Author's Notes:  Again, I didn't pick these pairings.  I just took what was assigned to me and wrote them.  But I kinda like the 6x4 pairing after having written
this, it's different.
Warnings:  shonen ai, slight lime at worst
Pairings:  3+4, 1x3, reference to 2xNoin
Author:  Arigatomina

Mixed up Series

"But Trowa, where are you going to go?" Quatre asked as he helped the tall boy pack his bags. "Are you going back to the circus? Please, Trowa, talk to me.
You know how much I care about you, please don't worry me."

Trowa paused as he knelt to snap his suitcase shut. "I'm sorry, Quatre. You are very important to me too, that's why I don't want to tell you." Eyes shinning with
suppressed pain, Trowa looked over Quatre's sweet face. "You are so perfect and pure. I just...can't stand the thought that you might hate me."

"Oh Trowa," kneeling beside the green-eyed boy, Quatre gave him a strong hug before rocking back on his heels to look up at him. "What we have is a bond
of the soul. Nothing you could do could make me hate you. Please, believe in my love for you?"

"I..." Trowa stared into Quatre's wide eyes and flinched. "I'm sorry Quatre. This is new for me, I can't help but feel bad. I..." Looking down, Trowa gripped the
handle of his suitcase until his knuckles turned white. "Quatre...I'm sleeping with Heero." Trowa flinched at Quatre's gasp and turned his head toward the wall
unable to view the hate he was sure to find in Quatre's eyes.

"Trowa! How could you?! Such a thing..." Grasping Trowa's chin, Quatre turned him so their eyes met. "Why didn't you tell me? My love is unconditional."
Wrapping his arms around the tall boy, Quatre pulled him close, pushing his head down on his shoulder as he stroked his soft hair. "Did you really think I'd
care if you're gay? That doesn't matter. In fact," Quatre pulled back to smile at Trowa's wide eyed gaze. "I am too."

"But...but you never..."

"Hit on you?" Quatre gave a soft laugh and placed a quick kiss on Trowa's cheek. "I don't love you like that. I'm very happy for you and Heero but...what about

Smiling as he realized he'd worried for nothing, Trowa shook his head. "They did have a relationship, but not love. They broke up a week ago. Duo said he
was in love with someone. That's when Heero told him that he loved *me*. If Duo hadn't told me..."

"Why didn't you tell Heero sooner?"

"I thought he and Duo were in love. I didn't want to be rejected." Trowa sighed as Quatre hugged him again. "Do you know, they thought we were sleeping

"Really?" Quatre laughed. "Well, we *were* living together. Come on, Trowa. Let's get you packed so you can see Heero. I want to thank him, for making you

"What about you?" Trowa asked as they made their way down the staircase. "I hate to know that you're alone."

"Well, there is someone, but he's taken. Don't worry about me, I always get what I want in time. I'm very spoiled." Quatre grinned cheekily as he passed Trowa
and hurried out to the car.

* * *

"I still can't believe how well this worked out," Trowa said softly as he sat on the edge of the bed watching Heero as he moved about in the bathroom.

"You should have known how much he cares," Heero answered, clicking off the light and crossing the bedroom. "He wants your happiness, and so do I."

"I know." Standing, Trowa wrapped his arms around the Japanese boy, pulling him close so their bodies pressed together. "I've just spent so long watching you
that it's hard to believe you're actually mine."

Eyeing the bed, Heero smirked. "Really." Pushing the taller boy back, he knocked him onto the bed. For a moment he loomed over him, then he lowered his
head till their lips touched. "Prove it..."

* * *

"Quatre?" Duo's eyes widened as he looked at the boy in the doorway, then he smiled. Stepping back, he gestured for the boy to enter, throwing a quick
glance over his shoulder at the closed bedroom door.

"Did I come at a bad time?" Quatre asked, catching Duo's glance. "Heero gave me the address."

"No," Duo said quickly, grinning at the closed door. "She's a heavy sleeper. Besides," giving the blonde boy a quick wink, Duo pointed at the door. "I wore her

Quatre laughed softly as he sat on the couch. "I was surprised when I found out who you were with," he said, glancing around the small apartment. "I didn't
know you were bi."

