Category:  Anime, Gundam Wing, Yaoi, TWT
Warnings:  PWP, shonen ai, possible sap, lemon, rough sex
Pairings:  3x4, assumed 1x2
Author:  Arigatomina


Duo watched the blonde boy carefully, noting that he was drinking more now that he'd gotten past the tipsy stage.  It hadn't been difficult to realize what he
had to do to open the boy up, and while Quatre had put up a token resistance, the boy was now on his way to being completely intoxicated.  He was also
looking about ready to talk, and that was what Duo had planned for as the blonde had obviously been bothered about something for some time now.  Usually,
Quatre didn't have trouble expressing himself, as far as Duo knew, but there was something there, and he wanted to know what it was.  The pale boy looked
up suddenly, and he waited as he could tell by Quatre's sad expression that the boy was ready.

"It's Trowa."

"I figured as much," Duo admitted, giving the boy a slight but encouraging smile.  "What's wrong with you two, Quatre?  You seem to get along wonderfully,
you're much more open about your feelings than Heero and I are."

"We are open," Quatre nodded, but his eyes were filled with hopelessness.  "He knows how I feel about him, I've told him so many doesn't
matter.  Trowa loves me, did you know that?"

"Sure, it's pretty obvious."

"Yes, it is, isn't it.  But I don't just love him, I'm attracted to him, too."  Duo raised an eyebrow at him, and Quatre let out a frustrated groan, taking fast swallows
of the glass in front of him before gasping.  "He won't have sex with me."

"What?!"  As soon as the incredulous word was out of his mouth, Duo flushed a bit and glanced toward the kitchen doorway.  The boy in question was upstairs
somewhere, and he knew it would be bad to have Quatre get caught explaining things to him.  "Why not?  Isn't he attracted to you?"  While the blonde boy
wasn't really his type, he couldn't deny that he had a certain allure to him, his kindness didn't detract from his appeal at all.  And he knew that Trowa was not
blind.  In fact, he'd seen the tall boy staring at Quatre enough times to know he wanted him.  

"He won't do it.  Trowa...he saw things, Duo.  When he was younger, he told me he saw things that made him swear he'd never do that to anyone.  Especially
not me...  I've tried to tell him that it wouldn't be like that, but he gets upset when I push him.  He leaves.  So...I just stopped trying..."

The blonde had dropped his pale eyes, and Duo glared suddenly, not liking the dull look on his face.  He wanted nothing more than to go and talk to Trowa,
but his sense of self-preservation warned him that it would be a very bad idea, indeed.  Instead, he seriously thought about the problem.  It was actually a
familiar one, but he still wasn't sure how to help Quatre.  "Well, if he's afraid of hurting you, maybe you could..."  Quatre blinked at him, and he had to clear his
throat before he could finish.  "Maybe you could...dominate."

"Oh...Duo, no."  With a stricken and slightly distasteful expression, Quatre shook his head, dropping his eyes again as his cheeks grew warm.  "That's not what
I want.  Trowa wants me, he *wants* to take me, I know he does.  I saw it in his eyes when he walked in on me in the shower once and...I knew then, I could feel
it in my body.  That's what I want.  The way his eyes sparked, as if he couldn't help himself...I wish he *hadn't* helped himself..."

"I'm sorry."  He watched as Quatre hid his head in his hands, bent over the table, and he sighed, his voice mingling with the blonde's drawn-out sigh.  They sat
in silence for a few minutes, and Duo was just making up his mind to talk to Heero when he heard a soft thump and looked up sharply.  Quatre's cheek lay
against the table, and he gave a very tolerant smile as he saw the boy was asleep.  Then he turned toward the doorway, feeling eyes on him.

Duo tensed as he spotted the tall boy who stood there, and he was terrified as he wondered if Trowa had heard what they'd said.  But the boy's face was
expressionless, and he didn't so much as glance at him as he stepped forward and walked to where Quatre was slumped on the table.  Bending at the waist,
he picked the slender boy up and turned again, carrying him out of the room without a word.  He didn't know what to make of it, the silence of the boy.  If it had
been him, or even Heero, Duo knew he would have asked why Quatre was asleep at the table, but Trowa hadn't.  No doubt, he saw the alcohol, but Duo would
have expected him to get at least a bit angry that Quatre had drank.  And that anger would have been directed at *him* since the blonde usually avoided
alcohol.  Instead, Trowa hadn't said anything, and Duo stared after him.

