Category:  Anime, Gundam Wing, Yaoi, AU, Fairy Tale
Warnings:  minor angst, slight violence, lemon, shonen ai, slight Relena-bashing
Pairings:  1x2, assumed 3x4
Author:  Arigatomina

Boy and the Beast

Once upon a time, there was a cold-hearted prince, who didn't like people. One night he was visited by a singularly ugly old woman who offered him a black
rose and then proceeded to rant about how true beauty was within. When she ignored his order to shut up, he shot her as he'd said he would. She then
transformed into a beautiful enchantress, repeating the fact that beauty, herself as an example, lied within. Thoroughly disgusted, he shot her again. The
enchantress was now angry herself, and cursed the young prince, turning him into a hideous beast. The rose was left along with the terms of the curse. He
would remain a beast until he fell in love, was loved by another, and self destructed, or stopped shooting people. This had to be done before his seventeenth
birthday on which day the rose would wilt and he would remain a beast forever. As he was already fourteen, he didn't have much time. The prince, however,
couldn't have cared less. He didn't like people, and being a beast only increased his strength, which was more important than looks to him. His servants,
however, were very upset about the curse, since it turned them invisible. Many things could be done when one was invisible, but not being to see one's self or
one's loved one got very irritating after awhile. Imagine making love to someone and not realizing it isn't one's boyfriend until the other speaks because the
person was invisible. So they spent the next year looking for someone to draw to the castle and break the curse.

* * *

"You can't!" Quatre cried, holding onto Trowa's invisible arm. "Even if he doesn't kill him, he'll either hurt him and throw him out or lock him up with that girl we
brought here last year."

"That was Wufei's fault," the sober boy said, turning his head in the direction the Chinese boy was. "I knew he didn't like girls, but he wouldn't listen."

"He's just sick, like the two of you," the irate boy said.

"Anyway," Trowa turned back to Quatre, "This boy has his own violent tendencies. We've been watching him. He is the only one who has a chance surviving
his initial meeting with Heero long enough to break the curse. We have to take the risk, Quatre."

"But what if he kills him?! His death will be on our heads."

"If you'd seen this boy, you'd be more worried about what would happen if he didn't kill him."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see, Quatre. Just keep Heero occupied while we get him here."

* * *

A large violet eye peaked from beneath long bangs, through a crack in the open door. A dark-haired girl was stomping away from his small cottage, anger
written on her not ugly features. As she was out of sight, he let out a sigh. //I wish I could just shoot her or something. Maybe I should tell her I like boys...naw.
That'd take the fun out of it.// With a smirk, Duo yawned, stretched, and went outside to feed his horse. Since boys don't skip, one could say he pranced out to
the barn. He was poor, the only thing he owned of value was his beloved. Shinigami.

"What the fuck!?" Duo came running out of the barn, his wide eyes shooting sparks of rage, a large gun gripped in his hand. Suddenly he froze as he felt a
hand on his shoulder. Turning abruptly, he pointed the gun in the other's face. No one was there. "Huh? I don't have time for this," he muttered, scanning the
ground for Shinigami's hoof-prints.

"We have your horse."

Duo turned, moving in a fool circle, gun held out. He couldn't see anyone. "Where is Shinigami?" his normally cheerful voice was cold. "Tell me and I won't kill

"If you can find us, right?" another voice called out, slightly condescending.

"Woah!" A gunshot rang out, straight at Wufei's head. Picking himself up and brushing off dust, the Chinese boy decided to keep his mouth shut.

"Calm down," the other voice said. Duo instantly trained his gun on the source of the sound.

//He has good hearing//, Trowa thought. "We'll take you to your horse, but you may have to risk your life to get him back."

"It doesn't matter," Duo ground out, "He's the only one I have. I'll do whatever I have to."

//Oh were right. If there were any other way...but there isn't.//

* * *

"He's in there. If you have any sense of self-preservation, you will turn back now. Once you go in, you can't turn back."

Glaring at the door to what must be a huge barn, Duo gripped the handle and pulled it open. Stepping in, he let his eyes adjust to the dim light then he saw
Shinigami. He let out a shaky breath and went to his horse. The tall black stallion threw his head up and let out a silent whinny at seeing his owner. Moving his
hands over the soft hide, Duo checked for injuries. Finding none, he bent to investigate the thick chain that secured Shinigami's left hind leg to the wall. //No
other way//, he thought as he pulled his gun. "Don't move, love," he whispered and Shinigami froze, his head curved to watch as Duo knelt, holding out the
chain. Suddenly a dark hand shot out, snatching the gun from him and gripping the braid at the back of his head.

"H-hey!" Duo tried to turn despite the grip on his head, and another hand grabbed one of his arms, shoving him into the wall, the arm twisted behind him. "Let
me go!" he shouted, wincing as a splinter cut his cheek. "I just came for my horse. He's mine!"

"No." A deep cold voice said, and Duo felt the muzzle of a gun pressing the back of his neck. "Anything that comes on my grounds belongs to me. I could kill
that beast if I so choose."

"No!" Duo twisted, the wood cutting his cheek deeper, and heard the safety of the gun clicked off. "Why!? You can't!"

"I'm bored. I want to kill something."

"Not him! Kill me if you want to, but not him! He never did anything..." Duo's voice trailed off as he realized exactly how helpless he was. "Please," his voice was
soft as he ground any remaining pride under his heel. "Don't. I'll do anything."

