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WARNING: LEMON, LEMON, LEMON, all types from sweet to bondage, long and descriptive to short and sudden, all willing, this will be my best PWP ever, the
king of them in my opinion. ODD PAIRINGS. This is what my friend and I call my "porno". The pairings include though not in this order: 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 1x5, 6x1,
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offend you--DON'T READ. Otherwise, enjoy, I did. (if you've never seen a porno, you may have trouble with this).
Author: Arigatomina

And They All Came

"Well, Trowa, it's very nice to see you again." Smiling, Quatre set his bag down inside the door as he stood to the side so the tall boy could enter. "Are you
sure you don't mind sharing a room with me?"

Taking in the single large bed, Trowa glanced around as he pushed the door shut behind him. It wasn't that large of a room, but it had its own bathroom and a
large dresser as well as closet. Setting his suitcase down, he watched as Quatre sat down on the edge of the bed. "There are only five bedrooms," he said
slowly, hiding his satisfaction. It had been too long since he'd seen the blonde boy, and he didn't mind sharing a room with him. "We roomed together during
the war, and the others seemed eager to have their own rooms."

"Yeah," Quatre said, trying not to blush. It was true that they'd shared a room, but not a bed. Determined to hide his uncomfortable thoughts, he smiled. "I was
surprised they all came. Especially since we don't know who invited us."

"It's been too long, I'd say they wanted to see each other again. Besides, this resort is very nice and we have it to ourselves."

"Did you have trouble getting away from the circus?" Quatre asked, trying not to squirm when the boy sat beside him. Trowa had been muscular when they'd
met during the last revolution, but he'd managed to forget exactly how much the boy affected him.

"Not really," Trowa answered, eyes on the pale boy. "I've been restless since the last time we fought. Besides, I had to come."

"What? Why?" Blinking, Quatre frowned as Trowa stood abruptly, moving to the door. He was completely lost when the tall boy locked the door and turned, his
green eyes holding him. "Trowa? Is something wrong?"

"I've missed you, Quatre." Nodding at the boy's surprised look, Trowa crossed the room to stand before him, his red-brown bangs hiding one eye as he looked
down into pale blue-green eyes. "I knew it wouldn't work, but I had to try."

"I don't understand," Quatre whispered, blinking quickly at the intense gaze. "What are you talking about? Trowa?"

"Quatre." Putting his hands on the shorter boy's shoulders, he took a deep breath. "I thought I could leave, go back to the circus. But it didn't work. Even with
all of the distance, I couldn't forget about you. You were always on my mind."

"You mean...?"

Hands tightening for a second, Trowa slipped an arm downward, pulling the pale boy to him as his head dipped, lips brushing over Quatre's. When he lifted his
head, his breath caught at the wide-eyed look the boy was giving him and he took in the faint blush before his eyes locked on Quatre's parted lips. He was

Trowa brushed his lips over him again as his hands moved to undo the boy's shirt, pushing it aside as he ran his hands over that smooth chest. Swallowing
Quatre's soft moan, he undid the clasp to his pants before stepping back so he could pull his own shirt over his head. The blonde boy watched him, small
breaths escaping his lips, and Trowa kicked off his shoes before pushing down his pants. The room seemed to grow hotter with the smaller boy's eyes on him,
and he moved forward, pushing Quatre back so he sat on the edge of the bed.

With his own shoes discarded, Quatre lifted his legs as Trowa helped him get rid of his pants. He wasn't going to question anything, worried that the tall boy
might stop if he spoke. His arms snaked around that muscular back as he let himself be lowered to the bed. Then Trowa was kissing him, strong hands
caressing his chest. Letting out a low moan as his erection was touched, Quatre pushed upward, pale blue-green eyes snapping open. His breath caught in
his throat and he looked down as Trowa pushed his legs up and leaned over him, green eyes shining. Licking his suddenly dry lips, he held his breath as he
felt Trowa's silky hair touch his stomach, then the boy's mouth moved over him and his muscles tensed.

Tasting the soft skin surrounding the hardness in his mouth, Trowa's hands moved to caress the boy's thighs, groaning when Quatre moaned and shoved
upward. His eyes latched onto Quatre as he rubbed his tongue against the tip of the boy's erection, body reacting to the way sweet blonde looked with his
head thrown back like that. Pulling back, he squeezed the boy's thighs lightly as Quatre's hands moved to the cup the back of his neck in an attempt to keep
him where he was. He ignored the soft, slightly disappointed sound the boy made and moved back more before taking him in again, his hands angling the
Quatre's hips upward as he took his length deep into his throat.

Panting from the sensations Trowa's mouth was creating, Quatre let out a cry as he was suddenly released, erection bereft of the tight warmth. He pushed
himself up with a gasped breath, wide eyes seeking the tall boy and blinking in confusion when he saw him move to where he'd left his bag. Caressing the
muscular form with his gaze, he flushed eagerly as Trowa turned and smirked, a tube of lubricant in his hand. Embarrassment overcome by his eagerness, he
shook his head. "Did you plan this?"

Trowa's eyes shone as he gently pushed the boy back on the bed, kneeling between his legs before bending down for a kiss. "This is why I came, Quatre. For

"Oh Trowa..."

"Shh." Hands rubbing the boy's damp erection, Trowa's eyes glinted. "You'll love this, I promise." He twisted the lid off the lube, squeezing some onto his hand
and tilting the boy's hips upward as he took him into his mouth again. Rubbing the slick gel on the boy's entrance, he inserted first one and then two fingers,
sucking harder as the small body beneath him jerked and Quatre gave a tiny sound to express his discomfort. He hated hurting him, but he forced himself to
continue as he pushed his fingers in deeper. Then he found the boy's pleasure spot and rubbed it quickly, rewarded when Quatre gave a sharp cry and
shoved upward, deeper into his mouth. Not wanting to rush the boy, he stroked him carefully, the moans rushing over him in a warm wave of satisfaction. It
wasn't until Quatre was pushing up against him with mindless urgency that he was ready to proceed. Withdrawing his fingers, he coated his own erection and
stretched upward so he could run his tongue over Quatre's soft lips before deepening the kiss.

Quatre winced as Trowa pushed into him, gripping the tall boy's muscular arms and kissing him urgently as he tried to distract himself. Then a slick hand
circled his erection, stroking him with steady movements as he looked up. Narrowed green eyes met him, seeming to glow as they kissed, and Quatre was
caught unprepared when the tall boy suddenly pushed in further, hitting his prostate and making him cry into Trowa's mouth as he was consumed by the
intense mixture of pleasure and pain. But the pain was quickly overcome as Trowa stroked his erection faster and he moaned, not wincing as much when
Trowa gave a tentative movement inside him.

Keeping a close watch on the lovely boy's face, Trowa pulled out a bit before pushing back in slowly. Quatre was as tight as he'd dreamed he would be, and
he was eager for him to feel the pleasure he was feeling. His hand moved in time with his slow thrusts until Quatre's legs moved around him, pulling him in
closer as the blonde boy let out a shaky cry. Lips touching Quatre's neck, he nipped the smooth skin lightly as he felt fingernails digging into his back. He
hoped his love was ready as he withdrew almost completely before shoving back into the boy at the right angle. Swallowing Quatre's moan, he released one of
his own as he kissed him again.

Quatre gripped Trowa's waist tighter with his legs as the boy shoved into him again, his hands clenching the tall boy's back as he shook from the burning
pleasure. Gasping as his mouth was released, he let out a shuddering breath. He'd imagined this, countless times but he'd had no idea how intense the
feelings would be. Then thought left him and he groaned as Trowa's movements came faster. Completely consumed, he shook his head; not saying no so
much as expressing his disbelief.

Breathing hard against Quatre's soft neck, Trowa pulled his mouth away so he could draw in a deep, unsteady breath as his motions grew hectic. He
squeezed the boy's erection, stroking it faster when he felt his body nearing its release. The boy beneath him came violently, hot liquid hitting his stomach as
Quatre convulsed around him. Letting out a harsh cry, he felt himself come. His arms circled Quatre's narrow waist and he pulled him close, rolling onto his
side so he wouldn't crush the boy.

Gasping, Quatre opened bleary eyes to gaze at Trowa in happy wonder. "You...were right. I...loved that..."

"Quatre." With a light hand, he brushed the bangs away from those bright eyes as he smiled slowly. "You were made for loving."

* * *

Sighing, Duo felt his muscles complain as he finished the lap, pausing as he treaded the water. He loved swimming, but he really wasn't used to it at all. Having
answered the multiple letters he'd received, he'd decided to come to the resort and now here he was. He sighed, then held his breath and let his muscles have
a slight break as he sank beneath the water. He'd come on the off chance that Heero would, but now he wasn't sure what to do. Heero was there, somewhere,
but rather than seeking him out, he'd decided to go for a swim. Shaking his head, he kicked lightly as he pushed upward, taking a deep, forlorn breath before
slowly swimming to the ladder.

Having been unsure why he'd come, Wufei had roamed around the complex, taking in the different things it had to offer. Reaching the pool, however, he found
himself pausing as he watched the long-haired boy swimming fast laps as if he did it every day. He'd never seen Duo swim, but it seemed the ex-pilot was good
at it. Leaning against the wall as he waited for the boy to see him, he blinked as Duo began to climb out, not looking up. Swallowing, he glanced at the
doorway he'd come through before his eyes flew back to the boy. He'd noticed how attractive the American was, he'd have had to be blind not to, but he'd
never had such an urge to act as he did now. Wearing only a small pair of shorts, Duo was a sight with his lithe muscles dripping with water, the damp material
of said shorts clinging to him. Without even thinking about it, he found himself taking a step forward.

Climbing out of the pool, Duo shook his wet bangs out of his eyes, turning as he reached for his shirt and towel. Reactions still sharp despite the time that had
passed since he'd fought, he whirled as he heard a light step, eyes widening as he spotted Wufei. "Hi, didn't see you there." Smiling, he started to say
something when he heard a rustle, turning to see his shirt slide into the water. "Damnit."

Throat clenching, Wufei felt himself grow painfully hard as the boy knelt at the rim of the pool, bending as he reached down for his shirt. Unable and unwilling
to tear his eyes away from the tempting boy when he was in such a position, Wufei didn't realize he'd moved until he found himself standing a foot away.
Silently cursing his lust, he forced himself to halt, his eyes disobeying the order as they continued to watch Duo.

