Category:  Yaoi, Gundam Wing, AU
Warning:  slight angst, slight violence
Pairing:  will be 3x4, 6x3
Author:  Arigatomina

Beyond Desire

Part 1

He knew the moment they entered his territory.  Of course he did, he could sense a creature's presence up to nearly thirteen kilometers without fail.  Since his
abilities didn't stretch to reading minds, he had no idea who or what they were, but that didn't matter.  He'd ruled the area for five years, and the surrounding
clans knew better than to trespass.  Unless they were fast, these two would serve as an example.  

Green eyes narrowing with anger at having had his privacy intruded upon, Trowa threw off his cloak, black-feathered wings unfurling as he took to the air.  
Heavy wings beat at the air, his eyes slitted against the wind, and his mind was encompassed in the cold shell that came when he killed.  It had taken one hour
to perfect the shield, and he remembered the incident now as he reminded himself why he had to kill the intruders.  It wasn't even a matter of once burned,
he'd almost lost his life.  He refused to take the chance again.  Masking his approach as he reached the area, he let himself glide silently to the ground, eyes
seeing perfectly in the black darkness as the tall trees blocked the moon's helping light.  He needn't have worried about sight though, as he could hear them

Taking his time as he slowly moved toward them, he listened to the running steps, stopping when silence reigned suddenly.  A sharp cry broke the silence and
he could see red eyes blink at him from the dark branch of the tree to his right as an animal woke.  Ignoring it, he moved toward the trespassers, eyes taking
in the scene with cold detachment.  Survival of the fittest was the law of the land, and there was no such thing as a victim.  Nevertheless, his lip curled in
distaste and he had no intention of letting the vampire finish its
meal, not on his land.

Fingernails growing into claws, he grabbed the gray creature's arms, digging in as he jerked him away from the small figure, which promptly slipped to the
ground.  Ripping his claws out carelessly, he waited as the vampire let out a roar and turned on him.  He smirked when its white eyes grew huge in its pointed
face, bloody mouth falling open as it drew in a sharp breath.  

Staring at the boy, the creature shuddered violently, backing away quickly.  "You..."

"My land," Trowa whispered, advancing forward as his bright green eyes glinted in the dark.  "Do you believe what they say," he took another step forward,
"that vampires can't be killed?  Let's find out."

Jumping back, the vampire shook its head furiously.  "I didn't know!  I didn't realize I'd come so far!"  Giving a cry when the tall boy continued to advance, it
rapidly changed forms, flying away as quickly as its twenty centimeter wings could flap.  

Watching as the large bat beat a hasty retreat, Trowa curtailed his urge to pursue it.  Killing wasn't necessary, and that one had recognized him.  It would tell
its clan.  Turning to the figure on the ground, he frowned as it made no move to get up.  Kneeling, he shook its shoulder, glaring at the blonde hair until the
head moved.  Letting out a soft sound, the boy pushed himself to his knees.  Trowa didn't recognize the type of creature, but judging by the blood
trickling down his neck, he wasn't strong.  Vampires preyed on the weak.  Letting out an irritated growl, he waited, then large pale blue-green eyes met his and
Trowa jerked back with a harsh cry.  

Muscles clenching, Trowa swallowed hard as he kept himself from moving, fighting to tear his eyes away.  Gasping as he managed to turn his head, his eyes
blazed and he backhanded the boy, not looking back until those eyes were aimed at the ground.  Standing, his hands curled into fists, breath coming in
furious pants.  "How dare you," he growled through his clenched teeth.  "I never thought one of your kind would be stupid enough to come here."  The boy
made a pained sound, head lifting slowly.  Kneeling, Trowa gripped a handful of thick blonde hair, holding the boy's head down so he couldn't look at him.  "I
gave enough warning to your kind.  I'm going to enjoy killing you."


Eyebrow raising at the pleading voice, Trowa sneered.  "Why?  We both know what you'll do if I let go.  Forget it, I'll never spare one of your kind."  Eyes
moving over the bowed back, Trowa wondered how he should kill him.  Sirens were fragile creatures, and it would be a simple thing to break his neck.  But
they were also heartless and prone to torturing their prey, and as far as he was concerned, no siren deserved a clean death.  Being careful not to let his skin
touch the boy, he trailed the claws of one hand over the exposed neck, eyes narrowing when the boy let out a sound that was suspiciously similar to a whimper.

"Please.  I'm not--"  Voice choking off as Trowa pressed his nails until they pricked skin, the boy's shoulders hunched forward.  "I'm not a siren!  Please!  Just
listen for a second?!"

Not moving, Trowa's eyes narrowed before a smirk slowly crossed his lips.  "Alright, talk.  Not that it will help, I'd know a siren anywhere."

Taking a quick breath, the boy licked his lips.  "I'm not a siren.  At least, I'm not a real one.  I'm a half-breed."  Flinching as the boy above him snorted, claws
pressing harder, he gasped.  "I swear!  I've no power, no allegiance with the sirens."  Not moving when a hand suddenly pressed against his forehead, he
closed his eyes, voice dropping to a whisper.  "They were ashamed."

