for chocolate would jump at the
chance to have some if they'd been denied it for too long.  It had nothing to do with Kamio's skill as a kisser.  He considered explaining that, but Kamio had
enough rejection issues to deal with at the moment.

"So he gagged on you," Ishida prodded with a shitty grin.  "And?"

Kamio glowered and dropped his head.  "He called me a pervert, griped about me pulling his hair, and then he left."

He had to wait a few minutes for another bout of cackling at his expense.  Then he muttered over the complete lack of sympathy in the room.

"Did you pull his hair?" Mori asked, as if that were more important than being called a pervert for a little tongue.

Kamio gave him a funny look.  "Yeah, but only because he jerked back so fast.  He was being all shy, I swear, he was actually blushing and everything.  I didn't
think he'd get riled up so fast."

Mori gave a seemingly understanding nod.  "And was he angry or disturbed when he left?"

"I don't know," Kamio groaned.  He rubbed a hand over his temple.  "He was talking too fast, and he wouldn't look at me.  He was definitely mad about the hair
thing, but the pervert stuff...I don't know.  I don't think he heard a word I said.  In too much of a hurry to get out of here."

Ishida gave a long sigh and smiled.  He knew he shouldn't feel so satisfied over Kamio's frustration, but he had called it.  It was Kamio's own fault, expecting
things to be simple just because Shinji was his best friend.  Silly boy.  That was what made Kamio so cute - he could be really naive sometimes.

"You know what that means," Ishida said slowly, catching Kamio's eye.  "Don't you?"

"What?" Kamio frowned.

"He freaked out over a little tongue," said Ishida.  "There's only one thing to do now."

Kamo frowned a minute or two, trying to figure out what Ishida was thinking that made him have such a devious and eager smirk.  Then he recalled their
'helpful' advice, particularly Ishida's input.  He promptly sputtered and growled.

"Oh, shut up," Kamio spat.  "All it means is I have to try again.  You were the one who said everyone has his quirks, right?  Maybe he just doesn't like kissing."

"No way," Ishida scoffed.  "He didn't just 'not like it', he called you a pervert for it.  What do you think he'd have said if you'd groped him instead?"

Mori gave a sad nod.  "Ishida has a point."

"I hate you guys," Kamio groaned, "I swear.  You have no idea how much talking I had to do, and now you want me to just throw all that away and try forcing
the issue?  All that trouble, it'd be a total waste!"

"You talked?" Mori asked quietly.  "As in, you tried to talk Shinji into it?  You tried to out-talk Shinji?"

Kamio fell silent and gave a slow, tentative, nod.  His friends exchanged a pointed look and he had to sit through yet another bout of laughter.  He couldn't
even be annoyed by it this time.  They were such assholes.  Seriously.

"You know what," Kamio said suddenly, his back straight.  "I'm gonna talk to someone else.  You guys aren't helping."

"Hold up," Ishida said amid snickers.  "That's just because you won't take our advice.  It's no use asking for help if you don't listen.  Besides, who else would
you talk to?  Tachibana-san?  You know he'd just offer to break Shinji in for you, in that soft slowmo way of his.  Might as well let one of us have a crack at him
if you're not planning to do the work yourself."

There was a lot of truth in that statement.  Kamio preferred not to admit it, though.  They all knew Tachibana had a soft spot for Shinji, and as much as they all
liked their captain, it made his particular way of 'seducing' especially effective.  He wasn't exactly slow, but he did have a gentle way of going about things,
somehow making it seem like he was giving only what a person wanted, and not getting what he wanted for himself.  Maybe it was because they all had a case
of hero worship for him.  Or maybe Tachibana was just really good at manipulating his eager team.  Either way, Kamio didn't want Shinji going anywhere near

"I wasn't thinking Tachibana-san," Kamio waved.  "I'm not stupid.  I was thinking more of someone who's used to dealing with guys like Shinji.  Tensai's, you
know?  Who's banging Kirihara?"

Ishida sputtered in a laugh that was more disbelief than amusement.  "Oh, there's an idea.  You're going to go from the freezer to the oven with that one."

"Huh?" asked Kamio.

"As far as I know," Ishida continued, with a slightly amused, slightly worried expression, "Kirihara is the butt of his entire team.  That's the rumor."

"Not the only rumor, though," said Mori.

"Yeah," Ishida admitted, "but I don't think Kamio should be talking to him, either.  He's out to learn how to seduce someone, not to get seduced himself."

"What the hell?" Kamio scowled.  "Just tell me who."

Ishida and Mori exchanged a reluctant look.  Then Mori sighed.

"Sengoku," said Mori.  "And as far as I'm concerned, you'd have a better chance going to whoever's doing Seigaku's tensai, than you would trying to get help
from him.  Sengoku's been after your ass since the first time you played each other.  Even if he really is the one doing Kirihara, you know he'd be going after
you, too, especially with an opening like that."

Kamio's face dropped like a flat ball.  "Sengoku.  Great.  Oh, that's just wonderful.  And it figures, too.  I really like Shinji, but I don't know if it's worth trading my
soul to the devil to get an edge."

"You'd be trading your body, actually," Ishida smirked.  "But if that's the way you feel, I'd be happy to take care of Shinji for you."

"Shut up," Kamio said tiredly.  "I was being sarcastic."

"And I was being serious," smiled Ishida.

Kamio ignored him.  "So those are my options.  Force Shinji, probably make him hate me for life, or call Sengoku and imagine him having sex with Kirihara.  
Sengoku and Kirihara.  Ungh.  Maybe I should just turn straight."

"Good luck with that," Ishida snorted.