Category:  Anime, Gundam Wing, Yaoi, TWT
Warnings:  sap, minor angst, lime, slight violence
Pairings:  1x2, implied 3x4
Author:  Arigatomina


***After Colony 195***
***August 18***

Heero swore as he saw the cement blocking the tunnel. Skidding to a halt, Duo bumped into him, whirling to face the path they'd just come down. Footsteps
thundered and echoed as they approached, then a man leapt around the corner. Seeing the gun in the man's hand, Heero swore as he'd lost his in their
escape. The man's hand moved toward Duo and Heero leapt in front of him. Sharp pain shot through his side and Heero slumped to the floor. Duo shouted,
not even glancing at the man with the gun as he knelt beside Heero. Then the man hit him over the head with his gun and he passed out.

Struggling weakly, Heero resisted as more soldiers surrounded them, one lifting Duo and taking him off down the tunnel. The man who'd shot him scowled. "I
was only aiming to wound. If you die it's your own damn fault. I was just going to get him out of the way so we could question you." Still scowling at Heero's
furious face, the man turned to the men supporting the Japanese pilot. "Get him medical attention. We'll question him when he's no longer in danger of dying.
We'll have to work on the other one until then." The men nodded and took Heero away.

* * *

When Heero regained consciousness, his eyes snapped open without fear that anyone would realize he was awake. He had a vague memory of Trowa getting
him out of the hospital they'd been keeping him in. Sitting up, he barely winced at the pain in his side as his eyes flew around the room. He was back in the
safehouse, in his and Duo's room. He was about to get out of the bed when the door opened quietly. Worried cobalt eyes flew over Quatre's miserable
expression as the pale blonde realized he was awake.

"Where's Duo?"

Tears welled in Quatre's eyes and he bit his bottom lip. "I'm so sorry, Heero, he self-detonated."

Heero shook his head in disbelief, eyes widened until they filled his face. "No," he whispered, then he growled. "He wasn't even *in* his Gundam!" he yelled,
pinning Quatre with a wild glare.

Quatre's chest jerked and he swallowed back a sob. "He must have escaped to his Gundam. He detonated inside the compound. Right after we got you out."
Tears ran down Quatre's cheeks as he looked at the floor unable to meet Heero's disbelieving gaze. "We were coming to get him..."

//Why!? As many times as he tried to detonate, why the hell did it have to happen *now*!?// Grief hit him like a sledgehammer to the gut, and Heero bent over
on the bed. //He must have thought I was dead. He said he didn't want to live without me...// "Damnit!" Heero wrapped his arms around himself, bending over
more. //If only I hadn't promised...why did I have to promise when he didn't? He was so worried about *me* detonating...//

Quatre looked at Heero's shaking form and ran to him, throwing his arms around the other boy as their sobs filled the room.

* * *

***After Colony 205***

Checking the gun tucked into the inside of his long black coat, Heero ducked out from the doorway he'd been standing in and made his way down the hall.
After ducking and dodging guards who were lax to say the least, he was forced to knock out two. Then he was standing in front of tall double doors. Not
pausing, he typed in the code he'd looked up and entered the large space. Ignoring the surprised shouts, he moved directly to the circular machine that stood
in the center of the room.

He'd just reached it, and was typing the coordinates into the panel of the computer equipment attached to the machine when Quatre's cry reached him.

"No, Heero! You can't! It could cause a paradox! Who knows what it would do to us." Reaching him, Quatre grabbed his arm and turned him so they were

Not blinking, Heero looked over Quatre's shoulder and spotted Trowa's form moving quickly toward them. Pushing Quatre aside, Heero pulled out his gun and
shot the tall boy in the arm. Quatre screamed and rushed to the red-brown haired boy's side, Heero forgotten. Not wasting time on so much as a backward
glance, Heero jumped into the machine and set off the controls. Quatre's cries were drowned out by the count-down sequence, then the world went black.

* * *

***After Colony 195***
***August 4***

Trowa's eyes widened as he watched Heero struggle to get whatever was bothering him out. He'd asked to speak to him, but they'd sat for the last seven
minutes in complete silence. "Heero?"

Letting out a ragged breath, Heero stared at him. "How," he paused as he thought about the best way to phrase his words. "How did you tell Quatre how you
felt about him?"

Trowa's eye, the one not covered by the fall of his long bangs, widened even more as he searched Heero's face, finally recognizing the pinched look on the
boy's face. Trowa licked his lips nervously. "Well...I just told him." Heero glared. "Really. I waited until he was getting ready for bed and cornered him. Then,"
Trowa smiled a slightly ironic smile as he looked at Heero's eager expression. "I put my heart at risk and told him how I felt."

Heero waited, then grunted. "And then...?"

