Gundam Wing Yaoi Fanfiction

1x2 Yaoi Nursery Rhymes
As the title says, these are common nursery rhymes redone in 1x2 yaoi format.  They're quite cute, but there is a slight warning for
references to lemon/lime content.

After Time
This is an epilogue to some of my fics, it looks at the pilots a year after the movie as they gather for Quatre's birthday.  Yaoi, shonen ai,
lemon, fluff, 1x2, 3x4.

A Life Worth Living
Desparate to find someone else who knows the "meaning of life," Heero stalks the odd boy he saw through his window.  But Duo
knows he's being followed, and he won't be caught so easily.  This fic resembles (I've been told) something from the Outer Limits.
Yaoi, AU, shonen ai, sap, minor angst, 1+2/2+1.

Blood Fetish
When Duo almost dies, the other pilots are determined to have revenge for him.   But they don't plan on telling him, and their silence
may hurt more than any torture, especially where Heero is concerned. Yaoi, TWT, minor angst, violence,  torture, blood, sap, slight
humor, shonen ai, lemon, assumed 3x4, 1x2.

Bonds of Love
This is a fusion with Kathleen E. Woodiwiss' novel, So Worthy My Love.  Denied his betrothed and deemed a traitor to the crown,
Heero is sent into hiding and thought to be dead.  But he comes back to claim his bride, only, instead of the sweet maiden he expected,
he finds his hands full of a fiesty Duo.  His friend, Wufei, offers to take the burden off his hands but Heero is already falling whether he
likes it or not. Yaoi, AU, shonen ai, slight violence, possible humor, slight lime, will have lemons, 5+2, 1+2/2+1, will be 1x2. On-Going.

Prologue     ~*~     Part Seventeen

Boy and the Beast
One thing is for certain, this version of Beauty and the Beast isn't as sweet as the Disney version.  In fact, it's downright sour.
Yaoi, lemons, minor angst, slight violence, shonen ai, sap, slight humor, minor Relena-bashing, AU, 1x2.

A glimpse of how Duo and Heero's friendship moved into something stronger and the problem that stood in their way.  Yaoi, shonen ai,
minor angst, 1+2/2+1.

Come With Me
My first song-fic and I've been told it's a tear-jerker with a bittersweet ending.  This is definitely one of my better works.  This is a brief
view of Duo's relationship with Heero, and his attempt to save himself. Yaoi, shonen ai, minor angst, possible sap, 1x2, 2+1.

Dream Lover
I've been told this fic is confusing, but I would hate to change it since it's one of my personal favorites.  Duo is being tormented by
someone in his dreams and it's driving Heero crazy that the American pilot won't confide in him.  Driven nearly to the breaking point,
Duo is desparate, but will he be able to handle the truth? Yaoi, shonen ai, lime, slight angst, slight violence, possible sap, TWT, 1x2.

Dreams Come True
Miscommunication and a bad kiss lead to a night of passion. Yaoi, PWP, shonen ai, minor angst, possible sap, lemon, 1x2.

Heero is about to test his love, and it has to be strong enough to undo the past, literally.
Yaoi, TWT, shonen ai, minor angst, minor violence, possible sap, 1x2, 1+2.

From The Beginning
A long fic, this jumps through episodes in the series and on into the movie, touching on Heero and Duo and their relationship.
Yaoi, major angst, minor violence, assumed rape, shonen ai, possible sap, 1x2.

Gerbils, Bubblegum, and Cheese
This was done in response to G-thom's line challenge and shows how good Duo is at tormenting his lover.
Yaoi, humor, shonen ai, slight Relena-bashing, insinuations.

Hidoi Higure
This story takes the form of a long poem, following Duo as he faces a mistake he's made.
Yaoi, shonen ai, minor angst, 1+2/2+1.

Not Alone
Isolated for most of their lives, Heero and Duo find comfort in their newfound  companionship.  But the future can be bleak or
beautiful; friendship or love is the question. Yaoi, shonen ai, reference to violence/angst, possible future sap/lemons. On-Going.

