Category:  Anime, Gundam Wing, Yaoi, TWT
Warnings:  shonen ai, lemon, PWP
Pairings:  1x2, 1x2x4
Author:  Arigatomina

Three's Company

Quatre paused in front of the door before knocking. It was two in the morning. Having been woken up by a phone call from Heero and Duo, asking if he could
meet them, Quatre had rushed over to the hotel. They'd said they needed his help, that it was urgent. Although he'd had no intention of refusing, he was a
little bit put-out that they'd refused to explain what was wrong over the phone. //I'd expect as much from Heero, but Duo is the last person I'd call closed-mouth.
Oh well.// Quatre thought as he knocked quietly on the door bearing the number he'd been given.

"Who's there?" Duo's voice came through the door and Quatre couldn't blame him for using caution.

"It's Quatre."

As the sound of bolts being drawn reached him, he could have sworn he heard Duo laugh. The door opened a crack and Duo stuck his head out, looking up
and down the hall. //Surely he doesn't think I've betrayed them,// Quatre thought angrily, insulted. Moving behind the door, Duo opened it just enough to let
Quatre slip in. "Come on."

As soon as Quatre stepped inside, Duo shut the door. Quatre's eyes widened and he turned red as he spotted Heero sitting on the edge of the bed and then
Duo who leaned against the door with a big grin on his face. Both were completely naked. Throwing a hand over his eyes, he stuttered, "I--I--I'm sorry! Y--you
called and--I didn't mean to interrupt any--I'll just go and--" He was just reaching for the door when Duo caught his hand and he heard Heero get off the bed.

"You didn't interrupt anything, Quatre," Heero pulled his hand away from his eyes and Quatre forced his eyes to look no lower than Heero's chin. "We were

"Yeah," Duo said, still holding Quatre's hand. "We wouldn't start without you."

"You--a--a *threesome*!?" Quatre's horrified eyes flew to Duo. "Oh--no! I--don't--think--so! I'm leaving right now!" He tried to pull his hand from Duo and Heero
grabbed his other one.

"Calm down, Quatre," Heero said softly, a small smile playing on his lips. "I give you my word that you will enjoy every second of it. Besides, it's not as if we're

"I will *not* enjoy it because I'm leaving!" Quatre pulled, but neither let go.

"What's the problem, Quatre?" Duo asked, smiling. "You didn't used to be so frigid."

"It's not right," Quatre said quickly, "You would turn something beautiful into something sordid!"

"Don't be prissy, Quatre--" Duo stopped when Heero put his free hand on his shoulder.

"Do you intend to stand around all night arguing with him?" Heero's voice was layered with subdued humor, "Well?"

Smiling, Duo answered, "You got a better idea?"

"Yes," Heero smirked. "Hold him."

Duo pushed Quatre against the door, holding both of his hands behind his back and ignoring his furious demands to be released.

"Alright," Heero called from the bed a few minutes later, "'Bring him over here."

Catching sight of the ropes tied to the headboard of the bed, Quatre began to struggle violently. "Don't make me hurt you, Duo! I said no, and I meant it!"

Heero grabbed his arms and sat on the edge of the bed with Quatre squirming on his lap. "Undress him, Duo."

"Duo!" Quatre tried to kick him, but Heero wrapped his legs around Quatre's holding him immobile while Duo unbuttoned his shirt and, with Heero's help,
removed it.

"How do I get his pants off without him gelding me?" Duo asked with a frustrated laugh.

"Tie up his hands," Heero said as if it was obvious. With a grin, Duo grabbed Quatre's legs while Heero unwrapped his own legs and rolled out from under
Quatre, catching his hands again and holding them over his head. With Heero sitting on Quatre's knees and holding one of Quatre's arms, Duo tied his other
wrist to one of the bedposts. With both hands tied so Quatre was unable to fight back, they shucked him of his pants.

Throughout it all, Quatre had screamed to be released. Naked, he stopped screaming and started pleading. "Duo, don't do this." His big eyes pleaded with
Duo and for a moment Duo faltered in his determination.

"Pathetic," Heero said, shaking his head at Duo. "I guess we'll have to gag him or you'll have him untied in no time." Opening his mouth, they forced a wadded
up handkerchief into it before tying a strip of cloth around his head. "We don't have to blindfold him too, do we?" Heero taunted. "Are you going to be able to
look at those big puppy dog eyes without releasing him?"

Glaring at Heero, Duo shoved him. "Of course not! In fact," Duo frowned down at Quatre, who's eyes did look like a puppy begging, "my only regret is that we
had to bind up that mouth."

"For now," Heero said soothingly, "Quatre's a reasonable guy, and he's honest to a fault." Heero kissed Quatre's forehead gently, "You won't lie to yourself,
you'll come around." Quatre shook his head in furious negation, but Heero simply smiled that small smile and tweaked the tip of Quatre's nose with his fingers.
"What you don't know," he told the unhappy eyes, "is that there are some things you can't do with only two people. I do hope you will forgive us for this little
show of force but otherwise you'll never know."

Quatre closed his eyes in humiliation. //I can't believe this is happening.// He heard Heero murmur something as he kissed Quatre's shoulder and moved
downward. Then Duo was touching him more intimately and Quatre had to fight himself to remember that what they were doing was wrong. Then the fight went
out of him as Duo's mouth encircled him much as Heero's had his left nipple. //I can't.// Quatre whimpered, //I can't fight this.// He drew in a deep breath
through his nose. //And I don't *want* to fight it. I won't lie to myself. Heero was right.// All resistance went out of him and Heero had no trouble parting his legs
and bending them.

Hesitating, he looked at Quatre's flushed face and smiled before entering him in one quick and forceful thrust. His cry muffled by the gag, Quatre pulled at his
bonds, his body taut from the pain that burst through him. Then he was distracted by Duo, who's mouth closed around him once more, his strokes timed
perfectly with Heero. Quatre writhed beneath them, and when Heero released his legs, he wrapped them around the Japanese boy's torso, telling him without
words that he wanted it as much as the other two.

When his climax came, it was almost more than he could take, and he convulsed around Heero, causing him to come as well. When his shudders had ended
he found Heero and Duo stretched out on either side of him, Heero looking at him expectantly, and Duo grinning so wide Quatre thought his face would split.

"Now don't tell me you didn't like *that*!" Duo said smugly and Quatre blushed. It was Heero who removed his gag, gently kissing the corners of his mouth
before slipping his tongue inside for a very stimulating kiss.

"How about untying me?" Quatre said when Heero drew back.

Duo moved so that his elbows were on Quatre's chest and his face inches away. "You gonna run off if we do?"

Quatre moved his head forward and kissed Duo much as Heero had him. "Can you do more?"

"Hell yes!" Duo looked slightly insulted but Quatre gave a small laugh.

"Untie me then."

Once untied, Quatre found himself pulled up into a sitting position with Duo whispering furiously into his ear. Heero sat watching them from the side.

Heero watched curiously as Quatre blushed, following the speeding pink downward with his eyes.

"I. . ." Quatre glanced at Heero and turned darker. "I don't think it would work." Heero looked at Duo one eyebrow raised.

"He's afraid you're not up to anything too kinky." Duo grinned.

"Quatre," Heero admonished, "I'm a gundam pilot. I'm up to anything," and he went on to take Quatre's hand and prove his words.

* * *

Stiff and sore, Quatre made his way home the next day wondering how he could get Trowa to join in next time. It didn't seem likely, but he could definitely show
the tall boy a new trick or two.