Category:  Yaoi, AU, Gundam Wing
Pairings:  1x2
Warnings:  slight shonen ai for now
Author:  Arigatomina

Until Eternity

Part 1

The boy was standing next to his bed when he woke up and he nearly had a heart attack.  He'd been having one of his reoccurring nightmares when he'd
woken abruptly, sitting up and catching his breath as he usually did.  Then he saw the dark figure standing beside him and he toppled off the other side of the
bed with a startled cry.  Sitting on the cold wooden floor, he rubbed his eyes furiously.  Then he looked again.  The boy was raising an eyebrow at him.  With a
faint sound, he was on his feet and bolting for the door.  He never made it.

One minute the boy was standing next to the bed and the next he was standing in front of the door.  Skidding to a halt, Duo's eyes narrowed as he slowly
backed toward the bed.  "How did you get in here?"  The dark-haired boy raised an eyebrow again and Duo searched the room for anything he could use as a
weapon.  The boy continued to stand there and Duo slowly sidled toward his window.  It was closed, meaning that hadn't been how his uninvited guest got in.  
But that was how *he* was getting out.  Jerking the window open, he took a brief look down, then jumped.

The boy caught him.  By this time he was sure he was dreaming, so he didn't bother to struggle when the boy's horribly strong arms tightened around him
momentarily.  Groaning as he was sure his ribs were cracking, dream or not, he nearly fell when the boy released him suddenly.  Then he caught sight of two
blazing cobalt eyes and he did fall.

"What were you thinking?" the boy demanded, voice harsh as he glared.  "You could have killed yourself!"

Wrapping an arm around his sore ribs, Duo decided he'd had enough.  "Look, I don't know who you are or why you're in *my* dream, but just leave me alone,
okay?  I have enough nightmares without you."

Frowning, the boy stalked to him, kneeling in front of him and jerking his arm aside so he could press a hand to Duo's chest.

"Shit!  Don't do that.  This has got to be the most painful dream I've had."  Scowling, Duo shoved the boy's hand aside, then let out a yelp when the boy
grabbed him.

"This isn't a dream."  Lifting the longhaired boy, the dark-haired one frowned.  "I'm Heero and I've been assigned to you."  Glaring at Duo's stricken
expression, the boy's frown darkened.  "And I've hurt you.  Damnit."  

Staring at the boy, Duo felt like he was falling into craziness; could feel his mind deteriorating.  He wondered briefly whether he'd hit his head falling out of bed,
because it was obvious his mind was messed up.  "Okay, whatever you say, pal.  Just let me down and we'll call it even, 'kay?"  Gasping, Duo contradicted his
order as things changed suddenly.  One second they were standing outside the building and then they were back in his apartment and he threw his arms
around the boy's neck as he stared at his room.  "This is too much.  Man, I don't deserve this!  I'm seventeen, I'm too young to go crazy!"

"You talk too much," Heero muttered as he set him down.

"Hey, figment of my imagination!  Take a hike."  Duo yiped when the boy suddenly pulled at the bottom of his shirt, and he scooted back on the bed.  "Stop
that!"  The boy didn't react as his strong hands touched his stomach and Duo kicked at him, abruptly furious.  "I don't care if this *is* a dream!  Get your
fucking hands off me!"  Kneeling on the bed, the boy caught his wrists with seeming ease and he was pushed down onto his back as Heero sat on his legs.

"Stop it," Heero frowned, watching the boy struggle.  "Don't make me hurt you."

"This isn't happening!"  Stilling suddenly, Duo closed his eyes tightly.  "Oh man, I want to wake up now..."

Still frowning, Heero ignored the boy as he ran his free hand under the thin shirt, fingers probing quickly before he released the boy.  Sitting to the side, he
was confused when the boy didn't move.  "They're just bruised.  You're not hurt."

"Huh?"  Violet eyes very wide, Duo blinked for a moment, then sat up quickly.

"Your ribs."  Heero was a little confused by the boy, he showed so many expressions that were unfamiliar to him.

"That's what you were doing? Then you're not going to rape me?"

"Do you want me to?" Heero countered, letting his eyes move over the boy's lanky form.  "I will if you want."

"No!"  Blushing bright red, Duo shook his head as he glared.  "I just want you to leave."

"I can't do that, you're my assignment, my mission.  I can't leave your side."

The boy looked so serious that Duo almost believed him, then he laughed.  "Right.  I could just see you following me to work.  Be kinda tough with the
bathroom breaks though."

"Work?  Stealing is work?  I suppose that would be more difficult with two," Heero murmured, watching the boy's eyes spark.  It was strange how quickly the boy
changed emotions.

"That was years ago," Duo growled, hands curling into fists.  "I had no choice.  But how did you know about that?"

"I read your file," Heero shrugged.  "I guess it wasn't up to date."

"Someone has a file on me?"  Things clicked suddenly and Duo felt his throat try to close up on him.  "So you're here to kill me.  Who sent you?"

"I'm not going to kill you," Heero muttered, not a little exasperated.  "I wasn't even supposed to hurt you.  I'm supposed to keep you safe, protect you."

"Someone hired me a bodyguard?  Man, this is insane...I'd kill for a cup of coffee."  Accepting the cup the boy handed him, Duo took a sip and smiled
distractedly.  "That's pretty good--Hey!  Where'd you get this?"  Staring at the cup as if it had grown a head, he didn't see Heero's glare.

"You *said* you wanted coffee," Heero reminded him, having trouble dealing with the boy.  "Have you changed your mind already?"

""  Duo clamped his mouth shut when the boy's glare nearly scorched him.  It didn't last long.  "Who *are* you?"

"Heero.  I won't tell you more than that."