Part One

Over Reacting?
This is an odd fic, and should be considered a teaser for its unresolved issues.  Duo decides to get a new roommate, and gets more than
he wanted. Yaoi, shonen ai, odd, TWT, 1+2/2+1.

Reminder of the Past
Written for fluff, this fic accomplishes its goal and even features a sympathetic Relena, appropriate for the Christmas season.
Yaoi, shonen ai, possible sap, 1+2/2+1.

Righteous Cause
By a twist of fate, Heero finds a boy on the river bank, barely alive and suffering from amnesia.  Duo has no idea who he is, or how he
received the signs of torture so evident on his body, but he is drawn to the people who take him in.  Half settled in a new life, he is
ripped waway when his past comes to haunt him in the form of more than just memories.
Yaoi, major angst, reference to torture, violence, sap, lime, will be lemons, shounen  ai, On-Going.

Prologue     ~*~     Part Three

Duo has been making sacrifices for the other pilots, and it's only after a capture and rescue that they learn about it.  Heero is
determined to stop him from doing it again, but he doesn't know how to convince his stubborn partner.  Abducting the American, he
sets out to change Duo's mind, the only way he knows how. Yaoi, shounen ai, reference to rape, angst, sap, 1+2/2+1, assumed 3x4.

When Quatre gets lost in a strange city, he stumbles into a world of pacts and  darkness.  Duo is determined to return the boy to his
brother, but he has a few words of warning to give Heero before he'll trust him with Quatre's safety again.  New to the city, Heero and
Wufei are shocked when they learn the rules by which things are governed, and they set out to change the life for the young denizens of
the allies.  They have no idea what they're getting themselves into. Yaoi, angst, shounen ai, 1x2, minor 3+2, 3+4/4+3, possibly 5x3.

Part One     ~*~     Part Five

This sestina is a strictly formatted poem, and a sad one as well.  The pairing isn't stated, and it can easily be read as any, but I had a
certain pair in mind. Yaoi, shonen ai, minor angst, sap.

Sleeping Death
My version of Sleeping Beauty, this fic is emersed in a mythological setting and has a nice fantasy vein.  As a favor to the God of Love,
Heero takes on a troublesome case that has been passed around for eons.  But the first time he sets his eyes on the former Death, he is
determined to be the one who wakes him. Yaoi, shonen ai, lime-ish, minor angst, AU, 1x2.

Sound of Music
Wanting to become a priest, Duo can't argue when he's given an assignment to help raise seven children. The Yuy household is a cold,
lifeless place, but light soon comes in the form of laughter and music.  Torn between his plans to live for the church, and a newfound
love, Duo doesn't know what to do.  Heero has his own problems with his past affiliations with the army threatening to call him back
into service, but he's determined to keep Duo, for the sake of his siblings as well as his heart. Yaoi, shonen ai, fluff, humor, lemon, 1x2,

The Prince and the Bullet
A spin off of the original Princess and the Pea, this fic takes an entirely different approach with Duo being much more resourceful than
any ordinary candidate.  And rightfully so, with Heero rooting for him. Yaoi, AU, shonen ai, slight humor, minor Relena-bashing,

After a bad experience, Heero doesn't know how to get Duo to express his feelings.  He's more than willing to take things slowly, but
that doesn't look like an option. Yaoi, major angst, violence, rape, shonen ai, sap, lemon/lime, 1x2.

Truth or Dare
By a large majority, readers claim this to be their favorite out of all of my fics, and it's a nice tear-jerker at that.  In order to tear her
rival away from Heero, Relena instigates a ruthless game, and her plans seem to be working beautifully. Yaoi, TWT, shonen ai, minor
angst, lemon, lime, possible sap, slight Relena-bastardization, 1x2, assumed 3x4.

Companion Pic by Kath
Companion Pic by Stormy

Until Eternity
Heero has a tough choice to make, but he decides that a lifetime spent as a slave and protector to a human is better than eternity as
Relena's mate.  His decision made, he seeks out the soul he is to guard only to find that he's met him somewhere before.  Now he is
bound to the one he has loved for centuries, but Duo doesn't remember him and Heero is not allowed to tell who he is.  A simple
assignment is complicated and it's soon hard to tell who is protecting whom. Shonen ai, humor, 1+2, will be 1x2. On-Going.