Trowa smirked, glancing away abruptly. "He told me he felt the same way."

"That's it?"

Trowa stood abruptly, pushing the chair back against the table. "I won't tell you what we did after that. It's between Quatre and me." He smirked again at
Heero's wide-eyed expression before turning and leaving the room.

Long minutes passed as Heero sat at the table, frowning as he went over Trowa's few but important words. //I'm brave. I could do that.// Looking at the
doorway Trowa'd went through, Heero stood slowly. //Yes. I can do that.//

* * *

Not bothering to type anything, Heero sat at his desk, turned in his chair so he could watch the bathroom door. He was waiting for Duo to finish his shower. //I
can do this. The worst that will happen is he might turn away. He might be disgusted, but if he is then I know he'll stop tempting me. Then I have a chance of
forgetting him.// Heero sighed as he shifted in the chair, wanting the confrontation to come yet not wanting to ruin their friendship. //But I don't want to forget
him.// Sighing again, Heero started to lower his head when the bathroom door creaked open.

Stepping out, Duo had his head tilted to the side as he toweled his hair dry. Noticing the lack of typing, he glanced at Heero and froze. Heero was staring at
him with an intensity that was disturbing, even for him. "What?" Duo looked around abruptly, wondering what he'd done. "What's wrong?"

Standing, Heero stepped up to him, stopping when they were less than a foot apart. "I have something I want to tell you," Heero said, eyes still drilling into

"Uh...okay." Duo stared at Heero warily, barely resisting the urge to back away. Heero blinked. "Well?"

Heero leaned closer. "I...I care about you." Duo's mouth fell open and Heero breathed in deeply. "No, I love you, Duo."

"Uh-" Duo choked suddenly, staring at Heero in shock, then his eyes slowly rolled up in his head and he sank towards the floor in a dead faint.

"Duo!" Moving quickly, Heero caught him before he could hit the floor. Lifting him, he moved to sit on the edge of his bed, staring at the beautiful boy in his
arms. //Shock//, he thought, //obviously, but....I have to know how he feels.// Staring at the face below his, Heero slowly leaned forward until they were inches
apart. He was about to kiss him when Duo's eyes suddenly opened.


"I love you, Duo." Moving quickly, he kissed him lightly on the lips. Then he looked at him, waiting for his reaction.

Still in shock, Duo stared at him. Then he licked his lips and Heero growled. "Uh, really?" Rolling his eyes, Heero nodded, starting to get exasperated. "Wow..."
Duo muttered, smiling slightly, "I'm flattered."

"Omae o ko--"

"I'm kidding!" Duo cried, throwing his arms around Heero's neck. "God, Heero, you must know how I feel. I've loved you forever."

Slightly mollified, Heero bent to take Duo's lips again, deepening the kiss this time as his arms drew the longhaired boy closer. //..."It's between me and
Quatre."// Heero's breath quickened as he remembered Trowa's words. Suddenly he pulled back, growling impatiently until Duo opened his eyes. "You love

"Duh," Duo said sarcastically, trying to get another kiss, but Heero held him back.

"I want you."

Duo blinked abruptly. Then his mouth curved in a wide grin. "About bloody time."

Heero pulled him close again, and their mouths moved together, tongues entwining urgently. Leaning to the side, Heero lowered Duo to the bed, pushing them
farther on to it and away from the edge he'd been sitting on. Clothes became an obstruction, but both were clothed lightly, Duo in boxers and a tee-shirt and
Heero in ever-present tanktop and spandex shorts.

Their hands got in each other's way until Heero growled again, catching Duo's chin with his hand. "Let me..."

Duo laughed softly and, throwing his arms over his head, said, "Whatever you want, koi."

Nodding sharply, Heero wasted no time divesting Duo of the rest of his clothing and then removing his own. He moved an arm around Duo's shoulders, lifting
him slightly as his other hand quickly undid the long braid, spreading the silken mass on the pillows before lowering him on top of it. Pausing, Heero looked at
him. //Beautiful. Nothing can compare with this...and it's mine. He's mine...// With a groan, Heero lowered his head and kissed Duo again, almost violent with his
urgency. Finally, he pulled away and moved his lips over the expanse of skin that called to him so relentlessly. He couldn't fight it and he didn't want to.

Head thrown back, Duo moaned as Heero's hot mouth moved down his neck, playing briefly on his shoulder before moving across his chest. Unbidden, he
found his hands buried in Heero's thick hair as small sounds escaped his throat. Heero's hands caressed his sides, fingers moving as if the claws of a cat as
he kneaded the muscle beneath his soft skin. Moving slowly down Duo's stomach, he placed soft kisses here and there then bit lightly on the skin directly
below his navel. Jerking, Duo cried out, looking down in surprise to meet Heero's dark, lustful gaze.

