Category:  Anime, Gundam Wing, Yaoi, TWT
Warnings:  shonen ai, lemon, PWP
Pairings:  1x2/2+1
Author:  Arigatomina

Dreams Come True

With a shudder, Duo opened his eyes, looking around him in rising frustration. Realizing it was just another dream, he rolled onto his back with a miserable
groan. Glaring at the empty bed beside his, he let out a disgusted growl and climbed out of bed. //This is such bullshit. If I have to dream about him at least I
could *finish* before I wake up.// Stalking across the hotel room, he entered the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him. Stripping his clothes, he
stepped into the shower stall for his fifth cold shower in as many days.

Shivering under the cold spray, he chewed his bottom lip. //There has to be something I can do. I've always thought Heero was gorgeous, but this is getting
seriously out of hand. God, I'm going out of my head here.// Turning down the cold water, he turned on the hot, waiting for it to warm before unbraiding his hair
so he could wash it. //Sexual frustration is a normal part of growing up. I know that. But this...if he'd been here this morning I probably would have jumped him.
And then he'd kill me. Okay, stop thinking about it. I have to get him out of my mind.//

Turning off the water, he wrapped a towel around his hair and dressed quickly. Exiting the bathroom, he grabbed his brush off the dresser and sat at his desk,
booting up his laptop. There were no missions. //Oh God...there is *no* way I'm going to sit here all day lusting after him. I *have* to do something.//

Turning on the television, he plopped down on the bed, legs folded beneath him. With a disgruntled noise, he began flipping through the channels. Suddenly,
his eyes widened and he turned up the volume, leaning forward as he watched the commercial. It was an advertisement for some sort of phone group, but it
caught his attention immediately. Actually, it was a scene of two people who'd met over the telephone sitting in a bar that made his brain start whirling.

//Why not? It's not as if I have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases. There hasn't been a single case in the last fifty years. For God's sake, I have less
chance of getting killed picking up some guy at a bar than I do trying to put the moves on *Heero*.// Turning off the television, he got off the bed, decision
made. //I need to get laid.//

* * *

Having completed his mission ahead of schedule, Heero reached the hotel just in time to see Duo coming out the front doors. Freezing in his tracks, he stared
at the boy, eyes widening for a minute then narrowing abruptly. Not bothering to think, he stepped into the doorway to a small shop so he wouldn't be seen as
Duo walked past him. Letting him move a reasonable distance, he set out to follow the boy. It wasn't that he didn't think Duo could handle being alone in the
town at night, it was the way he was dressed.

Duo was wearing a long black coat that Heero'd never seen before. With loose cuffs, it hung half way down his hands, not quite covering the black fingerless
gloves. The body of the coat was not straight. Rather, it curved slightly, following the curve of Duo's narrow waist. He had on black leather boots that reached
just above his calves, wide neck showing off his long legs clothed in tight black jeans. An equally tight black shirt completed the outfit, its circular neck dipping
to show his neck and give a glimpse of his chest.

This sensual outfit wasn't what made Heero determined to follow him, however, it was the look on Duo's face. His violet eyes had been wide in a curious
mixture of anticipation and fear. And he hadn't been smiling, his face serious and more focused than Heero had ever seen it. Eyeing the silver ribbon that was
braided through Duo's long hair, Heero weaved through the crowds of people, glaring when he noticed the looks Duo was drawing from females and males
alike. His eyes narrowed even more, barely slits, when Duo turned quickly and moved to the back of a long line of people leading to an open door in what
might have been a warehouse if it hadn't been for the loud music coming from inside and the flashing lights.

* * *

Heart pounding in his chest, Duo glanced at the other people in the line with him. There were a number of people who didn't have a chance in hell of making it
inside, but there were also a number of very good-looking guys. Not bothering with subtlety, Duo let his eyes move over them one by one, waiting for the
reaction he got when he looked at Heero. Although he could appreciate their looks, he didn't see anyone who affected him the way the Japanese boy did. Ever
the optimist, he didn't let disappointment reach him, knowing there were bound to be more people inside the club.