Growling at the surge that moved through him from the contact, Trowa centered his abilities, searching for the sign of power that would prove the boy was
lying.  No one could hide power from him.  Breath speeding up, his search became frantic as he found only the pale power he was now feeling, nothing of the
life-threatening sort.  Sirens pulled their prey in, then drained their life much as a vampire did.  But Trowa knew from experience that the power was blazing
white, vivid in comparison to the pale blue the boy exuded.  Groaning as he forced his hand away, Trowa closed his eyes, unfamiliar pain moving through him.  
It wasn't until he glanced at the boy, who hadn't moved, that he realized it was guilt.  

Releasing the boy's hair, he sat back on his heels, eyes narrowing at the discomfort of the new feeling.  "I have never heard of a siren breeding with another

Still not lifting his head, the boy's voice was soft and tentative as he responded.  "I was the first and last.  I've never met a siren, but the woman who bought me
said they were planning to kill me.  They knew the moment I was born that I would be defenseless, they were shamed by my existence."

"They are ruthless, but I would not have expected them to kill one of their own."  Still fighting his guilt, Trowa wasn't certain what to do to alleviate it.  He hated
sirens, always would, but he hated the thought of being in the same category even more.  By attacking the defenseless boy, he was no better than them.

"The woman, she said they realized I had more use alive.  She wouldn't tell me what she paid, but they left her believing she'd planned to kill me eventually."  
The boy's right hand moved slightly before he froze again.

Flinching, Trowa turned his head away.  "I'm not them.  I won't kill you."  Despite the knowledge that the boy couldn't take his life-force, he had no intention of
taking risks.  From the corner of his eye, he saw the boy lift a hand to his neck, pressing hard to stem blood-flow from the bite.  Gritting his teeth as he realized
he'd forgotten the boy's injury, Trowa stared around him in frustration.  He didn't know what to do.  The boy didn't seem about to look up, so he turned back to
him.  "Where were you going?"

Shaking his head, the blonde boy sat up slowly, head turned away.  "I was running."

"Obviously," Trowa said, sarcasm dripping from the word and making his guilt hit him again.  He hadn't felt anything but hate and lust for revenge in years, and
he couldn't remember how to handle painful emotions.

"No, not just from the vampire.  Since...the woman..."  Bowing his head, the boy pushed shakily to his feet, eyes closed.  "She died and I had to leave.  Now,
everywhere I go I run.  At first I was avoided as creatures assumed I was dangerous, but they found out otherwise.  I've no destination in mind, I'll keep

"You won't last long."  Staring at the boy, Trowa frowned.  He was a good head shorter and his small frame was as fragile as any siren's.  He was surprised
he'd lasted that long.  With the pull he had on creatures, every predator that saw him would be in pursuit.  And now they'd seen the boy escape onto *his*
land.  Eyes widening as he remembered the vampire, Trowa cursed suddenly.  Word would travel, and unless the boy's body was found outside his territory,
surrounding clans would attempt to find him.  Meaning he'd have company.

"I know," the boy whispered, breaking Trowa's thoughts as he shook his head, wincing as his neck moved.  "This is your land?  I don't know about borders, but
if you'll point me in the right direction, I'll leave."

"No."  Shocked at what he'd said, Trowa was caught off guard when the boy suddenly turned surprised eyes on him.  Startled, his hand had already started to
move when the boy seemed to remember himself, turning his back quickly.  Gritting his teeth, Trowa stepped to the boy, laying his hands lightly on his
shoulders as he turned him.  He had to nudge the boy's head up, but their eyes met and Trowa held firm.  It was impossible to resist a siren, but Trowa had
managed it before.  Taking in the confusion in those wide eyes as the boy
blinked rapidly, Trowa nodded.  "If you go, you're dead.  No, worse than dead."

Shocked by the fact that Trowa wasn't attacking him, the boy shook his head.  "What can I do?"


The boy's pale skin flushed and he dropped his gaze.  "No."

Understanding the boy's thoughts, Trowa frowned.  "I can't say what I'll do, but I will *not* hurt you.  And I won't let you *be* hurt."  Moving closer as the boy's
lowered eyes sparkled, he blinked as he realized they were tears.  "I'm offering you protection."


Eyes narrowing, Trowa glared.  "I could just take you, you're defenseless.  There's nothing you could do and you *know* that.  But I'm not.  I'm asking for your
agreement.  Let me protect you."

"I can't let you..."  Voice breaking as tears streamed over his cheeks, the boy shook his head.  "I just *can't*."

Not liking the sight of the boy's tears, Trowa sighed.  Leaning down, he picked the boy up, holding him against his chest and gritting his teeth at the contact as
he stretched his long wings.

"What...what are you doing?!"

Ignoring the boy's panicked voice, Trowa looked up as he lifted them with a harsh downward sweep of his wings.  "I'm taking you."