Warnings (for this part):  bestiality, KyuubixSasuke, tentacle-style plants

Better or Worse

Part 1

Sasuke arrived in the classic ceremonial robe.  White silk, just thick enough to hide the parts of his body it covered.  It was loose over his shoulders, exposing
his neck and a swath of his chest.  The sleeves billowed down to his knuckles, while the skirt ended just above his knees.  A simple tie at the right side of his
waist could be undone with a tug.  The robe was designed to tempt a demon to stain it to translucence, to shred it to nothing.  Yet it was tradition that any
damage to the robe was forbidden.  It was the temptation that mattered.  This was his first time donning one.  At his age that was almost unheard of.  He
understood why the desperate villager might doubt his ability, but the man needn't have worried.

He'd been born for this.  From the moment of conception, his mother had been beset by demons.  They could smell him, feel his lifeforce radiating from within
her, and they'd wanted him instantly.  His father had kept the weaker ones at bay, while his older brother, Itachi, had personally dealt with the rest.  Tradition
was to shelter rare humans like himself until they were deemed ready.  Although Sasuke had considered himself ready three years ago, his father had insisted
he be allowed more time to grow.  Like Itachi, he'd been a fragile child, small and vulnerable, physically incapable of enduring the powerful demons who
wanted him so much.  Unlike Itachi, who had nearly died during his first exorcism, he was given time for his body to mature until it was at least as strong as his

The guilt of those three extra years was far heavier than the robe he now wore.  Itachi had been claimed exclusively by a water demon shortly before Sasuke's
birth.  Being forced to share him with the stronger demons while Sasuke grew up had put a strain on their pact.  Sasuke knew his brother had suffered during
that time, the last three years being the worst.  It was a debt he'd repay in full once he'd established himself as a capable exorcist.  Ten years of service were
required before an exorcist could be claimed.  Itachi had served his time.  By all rights, none but his demon mate should have ever touched him again.  Now
that Sasuke was deemed ready to begin his work, he was determined to establish himself quickly.  That had brought him here, to the worst site of demon
mayhem within his family's territory.  A bold undertaking for one with no experience.  The man who now avoided his gaze would rather have sent for an expert
than have his village be responsible for the death of a fledgeling exorcist, especially an Uchiha.

Itachi would never have allowed him to attempt this.  Even his father had protested.  The nine tailed youko was notorious for having broken tradition, the
unwritten laws that allowed exorcists to keep demons at bay so humanity could flourish.  The last time an exorcist had confronted Kyuubi was during Itachi's
youth.  The unfortunate man had been shredded.  The fox hadn't even bothered to use his body, let alone his lifeforce.  Exorcists had sworn off him afterward,
unwilling to lose another of their small number to so powerful a demon who'd so brazenly flaunt tradition that way.  Sasuke had looked into the case when the
message came, as it had every week for the last ten years, that the nine tails was on the rampage.  The exorcist who'd been sent to him had been old, claimed
and discarded many times over.  He shouldn't have been sent to any of the powerful demon lords, certainly not to one as esteemed as the nine tails.  It was no
wonder Kyuubi had continued his rampage for so long.  Even weak demons were slow to forget an insult.  By all rights, he should have been placated with live
sacrifices to sooth his rage.  Devouring the twenty year old men in this village was a light penance for what they'd done.  But not light for them, when they were
reduced to old men, women, and children, the males of which had certain death to look forward to on their twentieth birthday.

"Are you able to erect a kekkai?" asked Sasuke.  The man stammered an affirmative, bowing and keeping his gaze low to hide his disappointment, grief,
anger, and resignation.  With one look at him, the man had assumed he would fail and the village would be condemned for the death of yet another exorcist.  
Sasuke tried not to be insulted, angry with him.  He failed.  Next to Itachi, he was the most sought after exorcist in this part of the world.  He had been since the
day he was conceived.  His lack of experience simply meant he was currently untouched.  If he couldn't satisfy the nine tails, then no one ever would.  Though
many demons did prefer nubile child-like youths, he didn't consider his height a flaw.  If anything, his lithe muscles made him more capable than the fragile,
breakable, exorcists.  This beaten old man was not a demon.  His appraisal of him made no difference.  "Do so."