Knowing he was much too young to be allowed inside, he'd dressed as provocatively as he could and from the way the man turning people away was looking
at him, it had worked perfectly. Sure enough, when he reached the man, he was greeted with a lust-filled smile and waved inside without any questions.
Flashing the man a brilliant smile, he entered the club, not noticing when Heero stepped into the line of people still waiting and hoping to get in.

* * *

Seeing the way the people who were let inside acted and were dressed, Heero had to admit that Duo seemed to know what he was doing. Although he wasn't
dressed provocatively in his pale jeans, tank-top and jacket, Heero wasn't about to be turned away. Rather, he stepped up to the man in charge, raising an
eyebrow when the man looked over his clothing. Staring into the boy's intense eyes, the man blinked and stepped back. He knew trouble when he saw it and
wasn't about to stand in Heero's way.

Once inside, Heero winced at the volume of the music, if it could actually be called that, and looked for Duo. The longhaired boy was moving slowly through
the mass of people dancing and grinding together, his wide eyes moving over everyone as if he was looking for something. Finding a dark spot vacant of any
couples intent on making out, Heero watched the boy.

* * *

There were plenty of people to choose from, but Duo couldn't seem to find anyone who stimulated his recently overworked libido. Frustration level rising, he
finally found a booth to the side of the 'dance floor', eyes still moving over the crowd. Pulling off his coat, he hung it over the booth, sliding behind the table
and leaning back, an arm thrown over back of the seat. Staring at the table, he couldn't help wonder what was wrong with him.

A waitress sidled to his side, smiling coquettishly at him, asking if he wanted a drink. //I could get rid of my inhibitions, but I'm not *feeling* inhibited. I'm just not
attracted to any of these guys.// Smiling sadly at the woman, he shook his head before letting his eyes scan the crowd again. He suddenly sat up straight when
a young man caught his eye. The man looked him over with an air of self-confidence, slowly making his way to Duo's table. Staring at the man, Duo couldn't
help but notice that he was very handsome.

//Maybe I'm expecting too much,// Duo thought as he watched the man's approach. //After all, I didn't lust after Heero the first time I saw him, well, not like I do

"Waiting for someone?" the man asked, expression careless although his eyes continued to move over Duo.

"No," Duo said quickly, tilting his head as he let his own eyes move over the man.

"Good." Sitting beside Duo, the man leaned close, smiling smugly. "It just so happens that I don't have any plans for tonight," he confided, not seeing Duo roll
his eyes since he was still scoping him out.

"Is that so." Taking a deep breath, Duo counted the man's good features in his mind. //It could be worse. He wouldn't be so confident if he wasn't good, so I
guess I can excuse his conceit.//

"Mmm." With a cocky smile, he slipped an arm around Duo's shoulder, touching his hair as he tilted the boy's head back. Lowering his head, he kissed him.

Closing his eyes as he concentrated, Duo kissed the man back, waiting for a spark, anything. Confusion welled in him as the kiss continued and all he felt was
a restless urge to sigh in boredom. Finally, the man pulled back, lips curving in a smug smile as he saw Duo's wide eyes. "Pretty good, wasn't it."

Staring at the man, Duo suddenly felt like crying. All his efforts for naught. Smiling sadly, he reached up to cup the man's cheek. "Not really."

Not waiting for the man to close his gaping mouth, Duo grabbed his coat, slinging it over his shoulder as he moved onto the dance floor. Heading for the door,
he was stopped when a man suddenly grabbed him from behind, wrapping his arms around his waist. Looking over his shoulder, Duo raised an eyebrow at the
man, taking in his drunken state. Being careful not to hurt the man, Duo moved the arms away from him and continued to and out the door unmolested.

A block from the club, he was grabbed again, this time on the upper arm. In no mood to be messed with, Duo turned, ready to beat the hell out of someone,
and froze. For a brief second, terror raced through him, then he slowly calmed as he met Heero's furious gaze, swallowing roughly. Intense eyes narrowed as
he glared, Heero stepped forward, moving Duo back against the wall of a building and out of the thinning crowd of people.