Part One     ~*~     Part Three

Written during a slump, this is one of my angstiest fics, but I've been told the ending is also the sweetest.  Captured by OZ, Heero's one
weak spot is taken advantage of. Yaoi, major angst, violence, rape, shonen ai, possible sap, 1x2, assumed 3x4.
~*~1x2, 3x4, 6x5~*~

A Week off and a Bet
With time on their hands, the pilots let loose and fun ensues.
Yaoi, shonen ai, lime, PWP, 4x3, 2+1/1+2.

Confessions, Obsessions
The wars are over, and the Gundam pilots have moved on.  But they are reunited when they agree to appear on a non-profit talkshow,
discussing their parts in the past wars.  Their secrets are about to be revealed to the world, and maybe even to each other. Yaoi, shonen
ai, possible humor, slight lime-ish, will have lemons, slight Relena-bashing, slight angst, possible violence, will be 1x2, 3x4 and possibly
6x5. On-Going.

Part One     ~*~     Part Three

Divide and Conquer
Five young boys are about to wage war against a gang of thugs, and a school system that looks the other way.  New to the school,
Quatre and Duo have already joined forces for mutual safety, but they don't know their adversary the way the other three do.  Wufei,
Trowa, and Heero have made a pact to prevent the gang from ever repeating their past actions, but they've no idea how stubborn
Shinigami can be. Yaoi, shonen ai, slight violence, will have angst, violence, sap, lemons, 1x2, 3x4. On-Going.

Part One     ~*~     Part Seven

Evil Waits...For Anyone
My first attempt at a horror fic, this is something of a fusion/spin-off of a Stephen King's short story "The Raft".  A group of friends go
to a secluded lake for a nice day of swimming and fun, but things go wrong from the start when they go to the wrong lake.  Still, they
are determined to have fun, and they have no idea that evil is lurking nearby, and it's hungry. Yaoi, yuri, het, slight humor, shonen ai,
will be angst, gore/blood, death (not the pilots), possible sap, possible lemon/lime, pairings will be 1x2, 3x4, 13x6x5, others given in text.

Part One     ~*~     Part Two

Fates Entwined
This is a fusion of GW with the playstation game Legend of Dragoon.  The writing for this might be slow going, but the eventual sequel
will be absolutely great for 1x2 fans.  It may be a while though.  Till then, this is the story of Trowa, a young fighter whose childhood
has been kidnapped.  Rescuing her soon changes from his main purpose as he is introduced to something much larger than himself, the
fate of the world.  With the help of Duo, a mysterious, armor-clad warrior who uses dark magic, Trowa awakens the fire within him,
and meets the heir to his heart along the way. Yaoi, adventure/romance, AU, shonen ai, het romance (not sex), magic, dragons,
oh...those aren't warnings are they...okay...future violence, death of minor characters (not a deathfic, but I still have to warn if there's
death), angst, odd twists, romance, possible lemons, C+3, 3+4/4+3, 3x4, 1+2/2+1, 5+C.  On-Going.

Part One     ~*~     Part Five

Fragile Warrior
One of my favorites, this fic follows the series and then takes up after the movie, focusing on Wufei and Zechs.  Never saw the basis
for this pairing in the series?  Well, here it is. Yaoi, shonen ai, major angst, slight violence, non-consesual sex, slight
Treize-bastardization, lemon, lime, 13x5, 6x5.

