Category:  Anime, Gundam Wing, Yaoi, TWT
Warnings:  slight violence, lemon, PWP
Pairings:  2x3
Author:  Arigatomina

Drunken Splendor

The bar was located in an alleyway, and reputation had it that they never carded. //Perfect//, Duo thought, //Quatre's great, but I need some booze.// He'd
been staying with Quatre for two weeks, and the blonde pilot refused to let him drink at his place. When Duo entered and took a stool at the bar, he had to
calm himself. He really needed to get drunk, but he didn't want to be drunk in half an hour like usual, he wanted to drink all night. Unable to stop himself,
however, he ordered four shots of Jack Daniels and downed them one after the other. With a terrific buzz, he began to drink the cheap beer the bar served.

He'd been there for about an hour when he noticed the tall guy sitting at one of the tables was shooting glances his way. Too drunk to be subtle, Duo turned
and looked directly at him. //Well, what do you know. Didn't think I'd see him here.// Ordering another beer, Duo left his stool and sat at the table.

"How'ya doin Trowa?"

The tall pilot's eyes were bloodshot, and he knew he was too drunk to put up with *this* motor-mouth. "Go away."

"What a greeting," Duo said sarcastically, "I don't understand why Quatre puts up with you."

Trowa stiffened and slowly looked at Duo.

"And to think, he said you never drank. Boy," Duo took a long swallow of his beer and smiled, "I can't wait to go home and tell him."

"Home?" Trowa's voice was deathly calm, "with Quatre? He is too nice for his own good, taking in strays off the street."

"No, no Trowa," Duo said tauntingly, "you got the wrong idea. Quatre and me are *good* friends, in fact, you might say we really get *in*to each other."

Refusing to be provoked, Trowa looked Duo up and down before meeting his eyes, "Quatre has better taste than that."

"You know," Duo stood up abruptly, "you're right!" He leaned toward Trowa's ear, "Quatre *does* taste pretty good."

Trowa's eyes widened and he stood abruptly, glaring down at Duo. "Let's go outside." Without watching to see if Duo was following, Trowa walked slowly out.
Delighted that he'd gotten a rise out of the tall pilot, Duo followed quickly.

Since neither wanted to get involved in a fight on the street, they went to the warehouse where Trowa was staying. "Where's Heero, Trowa?" Duo smiled as he
taunted, "Not man enough to make him stay? I know you were with him, but I guess he feels the same as Quatre."

"Shut up." Trowa lunged at Duo and hit him in the stomach. Too drunk to feel much pain, Duo swung his foot out and tried to trip Trowa. With a graceful jump,
Trowa moved back. "Since I can't kill you, I'll just have to rough you up a bit."

"Bring it on!" Duo crouched and waited. Trowa advanced slowly, but they both leapt at each other at the same time. Duo hit Trowa in the stomach, but Trowa
found resistance as Duo caught his left hand. Pulling back to hit him with his left, Trowa lost his
balance. //Shouldn't have had that last shot of vodka//, Trowa thought as they both went down.

Using his shoulder, Trowa turned so that Duo landed on his back. Bending his legs, Duo kicked Trowa off of him and made it to his knees. The room was
spinning. Recovering, Trowa ducked his head and rammed into Duo's middle sending him back and into the drilling machine along the wall. Duo hit his head
on the edge and cried out.

Trowa froze. Duo was curled up on the floor, motionless. Slowly, Trowa advanced and knelt beside him. With a groan, Duo reached up and touched the back
of his head. His hand came away bloody.

"Thanks alot, Trowa," he muttered, holding his head, "Quatre just washed my hair yesterday."

"What!!" Trowa jerked back and got ready to attack.

"Whoah, Trowa! Just kidding." Duo smiled weakly. "You sure get angry easily. Or maybe it's just with me. I-" Duo groaned, "God! My head hurts! Did you have
to push me so hard!?"

Trowa sighed, "Come on," putting Duo's arm over his shoulder, he helped him stand. Unfortunately, Trowa wasn't exactly steady on his feet so it took quite a
while for the two to make it up the stairs and to the bedroom. By the time they were standing beside the bed, Trowa had forgotten why he brought Duo here.
Luckily, Duo hadn't as, with a groan, he fell on the bed, getting blood on the blanket.

"Get up for a minute," Trowa muttered as he helped Duo sit up. //How much have I had?// Trowa wondered as he pulled off Duo's bloody shirt. //It's so hot in
here I can barely breath.// Breathing heavily, Trowa went into the bathroom and grabbed two towels. One he soaked in cold water. By the time he got back to
Duo, the longhaired pilot had fallen backward and was again sprawled across the bed.

Muttering to himself, Trowa pulled Duo back up and put the dry towel over the pillow. Unable to bear the heat any longer, Trowa let Duo hold himself up and,
turning to the dresser, pulled off his turtleneck. He didn't realize he wasn't as close to the dresser as
he'd though, so the shirt fell to the floor a good foot from the dresser. When he turned back, Duo seemed to have gotten some control over himself. He was
still sitting up.

"You're kinda pretty without a shirt, Trowa," Duo said in a drunken voice with a grin on his face.

"Shut up." Trowa said evenly as he pushed Duo's forehead against his shoulder and began to undo his braid. //Now *that* is a lot of hair//, Trowa thought as
he used the damp towel to wipe away the blood.

"Oww!" Duo cried, "Do you have to rub so hard!?"

//What a baby.// Trowa continued to wipe at the blood and tugging at a clump of matted hair. When he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder, at first he had no idea
what was going on. Pulling back, he realized that Duo had bitten him. "You bit me!"