"Yeah," Duo sighed as he sat down across from the blonde. "I actually thought I was just gay for a long time, but then I met Hilde and I realized I was bi. Heero
said I'm just a sex-addict." Duo laughed as he remembered Heero's deadpanned expression when he'd given that opinion. "I guess he's partly right. But...I
think I'm ready to settle down. There's just something about Zia that holds me. I really think I'm in love."

"You call her Zia?" Quatre laughed. "I guess it *is* better than Noin."

"She doesn't mind. Besides, she says it makes her feel younger and exotic." Duo grinned and stood. "Still drinking tea?" he teased as he walked into the
kitchen, "or have you finally become a man and switched to coffee?"

Quatre laughed as he followed him into the kitchen. "Whatever you have is fine, but I didn't come here for caffeine. I have an ulterior motive."

"I figured you did," Duo said, starting a pot of coffee since they had no tea. "So what can an ex-God of Death with an older girlfriend do for a rich boy like you
who has everything?"

"Not everything," Quatre said slowly. "There's something I want and I think now's probably the best time to get it. This may be my only chance."

"Quatre," Duo put his hand on the pale boy's shoulder, squeezing slightly. "You know I'll help any way I can."

* * *

"Duo?" Noin paused in the bedroom doorway, tilting her head as she looked at Duo who sat on the couch, feet propped up on the table. "What are you doing

Turning, he eyed her lasciviously, eyes moving to her bare legs then making their way up. She was wearing a long button-up shirt and nothing else. "It should
be illegal to wake up looking that good," Duo quipped. "Come here."

Smiling, Noin crossed the room to sit beside the long haired boy, throwing an arm around his shoulders as she pressed against his sides. "Well?" she
prompted, poking his side.

"Hey!" Duo cried, giving her a mock glare. "Don't tickle or I won't tell who our late-night visitor was." Pouting, Noin sighed. Then her expression grew serious as
she waited patiently for Duo to stop teasing. "Well, Quatre stopped by. Did I tell you that Heero's hooked up with Trowa?" At Noin's nod, Duo smirked. "Well, it
seems Quatre's single now. And he's got his sights set on a certain Peacecraft we both know."

Noin's eyes widened as she stared at Duo. "Surely not! I mean, she's so annoying. Besides, she's gaga over Heero."

"No!" Duo shouted, expression one of disgust. "If he was after Relena I'd kill him. No, I'm talking about Zechs. *Millardo* Peacecraft."

"You're serious? Wow...let me guess, he thought Zechs was straight, right?" Noin shook her head. "It's amazing how mixed up people get when it comes to sex
and love. Don't you think so?"

"Not at all," Duo said sarcastically, then he grinned. "I'm just glad *we* finally got ourselves straight."

"Especially *you*." Noin said accusingly, causing Duo to flush.

"Hey, until you've been with the `Perfect Soldier', you've got no place to talk." Duo smirked at Noin's wide-eyed expression causing *her* to flush.

"Well I don't know about *him*, but even if you're not perfect, you're pretty damn close."

Smiling cockily, Duo placed a kiss on the tip of her nose. "Yep. I am, aren't I."

* * *

"Millardo. I know you're in there so stop pretending and open this door. I have had it with this behavior. Open the door now!" Relena glared at the door,
pounding on it until she heard the sound of bolts being drawn. Finally, a pale blue eye peeked out at her and a groan could be heard. Using both hands,
Relena shoved the door open, pushing her way into the apartment and past her brother. "I don't understand *why* you insist on being so immature. Look at
you." One hand on her hip, she gestured at his drunken state then to the coffee table littered with bottles of alcohol.

Groaning, Zechs shut the door, not locking it on the hope that his sister's stay would be brief. "Well dear sister, to what do I owe this honor?"

Letting out a snort of disgust, the former Queen of the World sat down on the edge of the couch. "I can't find Heero. Usually it doesn't take very long, but I
simply can't pinpoint his location this time. If you weren't such a horrible brother, you'd sober up and help me find him. It's the least you can do after all, you
owe me."