"Fine, that figures.  I tell you what, Heero.  I have to be at work in about....four hours so why don't you come back tomorrow and you can follow me all you
want."  Duo prided himself on his resilience, but this had gone too far.  It was obvious the boy was wrong in the head--if he was even real.  "Go ahead and
disappear, I'm going to bed."  Laying on the bed, he put his back to the boy, waiting to see what he'd do.  Sure enough, the boy stretched out beside him.  
Duo sat up.  "Look, Heero.  I don't know where you escaped from, but if you *have* to stay here, sleep on the floor."

"It's cold on the floor."  Heero didn't blink, his calm expression throwing Duo off as he watched him.

"Oh.  Man, I wish I could afford a CAT-scan..."

"Do you want one?"

"Go to sleep!" Closing his eyes, he pretended the boy wasn't less than a foot away from him. He couldn't wait to wake up.

* * *

//Did you send me to the most difficult human you could find?  Or are they all like this?//  Staring at the back of the sleeping boy's head, Heero frowned.  //Your
information wasn't accurate.//

--You're complaining, Heero?  You've already hurt him, he could have died jumping out that window.  It's painfully obvious that you can't do this so why don't
you just come back?  I know Relena would forgive you.--

//Never.  As I said, hell is better than that female.  Besides, I just need time to understand how these humans work.  Then I'll do better.//

--You'll change your mind, I know you will.  That boy could live for years, ninety even, with you protecting him.  So long as you don't accidentally kill him, of

Heero's eyes narrowed at the mocking tone, but he didn't move as the boy in front of him continued to sleep.  //Ninety years with this one is small compared to
an eternity with her.  You're not going to change my mind, Zechs.  I've accepted this mission, I won't come back.//

--And if he asks for something you don't *want* to give?  Aside from your history and your absence, everything else is his if he asks.  Are you truly prepared to
be a slave to this human boy?-

//He isn't likely to ask for anything extreme.  Besides, we know he cares about people, that's in the file.  Although...the file is old.  How long ago was that
information found?  I don't even know where he works now.  If he had moved since then I might not have found him.//

--You would have found him, once you put your mind to it.  Heero, do you want to know why I chose him?--

//I already asked you that.//

--I'm surprised you didn't sense it when you touched him.  I think I'll let you find out on your own, sleep well, Heero....--

//You know I don't sleep--//  Heero frowned suddenly as he realized the connection was gone.  He didn't know what the man had hinted at.  He hadn't sensed
anything when he'd touched the boy earlier.  Moving for the first time since he'd lain down, he lifted his head so he could see the boy's face.  He had, of
course, noticed the boy's appearance, that long golden, brown hair and those wide violet eyes.  And the boy's skin had been soft despite the muscles beneath
it, but he didn't know what Zechs had expected him to sense.  Making sure the boy wouldn't wake up on him, he sat up on the bed, crossing his legs under him
as he moved so his knees touched the boy's back.  Leaning forward, he let his fingertips brush the boy's soft cheek.

Again, all he noticed was the smooth texture of his skin.  Running a hand down the boy's arm, he lifted a limp wrist, his fingers feeling the boy's palm as he
took in the calluses.  They were a bit odd in that they looked like he held something for long hours, but there was nothing shocking about them and he let the
hand fall gently the bed.  The boy wasn't tall, about his height and although he was on the thin side, Heero couldn't see anything to warrant the man's words.  
His eyes fell to the thick braid that hung down the boy's back and his fingers pulled off the hair tie.  This had to be it, he realized as his hands seemed to move
of their own accord to undo the boy's long hair.  His fingers threaded through the thick length and he didn't realize what he was doing until he found his face
buried in the hair as he inhaled a faint scent of smoke and violets.

"It can't be..."  

The boy made a soft sound at his low whisper and Heero watched his long lashes play against his pale cheeks before Duo settled again.  //Zechs...Damnit!  
Talk to me!//

--No need to yell, Heero.  Is something wrong?--

//Who is he?!  Why....//

--Now Heero, you know who he is.  I guess it's understandable that you wouldn't recognize him immediately, it's been so long.  How long has it been, Heero?  
Since he chose death over Death?--

//You...knew?  You knew he was here and you never told me?!  Bastard!//  Duo moaned in his sleep as Heero's hold on his hair tightened and the boy calmed
himself quickly.  //Does he remember...anything?  Me...?//

--Of course not.  Heero, you knew when he broke the rules.  You knew *then* what would happen yet you did nothing to stop him.--

//I...couldn't.  He was right.  They didn't deserve to die...//

--And by letting them live he broke the rules.  Death can't make one rule for some and change it on whim.  It doesn't work that way.--

//Have you been watching him all this time?//  Running his fingers through the long hair, Heero hid his face against the back of Duo's neck.  

--No.  I only found him in this lifetime.  He's had so many scrapes with death that Death himself has taken notice.  He's the one who clued me in.  That's why I
sent you to him.  Heero, your avoidance of my sister aside, there's another reason for your being on earth.  His time has been served and when he dies Death
means to have him as a replacement.  He gets to come back.--

//If I kill him...he comes back with me?//

--Don't even think about it!  Heero!  If you kill him he'll come back, all right, but you'll be bonded with Relena.  I think he'd rather live his life on earth first.  As
you know, if he dies of natural causes my sister will let you be.  You just have to keep him alive until then.  As you said, it's not *that* long.  Besides, you're
together again--

//Yes...and he doesn't know who I am...//

--He doesn't know who *he* is, Heero...  Oh.  Relena's here, I have to go.  I'll check in with you later.--

Still keeping the now-precious boy asleep, Heero wrapped his arms around the slender waist, pulling Duo back against him.  "I've waited so long," he
whispered, brushing hair back from the boy's neck as he kissed the soft skin.  "I'll never let you go again..."