There was silence, the gun still firmly pressed to his neck.

"Your word?"

"Always. I may run and hide," Duo said softly, "but I never lie."


The gun was gone suddenly, and a movement behind him signaled the exit of his new captor. For a minute, Duo didn't move. Then he turned his back to the
wall and sat down, cursing himself.

"I'm so sorry," a soft voice said. It was not one of the two who had brought him.

"Don't be." Duo's voice was devoid of emotion except for an undercurrent of self-hate. "I brought this on myself. Everyone I love dies. I thought Shinigami
would be safe... I should have known better. Hell," Duo rubbed his bleeding cheek roughly, smearing it across his temple, "I did know better. This is my fault."

"Don't do that. Come on, let's go inside." Two hands touched his arm, pulling him off the floor.

"What about Shinigami? Did he accept the trade? I thought he'd let him go if--"

"He doesn't trust people. He'll keep your horse to make sure you keep your word. Besides, who would take care of him? Trowa said you live alone."

"Trowa?" Duo was following the unseen one, led by the guiding hands on his arm.

"He's one of the two who came to get you."

"Oh. Well, I guess Hilde could take care of Shinigami for me, but he'd probably kill her. He doesn't like her any more than I do."

* * *

"So," Duo's mood had taken a slight rise, after he'd had a bath and had been given some clean clothes. Thankfully they had black, since that was all he would
wear. "What's that guy got planned for me? Torture? Slavery? What's he waiting for? I'm ready when he is. If he's going to kill me then he's wasting his time
cleaning me up. So I figure it's something else."

"Aren't you scared?" That was Wufei. The three of them had introduced themselves, and Duo could now identify them by their voices. "He's probably going to
make you wish you were dead."

"You must not have done your homework, Wu-man," Duo smirked, knowing he hated that nickname. "I'm young, but I grew up in the middle of the war. I was a
runner of messages. I've survived tortures by people who were driven by more than a need to satisfy boredom. Besides, if he hurts me bad enough, I can
always kill myself. Unless he specifically makes me promise not to, it won't negate our deal. You three will hold to that, right? If he lies and tries to hurt
Shinigami after he's done with me, you'll make him hold to his word. Promise me." Duo's eyes had widened as he realized there was nothing he could do to be
sure his Shinigami would be safe even if he completed his side of the bargain.

"Of course," Quatre said, Duo could practically see the young boy holding out his heart in his hands, "Heero would never break his word. You don't have to
worry about that."

"Yeah," Wufei muttered, "He's a bastard, but he's an honorable one."

"Well, go find out what he wants, okay? All this stress is getting to me. I'm taking a nap."

"Don't you want a night-shirt?" Quatre asked, the epitome of helpfulness.

"Naw, I sleep in my clothes. It's an old habit. Never know when you'll have to get up in a hurry. Now get out-a here. I take sleep where I can, and from the way
you guys have avoided talking about your master, I get the feeling I'm going to need my strength."

He got the feeling they nodded, then the door to his room was closed. //How do I know if they actually left//, he wondered. There are some draw-backs to being
invisible. Not bothering to braid his hair, Duo laid down on the large bed. Five minutes passed, during which he tossed and turned. "Fuck this shit," he
muttered finally, getting up. Grabbing the cover, he spread it on the floor. Pillow in hand, he stretched out on his make-shift bed. //No point getting used to
such comfort//, he thought as he drifted off to sleep, //if I make it out of here I'd never be able to sleep in my cottage. Can't let myself get too soft.//

* * *

"Heero?" a soft voice called from outside the large door.

//They always send him. Quatre. They must think that since he's the smallest, I won't hurt him. And they're right. He's too innocent to hurt for no reason. Not
that I wouldn't if I had reason, but I don't. Quatre is perfect. He never does anything to hurt anyone.//

"What do you want?" Heero glared at the door, not wanting to talk.

"Um...what...what do you want us to do with the boy?"

Heero's eyes narrowed. //It wasn't good enough that I'm stuck with that irritating girl, they had to get someone else. Maybe I should torture him. At least then
they'd be less likely to seek out some other unfortunate to inflict me on.//

"What is he doing now?"

"Uh, he's...well, he's sleeping."

"What!?" Heero jerked the door open, glaring down at the blonde boy. The curse of invisibility had no effect on him. //I must not have scared him enough. How
could he be sleeping!? I'll teach him to take me lightly.// "Put a tray of food in his room and lock him in. I'll take care of this myself." Heero started to shut the
door, then paused. "Which room is he in?"

"The one next to Relena's." Quatre's eyes were on the floor, no doubt feeling guilty over having helped to get another person for Heero to hurt.

//Trowa and Wufei must have gotten him here. Quatre's too sweet to do it after the reaction that girl got from me.// "Fine. Go."

* * *

//This is a boy?// Heero silently approached the figure lying on the floor. A mass of mahogany hair met his eyes. //I shouldn't be surprised, I touched the braid.
But...that was no warning.// Heero moved until he could see the boy's face. A bandage covered the cheek not pressed to the pillow, but he let his eyes roam
over that face. Dark lashes lay against his pale skin, eyebrows arched, nose slightly up-tilted, full lips parted as soft breathes moved the hair that fell over the
pillow. //He's much nicer looking than her.// Heero's eyes
moved over the black coated body. //Too much clothing to tell what his build is, but there was muscle in his arm. I can do anything I want to with him.
Anything.// Heero's eyes narrowed as he felt his body react to his thoughts. Moving to the chair next to the desk, he turned it to face the boy and sat down.