"Omae wa ore no mono da..." Heero waited, then bit him again, lightly, before looking up, one eyebrow raised.

"Yeah," Duo breathed, "I belong to you. I'm all yours..."

"Good." Then Heero returned to his exploration.

* * *

Moving quickly, Heero closed the door to the cabin, stowing his bag beside the cot. //Damn. I'm glad this mission went well.// Sitting on the bed, Heero leaned
back against the wall. //I can't wait to see him...// Sighing, his lips twitched as he relaxed. He would spend the night here at this safe location and return to the
others in the morning.

Suddenly, his eyes snapped open as he heard a knock on the door of the cabin. //What the hell?// Grabbing his gun, he moved to the door, his back against
the wall beside it. Abruptly, he jerked the door open and stepped out, gun held inches away from the person who stood there. His mouth went dry as he stared
in disbelief at an older version of himself.

"I have to tell you something," the person in the doorway said softly, eyes desperate. "It's about Duo..."

* * *

Duo sighed as he nuzzled against Heero's chest. Having returned from his solo mission, Heero'd woken him for a frenzied bout of lovemaking. Thoroughly
exhausted, Duo luxuriated in the feel of Heero's strong arms around him. They had a mission in two days, better to enjoy their time together now. "Heero?"

"Hm?" Heero's arms tightened slightly for a moment before slowly loosening again.

"Promise me something?"

Moving his head, Heero exhaled against Duo's soft hair. "Anything..."

"Don't ever leave me. Not on purpose...promise me...promise you won't kill yourself. No matter what. Please?"

Heero's eyes snapped open for a moment, glazing slightly as he heard his own voice in his head. Then he closed his eyes tightly. "I promise. But,
Duo...promise me you won't either. Even if I die."

Wrapping his arms around Heero's waist, Duo held him tight. "I can't...I'm sorry. I don't want to live without you. If I lost you..."

"Fine." Heero stared at the top of Duo's head. "You won't lose me, then."

* * *

***August 18***

Heero swore as he saw the cement blocking the tunnel. Skidding to a halt, Duo bumped into him, whirling to face the path they'd just come down. Footsteps
thundered and echoed as they approached, then a man leapt around the corner. Seeing the gun in the man's hand, Heero pulled out the spare gun he'd
brought. The man's hand moved toward Duo and Heero dropped abruptly, swiping Duo's legs out from under him and sending him to the floor. He then shot
the man in the head even as the gun went off, bullet buried harmlessly in the wall of the tunnel. Pulling Duo to his feet quickly, Heero ran to the corner and,
making sure no one was coming, went back the way they'd come.

* * *

***After Colony 205***

Checking the date inside the machine, Heero exhaled a ragged breath. //I did what I could. If it didn't work...I did what I could.// Finally, he opened the hatch
and stepped out. And was nearly tackled by an ecstatic Quatre.

"Heero! It worked, didn't it?! Wow! I can't believe it actually worked. We can do anything with long as it isn't abused of course." Smiling over his
shoulder at Trowa, who was uninjured, Quatre continued gushing. "I can't thank you enough for testing it, Heero. It was--"

"Quatre," Heero interrupted, his heart sinking as he realized who was not in the room. "I'm really tired. I think I'll go home."

"What?" Quatre stopped, eyes wide. "You're going back to Earth? But you can't--"

"Yes," Heero said slowly, moving toward the door. "There's something I have to take care of." //I'm sorry Duo. I know I promised, but...I just can't go on like this.
I guess I lied.//

"But Heero!" Quatre cried, looking at Trowa in confusion, "What do I tell Duo?!"

Heero stopped as if shot, suddenly afraid to breath. Not turning, he called, "Duo?"

"Yeah, what do I tell him? He's waiting for you at my hotel. He's expecting you."

Letting out a choked sound, Heero suddenly turned and grabbed Quatre, squeezing him in a sharp embrace before disappearing out the tall double doors.
Quatre turned to Trowa in shocked confusion.

* * *

Heero threw open the door, causing Duo to jump up from where he'd been sitting on the bed. He stepped toward the door. "Heero? How was it? Where did--"

Letting out a strangled cry, Heero crossed the room, pulling Duo into his arms and devouring his mouth with desperate intensity. Not giving him a chance to
breath, he scooped the longhaired boy into his arms, carrying him to the bed. As he set him down, their lips parted briefly, and Duo drew in a shaky breath.

"W-wherever you can go anytime you want if this is the result..."

"Duo...I love you so much." Heero hid his face against his neck briefly.

"I know," Duo smirked, rolling so that he was on top and leaning over Heero to nuzzle his shoulder. "As much as I love you. I'll always love you."

"Always.." Heero held to him tightly.

"Zutto," Duo whispered, and their lips met again. "Forever."