Author's Notes:  This fic was inspired by my lemon-filled And They All Came".  Since I was told the last one had too many lemons for one fic, I've cut this one up.   It doesn't have a place in the GW timeline, and you should read the pairings for warning as, unlike with the last one, I've added two new people to the fun.  This is the first fic in this series.  What I've done is separated them so that there is a fic per uke--(you'll understand once you read).  Each fic will start the same, mostly, and it is the loser who changes, as denoted in the title.  This is for those who don't like certain people being the uke.  I won't write a fic for Treize, Zechs, or Rashid unless I am *specifically* asked to, so let me know.  The gundam pilots, however, will each have his own time on the receiving end...I am a hopeless hentai as well as a hopeless romantic, but there won't be much romance in *this* fic...  On that note, enjoy the fic.
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Warnings:  Lemons!  Lemons!  Read all about it!  Bondage (couple cases).  Kink.  OOC.  Slightly rough sex.  Major PWP.  You have been warned.
Pairings:  Okay, here's the list for this one.  Yes, I am including Treize:  13, and Rashid--(if this squicks you, you can skip that part, it's the next to last one).  Anyway, the pairings include....Main:  1x2, 3x4, 13x6x5.  Lemons (in order):  6x2, 13x2 , 5x2, 4x2, 3x2 (3, 4, 2 threesome with D as the uke), Rashidx2, 1x2. If any one of these pairings offends you or bothers you, don't read.  Otherwise, it's cool and lemonlishious.
Author:  Arigatomina
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Yatzee:  Duo

The game hadn't taken that long, but it seemed they added up their scores much slower than their intelligence explained.  Of course, it was evident why they took their time, as no one really wanted to be the one with the lowest score.  The prospect may not have been exceedingly horrible, but playing uke to seven lustful males wasn't something any of them really wanted to do.  Yet, each had agreed to the rules and they were all excited in hopes that they would win.  The rules were simple, the person with the lowest score would play uke to the others, willingly going along with any request or demand.  The only stipulation was that the uke not be physically hurt more than necessary to the part, and each was perfectly happy to agree to this as they were all friends.  Then each was finished with the simple addition and they looked around the table at each other.

* * *

"No way!  It's twenty points!  I only lost by twenty stinking points!"  Duo's angry cry made more than one of them smile, and even Trowa smirked as the longhaired boy squirmed in his chair.  The dining room suddenly seemed smaller to him and Duo glared at each of them, noting that only Quatre and Rashid looked the least bit sympathetic toward him.  The smiles that Zechs and Treize were sending him made him want to punch one of them.  And Wufei was licking his lips.  "You guys suck."

"If you're lucky," Zechs murmured, his pale blue eyes glinting and he stood quickly.  "I claim first dibs on him," he said loudly, his gaze challenging the others and pausing on Heero.  The Japanese boy was taking the eminent use of his lover rather well, but Zechs wouldn't have backed down even if he hadn't.  They'd all agreed to the rules when they'd begun.

"I call second," Treize said quickly, smirking when Wufei also stood. 

Trowa and Quatre moved back almost in sync with each other, and Rashid gave a slow nod as he turned and left the room.  Heero was the last to stand, and he walked around the table, his hand burying into Duo's braid as he pulled the boy's head back so he looked up at him, still scowling.

"Why aren't *you* complaining?" Duo asked, disgruntled by the boy's calm expression. 

"I get you every night," Heero whispered, his tongue flicking Duo's earlobe as he leaned close to him.  "I'll see you later, Duo."


Zechs nearly grinned as the boy left the room, and he shot a quick look to his two lovers.  "I'd like to be alone, if you don't mind."  Treize smirked at him, but the tall man slowly walked to Wufei, nodding his head toward the door.  "Thank you so much."

"I never should have agreed to this stupid game in the first place," Duo muttered, glaring at the white-haired man as Zechs pulled his chair back and drew him to his feet.