"Wake up," he said harshly.

Duo's eyes snapped open immediately, and his hand moved for a gun that wasn't there. While Heero silently applauded the boy's quick response time, Duo
jerked to his feet and turned to face him. His mouth dropped open as he saw the one sitting in the chair.

//This is the monster they were so scared of?// Not caring whether his manner would get him into more trouble later, he let his eyes travel over the other one.
//He looks like a cross breed between a bear and a person. His chest is bigger, and his arms, but his face looks more human than anything else.// There was
hair visible on the arms and hands folded over that chest, but the face was smooth, cobalt blue eyes glaring beneath thick brows. Wild hair covered his head
and neck, no doubt covering the rest of his body as well. Satisfied with his perusal, Duo folded his own arms in a not-quite-mocking way and returned that
intense gaze.


"Are you so brave as to irritate me?" the voice was deep, an eyebrow raised, "Or stupid."

"Probably a little bit of both," Duo returned, determined to wait until he knew what was going to happen to him before he allowed fear to find him. "Before we
get to the part where you relieve your boredom, I want to know what happens when this is over. What happens to Shinigami?"

"Do you care so much for that animal?"

"He's everything to me. I gave you my word, now I want your word that he will not be harmed. In fact, you can simply let him go if you want to. He can take care
of himself."

"You have my word that he will never be harmed. Whether he is freed or kept, he will not be harmed by myself or anything on these grounds. Are you
satisfied?" Heero couldn't help but glare at the boy's audacity.

"Yep. Now let's get this show on the road."

Heero stared, eyes drawn to the tips of that long, wavy hair.

"Is this waiting part of the torture? If so, let me know. Otherwise, just get started already, will ya?"

Heero's eyes snapped up to those lavender ones. "You want me to torture you."

"No," Duo said exasperated, "I don't particularly like pain, but I hate wasting my time. I don't like waiting, not knowing what's going to happen. I like to know
where I stand."

"I don't intend to torture you." //I don't know what I want to do with you. Liar.// Heero's eyes narrowed. //Anything.// Looking over the boy, Heero suddenly
stood. Moving silently, he came to stand directly in front of him, at least a foot taller. "You gave me your word that you would do anything. Am I wrong?"

"Well," Duo couldn't meet his gaze, "Actually I should have phrased that better. You can do anything to me, but I won't kill anybody. I won't torture anybody. I
won't go against my morals, so I guess I won't do *anything*. But neither would Shinigami." Duo raised his eyes once more. "It is an even trade, actually, I think
you're getting a better deal this way, don't you?"

"The trade. I want it mapped out so both of us fully understand the rules. I can do anything to you, but I must not harm your horse. Is that it?" Heero's voice
sounded strained somehow.

"Yes, except none of your servants can hurt him either. No one here can hurt him and you can't get anyone else to either. Basically, as long as you leave
Shinigami alone, you're upholding your end of the bargain."

"Good." Heero suddenly reached out to grip the hair at the back of Duo's neck, pulling his head back. Expecting a blow, Duo tensed and closed his eyes.

Looking at that tilted face, Heero slowly bent and brushed his tongue over those full lips. Duo's eyes snapped open and met his. "Open your mouth."

Eyes widening even more, Duo stared up at him. "Oh shit, man. Are you going to rape me?!" His breath caught in his throat.

"Shut up and open your mouth," Heero growled.

Swallowing hard, Duo slowly opened his mouth and watched as Heero's face got closer. Finally he closed his eyes as he felt a hot mouth touch his. A tongue
moved around inside his mouth, touching his in a way that, surprisingly enough, felt rather nice. Duo felt his knees go weak as the kiss continued, and he
clutched Heero's arms. Feeling the boy sinking, Heero wrapped his arms around him, pulling him close and supporting him as he tasted him. Finally, sensing
that the boy needed oxygen, he lifted his head. The other boy remained with his head thrown back, eyes closed, and bruised lips parted as he panted,
gasping for breath. Not waiting for him to recover, Heero picked him up and carried him upstairs to his own chambers. He glared at Trowa's stricken look as he
passed the tall boy on the stair, but didn't pause. He locked his door behind him.

* * *

//Oh God, what have we done? He didn't hurt the girl. Despite the way he acts, I never really thought he would hurt the boy. And this...Quatre will never forgive
himself for letting this happen.// Trowa sat on the stairs, his head in his hands as he heard the door being shut. Finally he stood, //I can't let Quatre hear this.
I'll take him out of the castle. I have to protect him from this. It would kill him.// Moving very quickly, he searched for the blonde boy, and once he found him,
drug him outside without any explanation.