The demon activity had been quiet since his arrival.  When he stepped out of the hut, he felt them stir, remaining at the edges of his senses.  The nine tail was
not the only demon in residence here.  It had many followers.  Even if Sasuke were deemed unworthy of Kyuubi itself, he'd certainly be given to them.  Their
lust for him was a damp blanket on his skin.  He was wanted.  He'd always been wanted.  Kyuubi would find a use for him.  He had no doubts of that.  For now,
he ignored them.  There were three men waiting a short way down the path that would take him out of the village and on to the demon's shrine.  They were
twenty today, frightened and hopeful, showing far more respect than their elder.  One had a little girl attached to his leg.  She cried as a woman tried to pull
her away.  If he failed, these men would go to the shrine.  Better to let themselves be devoured than to have the demon enter the village in search of them.  
Sasuke let his confidence reassure them.  They were four years older, yet to him they were the children.  Exorcists lived short lives and so matured much
faster than normal humans.  Mentally, if not physically.

A kekkai was erected the moment he reached the shrine.  It wouldn't hinder a demon of Kyuubi's level, but it kept humans from wandering in to their deaths
and forced the lesser demons away.  He doubted they would touch him without their master's permission.  The barrier simply proclaimed his intention, that he'd
come for the master himself.  Since he couldn't break a kekkai he had not personally created, it also made him a prisoner at the demon's mercy.  Demons
were very touchy creatures.  The smallest slight could ruin an exorcism.  Sasuke was determined to make no mistakes.

He removed his sandals and sat on his knees with his back to the shrine.  It was an ancient structure, small and decrepit, with not an offering in sight.  The
villagers resented losing their young men too much to give anything more.  One more insult to the nine tail.  It was a wonder the demon hadn't destroyed them
all.  He lowered his head and lay his hands on his thighs, palms up to show his obeisance.  He meditated, letting his lifeforce waft away from him.  The lesser
demons surged against the kekkai, their hungry din not unlike what he had heard outside his family home every day of his life.  The old man's kekkai was
nothing to what his mother could create.  If these demons had been less respectful of their master, they could have rushed through the barrier easily.  It was
good that they didn't.  He refused to waste his first exorcism on such weak creatures and destroying them would only anger the nine tailed demon he'd come
to placate.  He wouldn't be touched by them unless that was what Kyuubi wanted of him.

A concentration of youki told of the demon's arrival.  Demonic energy was heavy, draining, smothering to humans and exorcists alike.  This curled around him,
feeling him, but not overwhelming him.  The sheer mass of it alarmed him.  Either reports had underestimated the demon's strength or it had gotten far
stronger in the ten years since its last absence from the human realm.  For the first time, fear tingled along his spine.  He was relieved.  Demons preferred
fear, enjoyed the scent and taste of it.  He'd worried that his lack of fear might be taken as an insult.  An exorcist who didn't fear powerful demons was a
worthless exorcist, with only a few exceptions.  Itachi had long since outgrown any fear, making the last years all the more difficult for him.  Only the fact that
the more powerful demons had known him, remembered him, had kept them from torturing him in a futile attempt to arouse the fear Itachi was no longer
capable of feeling.  Sasuke didn't have that problem.  By the time the demon penetrated the barrier, his skin was clammy and his heart raced.  He didn't let
himself tremble, but he did nothing to suppress the other signs.  He listened to the huffs of breath as the demon took in his scent.  It drew nearer until he could
feel the hot breaths on his face, his chest, his lap.

'You'll do.'

The words were a velvety murmur in his mind.  By addressing him, the demon invited him to respond.  He opened his eyes and immediately understood why it
hadn't spoken aloud.  It was in the form of a red fox, though the body was more wolf-like than anything.  It was far smaller than its natural mountain sized form,
but still larger than Sasuke had expected.  The head towered over him and would have reached his shoulder or higher had he been standing.  Now his fear
was very real.  Kyuubi was huge.  Taking something that large into him would tear him apart.  The village was too remote to reach his mother in time to be
healed if the damage was truly bad.  He swallowed painfully.  Itachi had warned him about his over confidence.  This was the price of his conceit.  He looked up
into the demon's blazing red eyes.  "How will you have me?"

'Screaming beneath me.'  Kyuubi growled in amusement, tails rustling behind it.  'Take that off.'

Sasuke rose and pulled the tie.  The heavy sleeves drew the robe off so that it pooled at his feet.  The demon extended its muzzle and a long tongue rubbed
over the skin at his neck, beneath his chin, along his shoulders, and all the way down his arms to his fingertips.  It was bathing him, coating him in its scent.  
He'd heard some demons did that, but he'd never realized how difficult it would be to remain motionless while on the receiving end of such treatment.  The
tongue hesitated at his hips, running along his cock until his body responded naturally to the contact.  Demons were particular about that, too.  Exorcists never
touched themselves outside of necessity, guaranteeing that they wouldn't react unless compelled to do so.  Some became so deadened to stimulation over
time that the idea of pleasuring themselves was abhorrent.  Others had been conditioned to react to pain rather than pleasure, ruining them for any normal
stimulation.  Sasuke had ten years before he could consider his body as a source of personal gratification.  Any pleasure he felt now was for the demon's
benefit rather than his own.  Knowing that didn't stop him from wanting to prolong the sensations.  Another mark of his inexperience; he was still more human
teenager than exorcist.