"No talking," Zechs said smoothly, "Remember, you have to do whatever I say."  Violet eyes sparked at him, but he didn't mind as his eyes lowered to Duo's shirt and he pulled it away from the boy's pants.  Duo wasn't cooperating very much, but it didn't take long to remove the shirt and the boy's pants followed, discarded on the floor. 

Duo was actually proud that he didn't blush from the man's gaze, but he knew his time spent with Heero had allowed him to get rid of any inhibitions he might have had.  Still, he couldn't help but be a bit wary when the man grabbed him around the waist and jerked him forward till they were pressed together.  He could feel Zechs's erection through the man's pants and it was obvious the tall man had no inhibitions either.  Then he blinked sharply as he was lifted till he sat on the edge of the table, vaguely grateful Zechs had thought to shove their paper and pens back as they would have been uncomfortable to sit on.

Smirking at Duo, Zechs quickly took off his own clothing, noting that the boy wasn't really glaring at him any longer.  Instead, he seemed resigned to what was about to happen.  But that wasn't good enough, and Zechs kicked his clothing back and moved forward quickly, his long fingers wrapping around Duo's length and making the boy's breath catch audibly. 

Duo jerked as the man gave him a quick stroke, but he frowned, blinking sharply when he was suddenly released.  Then Zechs knelt next to his discarded pants and Duo frowned at the small tube the man retrieved.  "And you carry that around with you?" he asked, laughing suddenly.  "Man, you three must go at it like bunnies or something."

"Be quiet," Zechs reminded the boy.  Stepping back to him, he pushed on Duo's chest, forcing him lie back on the table before gripping the boy's narrow hips.  It didn't take much to pull the boy towards him and his eyes glinted at the way Duo's hands twitched as if he wasn't able to hold completely still.  Coating his stiff erection, he made a throaty sound and leaned forward, pushing a finger into the boy as his other hand held Duo's chest down, mindful of the boy's strength.  The boy was tight, and he removed the digit, not wanting Duo ready for him as he was determined to just take him.  Then he pushed into him suddenly and that slender body jerked, only his hold keeping him pressed to the table. 

That tight sheath squeezed him, unprepared for the penetration, and Zechs stroked the boy's neglected member, watching Duo's pinched face.  "Duo?"  The boy didn't open his eyes, and Zechs pulled back before burying himself again, groaning at the friction despite the lubricant.  As he'd hoped, he hit the boy accurately and Duo gasped sharply, his legs jerking against him, violet eyes snapping open.  "Better," Zechs growled, his voice low and whisper-soft.  "Watch me."

Duo groaned when the man shoved into him again, the length stretching him and striking that place within him in a way that was so good it hurt.  Without thinking about it, he closed his eyes, letting the sensations fill him as Zechs moved forcefully, rocking him.  Then his erection was squeezed harshly, and he groaned, glaring up at the man as the grip hurt.  Zechs stared at him, and the man eased his hold, the warning given.  Instead, that hand became strong yet gentle and he moaned as he was stroked both inside and out, his breath coming in gusts. 

With a moan, Zechs quickly forgot about making the boy focus on him as he released Duo, both of his hands gripping the boy's hips.  His own eyes closed, and he let his head fall back, moving quickly, pulling the boy to meet each thrust as Duo's moan reached him through a haze of pleasure.  Then he felt himself reaching his limit, and he gasped shakily, his hands tightening as he came and leaned forward.  Breathing against the boy's smooth chest, he managed a lazy smirk when Duo shook, and a glance found the boy glaring at him.

"Is that *it*?" Duo asked, his jaw clenched so tight his muscles ached.  But not as much as his body did, and he tried to shove the man off him, determined to bring himself to completion since Zechs was obviously spent. 

"Oh no," Zechs said quickly, catching the boy's wrists and holding them tight.  Duo glared at him, but he smiled again, slowly moving back and pulling the boy to him, not allowing any give.  "Treize would want you like this, unsatisfied and lusty."

"What?!"  Duo's mouth fell open, and he wanted nothing more than to hit the man.  Unfortunately, he couldn't help but remember the rules, and he tried to content his high-strung body with the knowledge that he'd repay them later.  "I'm going to get you, Zechs."