* * *

Heero lay the boy on his enormous bed, and stood watching him. Finally he opened his eyes, staring at Heero with an expression that was a cross between
surprised confusion and fear. "I am Heero. What is your name?" Heero was quickly undoing the other boy's clothes, ignoring the furious blush that came to his

Closing his eyes in embarrassment, Duo tried to calm himself. "Duo," he said finally. //I can handle torture, but this...I don't even know what this is.// Duo
swallowed again as he felt those large hands undoing his pants. //This is so humiliating.//

With the boy completely naked, Heero allowed himself to simply look at him. //He's perfect.// Heero growled and, discarding his pants, moved onto the bed.
Duo still had his eyes closed, hands clenched in fists at his sides. Breath coming faster, Heero moved to cover him, taking his mouth again as one of his hands
moved over the boy's chest. As he touched one of the boy's nipples, he heard him let out a soft moan. //Too fast//, he thought even as he felt himself
positioning the boy beneath him. //I'll hurt him if I don't slow
down.// Shoving his thoughts aside, Heero entered the boy in a swift move, stifling his cry with his mouth.

//This is it//, Duo thought as he closed his eyes from the pain. //This is the torture. I can handle this. It's just pain. Pain.// Forcing himself to relax so it didn't hurt
quite as much, Duo took what pleasure he could from the mouth that continued to move over his.

//It's been too long//, Heero thought as he moved inside the boy. //He's too tight.// With a groan, Heero came abruptly, pulling out and rolling onto his back. He
pulled the boy with him, holding him close while his body calmed down.

//That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be//, Duo thought, //At least he didn't hit me. And it didn't last very long. I can handle this. If this is the worst he does,
I'll be getting off easy.// Closing his eyes, Duo let himself forget what the arms around him had done and enjoyed the feeling of being held. Then Heero
suddenly moved, covering him again.

Biting down his urge to shake his head, Duo looked away and waited for him to start. Heero kissed him. //Why does he do that? It makes me let my guard down
and I'm not ready for the pain.// Duo decided to speak up. The worst that would happen was getting hit.

"You don't have to be nice," he said, not looking up, "Just do it."

Heero growled and he tensed, waiting for pain. Instead, he felt lips moving down his neck. Angry at himself for not doing it right the last time, Heero forced
himself to move slowly, taking his time. The smooth skin beneath him flinched at his touch, and Heero moved to take a nipple into his mouth, turning it with his
tongue and sucking on it. He smirked as Duo let out a stifled moan and bit down lightly before moving to the other one, his hand fondling the one he left
behind. Suddenly he felt a tentative hand touch his hair. Holding himself up with one hand, he grabbed Duo's other hand and placed it behind his head, giving
unspoken permission to the touch. Duo didn't need any more, and buried his fingers in the thick hair as Heero moved lower.

Heero lightly trailed a finger over Duo's length which sprang to life. He ran his tongue over the tip before taking it's entirety into his mouth. Duo jerked, and let
out a shocked cry, moving to push himself deeper into the hot wetness. Duo whimpered as he felt a finger enter him, confused by the combination of pleasure
and pain. Then it touched a spot within him that made him convulse with a mindless cry.

Knowing Duo didn't have long before he came, Heero moved, taking his mouth again, letting him taste himself as he slowly entered him. Duo groaned as the
pleasure stopped, again replaced by pain. Then Heero tilted himself so that he touched that spot as he waited for Duo to adjust. He was still too tight, but
Heero had some self-control. When Heero began to move again, rubbing that spot with each stroke, Duo moaned and twisted, feeling the pain mixed with a
pleasure he'd never known. Heero took his time, his initial blaze of lust having been quenched, fondling Duo occasionally, but not enough to let him come.

Duo was in heaven. His entire being seemed to blaze with a pleasure that seemed to grow until all thought left him. It was hell, he couldn't find relief. The pain
had been completely replaced, but it was unfinished somehow. He felt as if he would explode, yet the feeling simply increased without any outlet. He let out
wordless cries against Heero's mouth.

Feeling himself about to come, Heero took Duo into his hand, stroking him in time with his thrusts until the boy convulsed, warm liquid shooting over their
middles, tightening around him until he came as well. When he withdrew and pulled Duo onto his chest, the boy let out a sobbing breath. Turning onto his side,
Heero brushed sweaty hair away from that beautiful, heart-shaped face. Duo opened his eyes, breath still coming fast, his eyes dazed. Placing a soft kiss on
his lips, Heero pulled him close, content to lie there brushing his hands through that long, silken hair.

* * *

"Trowa, what the hell did he do to him?" Wufei demanded angrily, holding Trowa's arm to make sure he was listening. "I could hear his cries from downstairs. I
didn't think he'd actually torture him."

"He didn't, or at least that's not all he did." Trowa bowed his head, "He...I saw him carrying him upstairs. That's why I took Quatre out of the castle. So he
wouldn't hear."

"Do you mean he..." Wufei cursed, "That bastard. This is what comes from getting him a boy. Now there is nothing we can do."

"I know. This is our fault."

* * *

Duo let out a stifled groan as he stood up, //God I'm sore. He has more stamina than me.// Duo hadn't taken a step away from the bed when a hand grabbed
his wrist.

"Where do you think you're going?" Heero growled, moving to sit on the edge of the bed, eyeing Duo's naked body.

"Calm down, I need to use the bathroom. I..." Duo blushed, not meeting Heero's eyes, "I need to wash."

Heero looked down and saw the mess on his stomach, and the blood on his thighs. "Hn."

"Yeah," Duo said resisting the urge to cover his nakedness with his hands. "Should..." //How does one act when one is a captive?// "Should I have asked first?"