Catching hold of his shirt, Duo leaned back, standing and turning as he looked to Wufei. Startled to find him so close, Duo let out a surprised cry, eyes
widening as he felt himself tilting backwards. Gasping in relief when his arms were grabbed and he was jerked away from the edge of the pool, he grinned. He
was just about to thank him when he froze, feeling something hard pressing against him as his eyes flew to Wufei's. Those normally glaring black eyes were
surprisingly wide, and had a cornered yet lustful appearance. "Hey..."

Flushing at Duo's soft voice, Wufei released him quickly, cursing himself as he prayed the other boy hadn't noticed his erection. A glance had him wincing as
he saw those violet eyes sparkle suddenly. Duo smirked, head tilting to one side before he took a step toward him.

"Was that what I think it was?" Duo asked, voice teasing as he fought his surprise. Blinking when Wufei turned his head away and nodded sharply, he felt
pleasure run through him. There was something about knowing the other boy wanted him that was both immensely flattering and attractive. Biting his lip, he
took a quick breath before laying a hand on the black-haired boy's shoulder, his voice low. "Need some help with that?"

Eyes widening in shock, Wufei stiffened for a second before whirling to face the boy, taking in Duo's hesitant expression. He didn't have to think of an answer
to that, and he closed the distance between them in one step. Black eyes glinting dangerously, he gritted his teeth. "Don't tease me," he ground out. He knew
the boy liked Heero, and he was in no mood to be tormented.

"Actually," Duo said slowly, eyes moving over the boy's loose white clothing before meeting his gaze, "I was serious."

Deciding to call the boy's bluff, Wufei grabbed him, jerking his damp body close as one hand gripped his wet braid. He tugged on the boy's hair, moving
forward to kiss him, and he froze momentarily when Duo not only returned the kiss but pressed his own erection to his. Breath catching, Wufei wrapped an arm
around Duo as they pressed close, mouths moving together. When he finally released the boy, Wufei stood breathing quickly, his black eyes showing his
surprise and his lust.

"You'll ruin your clothes," Duo said, licking his lips in reaction to the boy's expression. "Why don't you take them off."

Keeping eye contact, Wufei didn't waste any time doing just that, letting out a sharp breath when Duo turned slightly to grab a long towel off the bench. He
waited until he'd spread it out on the hard floor, then stepped to him, pausing as he watched him pull off his damp shorts. Harder than before, he didn't
hesitate to pull the boy against him as their mouths met again, bodies rubbing together before they sank down on the towel. Trying to put a damper on his
urgency, Wufei groaned when Duo promptly wrapped his legs around his waist, one hand moving around his neck to pull him down so their mouths met,
tongues entwining frantically.

Reaching between them, Wufei's hand curled around the boy's erection as Duo sucked hard on his tongue. He squeezed lightly before relaxing his grip,
alternating the pressure as he stroked him in time to the long-haired boy's panting breath. Duo released his mouth and his own breathing quickened, groaning
as Duo shoved his hips upward against him.

"Now--Wufei--" Duo gritted his teeth as the black-haired boy squeezed him a little too tightly. The Chinese boy's hard erection pressed against him driving him
to distraction. Letting out a relieved breath when the strong hand released him, Duo forced himself to relax as he was stretched, taking the pain easily. He
knew lubricant would have made it easier, but he didn't want to wait. Shoving his hips down on the fingers inside of him, he stiffened as Wufei hit the right spot.
His breath caught and he groaned, shoving down harder when the boy made no move to proceed. "Damnit..."

Willing and eager to go along with the boy, Wufei pulled his fingers out, stretching him as he forced the tip of his erection into him. Duo stiffened beneath him
and he stroked him, waiting and wincing at the pressure. Wufei was caught off guard when the long-haired boy suddenly shoved upward, legs tightening, and
he let out a hoarse cry as he was fully embedded in the tight heat. Gripping Duo's waist, he pulled himself out a couple of inches before pushing back in,
rewarded by a low moan from the boy beneath him. As he repeated the move he looked to Duo, eyes moving over that tense, flushed face before violet eyes
opened to meet his, giving him a look that made him burn.

Then they moved together, skin meeting skin as both strove for completion. Breath hissing through his clenched teeth, Duo came with a muffled groan,
squeezing his eyes shut as his legs locked around Wufei's waist. The black-haired boy moaned as the hot muscles squeezed his erection tightly and he came
hard, falling forward on Duo's still damp chest.

* * *

Walking down the hallway, Wufei shook his head as he marveled at what had happened. It wasn't that he regretted it since they'd both wanted and enjoyed the
interlude, but he couldn't help but feel that it was a mistake. Sighing, he entered the shower room, pushing the heavy door open and closing it carefully behind
him. Turning, he froze as he saw that he wasn't alone. Flushing suddenly, he couldn't move as Heero glanced over his shoulder at him. "I...I'm sorry."

Frowning, Heero shook his head as he washed his hair. "It's fine. This is the only shower room. Go ahead." Eyes closed as he tilted his head back to wash the
soap out of his hair, he wondered what the black-haired boy would do. Since the pilots had disbanded, he'd found himself trying harder to understand why
people did things, to understand their feelings. Having disregarded the letters he'd received at first, Heero had finally decided to come since it would mean
seeing the others again. He'd felt an urge to see them, and since the end of the fighting, he'd been trying to act on his emotions. Glancing at Wufei, he saw
the boy undressing and nodded. "It's a large room, there's no reason we can't share."

Wincing as he thought of Duo, Wufei forced himself to look away from Heero's naked body. It wasn't like him to get aroused twice in one day, but he wasn't
usually presented with wet, naked boys as sexy as those two. Glaring at the shower head, he turned on the water, determined to act natural lest Heero notice.
He should have known better. Just knowing he was there was enough to cause a reaction and he let out a whispered curse.

Eyes snapping to the other boy, Heero's eyes narrowed as Wufei looked at him with wide, worried eyes. Frowning, he was confused for a moment until he
caught site of the boy's problem, understanding moving through him. He'd often found himself in the same predicament, though it was usually when he was in
the presence of a certain braided boy. Trying to let his understanding show, he knew it hadn't worked when Wufei flushed darkly and looked away as if he was
trying to disappear.

Clenching his fists, Wufei willed himself to sink through the floor as Heero crossed the room to stand beside him, that smooth face indecipherable. Flinching
when a hand touched his arm, he glanced at Heero, expecting anything from fury to a blow. What he didn't expect was for the formerly unemotional pilot to
smirk at him.

Brushing Wufei's wet hair away from the side of his neck, Heero shrugged when he met the boy's shocked gaze. Smirking again, he sidestepped so he stood
behind the boy, head dipping so his mouth could touch his neck. Wufei's breath caught audibly, and Heero inched forward so the other boy could feel his
erection, telling him without words that he wasn't the only one who's body acted on its own. Pushing the boy forward, Heero leaned against his back, grunting
when the black-haired boy leaned against the wall. Hands light on the boy's hips, Heero pulled them back so his erection pressed against him. Breathing hotly,
he bit lightly on the curved back, one hand moving around to touch the boy's erection as Wufei moaned, his head turned so his cheek rested against the wall.

Moving his fingers lightly down the boy's length, Heero trailed his hand over his back, wet fingers brushing against his entrance and causing the boy to push
back against him. Rubbing the tip of his finger against it, his hand stroked him lightly as he listened to Wufei's heavy breaths. Pushing into him, his hand rose
to hold the boy's waist as the Chinese boy instinctively tried to move away, holding him perfectly still as his body clenched and relaxed around the intrusion.
Stroking him, Heero forcing himself to wait as he watched Wufei's pained expression give way to relief as his body adjusted. One hand still around his waist,
Heero pulled out until only the tip of his length was in the boy before pushing back in, pulling the boy back against him as Wufei let out another thick moan, his
eyes closed to slits.

Leaning heavily against the wall, Wufei let Heero control the pace as he lost himself in the friction and sensations. Breath shaky, he groaned as the boy hit his
prostate with every forceful thrust, the hand around his waist pulling him back to meet Heero's forward movements while the boy's hand never slowed as it
stroked him. Feeling himself tighten, he held his breath as he reached his climax, letting out a low moan when Heero's hand slipped down to stop him as he
continued to push into him. Gasping as the pleasure increased, he nearly pleaded for completion, only his pride saving him. Groaning, he gave a hoarse cry
when he was finally allowed to come, Heero going almost immediately after.

* * *

Eyes moving over the equipment stacked on the shelves inside the small room, Quatre tried to distract himself. His mind kept going back to what had
happened with Trowa, and he was having a hard time thinking of other things. Exercise had sounded like such a good idea when he'd come to the resort's
gym, but now he found himself daydreaming about the green-eyed boy. Leaning against the wall, he smiled as he gave in to his mind, his eyes closing as he
sighed. He'd never imagined he'd enjoy intercourse so much, but he found himself getting hard just thinking about it. Groaning, he leaned his forehead
against the wall, a hand running through his thick blonde hair. Feeling a hand on his shoulder, he sighed in relief, turning and wrapping his arms around a
slender waist as he slowly opened his eyes. Blinking, it took a minute before he realized it wasn't Trowa, it took another minute before he noted that his body
didn't seem to care. Staring into Heero's shocked, cobalt eyes, he blushed suddenly.

Eyes wide, Heero stared at the blushing boy, his mind calmly reciting the odds of this happening twice in one day as he felt the boy's erection press against
him. Not sure what to do, he noted that Quatre didn't pull away immediately although his embarrassment was obvious. "Quatre?" The pale boy blinked as he
looked at him, and the hands on his back moved slightly, still not pulling away. Shaking his head, Heero sighed. The blonde boy was the sort who would form
attachments, and he was loathe to use him for meaningless sex. Still, it was obvious the boy wasn't going to release him unless he had to as the blush stayed
but his wide eyes watched Heero hopefully.

"I'm sorry." Seeing Heero shake his head, Quatre was trying to make his body let go when he moved a bit and noticed that the dark-haired boy wasn't as
unaffected as he'd thought. Biting his lip, he searched Heero's face.

"Quatre, this isn't a good idea," Heero said slowly, not liking the way the boy's innocent gaze was affecting him.