The tall man snorted softly, not looking down as he pulled Duo onto his feet and turned him suddenly, catching the boy's wrists behind his back.  The boy was stiff, but he walked when Zechs prodded him.  Moving to the door, he was grateful the room was so close to the dining room, and he grinned when Treize opened the door.  He hadn't even had time to knock, and the man was already undressed, his short reddish-brown hair tousled as if he'd already been playing.  Still, Wufei wasn't in evidence, and Treize didn't offer to take Duo from him as he stepped back, allowing Zechs to prod the boy into the room.

Treize's eyes shone as he let them move over the naked boy, taking in the dampness on his lightly muscled thighs, evidence of his time spent with Zechs.  Catching the tall man's gaze, he smirked and handed his lover something that made Duo curse violently.  "What's wrong, Duo?  Don't you like being helpless?"

Glaring furiously, Duo clamped his mouth shut, barely holding still as his hands were tied behind his back.  Then Zechs moved in front of him, and he gasped at what the man held in his hands.  "You're joking!"

Licking the boy's lips, Zechs glanced at Treize, smirking when the man nodded.  "I'm afraid not, Duo.  Open your mouth."  The boy didn't look like he was going to obey, and Zechs had made up his mind to force him when Duo finally obeyed, his eyes blazing with absolute fury.  Not giving him time to change his mind, he pushed the cloth into the boy's mouth, tying another one around his head to keep it in place.  Then a hand landed on his shoulder and he stepped away from Duo, making a line for the door.  "Enjoy," he said lightly, grinning at the way Treize was running his hands over Duo's chest.  "I did."

Treize didn't look up, his eyes glued to the furious boy's skin as he touched him, his fingers easing over Duo's body.  Then he reached Duo's hips and he stopped suddenly, glancing into hot violet eyes and he smirked.  He didn't speak at all, grabbing the boy roughly around the waist and nearly tossing him onto the bed.  Duo made a muffled sound of anger, and he did let out a sharp laugh as he held the boy on his stomach, trailing a long finger down the middle of that exposed back.  Then he spread the boy's legs with his knees, leaning over him so he could lick Duo's shoulder blades.

Duo turned his head, his cheek pressed into the soft cover and his narrow eyes glaring at the wall.  He made up his mind right then that if Treize left him the way Zechs had, he'd kill them both.  Then he stiffened with a muffled cry as a thick length was pushed into him without warning.  His eyes closed tightly and he groaned when the man behind him didn't wait, harsh strokes rubbing and hitting his prostate with painful accuracy.  In the back of his mind he wondered if Wufei would turn out to be as violent, then he moaned as the movement brought up a hot current of pleasure.  It was unlike anything he'd experienced, and he wondered briefly why Heero was always so gentle with him.  Then all thought was gone.

The boy was going to have bruises on his hips, but Treize showed no leniency, completely focused on that tight channel that was gripping him in a snug fit.  Pulling Duo back to him, he strove to get deeper in the boy, angling himself as muffled cries filtered through the gag.  It had been more to anger the boy than to keep him quiet, and Treize was certain Duo's anger and lust made him tenser than he normally was.  And the result was the boy's being tighter that otherwise.  A wonderful result and Treize took advantage of it, controlling his lust as he continued his harsh thrusts not wanting it to end too quickly.  He knew for a fact, he'd never get another chance with the boy, and he wanted it to last as long as possible.

Duo's entire body convulsed when the man suddenly lifted him, stroking his member, and he nearly swallowed the wadded cloth in his mouth.  As it was, his harsh pants gave way to a long moan and he lay limp against the sweat-dampened quilt, not moving as Treize pulled out of him slowly.  Then a hand was on his shoulder and he was turned so that his heavy eyes met the man leaning over him.

Smiling languidly, Treize undid the boy's gag, bending down to kiss Duo.  Then he pulled back and raised an eyebrow, licking his bitten lip.