Heero eyed, Duo, but he didn't find any sarcasm in his face. "No." He watched the longhaired boy until he finally met his gaze. "Were you going to come back?"

Duo smirked slightly and looked down again. "Probably not. I would have gone to my room."

"I want you to come back here when you are done."

"Alright. Um.." Duo looked up, humor glinting in his purple eyes, "D'ya mind if I get dressed first? I'd rather not go walking around like this."

//But you look good like that.// Heero's mouth twitched, "Go ahead." He settled himself back to watch as Duo quickly dressed, thinking on all the things he
could get the boy to do that wouldn't compromise his morals. And the things he could do to the boy. //Is there anything I haven't done that I would like to do?
Too bad I can't get him to do anything.//

Once dressed, Duo ran a hand through his hair and started to braid it.


Looking up, he met Heero's gaze and nodded, his hands dropping to his side. "Where is the bathroom?"

Still eyeing the long hair, Heero told him and watched him leave the room, still trying to think of what he wanted to do to the boy.

When Duo quietly shut the door behind him, his eyes flicked quickly over the seemingly empty hall, wondering if the invisible ones were around. Deciding it
didn't matter, he made his way slowly down the stairs. It hurt, but if the pain was accompanied by such pleasure it was definitely worth it. Duo smirked as he
remembered his trepidation. //If that was rape, then it's definitely my favorite form of torture. I still can't believe he did that. I guess it makes sense though,
looking like he does it's probably hard for him to get people near him. Well, I don't mind giving him a little company.//

* * *

As Duo came out of the bathroom, he would have been quicker, but he'd brushed his hair, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Looking around, he wondered which
one it was. "Here," a voice said, and something was pressed into his hand. Looking down, he saw it was a small jar of something. "What's this, Trowa?"

There was silence for a moment, then a sad voice answered, "If you can get him to use won't hurt as much."

Duo blushed. //Oh God, how did he find out? I guess I was kinda noisy. Shit, this is embarrassing.//

"I'm sorry." The hand was gone quickly, and he saw a door down the hall open and then close. //You're sorry//, Duo thought, still blushing, //I'm sorry I was so
noisy the entire castle heard me. I'll have to work on that.// Duo looked at the jar for a moment then opened it, smearing a bit of the substance between two
fingers. It was slick. //I get it. It would be nice if it didn't hurt at all. But what am I supposed to tell Heero? That everyone heard me? How embarrassing.//

* * *

Heero looked down at the jar in his hand and nodded. "It's a good idea." He put it in a bag on his desk. "This will come in handy."

Duo looked up curious from where he sat on the edge of the bed.

"Let's go." Heero took Duo's hand and moved to the door.


When they passed through the main room of the castle, Duo saw Heero glare at one of the doorways. //He must be able to see them. I wonder who it is.// He
heard a gasp as Heero opened a door to show a staircase leading down. //Is this what I think it is?// Duo sighed, //I can't feel betrayed. It's not as if I wasn't
expecting torture. I just wish he'd make up his mind. If he just hurt me...I could hate him. But to do what he did last night and *then* bring me to the dungeon?
It's not right.// Duo sighed, preparing himself to shut the door on his consciousness.

The sight of the different instruments only helped to calm Duo more. His confusion over last night had given way to resignation. //He probably thought he could
catch me off guard this way, but it won't work. I always expect the worst from people. You don't get hurt as bad that way.//

Heero stopped in front of a table and sat the bag on the floor before turning to Duo. He raised an eyebrow at the closed look in those purple eyes. //He thinks
I'm going to torture him.// Heero frowned for a minute. //But that's okay...because I am.// Taking a black scarf out of his bag, Heero stepped to the
expressionless boy. "Close your eyes."

Duo flinched, but he did it. Moving behind him, Heero blindfolded him. He then divested him of his clothing. Lifting him, he lay him on his back on the cold table.
Duo's mouth was clenched, his muscles taut, but he didn't resist as Heero chained his wrists away from his body. His legs hung over the edge of the table, but
Heero bent them at the knees, spreading them and chaining his ankles to the top of the table legs. Finished, he moved to stand next to Duo's head. Bending,
he kissed him. Duo kept his mouth shut, teeth clenched together.

"Open your mouth," Heero ordered.

//Damn him.// Duo loosened his teeth and slowly opened his mouth. He felt Heero's tongue touch his, but didn't move. He resisted the urge to bite down. //Why
does he have to do that? Why can't he just hurt me...//

Heero thought about ordering him to kiss back then decided against it. Instead, he pulled away, chewing the bottom lip softly. Kissing his way down Duo's
neck, he made a detour to play with his nipples before reaching his target. Although he was certain Duo tried not to, the boy quickly became hard from his
ministrations. Pausing for a moment, Heero pulled something out of the bag and slid it down until it rested against the base of the hard length. There, it would
prevent the boy from coming, keeping him hard indefinitely. This done, Heero proceeded to feast on him until Duo was writhing beneath him. His cries had
turned to screams, begging him to stop, unable to bear the overwhelming pleasure without any relief. Slowly moving his mouth away, Heero went to Duo's

The long-haired boy shuddered, sobbing breaths coming from his parted lips. Hands on the boy's face, Heero gave him a deep kiss, growling with satisfaction
as the boy passionately kissed back. Satisfied, he moved back to take him in his mouth once again. Duo whimpered piteously before begining his cries again
as Heero gripped his hips, hands moving under him to push him deeper into his throat. Finally, he couldn't hold himself back any more. Taking the jar, he
coated himself with the smooth substance, smearing it over Duo's entrance. Sucking hard on the boy one more time, he straightened and entered with a quick
move, then using his slick hands he stroked Duo while the boy adjusted. He knew he had when the boy moved beneath him, pressing him deeper. Stroking the
boy in time with his strokes, Heero settled himself into a rhythm that he knew he could keep up for a long time.