Upon reaching his bare feet, the demon exhaled over the grass.  Sasuke was startled to see small vines erupt from the earth, twining their way up his legs.  He
squashed the surprise with contempt.  The nine tail was a youko, attuned to nature.  Of course it could manipulate plants.  Jaws closed lightly over one of his
ankles and yanked.  Only the vines, which had now reached his torso, kept him from slamming into the grass.  They caught him and lowered him until his
shoulders touched the ground, his hips still in the air, legs spread invitingly.  It took all of his willpower not to blush at being exposed for the first time.  The fox's
shoulders were so wide they forced his legs further apart as it continued bathing him.  Its tongue moved over his ass, sliding between the cheeks before
turning to lick the inside of his thigh.  He felt thick vines looping around his neck, another pressing slick at the corner of his mouth.  The grip on his throat
tightened and he opened up for it.  It slid in to sit solidly on his tongue.

'Suck,' Kyuubi commanded.

The taste was faintly sweet, the texture sticky and difficult to swallow.  It wasn't an aphrodisiac or any poison he recognized.  He'd been exposed to as many
demon drugs as were known to exorcists.  This was more the flavor of a muscle relaxant.  As much as he prided himself in his ability to endure, he welcomed
anything that would make taking the demon easier.  He'd be torn regardless, but this would at least minimize the damage.  Two round-tipped vines rubbed
over him, smooth and wet, and then pushed inside.  They were so tiny he barely felt them.  But then they grew, thickening, pressing, opening him up to the air
and the waiting fox demon.  Something soft and damp pushed inside.  He let out a choked whine as it came deeper and thickly into him.  The demon's cock
had to be three, possibly five times the size of its tongue.  Already he felt stretched and full to point of breaking.  The vine in his mouth surged over his tongue,
diving into his throat.  He choked, gagging around it.  He felt it swell in his mouth and then it gushed deep and hot in his throat.


He had no choice.  He gulped frantically around the intrusion, trying to force the sticky liquid down.  The vine retreated to rub against his tongue.  He
swallowed harder, waging war with his stomach to keep the stuff from coming back up.  The demon pulled out of him.  Then he was lifted by the vines, turned,
positioned with his ass in the air and his chest to the ground.  Tiny vines pushed his discarded robe beneath his head, blocking his cheek from the bare earth,
and ruffled almost affectionately through his hair.  Were they sentient?  One of the vines holding him open shrunk and slipped inside of him.  Nothing could
have prepared him for the stabbing pain when it latched onto the bundle of nerves within.  He let out a muffled cry that turned into a whimper when the pain
shifted to a stimulating burn.  The demon was still bathing him, licking over his hips, the small of his back, working its way up.  The vines around his neck
moved so it could lap at the back of his hair, his ear, even his exposed cheek.  The fox paused there, breathing heavily on his face until he opened his eyes.

The moment their eyes met, something thrust into him from behind.  He cried out, more from shock than pain.  Kyuubi rumbled and licked his cheek again.  
The vine was half the size of the demon's tongue, but hard and bumpy.  It moved within him for a moment, fast and rough, before pulling out completely and
thrusting back in, dragging a whimper from him.  The fox promptly licked his cheek.  Clearly it enjoyed the sounds he made.  He stopped trying to keep quiet.  
Each time the thick vine brushed the tiny one, a jolt of raw pleasure arced through him.  His trembling legs couldn't have held him up if not for the vines curled
around them.  A second vine joined the first and pain accompanied the sensations coursing through his body.  They thrust in tandem, stretching and filling him
until he felt they would tear him to pieces.  He pressed his face hard against his robe, willing his body to relax, to take rather than fight.  His cock was throbbing
painfully.  If the vines around his waist hadn't kept his hips from rocking, he'd have come already.

The demon moved.  He felt its fur brush his belly and then a hot tongue was stroking the length of him.  He moaned and then whimpered as tiny vines lashed
tight around the base of his cock, preventing his release.  He couldn't have said how long the fox stroked him with its tongue.  It was pure torture.  He was
sweating and gasping for air when it finally let him be.  The larger vines pulled out of him, leaving him perversely empty and eager to have them back.  He was
lifted, returned to his original position on his back as the fox climbed over him.  Its tongue glanced over his chin and he opened his eyes.  The demon was
smaller now.  Not much, but enough.  He was stunned that it had bothered.  Then the fox thrust into him, burying itself thick and hot in one powerful surge.  His
eyes rolled back.  It was still much bigger than the vines, filling him so deeply he couldn't breathe.  The demon tilted its head, jaws closing over his throat just
tightly enough to prick the skin.  Then it began to move within him, viciously fast and deep until he was reduced to grunts, panting desperately for air,
struggling to stay conscious.