"No one uses a gag on me," Duo growled, his release leaving room for his anger to return.  "I should kill you for--"  Violet eyes widened suddenly, and he tried to jerk back as the cloth was promptly reinserted into his mouth. 

Treize shook his head slowly, eyes glinting at the way Duo shook his head furiously.  "You should have kept quiet," he said smoothly.  Since he obviously wasn't going to get cooperation, he half-carried the squirming boy, bringing him into the adjoining bathroom.  Duo stilled a bit, and he stood as Treize undid his hands, no doubt expecting to be released.  It was obvious he hadn't expected the man's move and he made a muffled sound when he looked up and spotted the pair of hand-cuffs hanging from the shower curtain rod.  Lifting the boy, Treize stood him so he straddled the tub, one leg in it as he cuffed the boy's wrists over his head.  Duo was shaking his head at him, whatever he wanted to say muffled, but Treize thought he guessed what he said.  "No, I'm not going again.  I know, I've already had you.  This is for Wufei."

Duo's eyes widened in blatant disbelief, and he turned to stare as Wufei was suddenly in the doorway.  He watched as the two males shared a passion-filled kiss, then Treize was gone and the black-haired boy stepped to him, those dark eyes sweeping over his body and making him want to shiver.  The boy didn't take his eyes off him as he undressed slowly, the white clothing falling limp to the floor.  Then Wufei stepped to him and he did shiver as the boy's hands moved to his stomach.

Wufei rubbed his hands over Duo's chest, his eyes toying with violet ones before dropping to the boy's smooth skin.  Moving his head, he brushed his tongue over one of the boy's nipples, rolling it gently before sucking on it.  A soft sigh sounded, and he gave a slow smirk as he switched to the other nub, giving it the same sweet, if brief, treatment.  Then he bent slowly, his hands running to Duo's back as his tongue made a wet trail down to the boy's stomach.  Holding the boy still, he dipped the tip of his tongue into Duo's navel, circling teasingly before bending a bit more till he sat on the edge of the tub. 

His eyes glinted as he looked at the erect member standing before him, and he smirked when Duo's body pressed towards him eagerly.  A glance to the boy showed that he was looking down at him, those violet eyes glowing with lust.  Lips curling into a small smile, Wufei brushed his tongue over the tip of the boy's length, his head pulling back when those lithe hips pushed forward.  He glanced up again, then stood suddenly, his hands curving around Duo's back as he leaned close to him.  "Duo.  Do you want me to take off that gag?  It wasn't my idea, and I will.  If you use your mouth for something other than talking, that is."  The boy glared at him, and he waited, then Duo raised an eyebrow.

Duo held still as the gag was removed, and he licked his lips, his mouth dry from the cloth.  Then he blinked as Wufei reached above him and undid the handcuffs.  He was prepared when the boy pulled him out of the tub and he didn't resist as he was pushed down till he was on his knees on the floor.  Wufei's hands dug into his hair, and he opened his mouth when the boy pressed forward.  Running his tongue over the boy's erection, he closed his eyes as his head was moved and the length pressed into his mouth, pushing back to his throat.  It was something that took getting used to, but Duo managed, and he moved his mouth over the boy, listening to Wufei's soft breaths. 

Wufei groaned as Duo's talented mouth moved over him, and he shook his head as he was sucked on.  The boy's tongue circled him, the pressure relentless and he felt his body tensing.  It was too much, and he pulled the boy away suddenly, not pausing until Duo was standing before him, violet eyes meeting his questioningly.  He shook his head, then caught the boy's wrists, quickly cuffing them again before moving to stand in front of him, one foot in the tub.  Duo looked disgruntled to be bound again, but he didn't resist when Wufei lifted his legs, and he wrapped them around his waist firmly.  Then he was pushing into the boy, his opening drier now, but not too much as he slowly buried himself in Duo's heat.