* * *

"It's not our place to interfere," Heero said smoothly, not blinking when Duo glared at him.  

"So you're saying I should sit back while my friend is hurt?  Come on, Heero, it's not right.  This is really hurting Quatre."  Duo looked at the dark-haired boy for
a long moment, then sighed, sitting on the edge of his bed.  "I feel bad."

"Trowa should take risks."

That small statement made a grin come to his face, and Duo glanced up at Heero, his violet eyes shining.  "Thank you for seeing it my way.  Now, what to do...  
I guess I could try to get Trowa drunk or something, but he'd never let me.  Besides, he'd probably get angry with Quatre for telling me in the first place."

Heero didn't speak for a moment, his mind moving as he tried to imagine what was going through Trowa's mind.  The sad fact was that he understood the tall
boy's problem, and sympathized with it.  He also, however, knew that keeping their relationship platonic despite open attraction was more painful to Quatre
than intercourse itself could ever be.  "I'll do something, but it's up to Quatre to make the move.  We won't speak to Trowa about this, agreed?"

"Sure," Duo nodded, "but what are you going to do?"  The Japanese boy didn't answer, but his dark eyes glinted with something before he turned back to his
computer with a small smirk.

* * *

He'd woken with a headache to find himself in bed, and Quatre had decided not to come down for breakfast.  While he wasn't sure exactly what he'd said to
Duo, he was convinced he'd said too much and he wasn't eager to face the boy.  The fact that Trowa had already left the room by the time he woke up didn't
help at all in making him feel better, and it wasn't until a sharp knock sounded on his door that he did more than sit up in his bed.  Finding a sober looking
Heero standing there, he felt his muscles tense and chewed his lip for a moment.


"Here."  He didn't speak as he handed the blonde boy a small pill, and he watched as Quatre stared at it.  Then the boy glanced up in evident confusion, and
his brows drew together.  "I used one of those the first time.  If you really want this, put it in Trowa's drink.  But be warned," Heero said carefully, his eyes
holding pale blue-green ones, "it will be rough.  The drug lasts for twelve hours, but he won't feel as if he's been drugged once it wears off.  It gradually
decreases control, and he'll remember everything when it's over."

"You..."  Quatre swallowed sharply, his eyes narrowing as he stared at the small white pill in his palm, and he had an urge to hand it back.  There was
something wrong with the thought of forcing Trowa, but he couldn't deny the surge of hope that burst through him.  "I don't know..."

"Use it or not," Heero said, "that's up to you."  The boy met his gaze, and he could see the conflict on Quatre's face before he turned on his heel and walked
down the hall.

* * *

Trowa glared at his plate as he wondered why Quatre hadn't eaten.  The blonde boy had been down earlier, but he'd gone to bed after barely touching his
food and that wasn't normal.  Of course, he was still angry that Quatre had drank the night before, and as much as he wanted to blame Duo for it, he knew the
Arabian wouldn't do anything he didn't want to do.  This didn't help much, as he couldn't think why the boy would drink, especially as much as he'd had to have
drunk to be passed out when Trowa came down.

Closing his eyes, his jaw tightened a bit as he remembered how lovely the boy had been, lying in his arms as he'd carried him up to their room.  Even when he
slept, he tempted him, and Trowa felt himself grow warm as the room seemed to fade around him.  Suddenly, he could see the boy as he'd imagined before,
writhing beneath him, his soft mouth parted as he gasped.  He could feel it, feel himself filling the boy and his ears rang with Quatre's cries, the same word
over and over as he moved inside him; please...please...

The vision halted so abruptly that he gasped from it's strength, then his green eyes widened as he found himself no longer in the kitchen.  He couldn't think
how he'd gotten there, but he stood before the door to his room, and his body throbbed with the knowledge that Quatre was in there, waiting for him; wanting
him as he'd so openly admitted.  Then the door opened and his eyes ripped over the slender form, his mind filled with the sight.  

Quatre wasn't sure what to expect, and he shivered a bit as Trowa stared at him.  The tall boy insisted that he wear clothing when they slept together, but he'd
taken off his shirt, hoping that it would serve to tempt the boy as much as Trowa had told him it did.  He waited for a moment, then green eyes snapped to him,
and he gasped as he was grabbed suddenly, strong hands circling his arms.  Jerked against that hard body, he was unprepared when Trowa's mouth seemed
to grab his, and he was being kissed.  His sense of reality returned just a bit, and he parted his lips, kissing the boy back as a hot tongue invaded his mouth.  
Then Trowa jerked away and he gave a startled cry as he was lifted off the ground, long strides carrying him to the bed.