"Why not?"

Shocked by the straightforward question, Heero glared suddenly. "Because I'm not Trowa."

Frowning, Quatre shook his head. "I know that, of course you aren't, Heero."

"You don't understand," Heero said, determined to scare some sense into the boy before he threw him to the floor and gave him what he was asking for.
There was something about him that made Heero want to do just that, and Quatre was too fragile for such treatment.
"I'd hurt you."

Throwing caution to the wind, Quatre shrugged and pressed closer to the Japanese boy. "I'm strong, I don't mind."

Growling as the pale boy brushed his erection, Heero's hands moved to Quatre's shoulders. "I'm not going to warn you again," he ground out, his need
warring with common sense as the lovely boy looked up at him. He knew he'd wasted his breath when the blonde pushed against him again. Pushing the boy
back, he shed his clothing, watching with impatience as Quatre did likewise. The moment the boy was bare, Heero pushed him down onto his knees, eyes hard
as the boy gave no resistance. Turning him so he was on his hands and knees, Heero knelt behind him, leaning over him so he could taste the boy's shoulder
as he reached around him, touching his hard erection. The boy was very aroused, making it harder for Heero to control his baser instincts.

Having the gentle boy bent like that was killing him, and he knew it wouldn't take much to make him come. Groaning as he fought what he knew he was about
to do, he leaned back suddenly when Quatre pushed against him. Putting his hand between the smaller boy's shoulders, he pushed him down a bit so he was
at the right angle before slowly pushing into him. As he'd expected, Quatre stiffened and let out a small cry causing him to pause as the boy adjusted. Holding
the boy so he wouldn't come, he stroked his rigid erection, diverting him from the pain as he pushed in another inch or so. Waiting as long as he could, he
finally pushed in the rest of the way, hitting the spot perfectly and making a shudder go through the small frame.

Breath coming fast at the boy's tightness and the sense of having him submissive, Heero withdrew slowly before shoving back in hard, Quatre crying out loudly
as he panted. The boy moaned when he pulled out again, his muscles tightening around Heero as if to keep him in before he gave another cry as he was
impaled again. Breathing harshly, Heero gripped the boy's hips as he tried to control his thrusts, keeping them to a rhythm the boy beneath him could predict.
It wasn't long before Quatre was shoving back against him each time he buried himself in the tight heat. Still keeping him from coming, Heero switched to quick
short thrusts as he worked toward his own release, Quatre's moans driving him on. Reaching his pinnacle, he gave the boy two quick strokes before he came,
shoving backward with a low hoarse moan, Heero's hold on his waist the only thing keeping him off the floor. With a hard thrust, Heero found his own release,
holding the
boy tight as he came.

* * *

Lying on the mat he'd placed on the floor of the gym, Quatre folded his arms beneath his head, closing his eyes. He was still surprised at his boldness, but he
was also marveling at how different it had been with Heero. It had certainly hurt more, but the sense of vulnerability, of being controlled, had been exciting,
exhilarating and oddly stimulating. He hadn't lain for more than a minute when he heard a sigh. Opening his eyes, he rolled onto his side as he scanned the
large room, spotting Zechs leaning against the wall near the door. "Hello," he called, smiling as he sat up.

Moving slowly, Zechs crossed the room, kneeling beside the blonde boy. "You look happy," he said softly, eyes sparkling.

Smiling, Quatre sighed. "I feel wonderful."

"You liked it then." Smirking when the boy's eyes widened in confusion, he shook his head. "I'm sorry. I accidentally overheard you earlier as I was walking by. I
wouldn't have looked, but I..." he flushed as he saw the boy blush bright red, "I thought you were hurt."

"Oh God..." Blushing furiously, Quatre dropped his eyes. "I'm sorry, we should have shut the door."

"I'm glad you didn't," Zechs murmured, smirking when Quatre's surprised eyes flew to his. "I have to admit it was quite a sight. You like bondage, then?"

Blinking, Quatre frowned. "Bondage?"

"Being restrained, not having control," Zechs said, flushed as he remembered how the boy beside him had looked, bent beneath Heero.

"Oh." Biting his lip, he didn't know what to say. "I...that is it..." Sighing, Quatre smiled. "Yes."

Prepared for rejection, Zechs couldn't help but ask, "Would you like to take it a step further?" The boy blinked in surprise, then blushed as he eyed Zechs's

"How?" he asked slowly, not wanting to seem too eager.

Seeing the blonde boy's wide eyes, his lips twitched. Undoing the long sash he was using as a belt, he handed it to Quatre. "With this."

Heart speeding up, Quatre looked at the soft material for a moment before making up his mind. "Alright. Yes, I'd like to."

Taking the boy's hand, Zechs pulled him to his feet, leading him across the gym to the exercising equipment. Choosing a weight lifting bench, he helped the
boy undress, enjoying his blush before gesturing for him to sit down, his legs hanging over the edge. Pushing him onto his back gently, the man tied his wrists
together, pulling them over his head and tying the end of the sash to the weighted bar. Looking at his wide, excited eyes, Zechs frowned. "Do you have a

"Yes, in my shirt pocket," Quatre said, blushing lightly since Zechs was still dressed. "Why?"

Shaking his head, Zechs retrieved the handkerchief, pulling his own out of his pocket. Standing beside the boy, he motioned for him to open his mouth,
placing his handkerchief in his mouth before tying the other around his head to hold it in. Straightening, he grew harder at the sight. "Are you sure this is what
you want?"

Not being able to talk made him feel doubly helpless, and Quatre nodded quickly. As embarrassing as it was, it was also terribly erotic to be completely at
Zechs's mercy. Watching the man undress, he wondered briefly if there was something morally wrong with this sort of thing, but he couldn't make himself care.
He enjoyed being bound, and as quickly as Zechs was shedding his clothing, he did too.

Moving to Quatre, Zechs lifted the boy's legs, resting the ankles on his shoulders as he leaned over the boy, their lengths touching as he ran his tongue over
one of the boy's nipples. Feeling the boy stir beneath him, he sucked on the nub, one hand moving to caress Quatre's erection lightly as the other massaged
his stomach. Kneeling between the boy's legs, he sucked on a finger, wetting it before pushing it into the boy carefully. Taking Quatre into his mouth, he
moved his finger around, searching until the boy let out a muffled moan and jerked on his bound wrists. Tongue circling the boy as he sucked on him, he
stabbed his finger against the spot, making Quatre jerk with another muffled sound. Moving in rhythm, he timed his strokes with his mouth as he worked to
drive the boy crazy, moans filtering through cloth as Quatre squirmed beneath him.

Feeling the small body tense, Zechs held him firmly, cutting off his release as he inserted another finger. Mouth not ceasing as he feasted on the boy, he
shoved his fingers in harder and faster, his eyes watching Quatre carefully. Jerking on his wrists, the blonde boy's back was arched and he had his head
thrown back, cries loud despite the gag, his breathing audibly ragged. Growling around the boy, Zechs pushed his fingers in as far as he could, adding
another one as he withdrew partially. Quatre was whimpering, shudders racking his small frame by the time Zechs's patience ran out. Standing, the man
entered him in one forceful thrust, filling the boy and letting out his own moan as he gripped Quatre's hips. Pulling his long length out, he shoved back in,
hitting the spot hard, as the boy beneath him shook. Holding his Quatre's hips as he thrust, he buried himself to the hilt, bending to run his tongue over the
boy's neck before doing it again.

Choking from the unrelenting pleasure, Quatre was quickly regretting his decision as he fully expected his heart to explode. Surely there was only so much the
body could take, yet Zechs's thrusts made the sensations grow. Eyes closed tightly, he moaned as lips touched his erection, his passion fogged mind not
comprehending the impossibility of that as Zechs continued without hesitation, every stroke causing Quatre's body to scream in pleasure. Too mindless, he
didn't wonder at the mouth that took him, the strokes timed perfectly with Zechs. Feeling him speed up suddenly, Quatre nearly cried as he realized Zechs was
about to come.

Eyes watching as Trowa lifted his head, Zechs read the unspoken message, nodding as the tall boy held Quatre as his thrusts became uncontrolled and the
man came with a hoarse cry. Breath coming fast, Zechs moved away, standing aside as the green-eyed boy straightened and took his place.

Hands stroking Quatre's thighs, Trowa smirked. "You should have told me you liked this," he said softly, eyes glinting when Quatre's glazed eyes flew open. As
soon as recognition sparked in those pale blue-green depths, Trowa buried himself in the boy, his way eased by Zechs. Stroking the boy's erection, Trowa
held still, listening to Quatre's whimpers, only moving every minute or so as he gave a violent thrust. Feeling a light, tentative hand on his shoulder, Trowa
nodded as Zechs looked at him.

Watching the tall boy lean forward slightly, Zechs moved to stand behind him, an arm moving around his waist as he entered him carefully. Not moving aside
from his hand, which continued to stroke Quatre, Trowa forced his body to relax until Zechs was embedded in him. Bracing himself, he let Zechs choose the
pace, the man's thrust making him groan and sending him into Quatre. Overwhelmed by the sensation of filling Quatre at the same time as being filled, he
closed his eyes, barely managing to keep the squirming boy beneath him from coming as he clenched his teeth. Moving back as Zechs pulled out of him, he
moaned as the man shoved into him, gripping Quatre's legs as he was pushed forward.

Breath catching in his throat, Trowa released Quatre as he rammed himself into the boy, Zechs doing the same to him. Moving his hand, he stroked the
blonde quickly, groaning when the boy convulsed, hot sheath squeezing around him as he spasmed with his relief. Moaning, he bent over the boy as he came,
lips moving half-heartedly on the pale chest as Zechs pushed into him once more before joining them in the release.

* * *

Moving slowly down the hall, Zechs's eyes scanned each open door he passed. He was still smiling from what he'd done, having been eager when Trowa had
come to him. It was true that he'd seen Quatre and Heero, but what he hadn't said was that it was the sight of Trowa standing outside the door that had really
made him pause. Shocked when he saw what the tall boy was watching, he'd been even more surprised when the boy had requested his assistance. Walking
past another open door, he paused as he spotted Wufei sitting on the floor of his bedroom.

"What are you doing?"