Duo's cries no longer contained words. He shook with the force of his sobs, his head thrown back. When his voice grew hoarse, Heero took mercy on him.
Slipping off the band around his length, Heero stroked him as he thrust. Duo came immediately, clenching around him and causing him to come as well. The
spasming continued for a full minute before the long-haired boy finally lay still. Heero moved, a bit shaky himself, and kissed the boy, gently this time. The
black scarf was damp with tears, when Heero gently untied it.

Looking at the boy, Heero felt a twinge of remorse. But just a twinge. Kissing his damp lashes, Heero bent and lay his cheek against Duo's, feeling the shaky
breathes tickle his face. When the breathing had slowed, Heero moved, propping himself up on his elbows, looking at Duo. Eyes wide with confusion, Duo
looked at him as if he wanted desperately to say something but was afraid to. Finally, he couldn't help himself. "What...what was that?"

Heero smirked and brushed damp hair off the side of Duo's face. "What do you think it was? This is a torture chamber. That was torture." Heero frowned for a
minute, unable to resist tormenting the exhausted boy, "If that wasn't enough, I'll gladly torture you some more...."

"No!" Duo cried, eyes desperate. "Please...I...I can't take any more. Please..."

"Shhhh," Heero whispered, kissing him lightly before unchaining him and dressing him quickly. Duo lay limp through his ministrations, lacking the strenghth to
so much as lift his arms. Leaving the bag beside the table, Heero scooped the still limp boy into his arms. With a sigh, Duo turned his head into Heero's chest,
nuzzling for a moment before giving in to his exhaustion. Heero stood there for a few minutes, looking down at the sleeping boy in his arms. Then a small but
genuine smile came to his lips. Nodding once, he wiped the smile from his face and made his way up the stairs and to his room where he drew the boy into his
arms and fell asleep.

* * *

Wrapping his arms around the sobbing boy, Trowa glared at the ceiling. Finally, Quatre spoke. "You should have heard him...his screams. They were
so...desperate." He buried his head against Trowa's chest, tears wetting his shirt. "We have to do something. How could could he do that?!"

Trowa's heart clenched at the young boy's tears, "Wufei and I will take care of this. I am so sorry, Quatre."

"Don't be sorry for me," the boy cried, moving back a bit in Trowa's arms, "Think about Duo...we brought him here...this is our fault."

* * *

"Don't you ever get tired?" Duo asked, smiling at Heero. He'd been in the castle for days now, and he no longer feared that the other boy would hurt him. His
naturally cheerful attitude had returned.

"Tired of what?" Heero asked, looking at Duo in mock confusion, as he kissed his neck.

"Of this! Let's do something."

"I *was* doing something," Heero protested, brows knotting.

Duo laughed, tugging on Heero's hand. "Something else. I want to visit Shinigami. Let's go riding."

"You go," Heero said, resisting the urge to smile. Duo's smile was addictive. "Just don't go too far, and be back inside the grounds before dark, alright?"

"Sure," Duo said, bouncing off the bed and pulling on his shoes. "I love--doing this, but it gets kinda monotonous without any breaks. See ya later!"

Heero stared at the closed door for a minute, //Was he going to say...maybe. Maybe he was.// Heero moved to look out the window, eyes spotting Duo's figure
as he ran to the stable, long braid trailing behind him. Heero smirked. //It's a wonder he can run, let-alone be wanting to ride.// With a sigh, Heero sat at the
desk, looking out the window. He watched as Duo appeared riding the tall black stallion bare-back. He watched until he rode out of sight, then sighed and kept
watching. Waiting for him to return.

* * *

"But...why hasn't he tried to run away? And why would Heero let him go off riding by himself? He'd kill us if he found out. You know that." Wufei looked at the
gate, knowing he couldn't see the tall boy standing beside him.

"He's probably broken him. You should have seen Quatre. Whatever he did in that dungeon made him scream like nothing *you* heard. We have to do this."

Although the other boy couldn't see, Wufei nodded, pulling the chain and locking the gate. Now the boy would be unable to get back in. With his horse, he'd
have no reason to anyway, but the fence surrounding the property was enchanted. When the gate was locked, it was impossible to unlock from the outside. It
was also equipped to prevent anyone from scaling it. The boy was free, whether he liked it or not.

* * *

Duo glared in frustration, tugging at the gate. //What the hell is going on?// Glaring, he tried to find the key-hole in the lock holding the gate shut, but there
was none. He also didn't have a gun. There was nothing he could do to open that door. Growling, much like Heero did, Duo shouted his anger. Moving to the
side, he tried to climb the fence.

Something hit him, throwing him back and to the ground. Sitting up, Duo stared down at the cut on his arm, then glared back at the fence. "You can't stop me,"
he spat out. "I gave my word I'd be back before dark. I never lie!"