Sighing, Zechs half sat, half fell into the love seat across from her, grabbing a bottle and taking a long pull of it. Finally, he set it down and gazed at her. "Look
Relena, I'm sorry you're having trouble stalking that boy, but I've got my own problems. I gave you control of the Sank kingdom like you wanted. I don't owe you

"You're pathetic. What problems could you possibly have? Noin's crazy about you. And I'm not *stalking* Heero. I simply won't let him run from his destiny."

Zechs stared at her for a minute, then his eyes narrowed. "I'm pathetic?" Shaking his head, he leaned forward. "I'll have you know that Noin is living with Duo
now." At Relena's gasp, Zechs nodded sharply. "That's right. They're in love. There's never been
anything between Noin and me. She thought she was in love, but she wasn't. *And*, before Duo went to Noin," Zechs paused, smiling at Relena, "he was
having sex with Heero."

"You lie!" Relena cried, shaking her head in disbelief. "I don't believe it!"

"Oh but it's true. In fact, Heero doesn't like girls at all. He's in love with Trowa. Remember him? Well, they're living together now. So it looks like both of us are
tough out of luck, doesn't it."

Relena sat in shock for a minute, then she lunged forward and grabbed one of the bottles off the table. Twisting off the lid, she drank the alcohol like she was
dying of thirst. Pausing for breath, she cursed Heero with a vocabulary that made Zechs's eyes widen. "I
can't believe he could do this to me!" Finishing the bottle in record time, she immediately grabbed another.

Watching her fury with curiosity, Zechs helped himself to a bottle. Since Relena was attacking his whiskey, he went for the vodka. By the time he passed out,
Relena was pacing the room in a drunken tantrum, screaming about how happy she could have made Heero. Passing out was a blessing.

* * *

Quatre paused outside the door to the apartment, frozen. He could hear screaming from inside. He had just made up his mind to leave when the door was
thrown open and a white-faced Relena flew out. Bawling her eyes out, her face screwed up into a mask of horror as one hand was clutched to her mouth, the
other to her stomach. Seeing Quatre, she moaned and ran past him down the stairs.

Uncertain and a bit worried, the blonde boy paused in the open doorway, staring after the girl. Then he turned and looked into the apartment. Empty bottles of
alcohol lay on the table, a few on the floor. Taking a step into the apartment, Quatre could hear curses
coming from the bathroom. He shut the door carefully and slowly made his way across the room until he stood near the closed bathroom door.

The noises had stopped, and it was silent for a few minutes. Quatre was preparing to knock when he heard the sound of something crashing and glass
breaking. "Zechs? Are you alright?" he called, unable to stand still any longer. Not waiting for an answer, he tried the knob. It was unlocked. "Zechs?" he called
again, "It's Quatre. If you don't answer me, I'm coming in."

There was an angry oath, then the door was jerked open and Zechs stood there looking furious, but unharmed. Quatre took a step back warily and Zechs
cursed. "Where is she?!"

Staring at the tall man, Quatre's eyes grew wide. "Relena? She left. She...she was really upset about something."

"That bitch! I'll never speak to her again! She's my fucking *sister*!"

"What happened?" Quatre asked gently, putting a calming hand on Zechs's shoulder.

"I don't know," the tall man spat. "I passed out. When I woke up my pants were down and her fucking head was in my lap."

"Oh my God..." Quatre stared at Zechs in horror, then stepped forward quickly, wrapping his arms around his waist. "I'm so sorry, Zechs."

"I don't know what she did and I don't *want* to know. I don't even feel like a man!" Zechs stared down at the blonde boy hugging him, his heart racing in his
chest. "I feel dirty."

"If there's anything I can do," Quatre said softly, squeezing the shaking man, "Anything at all. there anything I can do to help you?"

Zechs stood for a moment, looking down at the tip of Quatre's head. Then his eyes blazed. "Yes, there is." Without another word, he bent and lifted the boy in
his arms, carrying him across the living room and into the bedroom.