Looking up in surprise, Wufei's eyes narrowed as he took in the white-haired man's pleased expression. "Nothing, but it's obvious *you've* been busy."
Smirking when the man had the grace to flush, Wufei stood and moved to him, eyes moving over his less than straight clothing. "What have *you* been up to?"

Licking his lips, Zechs eyed the dark boy, one hand moving to touch his back lightly as he took in the tense muscles. "You need to relax, come on." Nodding to
the hall, he stepped back, catching the boy's hand and drawing him out of the room. "I'll give you a massage."

Eyes sparking, Wufei followed the tall man, smirking when Zechs glanced at him from the corner of his eye. He knew from experience that the tall man had
knowing hands, and he was still tense from his shower. It was just hard for him to believe he'd actually done that with the stoic ex-pilot, and he wasn't sure if
he'd be able to look him in the eyes again. So he'd stayed in his room.

Pulling Wufei into a small room, Zechs shut the door behind him, gesturing to a soft table with a hole in it for a person's face. "There is even a massage table

Smirking as he caught the man's expression, Wufei looked over the table. "Are you really going to give me a massage? Or is this just an excuse to get me

Laughing, Zechs grabbed the boy, lifting him and setting him on the edge of the table. "Both. But I promise you'll be much more relaxed by the time I'm done."

Shaking the head at the man's honest answer, Wufei undressed quickly, watching as Zechs did the same. Seeing him take a jar of oil off the shelf, he sighed
and rolled onto his stomach, breathing deeply as he waited.

Rubbing his hands together to warm the oil up a bit, Zechs moved to Wufei's side as he leaned over the boy, hands moving to his tense shoulders. Kneading
the muscle with his palms, he pushed forward and down with his fingertips, smiling when the boy gave a sigh. Testing his weight on the table, he climbed onto
it slowly, straddling the boy's hips as he pushed down on his shoulders. Moving his hands lower, he massaged his lower back fingers forcing the muscles loose
as Wufei groaned. He took his time, turning as his attention shifted even lower, massaging the boy's thighs and legs. Nudging Wufei's shoulder, he smirked
when the boy turned his head to look at him, a lazy smile gracing his lips. Helping him roll onto his back, Zechs bent down to kiss him, chewing on his bottom lip
lightly before straightening.

Brushing his fingers lightly over the boy's length, he curled his long fingers around him, head dipping so he could run his tongue over its tip. Taking him into
his mouth, he slid a hand beneath him as he pressed an oil slick finger inside the boy. Finding his spot, he massaged it with the tip of his finger, taking Wufei
deeper into his mouth as the black-haired boy moaned and pushed his hips upward. Taking his time, he waited until the boy was pushing up in time to his
strokes before adding another finger and continuing the steady movement. Sucking hard as hands buried themselves in his hair, his head was pulled up so he
met Wufei's smoldering gaze. Licking his lips, he nodded as he coated his erection, pulling his fingers out and leaning down to meet the boy's mouth as he
pushed into him.

Fists buried in Zechs's long, fine hair, Wufei devoured his mouth, rubbing his tongue against his as he pushed his hips up to meet the man's thrusts. Wrapping
his legs around him, he squeezed him, eliciting a moan as he sucked on his tongue. Panting into each other's mouths, their movements went from steady to
quick as they pressed together, both moaning at the sensations. Releasing Zechs, Wufei clamped his teeth together, head thrown back as he came, shoving
upward. Hot breath hit his neck as Zechs collapsed on him, not pulling out for a moment as he nuzzled his neck. Hands moving through his long hair, Wufei
smiled as Zechs looked at him, smirking before falling on him again, spent.

* * *

Searching carefully, Wufei wasn't sure where to look as he moved through the halls. He'd spotted Trowa outside, so he knew now was the best time to search
for the Arabian. Spotting the boy, he smirked, realizing he should have thought to look in the music room first. Seated before a large piano, Quatre was
playing a soft song, eyes staring off into space as if lost in thought. Moving silently, Wufei crossed the room, smiling when Quatre sighed. Clearing his throat,
he nodded when wide eyes moved to him. "You seem sad, Quatre. What's bothering you?"

Shaking his head, Quatre looked away from the black haired boy. He knew what was wrong, he was in shock. And he was worried about Trowa. The boy hadn't
said anything after untying him earlier, smiling a tiny smile before leaving the room. Glancing at Wufei, Quatre sighed. "It's nothing."

Sitting on the bench beside the boy, Wufei brushed the thick blonde bangs away from his forehead, smiling when Quatre's eyes widened in surprise. Shaking
his head when the boy looked as if he would say something, Wufei slipped an arm around his shoulder, lips brushing over his smooth forehead. Moving down,
he placed kisses over the pale boy's temple before running his tongue lightly over his bottom lip. His other arm slipped around Quatre's narrow shoulders
when the boy sighed, lips parting. Running the fingers of one hand through the boy's thick hair, Wufei darted his tongue into his sweet mouth, brushing his in
a tantalizing manner, arms tightening when Quatre's tongue moved against his, returning the gesture. Turning the boy so he was straddling the bench, Wufei
lifted him slightly, so he was sitting on his lap.

Hands playing over the boy's back, Wufei gently pulled him closer as he tilted his head down, lips moving over Quatre's soft neck. Hearing him sigh, he nibbled
on his earlobe before his hands moved to lift him as he stood. Still placing soft kisses on the boy's neck, he sat him down on the piano, barely remembering to
close the lid as he raised his head, nodding at Quatre's warm eyes. Kissing the boy's chin, his fingers moved quickly, undoing the buttons of the blonde's shirt
before sliding it off, mouth moving down as he brushed his tongue over Quatre's shoulder, teeth nipping the lithe muscles lightly. Hands moving beneath the
boy's arms, he lifted them, waiting till Quatre wrapped his arms around his neck before ducking his head as his tongue brushed one of his nipples. Sucking
lightly when the gentle boy gave a soft moan, Wufei reached a hand behind his head, pulling out his hair tie and dropping it. Grazing the nub in his mouth with
his teeth, he let out a hot breath as fingers moved in his silky hair, arms moving around Quatre's narrow waist.

Mouth moving to the other nipple as his fingers circled the one left behind, Wufei slid one hand down the side of the blonde boy's hip, slowly moving it so he
could touch the boy's erection through his pants. Pushing the boy back gently, Wufei undid his pants, lifting Quatre's hips as he slowly pulled them down,
letting them drop to the floor. Lifting the boy's legs so they rested on his shoulders, he moved close to the erection, breathing hot air onto it and making the
legs twitch as Quatre's hands moved to his hair again. Running his tongue along the stiff member, Wufei didn't fight when the boy's hips pushed upward.
Taking him into his mouth, he sucked gently, tongue swirling as Quatre moaned again, hips bucking lightly. Pulling a tube of lubricant out of his pocket, Wufei
fumbled slightly as he twisted the lid off with one hand, squeezing some onto his fingers before setting it on the piano. Closing his fingers, he smeared it on his
hand before brushing against the boy's entrance.

Moaning as a slick finger was slipped into him, Quatre pushed downward. Wufei's mouth was moving over him with steady pressure, and the finger rubbed
inside him with precision as he gasped in a deep breath, trying not to choke the boy as his hips bucked. Head back, eyes closed, Quatre let the sensations
overwhelm him, moaning when he realized it wasn't enough. Forcing his eyes open, he lifted his head, frowning when he realized Wufei was still dressed.
Gasping, he pulled on the silky hair wrapped around his fingers, eyes relieved when Wufei looked up, an eyebrow raised. Licking his lips, he managed a smile,
flinching as the finger inside him continued to rub him. "Wufei...would you...?"

"What's wrong, Quatre?" Wufei asked, voice purposely confused as he pushed his finger in a little harder eliciting a low moan. "Do you want me to stop?"

Gasping, Quatre shook his head quickly. "No, please don't. Wufei--" Choking as the finger moved harder, he swallowed roughly. "I want you inside

Smiling, Wufei withdrew his finger, and undressed quickly. Coating his member with the gel, he moved the pale boy's legs around his waist, holding his hips still
as he barely pressed himself against Quatre's entrance. "Is this what you want?" he asked, voice low as the boy's pale blue-green eyes pleaded with his.

"Yes," Quatre said quickly, unable to move as the boy held his hips. "Please Wufei."

Pushing in ever so slowly, Wufei swallowed as Quatre fell back, eyes falling closed as he made a delicious sound low in his throat. Bending forward, he moved
his lips over the arched neck as he entered the boy, fingers moving around Quatre's erection and stroking him until he was buried in him. Not moving, he ran
his tongue over Quatre's mouth, pushing it inside before beginning deep steady thrusts, groaning as the boy moaned, legs tight around him. Stroking him
quickly, Wufei's eyelids fell as his breath sped up, pushing into him hard. Movements coming fast, he was caught off guard when Quatre came, gasping as the
boy tightened around him, teeth closing on the shoulder beneath him. Coming hard, he slowly pulled out as his tongue brushed the bruised skin in apology
before looking to Quatre's passion-glazed eyes. Smirking, he kissed him gently as slender arms held him close.

* * *

Leaning back in the hot bubbling water, Heero sighed and took a long drink from the can in his hand. He knew it was stupid, but he just couldn't seem to find
the courage to seek Duo out. Alcohol got rid of inhibitions, but it was a sad thing that he had to resort to it. Taking another drink, he wondered how much it
would take. He'd found the beer in the refrigerator in the large kitchen, but he was thinking he'd have to find more. He'd just finished the can and was opening
another when he saw Zechs moving toward him.

"Mind if I join you?"

Shaking his head, Heero gestured toward the water, "Go ahead."

Frowning as he shed his robe and slid into the hot water, Zechs eyed the boy. Being Heero, he usually looked less than happy, but now...he almost looked
depressed. Catching sight of the crushed cans sitting beside him, Zechs raised an eyebrow. "I didn't think you drank, Heero."

Crushing the can, Heero turned, immediately opening another. "You were wrong." Looking up when Zechs leaned forward, Heero's eyes narrowed. "What?"

"There's a reason I came in here, Heero. You owe me." Frowning for a second, Zechs shrugged and smirked. "Or maybe I owe you, I'm not sure which."

"What are you talking about?" Heero asked, glaring at the man as he drank quickly.


Gritting his teeth, Heero's face flushed as he glared. "I see. You and Wufei. Well, forget it, Zechs. I didn't do anything he didn't want me to. Go pick a fight with
someone else, I have plans."