"Heero..." Very aware of what he was wearing, Duo stared at Heero, eyes wide as he wondered if he'd seen the club he'd come out of. "When did you get

"Why did you kiss that man?" Heero asked, voice cold.

Eyes widening till they seemed to fill his suddenly white face, Duo choked. "You...saw me?"

"Yes. Why did you kiss him?"

Staring at Heero's angry expression, Duo slowly calmed. Minutes passed before he could gather the strength to answer. There was no way out of it.
"Heero...I'm gay."

"*Why* did you kiss him? Do you know him?" Heero demanded, not blinking at Duo's admission.

Frowning at Heero in confusion, Duo shook his head. "I didn't know him...but.."

"Then why? Were you attracted to him?"

Staring at Heero's steadfast expression, Duo swallowed roughly and tugged on his arm. "I...Heero, I don't want to talk about it." Heero didn't move, cobalt eyes
boring into Duo's. "No! Alright? I wasn't attracted to him, I just..." Anger blazing, Duo suddenly jerked away, breaking Heero's grasp. "Damnit Heero! You're
driving me crazy!" With a harsh cry, Duo whirled and ran, ducking into an alley.

* * *

Opening the door silently, Duo scanned the room, sighing when he found it empty. Locking the door, he sat on the edge of his bed, propping his elbows on his
legs as he rubbed his eyes. //What a mess. Maybe I can go back to working solo.// Standing, Duo pulled off his coat, falling back on the bed, arm thrown over
his eyes.

When the door opened minutes later, Duo didn't move. As far as he was concerned, he had nothing to say to the other pilot. Heero had other ideas, however,
and grabbed Duo's arm, jerking it away from his face and pulling him off the bed and to his feet. Not feeling like fighting, Duo looked at him listlessly. Seeing
Heero's angry expression, he wondered why *he* was so upset.

"Do you make a habit of that?" Heero asked bitingly, giving Duo a sharp shake. "Kissing men you're not even attracted to?"

"No," Duo said softly, flinching away from Heero's accusing glare. "It was my first kiss."

Heero's eyes widened as he looked over Duo's downcast expression. "Why now? Why someone you don't even know?"

Stilling himself for a violent reaction, Duo faced him, lifting his head to look in his eyes. "Because I was tired of lusting after someone I can't have. I thought if I
found someone else I was attracted to I could forget about you."

"Why didn't you say something?" Heero asked slowly.

Frowning, Duo stared at him. "Why would I? What good would it have done?"

Glaring, Heero stepped closer to him. "You know what you look like," he said, giving him another shake. Hurt crossing his face, Duo flinched. "Look at the way
you're dressed. Your hair. And you lusted after *me*?" Blinking in shock, Duo stared at him, mouth open but speechless. "Do you know what I would have said
if you'd only told me?" Heero asked reproachfully. "I would have suggested we share our first kiss," Heero glared again, gripping Duo's shoulders, "*Not* that
you kiss someone else, some stranger."

Duo closed his mouth abruptly, looking down for a moment before flicking his eyes to Heero's again. "Your first? You mean you haven''re a virgin, too?"
At Heero's nod, Duo licked his lips, heart racing in his chest. "I had no idea. Do you want to...?" Duo trailed off, looking into Heero's intense eyes.

Taking a deep calming breath, Heero suddenly looked down, eyeing Duo's tight black clothing. Raising his eyes, he took a quick step forward, bending and
picking Duo up. Wide eyed, Duo gripped Heero's arm as he was deposited on the bed.

"You're strong." Duo smiled widely as Heero knelt on the bed beside him. "I like that. I liked that a lot. It's nice to be held by someone as strong as you."

"Is it?" At his nod, Heero moved to him, brushing his lips against Duo's, opening his mouth when Duo did so their tongues could touch lightly. Lifting his hands
to frame Heero's face, Duo tilted his head as the lust he'd searched for earlier blossomed up with a vengeance. Deepening the kiss, he moved his fingers
through the thick hair at the back of Heero's head.

Parting, Heero looked down at the tight clothing covering Duo's body, breath coming fast. Duo leaned forward, and he raised a hand, laying it against his
chest to hold him. At Duo's curious look, Heero reached out and lifted his long braid, holding it where they could both see it. "May I?"