* * *

"Where is he? He said he'd be back by now." //He's not coming back. He lied.// "No," Heero growled, looking around the room. "He never lies." Throwing the
door open, he stalked downstairs until he found Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei. The three were in the front room, near a window. When they saw him coming, they
jumped and moved to meet him. "Have you seen Duo?"

"He left," Trowa said quietly. "He took his horse with him."

"I know," Heero said angrily, "have you seen him since then? He was supposed to be back before dark."

"I think he ran away," Trowa said slowly. "He didn't act as if he was coming back."

"What!?" Heero looked stricken for a minute, then a cold mask slid over his face. "It's over then." Moving to the front door, he opened a panel in the wall and
removed a small hand-triggered detonation device. The other three reacted with terror. Anyone who knew Heero, knew that he could produce a detonator out
of thin air.

"What are you doing?!" Wufei cried, running to him. Heero shoved him away, sending him to the floor.

"Ai shiteru, Duo." Heero pressed the button and the world exploded.

* * *

"Quatre?" Trowa bent and picked up the pale blonde, "Are you alright, Quatre?"

Opening pale blue eyes, he blinked up at him for a minute, then he let out an amazed cry, "Trowa! I can see you!"

"The curse is broken," Wufei cried, then he spotted the lip-locked couple and gagged, turning away quickly. Then he saw Heero.

Heero sat on the floor, head in his knees. Looking from him, Wufei slowly went to the front door of the castle and opened it. The sounds of a horse screaming
could be heard. Heero's head jerked up abruptly. His eyes wide at the sound, then he was on his feet and running out the door. Wufei watched him go, then
turned and went to his room to look at himself. It had been so long since he'd seen his reflection.

Heero ran across the grounds, the sound of hooves hitting metal as a stallion screamed its fury spurring him on. Upon reaching the gate, he first saw the
closed door, then the furious black horse that was attacking those doors.

Rearing and crashing his hooves against the chain, Shinigami screamed. Then he saw Heero and froze for a moment before baring his teeth and backing
away till he stood over a prone figure lying on the ground. He lay on his back, head turned away from the gate, but Heero recognized the braid and clothing

"Duo!" Heero cried, unlocking the gate and running toward the boy. The horse reared suddenly, screaming its challenge and Heero froze, afraid Duo would be
trampled. "Duo! Wake up!" Staring at the still figure, Heero willed him to move, praying he wouldn't have to kill the horse to get to him. "If you don't wake up...I'll
kill Shinigami!"

Duo moved suddenly, letting out a groan and lifting a hand to his head. He turned a dirty face to Heero, "You can't kill death, Heero. Back love," he said softly,
and the horse abruptly moved, lowering its head to nuzzle him.

Duo rolled onto his stomach and pushed himself onto his knees. "You gotta do something about that gate," he said, looking through his bangs at Heero and
smiling slightly, "It damn near killed me."

"I...I thought you weren't coming back," Heero said softly, taking a step closer.

"Well, I tried to...Hey!" Duo's eyes widened, "You're not hairy anymore. What happened to my wolfman?"

Heero smirked, and closed the distance between them, pulling Duo against him gently, an eye still on the distrusting horse. "The curse was broken. How badly
are you hurt?"

"Not too bad," Duo muttered, brushing dirt off his face. "That last throw must have knocked me out. Mostly my pride was hurt. I hate losing to a damn fence."

Heero shook his head, picking Duo up and carrying him through the now open gate. The horse followed, snorting and throwing his head. "Aren't you going to
say more about my appearance?"

"Why would I?" Duo asked, looking confused, "You're still you, aren't you? I didn't fall..." Duo stopped, blushing.

"Ai shiteru, Duo," Heero said, stopping and kissing him. Duo's eyes lit up.

"I love you too, Heero."

"Good," Heero said, kissing him again. "Let's go inside. I'll let someone else take care of that horse of yours."

Duo laughed, then hid his head against Heero's chest.

When they came through the door, Trowa and Quatre jumped apart guiltily. Then they saw Duo and their expressions dropped. "Take care of his horse,"
Heero ordered as he headed for the stairs.

"Hold up, Heero," Duo said, craning his head to look back at the two boys. Heero frowned down at Duo, who smiled sweetly. Heero sighed and turned back to
the two.  "So, which two are you?" Duo asked, then he smiled brightly, "No, let me guess. The blonde has to be Quatre, and you," he looked at Trowa for a
minute, "yep, you're Trowa. Am I right?"

The two boys nodded, still looking sad.

"I'm pretty good, aren't I Heero." Heero didn't answer, and Duo turned, poking him in the chest. "I said...I'm pretty good, aren't I Heero." Rolling his eyes, Heero
grunted. Duo turned back to the two boys.

"God, you guys are depressing. Cheer up a little. I know!" Duo eyed Heero, blinking up at him through his long lashes.

"What do you want?" Heero asked in a long suffering tone.

"Let's throw a party!" Duo said, the two boys gasped, looking at Heero worriedly. He'd always detested parties. Even before the curse.

"Duo, I hate parties."

"Please? I'll wear my hair down and let you dance with me," he wheedled.

"Of course you will," Heero said angrily, "I wouldn't let you dance with anybody else."

"Great," Duo said quickly, throwing a proud smile at the two staring at him in shock, "We're going to have a party!"