Into the Wild
A fanciful fusion of GW with the book Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.  Actually, it's not a fusion, but it is based on/inspired by that
book so I give it credit as due.  In this fic, the GW characters are cats in a petstore, but for some reason, the store only carries
unreasonable animals.  But the store is really a front for something devious, the cats mere test subjects.  When a certain American cat
gets thrown in with the rest, the fur hits the fan and they stage their escape.  Only, how will they live, and where? Yaoi, shonen ai,
romance, assumed lemons (not described since they are cats), humor, purring, fur-cleaning (cat substitute for lime ^__~), 1x2, 3x4,
13x6x5. On-Going

Part One     ~*~     Part Three

Is This Real?
After long lives fighting, Heero and Trowa seek refuge on a deserted island to spend the rest of their time in peace.  But they find that
the island isn't deserted at all.  Two boys have been waiting for them.  It's up to Duo and Quatre to remind them of what they've
forgotten, and why they came back to the island. Yaoi, shonen ai, 1+2/2+1, 3+4/4+3.  Prequel to The Way it Was.

The Way it Was
This is the story of what they forgot.  When Duo and Quatre are taken by a powerful yet unknown enemy, Heero and Trowa accept a
pact not of their choosing.  Thus, their fate is signed away. Yaoi, AU, shonen ai, minor angst, slight violence, possible sap, lemon, lime,
1x2, 3x4.  Prequel to At Last.

At Last
With memories intact, the four boys are eager to enjoy their reunion after so long, and they feel that time is limited, even if they don't
know the future yet.  Determined never to be separated again, they revel in every second of their live together.  Yaoi, shonen ai, lime,
possible sap, fluff, 1x2, 3x4.  Prequel to As It Will Be.

As it Will Be
Five boys have become Gundam pilots in order to gain freedom, but also peace.   Each knows that only through fighting can peace be
attained, and they are determined  with a fire spurring them on.  And once reunited, it's only a matter of time before they realize the
bond that ties them goes beyond time, into fate. Yaoi,  shonen ai, slight violence, eventual lemons/lime, 1x2, 3x4. On-Going.

Part One     ~*~     Part Three

Years ago, a demon ravaged the entire earth, but the wars are over, Duo has recaptured the evil.  Placed under the protection of a
remaining military group, he and many other teens are kept and guarded.  It is here that he meets four boys who are to be close friends
in the trials to come.  Because the demon hates captivity as much as it hates humans, and it wants out.  It's willing to tear Duo apart if
necessary, and he has no one to turn to except his friends.  But he doesn't want to risk them, if it's a matter of his life or theirs.
Yaoi, shounen ai, angst, violence, sap, supernatural happenings, religion, 2+5/5+2, 3+4/4+3, will be 1x2, 5x2, 1x5x2, 3x4. On-Going.

Prologue     ~*~     Part Five

The Horrid Goose
Based on the 'The Golden Goose,' this fic could easily fit into the 'Humor' section.  When Trowa is told to bring a bad-tempered goose
to the king, he thinks it's a simple enough order.  But things get messy along the way, as certain people end up joining his little mission.
Yaoi, AU, shonen ai, humor, minor yuri, slight Relena/Dorothy with bashing included, 1+2, 3+4, vague 13+6+5.

Without the Moon
Based on the Sailor Moon R series, this is a fusion of Gundam Wing and Sailor Moon.  Following his enemy, Duo enroles in a new
school and finds himself surrounded by others who also control the power of the planets.  United, the scouts must learn to work as a
team in order to defeat enemies who are stronger than any one of them.
Shonen ai, 1+2/2+1, 3+4/4+1, 6+2, R+1.  Prequel to
Heart of Darkness.

Yaoi Fanfiction
My take on a rather used story line.  The pilots read some interesting stories and react with less anger than expected.
Yaoi, shonen ai, humor, 1x2, 3x4, 6+5.

Part One

As Long as It's Non-alcoholic
This is my spin on why Quatre doesn't drink alcohol.
Yaoi, minor angst, minor violence, shonen ai, sap, 3+4/4+3, TWT.

Beyond Desire
Born a half-breed, Quatre has all of the allure of a siren, but none of the defenses.  Caught in a war between clans, he is claimed by
Trowa, who has his own history of being different.  Trowa wants to tie Quatre to him, but first he has to prove he's strong enough to
hold onto him. Yaoi, AU, minor angst, shonen ai, minor  violence, NCS, lemon, possible sap, ?x?x6x3, 3x4. On-Going.