Closing his eyes, Duo was amazed that the curtain rod could hold him, then he let his head fall back as Wufei moved inside him.  The rhythm was slow and steady, and he found himself squeezing with his legs as he strove to meet the boy's forward thrusts, needing the friction.  His body reacted as if he hadn't just finished with another man, and he moaned deep in his throat, the movement sending waves through him.  Then Wufei pulled his head forward, and his moan was muffled as the boy kissed him, sucking on his tongue and silencing him as he thrust. 

Wufei curled his hand around the boy's aching arousal and stroked it quickly, his own end nearing.  In reaction, the boy tightened around him, clenching sporadically and making him moan as he came.  His legs were weak for a moment or two, and he moved a hand to the wall in support until he recovered.  Then he slowly undid Duo's cuffs, the boy's arms wrapping around his neck as those strong legs remained around his waist.  Duo's eyes were closed and the boy leaned against him, resting his head on his shoulder.

He couldn't help but smirk at how limp the boy was aside from those legs.  "Duo, you can't be that tired yet.  You aren't even half done."

"Lemme lone..."

Wufei snorted and carried the boy, not the least bit bothered that he was completely naked, as he had nothing to be embarrassed of.  Then he caught the slight smile on Duo's face, and he shook his head, wondering if the American wasn't playing up his exhaustion.  A moment later, he was knocking on Trowa's door.

Duo smirked at the glint in those green eyes when Trowa pulled the door open, but he blinked quickly as he spotted the blonde haired boy seated on the bed, the light flush making him wary.  "Quatre?"

"Thank you, Wufei," the pale boy said, his voice sounding strained as if he were fighting a giggle.  The black-haired boy set Duo to his feet, and Quatre exchanged a hot look with Trowa who almost smiled, lips twitching.  Wufei raised an eyebrow, but he took his leave without questioning them.

Duo stared at the two boys, not sure what to expect.  Then Quatre stepped to him and the pale boy's hand slipped behind him, curling around the tip of his long braid and tugging it downward sharply.  "Hey!"

"I thought he was supposed to cooperate," Quatre murmured, turning his head to look at Trowa who had moved behind him.  The tall boy raised an eyebrow and glanced at Duo, then smirked.  "Yeah," Quatre nodded slowly, "You're right."

Blinking at the unsaid message, Duo winced when the blonde's surprisingly strong arm pulled on his hair again, and he glared up at him as Trowa pushed on his shoulders so he was on his knees facing the bed.  His eyes glinted with a different light when the tall boy slowly stripped, though, and he had to admire the boy's form.  He felt hands on the back of his head, and he expected Trowa's move, opening his mouth obediently enough.  While he'd never admit it, he didn't mind this part that much, he enjoyed it with Heero quite often and he decided to try and make the silent boy moan as he took him deep in his throat, those green eyes closing quickly.

Quatre's breath sped up as he ran his hands over Duo's smooth back, watching as that mouth swallowed his tall lover.  Trowa gasped in a way that never ceased to arouse him, and his hands slipped down till he held Duo's hips, lifting as Trowa lay back on the bed, drawing Duo with him so that the American was bent over it.  Undressing quickly, he followed them, his light touch on Duo's backside making the boy twitch, but Trowa held him when he tried to lift his head, a muffled sound reaching Quatre.

He tensed when a finger prodded him, but Duo quickly resumed his ministrations as Trowa gave his hair a pull, reminding him of what he was doing.  As he'd hoped, Trowa was making soft sounds and he took them to be as close to moans as he was going to get at the moment.

He was careful, but Quatre couldn't help but notice that Duo wasn't as tight as he'd thought.  Then again, he had to remember that he'd played uke to three lustful males, and judging by how passive he'd been when Wufei had carried him in, he was certain the three hadn't gone easy on him.  Still, the fluids had dried more than he liked, and Quatre wasn't willing to take the chance of hurting his friend, so he got a tube of lotion from the dresser before moving in on him.  Coating his length, he gripped Duo's hips and slowly pushed into the boy, the back beneath him growing taut, Trowa's hold the only thing keeping the boy's head moving.