"But I ..." Heero glared as he realized he'd just agreed. "You'll pay for this tonight," he said in an ominous tone.

Duo smiled and burrowed against him again. "I look forward to it."

Shaking his head, Heero turned and stalked up the stairs.

Quatre turned to Trowa in confusion, "What did I miss?"

Trowa returned his look, shaking his head. "I don't know, but I think I missed it too."

* * *

"Are you saying you have a girl locked up in the castle?!" Duo glared at Heero, hands on his hips. "Why didn't you just let her go?"

"I tried," Heero muttered, "But she kept coming back. She was determined to break the curse, and it was either lock her up or kill her."

"Well," Duo said, his glare disappearing, "You can let her go now. The curse is broken, so she has no reason to come back. Besides, I'll protect you from her."

"Baka," Heero snorted, coming to stand behind him. His arm snaked around Duo's waist, pulling him back against him.

"Oh no you don't!" Duo cried, trying to wriggle away. In the end, the best he could manage was a couple of inches. "You are not going to make me miss my
party! I've never even been to one and you said you'd go with me."

Heero sighed, and stepped back. "I still say we could have a much better 'party' right here."

"Stop sulking," Duo pouted, "You're going to make me think you don't want to go with me."

"I don't want to go at all," Heero muttered.

"If you're going to keep this up all night then maybe you should just stay here. There's gotta be a guy in this castle who will keep me company."

Heero rolled his eyes. "I said I'd go."

"I know," Duo said softly, cupping Heero's cheek with his hand. He brushed a light kiss over his lips, then pulled away.

"Don't tease me," Heero said seriously, "or we won't make it to the party."

"Let's go then. You look very good in pants," Duo eyed him lasciviously.

"Not yet," Heero grabbed his shoulders, turning him so that his back faced him. He then undid the braid, picking up a brush and running it through his long
locks until they shone and fell in thick waves to the back of his knees. "Now we can go."

Duo smirked, but slipped his hand through the curve of Heero's arm.

* * *

Relena had been let out of her room to attend the dance. Having been told that the curse was broken and that she could leave with a clear conscience, she'd
agreed to leave after the party. So, she was standing beside Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei when Heero and Duo entered the room.

Still not sure what they'd missed, the three boys watched as Duo approached them, grin plastered to his face and a disgruntled Heero attached to his arm.
They made a striking couple. Heero was indeed wearing long dark blue pants in place of his usual spandex shorts. A long blue coat hung over a white shirt,
the top three buttons of which were undone leaving a glimpse of chiseled chest. Duo, on the other hand, had stuck to his black. Black pants, black button up
shirt, and a long black coat that reached the back of his knees, lining up with the edge of his long hair almost exactly. The only reason he was wearing this,
however, was because he'd insisted on wearing rather tight pants, and Heero had no intention of letting anyone see his...endowments.

Relena's eyes had widened when she spotted Heero. //I knew he would be perfect when the curse was broken.// She let out a small sigh. //Now how do I get
him away from whatever girl he's with?// Then the two got closer and she realized that it wasn't a girl, but a boy with incredibly long hair. //And they said there
was no longer any reason for me to be here. Fools.//

Duo stared at the girl standing beside Wufei. She wasn't ugly, in fact, she was even prettier than Hilde, if blondes were the current obsession. Sneaking a
glance at Heero, Duo smirked, //I definitely prefer brunets.//

"Well, Heero, looks like you were worried about nothing. This is just a small party amongst friends." Duo smiled at Heero, then noticed that the dark-haired boy
had an almost cornered look in his eyes. "Heero...?"

"Oh Heero! I'm so happy to see the curse is broken!"

Duo stared in shock as he was abruptly displaced by a blonde, Heero-seeking missile. The girl was attached to *his* man. //I don't think so.// Turning to Trowa,
Duo gave him a slight shove. "Music, quick before I kill her."

Trowa, who'd been worried about *Heero* killing Relena, stood rooted in place for a minute, then Duo shoved him again and he moved. Taking Quatre, Trowa
moved to where the band was waiting and signaled them to begin.

"Oh Heero, I've been waiting for this day...for so long," Relena gushed, drooping over Heero's arm. Heero was still frozen. Then Duo came to the rescue.

"Well koi, how about that dance?"

Relina turned in indignation to face the presumptuous boy and found a gun three inches from her nose. Mouth open, she was detached from Heero's arm
before she realized what was happening. As Duo stowed his gun and pulled the still recovering Heero toward the dance floor, Relena quickly made her own
recovery. "Who do you think you are?!" she cried, following the couple.

Grabbing Duo's arm, she pulled him to face her, mindless of the gun tucked into his pants. "How dare you interrupt me when I'm talking to Heero?!"

"Do you want to know who I am?" Duo asked, voice low and dangerously soft. "I am Heero's lover, beloved, and *owner*. He's mine and I won't have some
stupid blonde bimbo drooling all over him. I have rights to him, this castle, and quite frankly your ass. You'd be dead now if I so chose," Duo gave the
sputtering girl a light shove, catching her off guard and causing her to fall on said ass. "So either enjoy the party away from *my* prince, or I'll bitch-slap you."

Turning away from the gaping girl, Duo wrapped his arms around the wide eyed prince and pulled him into a slow dance.