"No pulling the hair, Trowa," Duo muttered, and his head slid down Trowa's chest. Trowa was sure he'd passed out until Duo's mouth closed over his left
nipple. Startled, Trowa gave Duo's hair a sharp tug, but Duo's teeth encircled him and he held on.

"Yow!!" Towa cried, "let go!"

"You first," Duo said through his teeth.

Trowa let go of the hair, but Duo began to flick the nipple with the tip of his tongue. Trowa put his hands on Duo's head and was about to push him away when
he stopped. //What the hell//, he thought and tilted his head back while his fingers moved slowly through Duo's hair. Edging onto the bed, Trowa let out a
shuddering breath as Duo moved to his right nipple.

"I was a bottle-fed baby," Duo muttered as he attacked his target, "I'm still making up for that," and he began to suck on Trowa.

"Trowa!? Duo!?"

Trowa's eyes snapped open and he looked up to see Heero standing in the open doorway. Trowa stood quickly and stepped away from the bed.

With a smile, Duo said, "Get lost, Heero."

Looking from Trowa, who stood near the door back to Duo who was still on the bed, Heero's eyes widened. "What's going on?"

"Go away, Heero," Duo said in an exasperated voice.

"Fuck you, Duo," Heero said, glairing at him, "I--"

"I," Trowa interrupted as he grabbed the door, "was planning to," and he quickly shut the door in Heero's face. Locking the door, he turned and went to stand
in front of Duo, eyes running over the longhaired boy's features.

With a wicked smile, Duo slowly slid off the bed to stand in front of the tall boy. Placing his hands on Trowa's muscular chest, he came forward, moving his lips
over the other boy's neck. Trowa's hands moved around him, burrowing in his long slightly damp hair. Running his tongue along Trowa's jaw, Duo tilted his
head back, giving access to his lips.

Pulling him closer, Trowa took his mouth in a probing kiss while Duo's hands ran down his sides until they met the top of his pants. Fingers trailing inside, Duo
unbuttoned Trowa's pants, bending slightly to push them down. Trowa bent as well, not wanting to stop the kiss.

Duo broke the kiss briefly, nudging Trowa toward the bed. Stepping out of his pants, the tall boy backed up until he felt the bed behind him. Sitting on it, he
pulled Duo down beside him, hands moving to undo the other boy's pants. He was abruptly distracted as Duo's hand closed around him, stroking lightly as the
longhaired boy moved to cover him. Trowa groaned and Duo pushed him back, kissing him again, tongue plundering as his hand squeezed once before
letting go. Pulling back, Duo kissed him quickly on his lips then went back to kissing his chest.

Trowa squirmed slightly, pushing himself against the boy hovering above him. Duo responded with a smirk as he tossed his long mane of hair over his
shoulder. Propping himself up with one hand, he bent until his mouth was inches above Trowa's navel. His tongue moved around the indention. Glancing up,
he licked his lips as he met Trowa's smoldering gaze.

"Duo..." Trowa's narrowed eyes glittered at the teasing.

Smirking again, Duo lightly touched the tip of Trowa's erection with his fingers. The reaction was immediate as the boy's hips bucked beneath him, seeking
more contact. Moving ever so slowly, Duo touched him with the tip of his tongue, brushing once, twice along his length before taking it deep in his mouth with a
sudden move that caused Trowa to cry out. Moving his head up and down, he worked Trowa into a frenzy, his hands moving along the base of the long
erection, massaging gently.

Head thrown back, Trowa moaned, his fingers clenched tightly in Duo's thick hair. Unable to stop himself, he thrust upward, seeking more of the hot wetness.
Then it was gone, and his eyes flew open in need as he sought Duo out.

Moving upward, Duo kissed him suddenly before pulling away again, waiting. "Where?"

"What?" Trowa asked desperately.

Duo smirked, his hand caressing Trowa teasingly. "Lubricant."

Catching his breath, Trowa gestured to the desk beside the bed, feeling bereft as Duo moved away. Then he was back, pushing Trowa's head back against
the bed as he kissed him, sucking on his tongue as he squeezed him gently. Sitting up, Duo placed a hand on his chest, warning him not to move as he knelt
between Trowa's long, bent legs. Massaging the muscled thighs, Duo dipped his head to flick his tongue against the tip of Trowa's erection before he pulled
away and coated his hand with lubricant.

Taking him in his mouth again, one hand holding him so he wouldn't come, Duo moved his slick hand against Trowa's opening, coating it as well. Trowa
moaned, his legs moving fitfully as Duo slipped first one and then two fingers inside him, finding the spot of pleasure effortlessly as his mouth continued to
torment him. A third finger followed, brushing his insides and stretching him. Unable to come with Duo restraining him, Trowa shoved downward abruptly as he
moaned for the other boy to do it quickly.

Pulling his fingers out, Duo coated his own erection, then leaned forward to take Trowa's mouth. Trowa lifted his head, meeting him with passion as he entered
him swiftly, burying himself to the hilt. Stroking lightly, Duo waited until Trowa shoved against him, urging him to move without words as their mouths devoured
each other. Duo pulled out and then pushed back in, building a rhythm as Trowa moaned against his lips. Their movements quickly became more frenzied as
passion built. Finally releasing his restraining hand, Duo stroked Trowa until he came, spasming around him until he came also. With matching groans, they
lay limp, arms thrown around each other.

* * *

Across town, Quatre opened the door to his safehouse. "What happened, Heero? Have you seen Duo? He left earlier and I haven't heard from him." Quatre
stopped as he looked at Heero's blazing eyes and the dark smile that slowly curved his lips.

Stalking forward so Quatre was forced to step back, Heero entered the safehouse, shutting and dead-bolting the door behind them.