Note: This takes place at least a year after the movie. This isn't so much a fic as it is an epilogue to some of the fics I've written. I think it could work for a
number of them, so rather than calling it a part two to any one fic, I'll just use it as an epilogue. Remember, an epilogue just sort of ties loose ends, it doesn't
introduce a new conflict. I say this so I won't be accused of writing a PWP. I write those, but this isn't meant to be one. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading it as
much as I did writing it.
Category:  Anime, Gundam Wing, Yaoi, TWT
Warnings: shonen ai, lemon, sap
Pairings: 1x2, blatant hint at 3x4.
Author: Arigatomina

After Time

"Duo...?" Quatre's pale blue-green eyes widened as he watched a slim boy leaning in the window of a yellow cab, paying the driver. Eyes following the long
golden brown hair that hung down his back, he was sure it was Duo but...he'd never seen him without his trademark braid. Then the boy turned, large violet
eyes sparkling as he spotted Quatre, and he knew without a doubt that it was Duo. "I--I'm glad you could make it!"

Grinning as he stepped to the blonde boy, Duo gave a formal bow, ponytail falling over a shoulder and reaching past his knees as he looked up from his
bent position. "At your service," Duo said with a cheeky grin before straightening slowly.

"You look great," Quatre said, smiling as his eyes moved over the boy, still clothed entirely in black. He'd grown a few inches over the years, and was still

"And you, if I may say so, look exactly the same. Though you're still as cute as ever."

Letting out a small laugh, Quatre shook his head. "I guess I wasn't meant to get any taller. But you should see Trowa. For a while there I thought he'd never
stop growing." Sighing at how nice it was to see his friend again, Quatre's grin slowly faded as he realized Duo had come alone. Looking over Duo's happy
expression, he was almost afraid to ask, but forced himself to do it. "Where's Heero?"

Frowning for a moment, Duo shook his head. "He's coming. You know he wouldn't miss this. After all, you only turn eighteen once."

"But...he didn't come with you? I thought you were together."

Jerking as he realized what the boy was thinking, Duo let out a surprised laugh. "Oh, we are. I had to help Hilde with something, but he said he'd meet me
here. In fact," pushing back the sleeve of his jacket, Duo glanced at his silver wristwatch, before looking up again, "he should be here in five minutes. You
know he's never late." Grinning, Duo moved to stand beside his very relieved friend, putting an arm around the shorter boy's shoulders and giving him a
light squeeze. "You should have known better, Quatre. We're not going to be separated."

"I'm glad," Quatre sighed, smiling at how confident Duo looked when he said that. "Well, do you want to wait out here, or go inside?"

"Is Wufei here yet?"

"Yes. He came in last night, he hasn't changed much either."

Following the Arabian down the sidewalk, Duo's eyes moved over the very large mansion, smirking before he looked at his friend. "Nice place you got here.
Kinda big for just the two of you though."

"Yeah, but we have plans for that too."

Glancing over, Duo's eyes widened at the light blush that spread across the pale boy's face. "What's that mean? Hey, you're not going to say something like
that and not explain, are you?"

"Actually," Quatre said softly, blushing darker as he met Duo's enthusiastic curiosity, "We're thinking of...getting married."

"Shit! You serious?! Oh man, that's so cool! When?"

Smiling bashfully, Quatre shook his head as he pulled open the front door, holding it as Duo entered. "We haven't set a date yet. We were waiting till my
birthday. Now...I guess it won't be too long."

"Well, you sure as hell better invite me! I want to catch the bouquet." Grinning as Quatre's surprised eyes flew to him, Duo laughed. "Well, if Heero doesn't
catch it first."

"I guess I shouldn't have worried. How are you two doing together?"

"We're managing," Duo said, "We've been so busy with work lately, it's nice to be able to take a break. And see old friends."

"I'm glad you could come," Quatre said, nodding. "So Heero's still working with his computers?"

"Yeah, but at least he doesn't bring his work home with him. I won't mind not ever hearing the sound of typing again. As it is, between his being the head of
that computer group and my salvage team, we pull in pretty good money. I wouldn't be surprised if we take a vacation soon."

Eyeing the mischievous look in Duo's eyes, Quatre bit his lip lightly. "A honeymoon...?"

Duo laughed. "We'll see. So! Where's Wufei, and Trowa?" Glancing around the wide hall, Duo shook his head at the extravagance. He knew Quatre hadn't
been the one to decorate it. "Let me guess, one of your sisters pick this place?"

Smirking, Quatre nodded. "It was an early birthday present."

"Well, never look a gift horse in the mouth. Anyway, where are they?"

"I'm not sure..." Frowning, Quatre caught a quick movement out of the corner of his eye. Seeing who it was, he turned Duo's attention to a door to their right.
"They might be in the dining room." Putting his back toward Duo so he could hide his grin, he started to walk toward the door, turning quickly when the boy
behind him gave a startled yipe.