It was too painful and so good he would have screamed if he'd been able to draw enough oxygen to do so.  He shuddered helplessly, feeling the demon's
youki curl around him, threatening to fill him as completely as the demon's cock.  With one final snap of Kyuubi's hips and a growl muffled around his neck, it
did just that.  He convulsed, choking as the energy flowed into him until his eyes flared red.  He barely noticed Kyuubi lapping the small puncture wounds on
his neck.  He'd never imagined absorbing demonic energy would feel like this.  He wanted to die and he wanted more of it.  He moaned when the demon pulled
out of him.

He was turned again, heavy paws pressing his shoulders to the ground, the demon breathing hot on the back of his neck.  The sticky vine finally left his
mouth.  Then long claws curled, pinching his shoulders.

'Scream for me,' Kyuubi said, before thrusting into him harder and faster than before.

Sasuke screamed until his throat burned as badly as his bound cock did.  He was being eaten alive.  So much energy was pushing into him that bloody tears
trickled down his cheeks.  And this was barely a fraction of Kyuubi's full reserves.  It would take days, possibly weeks to truly exorcise him.  Only a fool would
attempt it.  What did that make him when he could barely stand two rounds with the demon?  He screamed himself hoarse.  Then he could only lie there and
take it, pinned in place as the demon filled him so much that he thought he would burst, wanted to.  Anything to have some relief.  Then Kyuubi came again,
flooding him with an enormous gush of energy that he had no room for, yet couldn't turn away.  One last broken cry tore from his throat.

Kyuubi pulled out of him and the vines vanished.  He collapsed in a sprawl of limbs.  He was rolled onto his back.  The demon licked the blood from his face,
the sweat from his neck, as he struggled to breathe.  His heart was pounding so violently he could feel it in his fingertips.  Then the fox was licking his cock and
he realized his body hadn't numbed after all.  He came instantly, with a choked whimper.  Kyuubi drank it all, continuing to lick the oversensitized flesh,
rumbling so deeply Sasuke could feel it echoing through the ground beneath him.

'Look at me.'

Sasuke forced his red eyes to open.  When he blinked them, more blood trailed down his face.  The fox immediately licked his cheeks clean.

'A first time exorcist attempting to satisfy me,' Kyuubi mocked, with amused approval.  'Yes, you'll do.  You'll do nicely.'

The vines returned, lifting him to his feet and holding him steady when he would have fallen.  More lifted his robe, pulling it onto him and tying it properly in
place.  Sasuke forced himself not to crumple when they promptly left him standing on his own wobbling legs.  The demon was larger now, at eye level with him.  
He struggled not to let any more blood escape his eyes while it regarded him.  "The village?"  His voice was a scratchy whisper.  He'd strained it so much he
wouldn't be able to speak normally for days.

'I'm finished with them.  They're safe.  At least from me.'

The fox demon turned and bounded away.  By the time he reached the kekkai, his head was higher than the trees.  He shattered the barrier effortlessly.  The
waiting demons scattered in his wake.  The moment the last tail vanished from sight, Sasuke collapsed.  He remained curled over his knees, shuddering, for a
long while.

His capacity to absorb demonic energy was smaller than he'd thought.  He'd been a fool to attempt such a powerful demon so soon.  Watching the demon
depart, he'd thought of it as male.  That was another mistake.  Demons were neither sex, or both.  They were whatever they chose to be.  Most chose male
forms to deal with humans simply because they preferred penetrating.  He should have brought a healer with him.  The trip home would be a long painful one.  
But he'd done it.  The village was safe, Kyuubi's temper was soothed, and he was still alive.

Pride carried him back to the village.  The marks on his neck told them he had met with their demon.  One of the waiting men burst into tears, immediately
turning away in shame at his own reaction.  The father of the little girl thanked him from a distance, as did the formerly skeptical elder.  This village would be
indebted to the Uchiha's for years to come.  But none of them would approach him now.  When his horse was fetched, they left it a good distance away.  Even
those too far away to see his red eyes could feel the youki radiating off him.  His horse had been bred to carry exorcists.  That was the only thing that let him
gain the saddle.  Sitting was painful.  Every part of him ached and throbbed.  But he had a conveyance waiting just outside the village.  He'd make it that far.  
By the time he got home, everyone would know what he'd done.  He was truly an exorcist now.