"To get drunk."

"Among other things," Heero muttered, glaring at the can as he drank more of the foul tasting liquor.

"Well, fighting wasn't what I had in mind." Smirking when intense cobalt blue eyes snapped to his, Zechs nodded. "To return the favor."

Understanding glinting in his eyes, Heero returned the smirk. "Whose debt, yours or mine? I'm in no mood to play games."

Zechs moved closer, a hand falling to Heero's wrist as he took the can, setting it aside. "Yours, then." Pulling off his shorts, he moved to Heero who'd taken his
off just as quickly. Kneeling, his hand moved under the bubbling water, stroking Heero's erection to hardness as the boy wrapped his legs around him, leaning
back against the edge of the hot tub. Leaning over the boy, Zechs kissed him, wincing and jerking back when Heero bit his lip.

"Now Zechs, or not at all."

Frowning as he stared at the boy, Zechs sighed and pushed the boy back. Gripping his hips, he forced his fingers into him, widening him enough to get the tip
of his erection in as he watched Heero's harsh expression. Flinching at the tightness as the boy shoved downward, Zechs groaned, moving forward to bury
himself to the hilt. Eyes narrowed, Heero let his head fall back as a low groan escaped his clenched teeth, shoving onto Zechs's hard length. Feeling the boy
jerk as he hit the right spot, Zechs gripped his hips tightly, pulling him close with each forward thrust. Water splashing as they moved together, they both came
with hoarse cries, Heero gripping Zechs's shoulders hard enough to bruise as the man's fingers dug into his hips.

* * *

"What are *you* doing in here?" Frowning, Heero moved to the bar, sitting on a stool next to the tall boy as Trowa looked at him.

"It's a bar," Trowa said, smirking, "What do you think? I'm getting drunk."

"It looks like you already are," Heero said, eyeing the boy's smile. "What are you drinking?"

"Everything." Raising a bottle in mock cheers, he handed one to Heero. "They have everything. I thought I'd start on the whiskey."

Taking the bottle, Heero tilted his head back as he took a long swallow, wincing at the burn. "This'll do it."


"There was a six-pack of beer in the refrigerator, but it wasn't enough and it tasted awful." Looking at the label, Heero nodded. "I wasted too much time, this will
be much better."

"Why do you want to get drunk? I mean, you know you'll lose control, right?"

"That's the point."

Looking at the boy, Trowa nodded sharply. "If you said something to him, he'd probably go for it. You don't have to be drunk."

"It's easier. Look at us, we're talking. Alcohol definitely makes it easier." Frowning at the tall boy, Heero raised an eyebrow. "Why are *you* drinking?"

Smirking suddenly, Trowa's green eyes sparked. "You wouldn't believe what I've been doing since we got here. I don't think Quatre will ever be the same."
Stopping when Heero winced and looked away, he groaned. "No...not you too? What *is* it with this place?"

"I don't know," Heero muttered, shooting a glance at him. "But I haven't done anything that wasn't wanted."

"I'd say we've already lost our inhibitions."

"Maybe." Taking another long drink, he coughed before looking at Trowa. "But I'm not leaving here alone. One way or another, even if it means getting *him*

With a sharp laugh, Trowa stared at the boy, shaking his head in surprise. "You're serious. Well, I understand. If Quatre doesn't invite me to go with him, I'm
taking him back with me. That's why I came." Heero was nodding, and Trowa smirked. "While we're on the subject, what do you plan to do?"

"I'm not sure yet."

"You *are* going to sleep with him though, right?" Blinking, Trowa flushed when Heero raised hot eyes to him, smirk gracing his lips.

"Afterward, yes."

Laughing again, Trowa leaned closer. "Want some practice?" Shrugging when Heero looked surprised, he shook his head. "Why not? I wouldn't mind finding
out what you did to make Quatre so...wild."

"He gave me no choice," Heero said carefully in case the other boy was harboring resentment. "He wouldn't leave."

"I don't blame you, besides, I'm not leaving either."

"Alright, but quick. I want to get Duo before I drink so much I pass out." Raising an eyebrow when Trowa laughed, Heero shook his head. "You're drunk."

Standing, Trowa undid his pants, pushing them down to his knees as he turned and leaned against the bar. "I know, and I'm feeling very lewd. Come on,
Heero." Looking over his shoulder, he saw cobalt eyes widen with lust at his position. "You said quick."

Swallowing, Heero set the bottle down hurriedly as he moved to stand behind the boy. moving a hand over Trowa's curved back, he touched the bared skin
lightly. "I'm not sure if you're lewd, but you are too tempting." The green-eyed boy smirked, then turned, hands bracing himself on the bar. Shoving down his
shorts, Heero kicked them off as he slid a hand around Trowa's waist, gripping his erection tightly as he pressed his own length against him. Shaking his head
as his lust increased, Heero let out a harsh breath. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

"Blame the alcohol," Trowa said through his teeth as the boy pushed into him. Groaning slightly, he bowed his head till it touched the bar. "Blame me. I don't
care just don't stand there." Moaning when Heero moved behind him, his breath caught in his throat at the pain-tinted pleasure as he thrust his hips
backwards. The boy was thrusting into him harshly, and his fogged mind clouded with the sensations. Understanding why Quatre had liked the treatment, he
shoved himself onto the boy, crying out as the right spot was hit. His erection was being stroked in time, and his fingers curved over the inside edge of the bar
as he kept himself from sliding forward.

Gripping Trowa's hips, Heero groaned, closing his eyes tightly as his thrusts came faster. His mind was awash with sensations, but guilt was not among them.
Unlike with Quatre, he didn't feel guilty for treating Trowa with force as the boy in question matched him in violent intensity, meeting him with each thrust.
Stroking the boy until he came, Heero groaned and leaned heavily on Trowa's back for a moment before recovering himself.

* * *

Knocking lightly on the closed door, Trowa raised an eyebrow as it was opened.

Seeing the tall boy, Duo grinned widely. "Hi, what's up? You know you're the first person I've seen in hours?" Smirking, he shook his head. "I was beginning to
think you guys were having a party and didn't invite me."

Remembering how much the smiling boy had enjoyed being around them, Trowa felt a twinge of guilt at what he was planning to do. Shoving it away, he shook
his head. "Actually, there's a bar here. I was thinking of having a drink and thought you might like to join me."

Blinking in surprise, Duo smiled. "Sure. Beats the hell out of sitting in my room." Laughing slightly, he followed the tall boy down the hall.

Sitting on a stool beside the longhaired boy, Trowa grabbed one of the two shot-glasses, setting it in front of Duo. "What do you want?"

Giving a little laugh, Duo shook his head. "I don't know. I don't drink much." Smirking when Trowa's visible eye widened a bit, he tilted his head. "Not all
Americans drink."

"I know," Trowa said, "I was just surprised that you'd agree to drink with me if you don't like alcohol."

"Oh, it's not that I don't like it," Duo said quickly, not wanting the boy to find someone else to drink with. "I just have a low tolerance."

Fighting the urge to glance toward the bar, Trowa hid a smile as he stood. "Well, in that case I have the perfect drink for you. How about a Long Island Ice

"Tea?" Duo asked doubtfully. "I don't mind drinking, Trowa, really."

"It's alcoholic. It just doesn't taste as strong as straight alcohol." Giving silent thanks to his friends at the circus, Trowa wasted no time making the drink.
Handing the tall glass to Duo, he nodded as the boy tried it and smiled.

"This is great."

"It's the lemon." Nodding toward one of the three pool tables in the large room, he glanced at the boy. "Do you play?"

Grinning as he took a long drink, Duo stood. "I'm good," he warned, moving to select a pool stick.

"How about a bit of a wager then," Trowa said slowly as if the thought had just come to him.

"What's the bet?" Duo asked as he racked the balls. "You break."

Frowning, Trowa pretended to think about it, hoping the boy wouldn't see through the act as he turned and chose a stick. "Well, best out of three for the
winner, but what if we had something for each ball sunk?"

"Like what?"

"If I get a ball in, you take a drink. I do the same when you get one, and if one of us sinks one of the other person's balls we have to take three."

Frowning, Duo raised an eyebrow. "That's not fair for you, is it? I mean, you're drinking hard liquor."

"Yes, but I have a high tolerance for alcohol. I used to go out drinking with some of the guys at the circus every other weekend. Besides, the drinks don't have
to be *that* big."

"Okay, but what does the winner get. The one who wins two out of three?"

"I don't know. Why don't we leave it in the air. You know, the loser has to do one thing for the winner."

"Alright, it's a deal." Smirking as he took a drink and stepped back, Duo shook his head. "But don't say I didn't warn you, I'm pretty good."

* * *

Giggling as he took a drink from the glass Trowa pushed into his hand, Duo leaned against the pool table. "You're a bloody shark. It really isn't fair, you know.
I'm not used to playing when I drink."

Smirking at the boy's flushed face, Trowa folded his arms over his chest. "You're not used to drinking period, but it doesn't matter. I won."

"Yeah, I know," Duo laughed, smiling. "So what do you want me to do? I hope it doesn't involve much dexterity 'cause I don't think I'd manage."

"We played five games, meaning I won twice, so I get two things."

Nodding Duo rolled his eyes. "I still can't believe you cleared the table so quickly. This is the last time I play against *you*." Smiling when the tall boy raised an
eyebrow, he shrugged. "Okay, what're my orders?"

"First, don't speak until I say."

Gaping, Duo started to argue before letting out a sigh and closing his mouth, expression pouting as he mimicked the boy's stance, folding his arms over his

"Second, don't argue...with anything." Moving toward the boy, Trowa gripped his chin, ignoring Duo's wide, confused eyes as he lowered his head, tongue
brushing the boy's lips. Stroking the boy's smooth cheek with his thumb, he pushed his tongue inside, tasting Duo's mouth as the boy's eyes glowed. Strong
arms moved around him, and he pulled back, shaking his head when Duo frowned. Holding the boy's shoulder, he turned him slightly as he moved to undo the
long braid, not facing him until Duo's hair hung in wavy folds down his back. In front of the violet-eyed boy again, Trowa smirked as he pulled some of his hair
over his shoulders and led him so Duo was facing the bar, his back to the pool table. Having brought the glass with him, he handed it to the boy. "Drink this."