Part One     ~*~     Part Four

Buy Me Love
His sisters mean best for him, but Quatre is desparate when they won't believe what he overheard his fiance plotting.  In order to
escape death, he hires Trowa to play his lover.  But things change when they become lovers in fact as well as name and Dorothy has
changed her plans accordingly. Yaoi, AU, shonen ai, slight violence, slight angst, sap, Dorothy-bastardization, lemons, 3x4. On-Going.

Part One     ~*~     Part Nine

For Love
An angst-ridden fic, this is my spin on the typical capture and torture scenario, where emotional pain is ten times as strong as mere
physical discomfort. Yaoi, TWT, shonen ai, major angst, minor violence, rape, sap, lemon, 4x3, ?x4, 3+4/4+3.

Guardian Angel
Quatre wakes with no memory of his past and no idea who the people are who seem so subservient to him.  But when he sees Trowa
again, both embark on a new life. Yaoi, shonen ai, slight violence, minor angst, possible sap, AU, 3+4/4+3.

Left Behind
Abandoned at birth, Quatre has spent his years in abuse and pain, but all that changed when he was adopted into Trowa's clan.  Now,
he has a mate, a sister, and a family such as he's never known.  But peace isn't meant for him yet, and he has a blood family that is
about to begin searching for him; searching for the one son and heir to a fortune on another planet.  Yaoi, shonen ai, slight angst, slight
violence, possible sap, eventual lemons, 3x4. On-Going.

Part One     ~*~     Part Three

The Last Unicorn
Based on the book and movie, though the plot is different.  Quatre has been alone for as long as he can remember, but he doesn't want
to be alone any more.  Having left the safety of his forest, he searches for his family.  Trowa joins him, drawn to the sweet and
beautiful unicorn.  Together, they face the sad reality of what happened to the other unicorns, and the possibility of a life together.  
Yaoi, shounen ai, minor angst, sap, 3+4/4+3, AU.

In order to make his love a lover, Quatre resorts to outside help.  But he hadn't bargained on the results, as he learns when Trowa seeks
him out. Yaoi, PWP, lemon, shonen ai, 3x4.

Alternate Timelines Indeed
This is my GW/DBZ crossover, and it takes place somewhere towards the end of the GW series and during the Trunks Saga of DBZ
right before the Cell Games.  Quatre and Duo crash onto a planet that is called earth but is definitely different from the one they call
home.  Not giving up, Heero and Trowa search for them, and time is of the essence as Cell is about to destroy everything.  The
question is how Piccolo and Trunks will react when it comes time for the two pilots to say
good-bye. Yaoi, TWT, partial AU on DBZ side, shonen ai, Piccolox4, Trunksx2, 1x2, 3x4. On-Going.

Part One     ~*~     Part Nine

Fusion with Earthian manga.  As the only black-winged angel to be born on Eden, Duo has spent his life as an outcast. When he's
adopted by an eccentric Archangel, his life is turned upside down. Suddenly he finds himself attending school with the top echelons of
Eden, and playing academic rival to one of the most competitive and confusing angels he's ever met, Heero. It's a partnership made in
Hell, set in Eden, and sent to Earth. 1x2, minor 3x4, RaphaelxMichael, TasukixChichiri, and misc.

Part One     ~*~     Part Four

A good fic with an unoriginal title, this is a fusion of GW with the X-men series that originally came on television, and a late crossover
with Yu Yu Hakusho.  What started as a mission to gather a group of elite mutants in order to defeat the enemy of all mutants is soon
blurred as allies prove to be enemies and enemies switch sides.  This is a long story of romance and stealth, where young mutants learn
to use their abilities and work as a team. Yaoi, shonen ai, slight violence, minor angst, sap, lemons, lime, possible humor, 1x2, 3x4,
KuramaxHiei, JinxTouya, eventual 6x5.On-Going, up to
Part 39.