* * *

Quatre swallowed hard when Zechs carried him into the bedroom. Not pausing to shut the door, Zechs set him on the bed, crouching over him as if to keep
him from bolting. Pushed back against the bed, Quatre stared up at Zechs, eyes wide.

"Anything Quatre?"

Biting his lower lip, Quatre was frozen for a minute, then he shook his head slightly. //This is what I wanted.// Lifting his head, he brushed his lips over Zechs's,
hands moving over his muscular chest.

With a growl, Zechs pulled away, stripping with a speed that made Quatre stare. Then he was undoing the blonde boy's clothing, not pausing until they were
both bare. Lowering his head, he moved his mouth over Quatre's. Feeling the boy's arms move around his neck, Zechs growled and slipped his tongue into
Quatre's mouth.

Zechs's hands moved over his nipples and Quatre moaned against his mouth, burying his fingers in the man's long platinum hair. Chewing on the boy's lower
lip, Zechs pulled back, kissing his way across Quatre's jawbone and to his neck. Head thrown back, the pale boy let out a soft moan, a satisfying sound that
made Zechs move quickly to take one of his nipples into his mouth. Sucking on the small nub, he flicked it with his tongue, biting gently and making the boy cry
out and arch up against him.

Kissing his way across Quatre's narrow chest, Zechs took his other nipple into his mouth as his hand closed on the boy's hard length. Stroking gently, he lifted
his head to kiss the boy's mouth, growling as their tongues entwined. Panting, he pulled back, hand not
stilling as he looked into the pale boy's blue green, passion filled eyes. Quatre made a small sound in the back of his throat, moving up against Zechs's hand
as he squeezed him.

Moving down on the bed, Zechs spread Quatre's legs so he could kneel between them. Stretching, he pulled a small tube of lubricant out of the nightstand
drawer and set it within easy reach as he bent to take the boy's rigid member into his mouth. Moving until his lips touched the base of the erection, Zechs
sucked hard causing Quatre to whimper.

Hips jerking, Quatre tugged on Zechs's long hair, torn between a need for more and wanting him to stop. It hurt, the man's mouth tight around him, but it also
felt better than anything he'd ever imagined. Then Zechs lifted his head so that only the tip remained in his mouth and, not reducing the suction, forced his
mouth down over the erection. Quatre screamed, a pained sound, yet his hips shoved upward straining to get deeper into the hot, tight hole. Repeating the
action, Zechs moved faster as Quatre  shuddered and moved frantically beneath him.

Sobbing at the intense mixture of pain and pleasure, Quatre gasped for breath, feeling himself reaching a pinnacle. Then, just as he was certain the
sensations couldn't get any stronger, he felt himself start to go stiff and Zechs's hand moved to restrain him and the
sensations increased. Almost mindless, Quatre bucked and suddenly felt a wet finger enter him, coating his insides with lubricant.

Wincing away as two more fingers were added, Quatre moved deeper into Zechs's hot mouth. Making sure the small boy's cries were filled with more pleasure
than pain, Zechs widened him as much as he could. He couldn't be sure if he was a virgin, but Quatre was very tight, and Zechs knew he was larger than most.
Not relenting on his assault, he slipped a fourth finger into the boy, swallowing roughly on the tip of his erection and making him moan loudly.

When Quatre was widened as much as possible, he stroked his fingers against the spot guaranteed to drive him crazy. And it did. Letting the boy writhe for a
moment, Zechs quickly slipped his fingers out, coating his long erection and lifting Quatre's hips until he was poised at the opening, one restraining hand
keeping the boy from coming.

Gasping hoarsely, Quatre lay limp. Although he was relieved the torment had stopped, he had yet to be fulfilled and he ached for more. Then Zechs was
entering him, and he winced, hissing at the pain even as long slippery fingers stroked his still hard erection. Clenching and unclenching around the large
length entering him, Quatre whimpered as it went deeper until he felt Zechs's hip touch him and knew he was fully embedded.