It was too hard, trying to focus on the boy beneath him while being used by Quatre, and Duo moaned around Trowa's length.  While he wasn't as long as Wufei had been, the blonde obviously knew what he was doing.  His insides felt more stimulated than he'd even known, and each time Quatre thrust into him, he gasped in a breath.  But this didn't work to slow his beating heart as Trowa obviously didn't like the lack of attention and the boy wouldn't let him move his head back.  So he was short of breath, his mind moving between the two lengths before he centered it on the one sliding over his tongue.  It was almost a matter of pride, being able to pleasure the tall boy at the same time as taking the pleasure Quatre gave him.

His eyes had fallen half closed, and Quatre gritted his teeth as he pushed into the boy bent over before him.  Duo may not have been as tight as possible, but the boy wasn't exactly loose, and the pressure squeezed him.  He swallowed, pulling back before shoving into him again with a quick stroke, his eyes moving distractedly over the light bruises on the boy's hips as he shifted his own hold lower without really thinking about it.  Duo was making odd sounds that he took to be moans, distorted by Trowa's long length in his mouth and Quatre turned his thoughts to his own body as he moved quicker, sliding in and out of the boy.

Duo choked when Quatre gave an especially violent thrust, but he sighed around Trowa as he knew the blonde had finished.  Then the tall boy pushed him back, making him frown a bit before he realized Trowa intended to take his lover's place.  Before this, however, he found himself pulled back until he was standing, his legs spread as warm liquid trailed down his thighs.  He'd definitely have to take a long shower, if he survived, of course.  Then he found himself smiling and he bent forward eagerly as Quatre was suddenly lying on the bed before him, the slender boy's hands moving behind his hips.  He moaned with need and his eyes closed, savoring the hot tongue that lapped at his arousal before an equally hot cavern engulfed him, sucking with tantalizing slowness.  So distracted was he, that he gave a sharp cry when a long and hard length was shoved into him, and he was caught about the waist.

Holding the boy firmly, Trowa let out a soft groan, pulling back until only the tip of his erection was inside the boy before pushing in again, Duo's cry telling him he'd hit the right spot.  He bent until his chest covered the boy's back, and he chewed lightly on the longhaired boy's shoulder, his fingers brushing Quatre's bangs as the blonde continued to torment Duo.  His arms were curved, one around the boy's slender waist and the other palm pressed to his chest, fingers playing with Duo's nipples.  Not that the boy needed the stimulation, as he could tell from the way he was moaning that Duo was strung out.  He thrust quickly, not bothering to monitor his pace and the moan that escaped his lips seemed to stir the boy beneath him even more as Duo suddenly pushed back against him.  The pace took a turn, and he was moving with the boy rather than just into him, his forward thrusts shoving Duo to Quatre's waiting mouth as the blonde's fingers reached Trowa, brushing his thighs before slipping upward and squeezing in time with their movements.  Then the violet-eyed boy gave a low moan and he came, tightening around Trowa and pouring his seed into Quatre's waiting mouth.

Quatre let out a soft laugh, wiping his lips absentmindedly as he watched Trowa move away to fall on the bed limply.  Then he got to his feet, catching Duo when the American seemed ready to follow the tall boy.  Lazy violet eyes blinked at him, and Quatre slipped an arm around the boy's back, nearly supporting him as he turned him toward the door.  Duo wasn't walking at all quickly, and the blonde boy gave a wince of sympathy as he could imagine he was sore.  Still, he wasn't finished and Quatre was very grateful he hadn't been the one to lose the bet as he didn't really envy Duo about where he was taking him.  While it was bad enough that he'd known Rashid for years and had a bit of trouble seeing the man as a potential lover, the fact that he was also the biggest man Quatre had met made him kiss Duo's cheek lightly.  Then he blushed as he opened the bedroom door to find Rashid waiting in the hall.  Still, the tall man picked Duo up easily and Quatre watched them move down the hall, thinking that at least the long-haired boy wouldn't have to walk to his next...master?