The drink was still delicious, and although Duo was surprised by the tall boy's actions, he didn't mind the pleasant sensations that flowed through his body,
brought on by the alcohol and that hot green gaze. Swallowing quickly, he finished off the alcohol, grateful that he'd downplayed his tolerance. Although it was
true that he didn't drink much, he *had* drank before, and he knew he wouldn't be completely smashed. Eyes glinting at Trowa's approving nod, he fought the
urge to smirk as he realized the boy had purposely staged the game in order to get him drunk. When the boy took the glass from his hand and set it aside, he
had to admit that he didn't mind one bit.

Bending forward a bit, Trowa lapped his tongue over the boy's lips, tasting the alcohol but pulling back when Duo tried to kiss him. "Stand still," he said slowly,
enjoying the fact that they were being watched. It amazed him that Heero would be willing to let him do this to the boy he obviously wanted, but he felt a sense
of wildness in knowing those cobalt eyes were following his every move. Stepping to the side a bit, he unbuttoned Duo's black shirt, pulling it off and letting it
fall to the carpeted floor. He frowned a bit when he saw that the boy had a white undershirt on and raised an eyebrow at the boy. "Why two shirts?"

Shrugging, Duo smiled as he raised his arms, his response muffled when Trowa pulled the shirt over his head. "Force of habit, I guess." He closed his mouth
quickly when Trowa frowned at him, and made a disgruntled sound. Being silent simply wasn't in his nature, and it was harder than he'd thought, but it was
worth it when the green-eyed boy nodded and kissed him briefly. This time when Trowa moved back, he was expecting what he did, blushing a bit as the boy's
touched his waist before removed his pants. He got the feeling the tall boy was taking his time on purpose, relishing in exposing him bit by bit. It wasn't until he
was completely naked that he disobeyed an order. He wanted to turn as Trowa simply stood there looking at him, but he sufficed with crossing his arms over
his chest and frowning at him, cheeks red.

Smirking, Trowa shook his head and stepped to the boy. "None of that," he said smoothly, taking hold of the boy's wrists as he slowly pulled his arms away. His
hands circled Duo's waist and he lifted him so he sat on the edge of the pool table. Pushing on the longhaired boy's chest, he maneuvered him so that he lay
on his back, legs hanging over the edge of the table. "I'll say it again," Trowa said, leaning close to the boy's face as he pulled the boy's arms and let them fall
over his head, "Be still. I don't want you to move your arms, understand?"

Nodding, Duo's eyes widened as he watched the boy, excitement running through him. The table was hard against his back, and his mind couldn't seem to get
past the fact that Trowa was still wearing all of his clothing. Then the boy straightened and Duo sighed as he saw him removing the offending clothing,
comforted by the knowledge that he wasn't the only one naked. Letting his eyes move appreciatively over the boy's muscled arms and chest, he gave a smile,
content to let the boy do the work. He wondered if the order for him not to move was intended to bother him, but it didn't.

Sticking to the plan, Trowa spread Duo's legs, standing between them as he pulled the boy's hips closer to the edge of the table. With a hand on the boy's flat
stomach, he bent and ran his tongue over the hard length, brushing it with a light touch that was rewarded with the twitching of muscles beneath his hand.
Shooting a glance to the boy's face, he found those eyes closed and smirked at the way Duo's head was tilted back, his hands curled over his head. "Good,"
he said softly, scraping his teeth lightly on the soft skin as his eyes watched the boy's face and heard Duo's breath hiss between his teeth. "You're being very
submissive." Duo's eyes snapped open and he smirked at him. "Close your eyes, Duo. No arguing, remember?" He was rewarded with a hot glare, but he
dipped his head and sucked on the boy lightly, grunting when Duo made a soft sound, violet eyes closing quickly.

Maintaining a steady rhythm, he stroked the boy with his mouth, eyes glinting at the moans that escaped Duo's clenched teeth. Feeling a hand on his
shoulder, he glanced out of the corner of his eye, not breaking the motion as he took in Heero's expression. The boy looked as if he was about to shove him
away as those cobalt eyes were glued to Duo's face. Clenching his fist as his hand started to touch the boy, Heero jerked it back quickly, handing Trowa a
small tube before moving out of Duo's line of vision in case the American opened his eyes. Surprised by the boy's restraint, Trowa turned his mind back to the
one beneath him as he coated a hand with the lubricant.

Groaning when a long, slick finger entered him, Duo fought the hand holding him as his body's instinct was to shove upward. Pride kept him from speaking, but
he wanted more than anything to complain as his hips were held still. Curling his fingers tightly, his hands fisted, arms clenching as he kept them still even
though he wanted to hold something, namely the one tormenting him. With his eyes closed, it was easy to get lost and consumed by the pleasure coursing
through him like fire, and he moaned as he was stroked inside and out. As much as he wanted the pleasure to last, he couldn't stop himself from coming

Trowa smirked as he ran his free hand over Duo's forehead, brushing back his thick hair as violet eyes met him, the boy's mouth open as he breathed. Moving
his fingers, he nodded as Duo made a soft sound, legs twitching. He could feel the boy's eagerness as he pulled them out and coated his erection, leaning
over the long-haired boy and bracing himself on the table as he entered him slowly. The moment the boy had adjusted enough, Trowa began to move with
quick hard thrusts, making Duo moan and throw his head back, legs moving against the table. Groaning, thought seemed to leave him whether from the
feelings or the alcohol, and it was hard to remember not to touch the boy beneath him. Gasping as he neared his completion, he barely managed stop himself
from stroking the boy and taking him along as he came.

Eyes snapping open at the tall boy's cry, Duo's mouth opened in outrage as he saw Trowa bend to pull on his clothing. "What?! What are you doing?!"
Gasping from need, he shoved himself upward and blinked in confusion before freezing as he caught sight of some movement over Trowa's shoulder.

Meeting Trowa's gaze, Heero nodded sharply as the tall boy left. Duo was staring at him with very wide eyes, his cheeks red as he covered himself in
mortification. Stalking to the boy, Heero's hand moved behind Duo's head as he kissed him suddenly, taking advantage of his open mouth. He growled when
the boy kissed him back and pulled him up against him as arms moved around his back. When those violet eyes met his, he knew the boy was over his
embarrassment, and he kissed him again. Wrapping his fingers around the boy's still hard erection, Heero leaned over him, eyes blazing. "I want you."

Blinking in rising lust and not a little confusion, Duo shook his head. "Then what are you waiting for?" he demanded, gasping as the boy's hold tightened

"No," Heero growled, face inches from Duo's, "I want you with me when we leave here."

"Heero?" Moaning when Heero's hand moved over him, he gasped. "Of course," he said quickly, "That's why I came, I was hoping..."

Bending, Heero silenced him as he stroked the boy, swallowing Duo's moan as the boy came. Raising his head, he managed to look smug as he released the
boy and smirked. "I'll see you again when you're sober, Duo."

"What?" Breathing heavily, Duo couldn't move. "Aren''re not mad about Trowa?"

"No." Turning, Heero left as quickly as he could. As much as he wanted to just take the boy, watching him and Trowa had brought images to mind that had him
sweating. He wanted their first time to be something neither would forget, and taking him now would ruin that.

* * *

Wufei's head jerked as something hit his door with a slight thump and he was on his feet in seconds. Pulling open the door, though, he stopped as he saw
Trowa leaning against the wall a little way down the hall. "Are you all right?"

Smiling at the black-haired boy, Trowa lifted the bottle of vodka in a solute before taking a drink "Never been better." Letting out a soft laugh, he slid to the
floor, blinking at his legs before laughing again.

"You're drunk," Wufei said, walking to the boy as he stared at him in surprise. "What have you been doing?"

"Just helping out a friend," Trowa said, smirking as he took another drink. His eyes moved over the Chinese boy and he nodded sharply. "Nice hair, Wufei."

Kneeling beside the tall boy, Wufei shook his head as he returned the smirk. "Need some help getting to your room? You don't look like you'll make it."

"No, this is fine." Frowning when Wufei took his bottle, he tilted his head. "Give it back."

"I don't think so. Do you really want Quatre to see you like this?"


Eyes wide at the positively evil gleam in the normally calm boy's eyes, Wufei rocked back on his heels. Grabbing Trowa's arm when the boy started to move,
he held him. "What are you planning, Trowa?"

"Quatre," he said quickly, tugging on his arm and blinking when Wufei frowned. "What?"

Fighting an urge to smile, Wufei shook his head. "I don't believe you. Well, you might as well just stay here, Quatre's sleeping."

"He is?" Frowning, Trowa glared at the floor for a second before smirking. "Alright."

"Hey!" Staring at the boy who'd just pounced him, Wufei finally gave in and laughed. He pushed against the wall as he rolled on top of Trowa, taking in the
boy's glinting eyes as he smirked. "Are you horny or do you just want to play?"

"Your choice," Trowa said easily, that odd sense of happiness causing him to smile as he reached a hand up to brush at Wufei's loose hair. "Did I tell you your
hair looks nice?"

"Yes you did. How much have you had, Trowa?" The boy shrugged and Wufei snorted. "Fine, let's go in my room."

"This is fine," Trowa said again, fingering the carpet as he eyed Wufei's doubtful expression. Reaching up, his hands moved around the boy's neck as he
pulled his face down so he could kiss him. Wufei participated for a minute then tried again to move him to the bedroom. "Here."

"Someone will see us."

"I know," Trowa said, expression completely calm for a second before he smirked again. "It's exciting." Tugging on the boy's fine hair, he drew Wufei's bottom
lip into his mouth and chewed it teasingly, his free hand moving beneath the loose white shirt.

Wondering briefly what Zechs would say if he saw them, Wufei smirked and kissed the drunken boy. He knew without a doubt that the white-haired man would
take one look then join in, he was insatiable. Pushing up Trowa's shirt, he broke the kiss as his mouth touched the boy's chest, tongue swirling over a nipple.
Trowa made a low sound of satisfaction, and he wasted no time undoing the boy's pants as his lips trailed over the boy's chest, nipping his skin lightly. As he
was pulling off the pants, he realized Trowa wasn't wearing any shoes, and he noticed for the first time that the boy's reddish brown hair was slightly damp.
Smirking as he thought what would lead the boy to shower, he knelt as he pulled off his own pants and let his gaze sweep up and down the hall. Trowa was
right; he was rather excited by the realization that someone could catch them.