Jumping at least a foot off the floor, Duo whirled to glare furiously at the boy who'd pulled his hair, fists clenching as a smirk crossed his face and his violet
eyes narrowed. "So you want to play, do you?"

Letting out a bark of laughter, Wufei shook his head. "You've lost your response time...Duo."

Smiling, Duo still liked the way the black-haired boy said his name. It was much more familiar than the harsh Maxwell he'd used in the past. "I don't need it
anymore. Besides, only a *coward* would attack while his prey's back is turned." Grinning when Wufei's black eyes narrowed, he folded his arms over his

"Don't get your hopes up," Wufei said after a moment of scowling, shaking his head. "I'm not going to let you get to me. Besides, you deserved the yank for
not hearing my approach."

Tilting his head, Duo's eyes sparked as he thought of a way to get revenge. Not giving any warning of his intentions, he slowly walked to the boy. "It's good
to see you again, Wufei. How've you been?"

Blinking at how quickly the boy had given up, Wufei shrugged. "Alright, I guess." He was still frowning when the longhaired boy suddenly moved forward.
Freezing in shock, it took a minute for his stunned mind to realize he wasn't being attacked, he was being hugged. By Duo.

Not releasing his strong hold, Duo's grin nearly split his face as the dark boy suddenly turned bright red, black eyes widening in complete shock. Giving
Wufei's longer but still tight pony tail a quick jerk, Duo jumped back and laughed as Wufei continued to stand there, mouth open. Turning to see Quatre
hiding his soft laughter behind a hand, he smirked proudly. "Yes, I've still got it."

"Some things never change, do they." Shaking his head, Trowa slowly stepped out of the doorway Wufei had come from and walked to stand next to the
three boys. Eyeing Wufei's slowly receding blush, Trowa smirked before looking to Duo. "You look wonderful, Duo. It's nice to see you haven't lost your
sense of humor."

Smiling at what he considered a compliment, Duo nodded. "Not me. But Trowa, what happened to you? I mean, you were tall before but're a giant."

Laughing, Quatre gave the tall boy a slight shove. "I told you. He's as tall as Rashid."

"I believe it," Duo said, shaking his head at how much the couple differed. Quatre was slim and short while Trowa was tall, his muscles pronounced even
beneath his gray sweater. "But you've got the same hair," he said, smirking.

"I like his hair," Quatre said, frowning at Duo in disapproval. "You didn't change *your* hair, so why should he?"

"Don't bicker," Wufei said, having gotten control of himself although he continued to scowl at the longhaired boy. "You sound like children."

"I'm surprised you wouldn't consider that justice, Wufei."

Blinking in surprise, Wufei turned to stare at the boy who had somehow managed to enter unnoticed. "Yuy."

"We didn't get to be children when we were young," Heero said slowly as he crossed the room to join the others, his cobalt eyes taking in the way time had
changed them. "So we make up for that now."

"You're late," Duo said, frowning at his watch before looking up, one eyebrow raised.

"I was here," Heero said lightly, moving to stand beside the boy as his hand moved to grasp the long tail of hair lightly. "I was watching you."


"Well, why don't we go to the dining room," Quatre said, forcing his eyes away from Heero who was gazing down at the long-haired boy as if he hadn't seen
him in years. "We have a lot of catching up to do."

"Sure," Duo said, smiling over his shoulder at Heero for a minute before taking a step forward. Or he would have taken a step if a strong hand hadn't fallen
on his shoulder, causing him to pause. Not glancing back, Duo nodded to Quatre. "Go ahead, we'll be there in a minute."

Still fighting his urge to stare at the pair, Quatre moved to and through the door to the dining room, Trowa and Wufei following.

Waiting until the three had left the room, Heero turned Duo to face him, eyes glinting. "Why didn't you braid your hair?" he asked, voice low as he caught
the spark in those violet eyes. "You know what it does to me."

"That's why I left it," Duo said, smirking as Heero's hand twisted in his hair, pulling his head back a bit.

"I missed you." Arms pulling the slender boy against him, Heero bent his head a bit, mouth meeting Duo's. Growling low in his throat, his tongue moved over
those soft lips, then inside to mate with Duo's. Not giving the boy any lenience, he pulled him closer till their bodies were flush against each other as he
devoured him.

Finally allowed to breath, Duo's eyes glistened as he took a shaky breath. "Wow. I was only gone for two days."

"Too long," Heero said, face completely serious. "Did you settle things with Hilde?"

"Yeah, looks like we'll have to go to a wedding in two weeks. She said to thank you for letting her borrow me," Duo said with a grin as Heero gave a sharp

"She owes me for that. I don't like you going away."