Rashid didn't speak as he held the slender boy, his arms light so he wouldn't squeeze him and he gave a small smile at the wary violet eyes that stared up at him.  He'd expected the boy to be tenser, but it was obvious that Duo had been worked hard and his deep breaths were evidence of an exhaustion that almost made him feel sorry for him.  But he couldn't, since he had every intention of taking his own reward for not having lost, the thought of a tired and passive Duo a completely arousing image.  Of course, it would have been better to have an energetic Duo, but he wasn't that picky.

He held his tongue, almost literally as Duo licked his lips, still having a faint taste of Trowa as he looked up at the man's face.  It wasn't necessary to wait until the man had undressed and he was wary about the upcoming act.  Rashid was big, there really wasn't a better description for him as the muscled chest he was held against told him everything.  Then they were moving inside a door, and he managed a smile as the man laid him on the bed gently.  When he undressed, Duo's eyes widened as he found he'd been correct in his estimations and he was suddenly grateful Rashid had been saved for last as he knew he wouldn't be so tight that sex would be painful. 

Rashid smiled again as he climbed onto the bed, running his hands over Duo's soft cheeks and moving down to kiss the boy.  One hand played across the boy's chest, fingers rolling his nipple as the other slipped lower to circle the boy's limp length.  He could imagine that Duo was completely worn, but he intended to test his endurance and he slowly pulled his mouth back, sucking lightly on the boy's bottom lip before releasing it.  Then he sat up, bending before he lowered his head and took the boy into his mouth.  Duo let out a soft sound, and he pushed a long finger into him, stroking his prostate with subtle pressure before matching his movement to that of his mouth.  The boy moaned a bit, and he hardened slowly, his breaths catching at random as he breathed through his open mouth.

Duo stared at the ceiling, his mind amazed that he was aroused again and he let out a sharp cry when he came suddenly, his body clenching as his aching muscles once again found themselves strained.  When he was over it, he couldn't have lifted a hand and he closed his eyes, holding his breath when Rashid lifted his hips and spread his legs for him as he hadn't the strength to move.  Then his throat closed a bit and he gritted his teeth as a thick length was pushed into him, his body slow to make way for it.

He didn't hesitate as he pushed inside the slender boy, and Rashid growled his pleasure, continuing until he was completely embedded in Duo's heat.  Still not waiting, he began to move, pumping into him slow and deep as he lifted the boy's hips up to angle him for the best penetration.  Duo's whimper told him of the boy's discomfort, but he only continued slowly, not waiting at all.  Then he gave a sharp thrust with more force than before and that body beneath his jerked as the boy gave a hoarse cry, not one of pain so much as shock.  Repeating the move resulted in a low throaty moan, and he gave a tight smile as his own breath came in pants.

The length filled him completely, but Duo gasped when the large man thrust into him roughly, rubbing that spot with a force that made him shudder.  His pleasure warred with the pain and overcame it until he found himself letting out another humiliating whimper as he couldn't help himself.  The man was moving too fast for him to recover in time for each impending thrust, and he rocked back against the bed, his head limp as his sweaty bangs hung over his face.  If he'd thought his heightened sexual sensitivity had been bad with Quatre and Trowa, he knew it was absolutely horrible now and he found his heart racing as he nearly moaned with each thrust.

The boy was writhing beneath him, and Rashid held him with strong yet careful hands, his lust making him pound into the boy merciless.  He couldn't help it, though, Duo's helpless moans and occasional whimpers made him want to move even harder and he was hard pressed to control himself at all.  Feeling himself reaching his limit, he gave a particularly viscous thrust and Duo's resulting cry was nearly a scream as the boy came violently, spasming around his length until Rashid moaned himself.  With two quick shoves, he came as well and he held himself up, head hanging over the boy until he could catch his breath before slowly pulling out of him.

Duo didn't open his eyes, his breathing so shaky he wondered if he'd have a heart attack before he could calm.  Then strong hands were lifting him and he let himself lean limp against Rashid, his mind slow to realize he was being taken to Heero.  The thought of his lover made him give a tiny smirk, and he wondered if the dark-haired boy would be disappointed at having to be last.  Then he stopped bothering to think, and he gave a smile to his love as they were outside the boy's door and he was looking into intense cobalt blue eyes.  He let his arms fall over Heero's shoulders, and he sighed at the boy's strength as he was taken from Rashid, the large man disappearing back into his own room as he left them alone.