His breath actually left him when he was thrown onto the bed, and he stared, shivering when the tall boy let out a low growl.  Then his pants were jerked off of
him in a single move, and he couldn't deny the fear that raced through him.  It was happening too fast, overwhelming but Quatre couldn't deny the fact that it
was his own fault.  He'd caused this, and he forced his body to hold still as his wide eyes looked at Trowa.  The tall boy undressed so quickly that he blinked at
him, then he moved back on the bed instinctively when Trowa moved to cover him.  His heart raced in his chest as an erection was ground into his own
hardening length, and he swallowed sharply, parting his legs when a knee pushed between them.

Trowa's green eyes were boring into his, and Quatre did his best to calm down, moving his hips so he rubbed against the boy leaning over him.  "Trowa," he
whispered, unable to make his voice any stronger, "do it.  Take me?  I want badly.  Please, Trowa, I need you..."

The boy's words echoed in his mind, but Trowa froze as an image came to him and he shoved back suddenly.  Quatre, tears streaming down his cheeks as he
used him, the sweet boy crying out in pain; he shook, trying to rid himself of the vision.  While his body seemed adamant, he felt his lust cool a bit and he was
preparing to climb away when his mind shut down.  Slender fingers had wrapped around his aching length, and he moaned, staring at Quatre in shock.  Pale
blue-green eyes met his, and he pushed forward, pressing his erection into the boy's hand as he gasped in a deep breath.

Quatre hesitated, unsure of what to do next.  He'd moved on instinct as soon as he'd spotted Trowa's pain-filled expression, and he could tell by the boy's low
moan that he'd done the right thing.  The decision was taken from him when Trowa grabbed his wrists, but he didn't resist when his arms were stretched above
his head, one strong hand holding them down.  Then a finger was pushed into him and he bit back a cry, closing his eyes tight as he shifted from the burn.  

He flinched at the pain visible on Quatre's face, but he moved his finger, his body reacting when the pale boy whimpered suddenly and he knew he'd found it.  
Shoving against the spot, he leaned down, his mouth swallowing the boy's quiet cry as his tongue swept into that sweet mouth.  Trowa drew the boy's tongue
into his own mouth and sucked on it, his eyes opening a bit as he took in Quatre's reaction.  The boy's eyes were closed, but his face was flushed and his
slender hips jerked when Trowa pressed the spot inside him harder.  His own arousal throbbed, and he broke away as he groaned, the need a physical pain.

Opening his eyes, Quatre gasped as the finger was suddenly pulled out of him, long fingers curling around his length.  Then he writhed back against the bed
when Trowa pressed the tip of his thick member into him.  His body was confused by the mixture of pain and pleasure as Trowa stroked him quickly, fingers
squeezing rhythmically.  The tall boy covered him, and he closed his eyes, his breath catching when a hot mouth moved over his nipple.  Then he winced as
teeth grazed his sensitive skin, and he couldn't stop the cry that escaped his throat when Trowa shoved forward suddenly.

Trowa knew he should wait as he felt the pale boy stiffen beneath him, but he couldn't do it and he pulled back, his hand lifting Quatre's hips.  When he
impaled him again, the boy's cry was almost a scream as he hit his prostate roughly.  He leaned down, covering Quatre's mouth with a deep kiss as his hips
moved, pressing himself into the hot sheath before pulling out again.  Then he was moving inside the boy, stroking in and out, his hand moving in time as
Quatre had wrapped his legs around him and he was able to grasp the boy's length.

Quatre rose and fell with each deep thrust, and his entire being seemed to center around the long member inside him.  When Trowa stilled suddenly and
something filled him more, he didn't understand and it wasn't until he felt the boy pull out of him that his stimulated mind rebelled.  Whimpering, he opened his
eyes, pleading with the hazy green ones that stared down at him.  "Trowa..."  When he saw the way the tall boy was breathing he understood, and he groaned,
his body hanging by a mere thread.  "I'm not..."

He couldn't help but smirk at the blonde's pitiful expression, and Trowa bent over him, his eyes glinting.  Already, he could feel himself hardening again, and
he ran his tongue over Quatre's parted lips.  "You need more."