Gritting his teeth from the small boy's tightness, Zechs held his hips still, stroking quickly as he waited for Quatre to adjust. Leaning down, he made a brief
foray into Quatre's mouth, groaning when the boy's legs wrapped around his waist. Pulling out until only his tip was inside the blonde, Zechs paused for a
moment before shoving back in quickly, angling himself to hit the spot and making Quatre scream again and shove onto him even more. One hand restraining
the pale boy, Zechs used the other to hold and guide the boy's hips as he sped up his thrusts, his own moans warring with Quatre's cries.

They moved together, Quatre's grip on his long hair bringing his mouth down to his so their cries were muffled. Finally unable to hold back any longer, Zechs
released his hold, stroking Quatre quickly. The small boy came violently, clenching around Zechs until
he cried out sharply, coming as well. Collapsing beside Quatre, Zechs pulled the boy onto him as their breaths began to slow.

"Quatre," Zechs said quietly as his exhausted body recovered, one hand stroking the boy's soft, thick hair. "I'm sorry...Quatre."

Turning his head so he could look up at the man rather than lifting his head, Quatre blinked slowly, breath coming in pants. "What...for?"

"For using you like that..."

Wrapping his arms around the tall man, Quatre closed his eyes. "I would be my...first."


"Please...feel free to use me...anytime you like."

"Quatre." Zechs stared at him, then a small smile came to his face. "I'll make it up to you."

"Mmm...that sounds good."

* * *

"Thanks for your help," Zechs said softly, nodding to Dorothy. "I didn't just give this kingdom up because I felt obligated to. It's a lot of hard work."

Nodding, Dorothy smiled at the exhausted man. As a Peacecraft, there was no doubt as to his ability to manage the Sank kingdom. Unfortunately, his sister
had left it very disorganized. Apparently her constant searches for Heero Yuy hadn't left her much time to run the country. As soon as she'd received Quatre's
call, Dorothy had been determined to help. She still felt guilty for having stabbed the boy and although he'd obviously reconciled with Zechs, she owed the
blue-green eyed boy.

"I'm sure you knew I'd come. I never could say no to you, besides," she smiled at Quatre who beamed at her from his seat on the couch next to Zechs. "With a
pacifist and a Peacecraft in charge, someone has to take care of the military. After all," she gave Zechs a pointed look, "Noin isn't around this time."

"That's right," Quatre said, not missing the good nature behind the teasing. "She and Duo are very happy. Did you know they've decided to stay on Earth?" At
Dorothy's questioning glance, Quatre nodded. "Yes, they decided to find a spot down south where there aren't so many bad memories. They promised to give
me a call when they get settled."

"That's nice. What about Trowa? Have the two of you kept in touch? I know how close you were."

Zechs smiled at Quatre's blush. "Yes, he calls often. He and Heero are thinking of coming to visit for New Years. Hopefully I can get a hold on Duo by then and
we can have a reunion."

"That reminds me," Dorothy said, standing up and moving to the phone. "I told Sally I'd call her when we got here. The baby's old enough to travel now and
she promised to visit as soon as we were here."

"Did they name her Meiran?" Quatre asked, eyes shining at the thought of finally getting to see the baby.

"Of course they did," Hilde said from where she stood in the doorway. "Sorry for sleeping so late, but you know how Dorothy drives. I wouldn't let her near the
wheel so I was up all night."

"That's fine," Zechs said, gesturing for her to take a seat on the couch.

"You know Wufei," Hilde smiled, "He insisted on doing Meiran the honor of naming his daughter after her. Any other name would have been an injustice."

Quatre laughed as he remembered how devoted the Chinese boy was to justice. "It'll be great seeing him again. It's been too long."

Having finished her phone call, Dorothy sat beside Hilde, wrapping an arm around the girl's waist and pulling her close. Nuzzling her neck, she grinned, arched
eyebrows lowering wickedly. "I'm not that bad of a driver. She's just lost her sense of adventure."

"Ha! If that were true I never would have shacked up with *you*."

No mention was made of Relena Peacecraft. After her admittance to a mental institute, her name was taboo. She was not spoken of, nor was she missed. To
the world it was a shame, but within the circle of friendship after years of war, it was no great loss.