Narrow eyes glinting as Wufei shed his clothing, Trowa snagged the bottle the black-haired boy had set aside and took a long drink. He smirked as Wufei
caught him and set it aside with an angry scowl.

"If you pass out on me in the middle of this I'll kill you," the Chinese boy warned, eyes shining as he glared. "I am serious, Trowa."

"Relax, Chang--Wufei," he murmured as he pulled the bronze-skinned boy down on him, "I'm very much awake." Catching Wufei's hand, he licked it lightly
before sucking on two of his fingers as he watched the boy's expression through his lashes. Releasing his hand, he gave him a significant look as he bent his

Surprised at how sexy the boy was being, Wufei didn't waste any time as he pressed the damp fingers into Trowa. The alcohol must have dampened his pain
sensors, because the boy didn't even flinch at the intrusion. He simply watched Wufei, closing his eyes when the boy's fingers brushed the right spot and
letting out a low moan. Stroking the boy's erection, Wufei knelt, waiting until the tall boy was moving against him with sharp breaths. Pulling his fingers out, he
lifted the boy's hips and entered him slowly, gritting his teeth at the friction. Then Trowa pushed against him and he groaned as he was buried in the boy's

Long legs curving around Wufei's waist, Trowa moaned, hands digging into the boy's shoulder length black hair as he pulled him down to him. His teeth grazed
the boy's tongue as he ground their mouths together, his body matching Wufei's thrust for thrust. Panting as Wufei's free hand pumped his erection in time to
the boy's movements, Trowa's eyes fell closed, his head thrown back. When he came, his release was almost painfully splendid as his body seemed to
explode, the fragments floating slowly back to earth as his heart resumed its rapid beat. Not minding the Chinese boy's weight as that one collapsed on top of
him, he succumbed to the deliciously warm and completely satisfied sensations.

* * *

Stumbling to an ungraceful halt as his slightly dazed eyes took in the scene before him, Duo could do nothing more than stare in perverse interest. It wasn't
until the door he was leaning on opened that he remembered himself and he met Quatre's wide eyes with an unsteady smile. Having been deserted by Heero,
he'd dressed as quickly as his alcohol hindered limbs could manage and had made his way toward his room. Now, meeting the blonde boy's anxious and
worried gaze, his only thought was to keep the boy from seeing the two boys not four feet down the hall from them. He knew how the gentle Arabian felt about
Trowa. It was as obvious to him as he felt his feelings for Heero must be to the others and he didn't want to see pain in those sweet eyes.

Stepping in front of the boy, he did his best to cut off Quatre's view, but his unsteady stance worked against him as he saw those pale blue-green eyes move
over his shoulder and widen. "Quatre..."

Staring at Trowa and Wufei, Quatre's mouth fell open, his surprise quickly taken away by an overwhelming curiosity as he wondered if his tall love had enjoyed
the Chinese boy's ministrations as much as he had earlier. It was difficult to tear his eyes away from where the two boy's lay, partly mingled together on the
thick carpet, but he did so as he noticed Duo's sad eyes.

"He's drunk," Duo said quickly, voice soft as he hoped Trowa wouldn't hear him. "I'm sure he doesn't realize what he's doing."

"Yes he does," Quatre responded in an equally soft tone as his eyes brushed over the boy in question, taking in the way Trowa's hands were still buried in
Wufei's raven hair.

"Quatre, I know he cares about you." Frowning as his mind slowly realized the boy didn't seem horrified by what he was seeing, Duo couldn't help himself from
trying to prevent the hurt he was expecting. "I'm sure of it."

"I know." He blinked sharply when Duo's grip on the door frame faltered slightly, and his eyes widened as he took in the boy's slightly off-kilter gaze. "Duo? Are
you all right?"

"Hmm? Oh, I'm fine. A bit unsatisfied," he said, remembering how quickly the boy he'd wanted had left him, "But other than that I'm just dandy." He let out a
small laugh as he realized what he'd said, but didn't feel embarrassed as he finally noticed the way Quatre's gaze continued to return to the two boys. "I'm just
going to get some rest, that's all."

Staring at the American, Quatre's eyes narrowed slightly as he noticed for the first time that Duo's shirt was buttoned wrong, his chest showing where he's
skipped a button-hole. He wasn't wearing a shirt beneath the black cloth, and the blonde boy frowned as he wondered if he'd ever seen Duo without at least
two shirts on. The answer was quick to come, and it was definitely a no. Eyes moving to where Trowa and Wufei lay relatively still, his mind caught on
something the boy before him had said. "Duo, have you been drinking?" The evidence was quick as the boy flushed and he knew why Duo had known Trowa
was drunk. As much as he expected to be hurt by the knowledge that Trowa had made love to the boy, he didn't feel angry at all, and he blamed it on the past
happenings of the day. Eyes trailing over Duo, he felt a stirring in him and recognized it quickly as his hand slowly circled Duo's wrist.

Watching the blonde boy curiously, Duo didn't argue when Quatre pulled him into the room. His guilt at having done that with Trowa refused to allow him to
deny the boy anything as he realized how hurt he must be. "Quatre?"

"Duo, Trowa and I have come to an understanding." Smiling, Quatre pushed the door closed in a careless manner. "He came here for me."

Remembering Heero's words, Duo flushed as he smiled, nodding to show his understanding. He was caught off guard when the gentle boy suddenly wrapped
his arms around him and he stood still. "Hey, what's going on?"

"Duo." A hand moving behind the American's head, Quatre moved closer to him, eyes glinting. "How did you and Trowa both get drunk?" The boy flushed and
he smiled as his other arm moved around Duo's waist. "That's what I thought."

"Quatre...I'm sorry."

Smiling at those downcast violet eyes, Quatre brushed his tongue over Duo's lips, blinking when the boy's head snapped up. "Make it up to me, then."

"You're joking, right? I mean, first Trowa--that is--"

"What did Trowa do, Duo?" Quatre purred, arms tightening around the boy as he leaned toward him. He was about to kiss him when Duo stumbled backwards
and he stared when the boy promptly fell on his butt with a surprised cry. Trying not to laugh, he knelt beside him. "Are you okay?"

"No," Duo said, eyes very confused as he blinked slowly. "I think I'm hallucinating. I could swear you were coming on to me, and Trowa's out in the hall with
Wufei. I'm lost."

"Poor Duo," Quatre said softly, brushing the hair off Duo's cheek. "I should probably help you to bed so you can sleep it off."

"Thanks," Duo smiled as he leaned on the blonde boy's arm as he got to his feet. "I guess I drank more than I thought."

"Oh, it's no trouble," Quatre smiled as he led the boy across the room and sat him on the bed. Bending over him, he kissed him, hands curving around his
neck as Duo froze.

"Quatre! You *are* seducing me...aren't you?" Licking his lips when the boy pulled back, Duo found himself grinning at Quatre's slow smile.

"Am I any good at it?" Quatre asked, giggling when Duo nodded quickly. "I was hoping you wouldn't mind my practicing on you. I mean, you and Trowa did

"Hey, buddy, practice away. I guess you're not drunk so I don't have to worry about you not knowing what you're doing, right?"

"You talk too much." Smiling playfully, Quatre pushed down on Duo's chest as he climbed onto the bed beside him. "But I don't actually know, not first-hand. I
mean, I've done things today but I haven't..."

"Been on top?" Laughing when the seemingly bold boy actually flushed, Duo shook his head. "You'd never know with the way you're acting, but don't worry
about it, Quatre. Just do what comes naturally, I don't mind."

"Are you always so...amiable? I thought you'd be harder to convince."

"Who's talking too much now? Come on, blondie, I'm going to fall asleep waiting." He blinked sharply when the boy kissed him again and he opened his mouth,
surprised at the skilled way Quatre's tongue moved over his, exploring yet tantalizing. Tugging the white shirt out of the boy's pants, he ran his hands over the
smooth stomach as Quatre's hand was roaming over his. Then the kiss was broken and he smiled at the eager expression. "Who knew I was so desirable, eh

"You are." It didn't take long to undo the boy's shirt and he smirked as his attention paused for a moment on the missed button hole before finishing quickly
and pushing it back. Leaning over him, he ran his mouth over Duo's chest, licking at and sucking on one of his nipples as his hand massaged the flat stomach.
Pausing, he flushed slightly at Duo's straightforward violet gaze but wasn't hindered as he quickly shed his clothing, taking Duo's as well. That done, he knelt
between Duo's legs as he resumed his ministrations. There was something exhilarating about having the boy beneath him, being able to make him moan as
his hand touched Duo's erection. He was the one causing it and that made him want more as he lowered his head and ran his tongue over the soft skin. The
taste was surprisingly flavorless, but Duo's moan was nothing less than delicious and he took more of the boy into his mouth.

Moaning as the boy experimented with him, Duo had a brief moment when he wondered if the blonde had lied to him. He'd said he'd never done this, but he
seemed to know exactly what he was doing and he was doing it very well indeed. But the thought was short-lived as sensation quickly replaced everything in
his mind and it was all he could do not to shove his hips upward. He didn't want to choke the boy, but his kind if painful thought was crushed when the boy in
question gripped his hips and pulled him upward himself. Buried in the boy's throat, Duo moaned, his hands moving so he could dig his fingers in Quatre's
thick hair.

It was getting easier. The first time he'd tried to take the long-haired boy's length, his reflex had nearly choked him, but he'd mastered it. Knowing it was the
low sounds Duo was making that drove him on, he sucked on the length, marveling at the thickness on his tongue and how the subtle pressure had Duo's hips
bucking. It was rather difficult to breathe, and he let the boy's length slip out of his mouth, giving it an apologetic caress with his tongue before sliding off the
bed. Retrieving the lubricant Trowa had used on him, he held it up, smiling at Duo's relieved expression as he climbed back in place.
Smearing the slippery substance on one hand, he lifted Duo's hips and took him back into his mouth before pressing a finger into him. He was surprised at
how tight the boy was, but he grew hard as he imagined how that heat would feel surrounding him.