"You're so possessive," Duo sighed, smiling as he wrapped his arms around Heero's waist, rubbing his cheek against that firm chest. "I love that about you."

"Good, because it's not going to change." Lowering his head to place a light kiss on the boy's neck, Heero sighed and slowly pushed him back. "We'd better
go now, or I'll end up dragging you upstairs."

Grinning at Heero's bluntness, Duo preened for a second before laughing. "Okay. Not that I would have minded being drug upstairs. But it would be rude."

Gripping Duo's wrist as he started to open the door, Heero bent so he could whisper in his ear. "I really did miss you, Duo."

Sighing with bliss, Duo turned so he could look into those cobalt eyes so close to his. "I missed you too..."

* * *

"Did you see the way Heero was looking at him?" Quatre asked softly as soon as the door shut behind the three boys. "I've never seen him look"

"Heero isn't a fool," Wufei said slowly, "He knows what a treasure Duo is. He *should* appreciate him." Seeing the way the two were looking at him, he
frowned and sat at the long table, watching as they sat down across from him. "He's changed is all I'm saying," Wufei muttered, discomforted by their stares.
"For the better."

"I agree," Quatre said quickly, "It was just such a shock is all."

"Well, get over it quickly. I'd rather not see a recurrence of the Yuy Death Glare," Wufei said, smirking as he looked to the door, waiting for the two ex-pilots.
Despite his words, he felt himself react with surprise at the softness in those cobalt eyes as Heero entered, following a happy-looking Duo. "You've grown,

Nodding, Heero stood still as Duo picked a seat, moving to sit beside him before looking at the others. "But you haven't. What have you been doing with
yourself, Wufei?"

"I've kept busy," Wufei said in an offhanded manner. He didn't want to tell them about the relationship he was in at the moment, not until things were settled
and he was certain it would last. He wasn't the best at being with someone, but he had confidence that he'd soon be making an announcement of his own.
"I'd rather not go into it now," he said, more to put a damper on the look Duo was giving him than to make excuses. He knew the longhaired boy was eager
to push for details. "Since retiring from the Preventors, I've been thinking about staying on earth, though. I'm not sure what I'll do yet."

"Keeping secrets," Duo muttered, not pushing when Heero smirked at him. "I guess I won't argue." Giving Wufei a disappointed look that had the
black-haired boy fighting a smile, Duo broke his act with a grin. "Well, I'm glad you could come here. It's really nice to be together again," he said, voice
softening. "It's been too long."


Duo laughed suddenly, shaking his head when Quatre gave him a questioning look. "It's just that--Trowa still answers in one-word." Stifling his laughter as
best he could, he glanced at the stoic boy, grinning in an apologetic manner. "Sorry Trowa, don't mean to pick on you."

"It's fine."

That short response sent him laughing again, and Heero met Trowa's green eyes, shrugging a shoulder to rid himself of responsibility. "How many are
coming to the party?" he asked, eyes moving to Quatre.

"Not as many as my sisters would have liked," Quatre said, wincing slightly. "Just family and friends. The Maguanacs are coming too."

"I'm surprised they aren't living with you," Duo said, having gotten control of himself. "They always were so protective."

"He doesn't need protection," Trowa said, flushing slightly when Duo's suddenly wide eyes flew to him. Closing his mouth, he glanced at Quatre's brilliant
smile before sighing. "Well he doesn't."

Still glowing at Trowa's vote of confidence in him, Quatre gave Duo a pointed look, telling him to lay off the tall boy. "They know I have my own life," he said
slowly, not blinking until Duo gave a nod and leaned back in his chair, expression serious. "It'll be nice to have them all here. I haven't actually seen them in
over a year."

"Are they still together?" Wufei asked in surprise. "I'd have thought they would have disbanded by now and gone to their own lives as well."

"They did," Trowa said, meeting Wufei's gaze. "They're staying in the same city though. I guess they don't want to leave each other."

"They're a family." Smiling, Quatre saw Wufei's face clear slowly. "It's easier to stay in touch without distance separating them, like it does with us."

"Hey, distance didn't keep us from getting together," Duo said, looking insulted. "I'd have come even if I'd been staying on the other side of the planet, you
know that. Distance just means it takes a while for us to get together, it doesn't mean we *won't* get together."

Biting his lip at the pleasure that flowed through him, Quatre's eyes shined. "That's right."

"Well, as long as we are talking, what's the plan? I've had a long flight, I wouldn't mind turning in soon."

Looking at Heero in surprise, Trowa's eyes narrowed as they moved to Duo who'd suddenly glanced down at the table, light blush coloring his cheeks.
Smirking, he leaned forward. "Let's have dinner now then, it shouldn't take long."

Seeing the understanding in Trowa's gaze, Heero smirked in return before nodding.