"You're exhausted," Heero said shortly, staring into violet eyes as he kicked the door shut behind them.  "All you had to do was lie there."

Frowning, Duo raised an eyebrow, and waited until he'd been placed on the bed before attacking that comment.  "Heero, have you *ever* known me to just...lie there during sex?  You have to be kidding."

"No," the boy answered, his expression studious as he pushed the longhaired boy back on the bed.  "You feel too much for that, you're too sensitive."  Inserting a testing finger into the boy, he glared at the tiny wince that passed over Duo's face, knowing the boy was sore.  "I expected as much."  Stretching out beside his lover, he lifted Duo gently, his fingers flying to undo the boy's hair before pulling him close.  With his arms wrapped around Duo's waist, he ran his hands over the boy's thick hair, petting him slowly.  "And now I can't make love to you because you're too sore.  I *knew* this would happen."

"Heero," Duo smirked, letting out a tired laugh at the boy's disgruntled expression.  It wasn't easy, but he forced his body to move so he was on his hands and knees beside the boy.  "I'd want you even if I were half dead, you know that."  A dark eyebrow raised, and he nodded sharply, pulling off Heero's shorts before bending so he could prove his words. 

Heero growled when the boy took his aching member into his mouth, his hands stroking the boy's loose hair as Duo moved slowly, sucking on and licking him.  It was obvious his lover intended to see to it that he wasn't left out and Heero pulled him up slowly.  As much as he would have liked the boy to continue, he had other wants and he knew Duo was too tired for a long night of slow sex.  Sitting up, he pulled Duo onto his lap, the boy not quite sitting on him as Heero's legs were straddled.  He pulled the boy to him, kissing him before pushing two fingers into him and watching carefully.  While he knew the boy would be painfully sore in the morning, he hoped he wasn't feeling it just yet as his body ached with desire.

"I'm fine," Duo whispered, pushing lightly on Heero's chest as he angled the boy back onto the bed.  Lifting himself, he maneuvered the boy's hard length and gritted his teeth before shoving downward sharply so he was impaled on his lover.  He gasped at the discomfort, but Heero's moan made him move and he lifted himself a bit before falling on him again.  "It's...worth it," he ground out, not stilling his movements as he found himself leaning forward a bit until Heero's thick member was hitting his prostate, the resulting pleasure overriding the ache.  "But...I'm going to be in bed for days, so...get it while you can..."  Cobalt eyes glinted, but he didn't pay too much attention as Heero's hands gripped his hips, lifting him higher before pulling him down again, helping the movements.  The angle had the boy's length reaching deep, and Duo let his head fall back as he rode his lover.  He found himself ready to come after little more than minutes, but he was shocked that Heero didn't stop him as the dark-haired boy gripped his erection, pumping it quickly.  Then he let out a cry and slumped onto Heero, his cheek pressed to the boy's lightly muscled chest.

Heero smirked, not yet satisfied, and he held Duo's hips when the boy started to move off him.  Violet eyes blinked at him lazily, and his own glinted before he suddenly rolled onto his side, pushing Duo onto his back as his still hard length remained inside of him.

"Heero," Duo groaned, not bothering to hide his state as he wanted nothing more than to fall asleep in the boy's arms.  "You're not seriously planning to..."

"Hai," Heero growled, shoving deep into the boy and making Duo moan helplessly.  "As you said, I won't be...getting...any, so I have to do it now."  The boy's eyes had closed, and he leaned forward, kissing him as he buried himself in his lover.  "How long do you think I can last?" he asked slowly, smirking at the boy's worried look.  "I've been waiting here, thinking of what the others have been doing to you.  Don't worry, you can sleep later."  Duo groaned again, but he could hear unwilling pleasure in the boy's tone and he shoved him into the bed. 

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