Wincing as Quatre's finger explored his insides, Duo closed his eyes and tried to relax. It wasn't easy though, as the boy's mouth continued to move over him.
Then he gasped as the boy found what he was looking for and added another finger to the first. He gripped the short blonde hair tightly as he moaned,
shoving his hips upward as he couldn't hold still. Quatre must have been expecting it as he sucked harder, fingers pushing at the spot that made Duo arc
upward. Whether he was still sensitive from earlier or it was the alcohol he didn't know, but Duo felt as if he was breaking apart. Then the fingers were gone
and he opened his eyes.

Coating his erection liberally, Quatre leaned over the long-haired boy and kissed him as Duo's legs wrapped around him. He groaned when he pushed into
the tightness and his breath caught at the way Duo twitched around him. It was so hard to hold still, but he managed as he stroked the boy, steadying himself
with his hand as he waited. The wait was much too long for him, but when Duo pushed upward he moaned into the boy's open mouth. Sitting up, his hands
closed around Duo's hips as he pulled himself out a bit before pushing back in. The violet eyes watching him fell closed and he did likewise as he lost himself
in the hot friction. Time seemed to spiral in motion as he moved in and out of the boy and he moaned as he came toward completion. Stroking Duo, he let out
a shocked cry as the boy convulsed around him, squeezing tightly and making him come.

* * *

"Damnit." Muttering as he closed the cabinet, Duo jerked the next one open, digging through the medley of canned goods and boxed food as he searched for
something to eat. He wasn't actually hungry, but he wanted to find Heero and he knew the boy wouldn't do anything with him until he sobered up. He was
feeling much more clear headed after showering, but he hadn't seen the Japanese pilot anywhere. Groaning as he shut the cabinet, he walked to the
refrigerator and opened it as his eyes moved over the contents. He finally grabbed the jar of dill pickles and took one out, sitting at the table as he munched
on it.

"Now there's a sight."

Halting mid-bite, Duo caught sight of Zechs who stood in the doorway. He followed the man's eyes to the pickle and flushed before finishing it quickly. It sat
nicely in his stomach, but he wasn't sure how much it had helped as the white-haired man moved to him. Then he recognized the gleam in those pale blue
eyes. "No way! What the hell's going on here?"

"I'm sorry, Duo," Zechs said softly as he leaned against the counter. "Am I bothering you?"

Flushing darker as his body reacted to the man's suggestive smile, Duo glared. "Yes. And it's crazy. Aren't you and Wufei an item?"

"Yes," Zechs said lightly, smirking as he eyed the boy. "But that didn't stop him, did it?" He moved slowly as he stepped to the seated boy, kneeling beside his
chair as he eyed him. "Is something wrong, Duo?"

"Yes, but I'm drunk. What's your excuse?" He didn't look up as shifted uncomfortably.

"You're a beautiful, sexy young man. That's my excuse." Smiling when Duo looked up sharply, he leaned forward and kissed him. Then he laughed as the
American pushed his chair back quickly and stood, wrapping his arms around his neck. Lifting the boy, he pressed his body to him so their erections touched
as Duo groaned into his mouth. He pulled back reluctantly as he watched the boy's face. "Can I take you?"

"Shut up," Duo murmured, running his lips over Zechs's neck. "You know you can."

Letting out a soft laugh, he set the boy on his feet as he undressed quickly. Then he frowned as he watched Duo's rather unsteady fingers and he brushed
them aside as he helped the boy remove his clothing. "Have you ever done this in a kitchen?" he asked as he lifted the boy up against him again.

"I don't do this that often," Duo groaned as their erections touched without anything obstructing them.

"Okay," Zechs whispered, his mouth moving over Duo's neck and pausing at his ear. "How do you want this, then?"

Breath speeding up, Duo grinned as the man nibbled on his earlobe. "My choice?" He pulled away as he stared at the tall man for a moment then he reached
down, fingers circling Zechs's erection. "Hard and heavy. Okay?"

Groaning, Zechs nodded as he grabbed the boy, pulling him close. "Yes, definitely." He didn't move for a minute, then he groaned again as he turned Duo and
pushed him so he was leaning on the counter. "Don't move." Ducking, he fumbled in his pants pocket.

From over his shoulder, Duo's eyes narrowed as he spotted lubricant. "Do you always carry that with you?"

"No, but it's been an odd day." Smirking, he moved to stand behind Duo, dipping his head for a quick kiss. "Are you sure you want it like this? It might hurt a

"Mmm, the more friction the better, right?" Blushing when Zechs raised an eyebrow, Duo turned and gripped the edge of the counter. "Come on."

His eyes glinted as he obeyed quickly, and he coated his length. Leaning over the boy, he breathed on his neck, brushing his tongue over it as he used his
fingers to widen him. For his credit, Duo didn't seem to mind the rushed treatment at all as he moaned, head bowed over the counter. An arm snaking around
the boy's narrow waist, he entered him suddenly, burying himself to the hilt in a swift move. With a muffled cry, Duo's body went stiff, but he moved forward a
bit before shoving backward suddenly. It was enough encouragement and Zechs held him tight as he thrust into him harshly, biting back his moan. Pulling
back, he entered him again as Duo's hips moved to meet him, their muffled moans mingling. Their movements were hectic, but neither could keep from
increasing the pace until Zechs gripped Duo's erection and pumped it till he came. Bracing himself against the boy as he tightened abruptly, Zechs gasped
and held Duo when he swayed.

"God..." Holding onto Zechs as his knees went weak, Duo closed his eyes as he breathed quickly. "I...can't move."

Using the counter to steady them, Zechs gave a pleased smile as he took deep breaths. "Don't worry. I'll make sure you get to bed."

* * *

It was getting very irritating. He'd tried to take a nap, but his body simply wouldn't shut down. Roaming around the resort wasn't helping any since he couldn't
find Heero anywhere. Duo was about to start knocking on doors when he heard soft footsteps behind him and turned with a wide grin as he spotted the boy.

"Did you know there aren't any clocks here?" Duo asked as Heero came to a halt two feet from him. "If I hadn't looked outside I'd never know it was so late at

"Hn. Are you sober?" Smirking when the violet eyed boy flushed and nodded quickly, he stepped to him. "Good." His hands slid over Duo's shoulders as he
pulled the boy to him, eyes glinting. Duo pressed against him and he lowered his head for a surprisingly slow kiss. When they parted, Heero bent swiftly and
lifted the boy, ignoring his impressed grin as he carried him down the hall. It wasn't until he was shutting the his bedroom door behind them that the boy in his
arms grew serious.

"You know, Heero," Duo said slowly, frowning up at the cobalt eyed boy. "If you wanted me you could have said something sooner."

"Patience is a virtue," the boy muttered, burying his face against Duo's neck as he carried him to the bed. Laying him down, he hovered over the boy, hands
framing his face as he brushed his lips over Duo's forehead.

"" Eyes wide, Duo blinked at Heero's intense expression. "You're...a romantic?" Making a face when the boy looked to him sharply, he sighed. "I
know, shut up, Duo."

"No, I wasn't going to say that." He kissed the violet-eyed boy again as he ran his hands up, under Duo's shirt. His hands smoothed over the flat stomach,
fingers caressing him in sweeping motions.

"Oh." Not bothering to hide his pleased smile, Duo let Heero rid him of his clothing. As much as he liked the attention, he shook his head when the boy moved
toward him, pushing forward as he returned the favor. Pausing over the exposed skin, he caught Heero's eyes before maneuvering him onto his back. "Do you
have any idea how long I've wanted to do this?" He grinned as the Japanese boy raised an eyebrow and slid his hand down so his fingers curled around the
Heero's erection.

"Mmm." Eyes closing, Heero let his head fall back as he buried his hands in Duo's hair, gripping it tightly as the boy took him into his mouth.

Swirling his tongue over the hard length, Duo watched Heero's face as he turned his head so he could take him in deeper. He lifted the boy's hips, his mouth
moving over him and eliciting a low moan. He was tantalizing the former pilot, and he ceased his ministrations abruptly when he felt the boy's muscles grow taut
beneath him. Lifting his head, he smirked when Heero's eyes snapped open and fell on him. The unhappy look he found there quickly replaced and he
nodded at how sharp the boy was.

Heero stifled his groan as he pushed upward, his hands catching Duo's waist as he turned him onto his back. His control was tenuous, but he diverted his
need by tasting Duo's soft lips, his eyes boring into violet depths. Straightening, he watched as the boy's legs bent, an invitation so wanton it was irresistible
and he knelt between them, only pausing to grab the tube of lubricant off the stand beside the bed. He wasted no time coating his hand and he slipped two
fingers into him, his tongue brushing Duo's length.

Pushing his hips upward, Duo moaned. He reached down to catch Heero's thick hair, smiling when the boy lifted his head to look at him. "Kiss me? I'm ready,

With a low growl, Heero moved to obey, pushing into him slowly as his tongue plundered Duo's sweet mouth. There was no need for hesitation as Duo always
spoke the truth, and he buried himself in the tight heat. Reaching down, he lifted one of the boy's legs, moaning into his mouth when Duo wrapped his legs
around him, holding him tightly. Their mouths parted only for quick gasps of breath as they moved together slowly, then more quickly. With one last steamy
kiss, they came together, collapsing in a twine of limbs.

* * *

"Think they're finished?" Breath coming fast, Dorothy leaned back against the couch, not quite daring to take her eyes off the screen.

"I'm rewinding it." Flushing when the longhaired girl raised mocking eyes, Relena shrugged. "It'll take a while before they go again. Besides, the backup tape is
still recording."

With a pleased sound, Dorothy changed the views on the other screen, eyes shining as she saw that Zechs and Wufei weren't sleeping. "You know, your
brother is the sexiest man. He really does well with those boys."

"Yuck. I wish I could have just skipped inviting him," Relena said distractedly as she watched the tape with rapt and excited attention. "But Wufei never would
have come without him."

"Besides, the others enjoyed his presence." Licking her lips as the blonde man leaned over the black-haired boy, Dorothy shook her head. "How long before
they realize what's going on? I mean, they don't even know who invited them."

"Who cares? The aphrodisiac in the water and food will keep them from questioning anything. Now be quiet."

A glance to the former Queen and Princess had her grinning for a moment before Dorothy turned back to the two males. "You know, we could sell this footage
for a fortune."

"We don't need money. Mmm..."

"Gives new meaning to home videos, neh?"