Seeing the way Heero fingered the tip of his braid, Duo's eyes widened, a small smile curving his lips. "I thought you didn't like my hair. Too impractical."

"It is," Heero said softly, undoing the ribbon holding it and slowly unbraiding it, fingers separating the three thick strands. "It's also beautiful." Duo's eyes lit up
and his smile widened as he turned his head so Heero could reach the thick hair at the back of his head. Running his hands through the long hair, Heero's
eyes narrowed and he rubbed strands between his fingers, glancing up at Duo. "And soft." Leaning back on his heels, he looked over Duo, eyeing the image
he gave with his hair falling to the bed in glistening waves.

"I know why I'm attracted to you," Heero said, twisting his hand so the chestnut hair curled around it. "I've thought it through a number of times, but..." Lifting
his hand he brushed the soft hair against his lips and cheek, marveling at the texture. Raising his eyes to Duo's, he frowned. "Why...what attracted you to me?"

Grinning at the way Heero was fawning over his hair, Duo lifted his hand to brush a long strand of Heero's hair out of his cobalt eyes. "You want to know?" At
Heero's sharp nod, he looked over his face, eyes dropping to his green tank-top. "You're sexy, Heero. You have the most intense eyes I've ever seen. And
that shirt," Duo grinned, shaking his head. "I may wear tight clothing, but that damn tank-top. Look at it," reaching out, he stroked his fingertips along the
drooping neckline. "Every time I look at you in it, showing off your chest," he smirked when Heero's eyes widened, "and your muscles. I can't help but be
attracted." Following the contours of one muscled arm, Duo shook his head and leaned forward for a kiss.

Burying his free hand in the Duo's hair, Heero met him, rising on his knees so Duo had to tilt his head back so their lips could touch. Heero enjoyed the sight
of Duo looking up at him through his thick lashes, violet eyes filled with passion. Moving his tongue along Duo's, he slowly pushed him down, wanting the
beautiful American beneath him. Duo may have been going out of his mind with lust, but Heero'd longed for the boy since the first time they'd touched.

Releasing Duo's hair, Heero sat back, hands moving to the other boy's waist where his fingers slid under his tight shirt. At Duo's nod, he pulled it upward,
peeling it off slowly and reaching to pull his long hair through. At the expanse of skin revealed, Heero leaned forward only to be stopped by a restraining hand
against his chest. With a frustrated growl, he looked up quickly, sighing at Duo's pouting expression. Following the boy's gaze, he grabbed the edge of his
tank-top, jerking it over his head and flinging it from him as he moved forward again, welcomed by Duo's wide smile.

Tilting his head, he kissed Duo's neck, hands moving over his chest with an overwhelming urgency. Head thrown back to give access to Heero's lips, Duo ran
his hands along Heero's stomach, feeling the muscles that attracted him so much before moving them upward so his palms pressed against his chest, fingers
circling the his nipples. Letting out a harsh breath, Heero jerked and lowered his head suddenly, covering one of Duo's nipples with his mouth, tongue flicking
it until Duo let out a soft moan, a hand moving to the back of Heero's head, holding it as if he were afraid he might stop. Sucking hard, Heero nipped Duo with
his teeth, moving quickly to his other nipple as Duo's hands moved over his back, kneading the muscles there.

Burying his fingers in Heero's hair again, Duo suddenly pulled him up gently so their lips could meet. Kissing frantically, they moved against each other until
they had to part for breathe. A hand sliding down Duo's thigh, Heero gave his long hair a slight tug. "Let me take you," Heero said softly, hand sliding to caress
him through the material of his tight jeans. "I want to be inside you. You'll like it," dipping his head, he bit Duo's shoulder lightly, "I won't hurt you."

"Oh God yes," Duo breathed, "I dreamed of that. Don't worry about hurting me," panting, he helped Heero out of his jeans, discarding his own as well. "I'm a
big boy. I know what I want." Looking from his erection to Heero's, Duo reached down to touch him lightly, breath speeding up in anticipation.