Heart of Darkness
A sequel to my GW fic, 'Without the Moon,' and my Inuyasha fic, 'Exigency,' this is a crossover of Gundam Wing, Inuyasha, and Yu
Yu Hakusho.  The main pairings are KuramaxHiei, 1x2, 3x4, and InuyashaxMiroku.  Two new students, Kurama and Hiei, drag the
GW gang into a feudal world where demons roam and their powers are pushed to the limits.

Part One     ~*~     Part Four

The Game
To discover the secret behind a mysterious game, Heero and Duo embark on a whirlwind adventure that leads to friendship, intrigue,
and love.  They travel through different worlds and meet interesting people who will help or hinder them in their task.
Yaoi, shonen ai, HeeroxDuo (1x2), light Vash/Wolfwood, Kurama/Hiei, Saizo/Yukimura/Sasuke, and more.

Part One     ~*~     Part 21

Seme Seminar
Problems usually run rampant in any yaoi pairing, and the ukes are supposedly the ones to suffer.  But the semes suffer just as much, if
not more.  When it comes to chasing down a potential mate as the 'dominate' partner, semes can find themselves very frustrated.  
Finally there is something to help them - a seminar for semes, dedicated to resolving their problems and offering emotional support.  
The duration of the event has yet to be determined, but no one is going to walk away without solving his problem.  Whether magic or
therapy is necessary, there are people willing and ready to help.  Semes are no longer alone as the first meeting of the Seme Seminar
begins. Yaoi, shonen ai, DeexRyo, HeeroxDuo (1x2), ZechsxWufei (6x5), KagetsuyaxChihaya, KuramaxHiei

Part 1     ~*~     Part 2

Weeping Willow
Four young men enter a haunted house to clear out the ghosts, only some of the ghosts don't want to go.  The rest are bound to stay
whether they like it or not. Shonen ai, Heero+Duo (1+2), Trowa+Quatre (3+4), and more.

Part One     ~*~     Part Two
~*~Other Pairings~*~

And They All Came
This is my own masterpiece of the lemon PWP persuasion.  Six former pilots are invited by an unidentified person to spend time in a
nice hotel.  They come for various reasons, and insanity seems to take them immediately.  Something in the water?  Yaoi, shonen ai,
lemons of all types, sap, PWP. Pairings:  1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 1x5, 3x2, 3x4, 4x2, 5x2, 5x3, 5x4, 6x1, 6x2, 6x3, 6x4, 6x5.

Beautiful Music
After Duo and Quatre leave the Maguanac base, they have some time on their hands.  In order to prevent boredom, Quatre offers to
give Duo some lessons. Yaoi, humor, PWP, shonen ai, minor limish, 2+4.

Drunken Splendor
This takes place after Beautiful Music, but it isn't necessarily a sequel.  Duo runs into Trowa and they have an argument over a certain
blonde pilot, then things really get heated. Yaoi, slight violence, humor, PWP, lemon, 2x3.

Guarding His Body
Together in Relena's school for pascificsts, Quatre and Heero are about to settle their differences.  This fic gives a fiesty Quatre, and a
Heero who acts on his emotions. Yaoi, slight violence, minor humor, slight limish, PWP, 1+4.

Mixed Up Series
This fic was written for the 91-pairing challenge.  What do you do when you're issued five odd pairings to write fics for?  Make it into a
multipart fic, of course!  Well, that's what I tried to do, and I tried not to have anyone *too* out of character.  If none of the pairings
were as they seem. Yaoi, yuri, het, incest, major Relena-bashing, shonen ai, shoujo ai, 2+Noin, 1+3, Hilde+Dorothy, reference to
non-con R+6, main:  6x4/4+6 lemon.

Three's Company
When Quatre answers a late-night summons, the catastrophe he expected is of a much different nature.
Yaoi, PWP, shonen ai, lemon, 1x2x4, bondage.

Yatzee:  Duo
A rousing game of Yatzee ends with the loser playing uke to the competitors.  This is another of my lemon-filled PWP's.  Yaoi, shonen
ai, bondage, lemons, possible humor, 1x2, 3x2, 4x2, 5x2, 6x2, 13x2, Rashidx2.