"Please," Quatre cried, nodding quickly.  Trowa's eyes narrowed and he gasped when the boy's hips shoved against him and he felt a hot erection.  As little as
he knew, he did know that it wasn't normal to be able to go again so soon.  But he was exceedingly grateful, and he moaned when Trowa caressed his
erection.  Then his hips were gripped, and he was turned onto his stomach.  Kneeling, he moaned as Trowa entered him again, no pain this time as the boy
went deep inside him, pleasure bursting through his body.

Trowa curved an arm around the boy's hips, holding them up as he pressed Quatre's shoulders into the soft cover.  His tongue touched the boy's smooth
back and he lapped at the pale skin, his breath hot as he thrust into him.  Then he bit lightly on the slender boy's shoulder and increased the pace, Quatre
moaning in response.

"Trowa..."  His voice was muffled as he pressed his forehead against the blanket.  The boy seemed encouraged, and Quatre shuddered as Trowa pressed
into him so deep he felt he was going to die and he moaned his name again, his body desperate for release.

"What, Quatre?" Trowa asked, his voice so low it was a hoarse whisper.  Gripping the boy's narrow hips, he thrust into him, "What do you want?"

"Please..."  He gasped, unable to catch his breath as his voice made the boy move even faster and he couldn't keep up.  

"Is this what you want?"  Trowa's eyes closed, and he pulled back until he nearly left the boy's tight opening, then he shoved back in, moaning at the feel of it.


The sharp cry sent waves of pleasure through him, and he repeated the move, "More?"

Whimpering, Quatre turned his head so his cheek pressed the sweat-dampened cloth.  "I can't...take it!  It's too..."  He felt the boy move back and let out a
helpless moan as he was filled again.

"You like this," Trowa whispered, his breath coming in rough pants as he felt himself near his release.  Holding back, he rammed into the boy again, "You want

"Yes!" Quatre moaned, choking as he nearly sobbed, "but..."

The boy was shaking in his arms, and Trowa let out a quick breath before pulling him close.  Then he was shoving into him, the strokes shorter as he brought
himself toward his release.  His hand grasped Quatre's length, and he pumped the boy in time with his own fast movements.  The blonde moaned again, his
voice breaking and Trowa felt the body beneath him stiffen a moment before the boy came.  The tightness surrounding him became even more so and he
gave his own hoarse moan as Quatre clenched around him, squeezing him in an almost painful grip.  Then he came violently and his body seemed to lose all
strength as he nearly collapsed on the boy.  Instead, he managed to fall on his side, and he jerked Quatre onto him as he gasped, his heart slow to calm.

* * *

Trowa woke slowly, his body feeling as if it were on fire, and he gritted his teeth, wondering what lustful dream he'd had.  Then he opened his eyes and his
memory blazed as he found himself looking into Quatre's loving face.  "Quatre."  He blinked sharply, then his expression grew stricken as he realized what he'd
done.  "Oh, Quatre..."

Giving the boy a warm smile, Quatre trailed a finger over Trowa's bare chest, letting it circle one of the boy's nipples as he enjoyed the way his lover's breath
caught.  "Trowa," he whispered, leaning close to him.  "It was so good, Trowa.  I knew it would be and I love much."  The tall boy was staring at him,
and he felt relief as the green eyes slowly relaxed.  Then he was pushed back a bit, and he frowned for a minute before he felt the reason, his eyes dropping
to the evidence of Trowa's arousal.  "You still want me," he murmured, not hiding his awe.  "Trowa..."

"Did..."  Trowa swallowed sharply, doing his best to calm his rising lust as he felt the boy's naked body press against him.  "Did I hurt you?"

He'd never tell, and Quatre rubbed his erection against Trowa's, moaning when the boy let out a whispery breath.  "I wanted you, I still want more.  If you want

Brushing his hand over the blonde boy's soft cheek, Trowa lifted his head, his lips meeting Quatre's for a soft kiss.  He couldn't think what had gotten into him,
but he remembered how rushed he'd been before.  All he could do was make up for it now, and his body seemed to agree as he explored Quatre's mouth,
their tongues rubbing and caressing.  After a moment, he pulled back a few inches, and his heart clenched at the way those pale eyes shined at him.  "I love
you, Quatre."

"Show me?  How much, this is love too, Trowa."  The strong boy pulled him down, arms holding him for a moment, and Quatre smiled against his chest.  "My
lover, my love."