Feeling Duo's hand circle him, Heero flinched, grabbing his hand. "Don't," he said hoarsely, kissing him, "I want you too much. I want to come inside of you."
Glancing around the bed, his eyes widened suddenly and he placed a hand on Duo's cheek. "Do you trust me?"

Frowning curiously, Duo nodded. "Of course I do. Why? What do you have in mind?" His eyes widened when Heero suddenly smiled. It was a small smile, but it
*was* a smile. Watching curiously, Duo saw him reach down and pluck something silver off the bed, holding it in front of Duo's eyes. Recognizing his ribbon,
Duo's eyes widened. "Oh damn..." Grinning as Heero caught his wrist, Duo shook his head in wonder. "I never even *dreamed* of *this*."

Eyes shining, Heero quickly tied the ribbon around Duo's wrist, scooting him closer to the headboard so he could tie his hands to it, stretched over his head.
With the boy bound beneath him, Heero felt himself harden even more. "This is one of *my* dreams." Bending over him, he kissed him deeply before
straightening again. Parting Duo's legs, Heero knelt between them, enjoying the way Duo's violet eyes followed his every move. Keeping eye contact, he slowly
lowered his head, hands moving over the boy's stiff erection, stroking the soft skin with his fingers, massaging him with his palms.

Moaning, Duo pushed his hips upward, "More...please?"

Although he would have enjoyed tormenting the boy, Heero didn't think he would be able to hold out for too long. Instead, he gave in to Duo's request, running
his tongue along his length, circling the tip briefly before lowering his head to take him into his mouth. Arching off the bed, Duo pulled against the ribbon, not
hard enough to break it but enough to luxuriate in the sense of helplessness that was increasing his pleasure. That, and the fact that Heero was doing to him
what he'd wanted for so long. Hands moving along the inside of Duo's muscled thighs, Heero moved his head up and down slowly, letting Duo slip out of his
mouth almost completely before taking him in again, tongue moving in circles, sucking in a steady rhythm.

Gripping Duo's hips, Heero squeezed him, moving his mouth to suck on one of his fingers before taking him in his mouth again. Slowly, he slipped his wet
finger inside Duo, moving it carefully until Duo jerked and gave a startled cry, tightening around his finger and letting him know he'd reached the right spot.
Sucking harder, Heero sped up his movements slightly as his finger flicked and stroked the spot, Duo moaning as his hips shoved upward.

When Duo came with a thick cry, Heero caught himself before he could swallow, letting the boy slip out of his mouth and spitting the slippery substance into his
hand. Not removing the finger from inside Duo, he rubbed his hands together, coating them. Being careful, he slipped another finger into Duo, widening him
slowly. Another finger followed as Duo gasped from his release, muscles clenching as Heero continued to touch that spot within him. Wiping his hands over his
erection, Heero slowly entered him, pausing ever so often as he adjusted to the intrusion. Breath coming fast from the effort not to plunge into him, Heero
finally embedded himself.

Taking Duo's limp erection in his hand, Heero stroked it, moving slightly so he could get himself at the right angle. Pulling out a bit, Heero shoved back into
him, knowing he had it right when Duo moaned, his erection slowly hardening again. Groaning from the exquisite tightness, Heero bent to kiss Duo, pushing
into him harder when the boy kissed him frantically. Throwing caution to the wind, Heero pulled almost completely out of him, pushing back in at the same time
as he stroked Duo, the longhaired boy's hips moving up against him as Duo moaned. Feeling himself reach his limit, Heero stroked the boy faster, squeezing
lightly until the boy came, his reflexive tightening bringing on Heero's release as well.

Stretching out, Heero quickly untied Duo's hands, pulling him up against him as he collapsed on the bed, breath slowly calming. Neither boy moved as they lay
exhausted in each other's arms. Finally, Duo sighed.

"Think we could do this again sometime?" Duo asked, kissing Heero's neck. "I have some dreams we could fulfill..."

Hands buried in Duo's long hair, Heero nodded as he closed his eyes, pulling the boy closer as he rested. "Ask me again in an hour or two."