* * *

"I can't believe they went to bed, it's so early." Frowning, Quatre shook his head as he looked at the tall boy sitting beside him. "I thought we'd stay

"Didn't you see Heero's eyes?" Trowa asked, standing and moving to stand behind the disappointed boy. Bending, he wrapped his arms around his
shoulders. "I'm surprised he lasted through dinner."

Blinking, Quatre abruptly blushed, then he let out a small laugh. "You mean...?"

"He didn't really try to hide it," Trowa said, laying his cheek against Quatre's. "Don't be upset. I'm sure they'll want to talk tomorrow. In the mean time..."
Standing, he moved to Quatre's side, bending as he lifted the boy, "I'll help you pass the time if you aren't tired."

Grinning, Quatre wrapped his arms around Trowa's neck, resting his chin on his chest as he looked up at him. "I'm not the least bit tired, Trowa."


* * *

"Heero, we really should have visited longer. We could have waited for this..." Remembering Quatre's expression as they'd bid him goodnight, Duo sighed.
Then he was caught off guard when Heero suddenly pushed him up against the door, cobalt eyes shining brightly.

"I couldn't wait," Heero said, voice low as he pushed his lips against Duo's, their mouths opening. Growling as the boy rubbed against him, Heero's arms
moved around his back, pulling him closer as his head tilted to nibble at the side of his neck. Feeling warm hands move beneath his shirt, he released the
violet-eyed boy as it was pulled over his head and discarded on the floor. Sending Duo's black shirt to join it, his hands played over the light muscles of his
back as soft lips moved over his chest, groaning when they brushed a nipple. Breath catching, Heero's head moved down, lips catching the boy's shoulder
as he sucked hard, not caring if it left a red mark later. As it was, it got the desired result as Duo winced, head coming up so their eyes met. "Now."

Hands shaking a bit as he fumbled with the clasp of his pants, Duo quickly shed the rest of his clothing, eyes blazing as he finished in time to see Heero
bend to push his off. Licking his lips, he was prepared when the dark-haired boy grabbed him, crossing the room quickly and nearly tossing him onto the
bed as he followed, breath coming fast. Catching Heero's shoulders as the boy moved to pin him on his back, Duo sat up, licking his lips again as he eyed
his lover. Meeting Heero's slightly glazed eyes, he tilted his head, brushing a kiss over his chin.

"Duo...I want..." Groaning when the longhaired boy's hand closed around his rigid length, Heero gritted his teeth, not fighting as he was pushed onto his

"Let me." Jerking the band off his hair, Duo shook his head quickly before moving to kiss his chest, a low sound coming from him at Heero's groan. Smirking,
he ran his tongue over the erection, relaxing his throat as Heero's powerful hands suddenly gripped the back of his head, pushing him down so he took in
the length. Doing his best to drive the boy crazy, he let out a frustrated groan when the hands in his hair jerked his head back and Heero sat up.

"I want to be inside you," Heero said, voice hoarse as he took a shaky breath. Forcing his body to listen, he glared at the frustrated boy kneeling beside
him. "You left *me*. You owe me this."

Smirking at the way Heero's cobalt eyes blazed, Duo shook his head. "Like I'd argue with you. I just wanted a taste."

"Fine," Heero said quickly, shoving his lover back and spreading his legs so he could kneel between them. "Now it's my turn." Hands moving beneath those
slender hips, he pulled the boy up a bit as he bent, taking him into his mouth in a swift move, his hard erection not allowing him to waste any time as he
sucked on him. Head moving fast, he squeezed the boy until he moaned, shoving upwards urgently as he had moments before. Feeling the boy stiffen,
Heero quickly released him, hand moving to stroke him until he came. Catching the slick substance, he took him in his mouth again as he rubbed it against
Duo's entrance, using what was left to coat his painful erection before straightening quickly.

Leaning over Duo, he eyed his flushed face, mouth moving over his furiously as he slowly entered him, one hand holding himself up as the other angled the
boy's hips. Tongue moving over his, Heero groaned in response to the sound Duo made, jerking as the boy pushed his hips upward. Buried in his heat,
nothing mattered but the boy beneath him, and he gripped Duo's long fall of hair as those slender legs wrapped around him tightly, forcing him closer.
Ravaging that delicious mouth, Heero groaned as he pushed in harshly, Duo's legs squeezing him as the boy pushed up to meet him. Their movements
were rushed, and it didn't take long for them to come, cries muffled by each other's mouths.

Breathing heavily, Duo moved his fingers through Heero's thick hair as that boy rested his head on his chest. Sighing, his lips curved in a lazy smile as he
felt Heero move to look at him. "You know, I really don't get you sometimes," he said softly, opening his eyes to meet Heero's questioning gaze. "You have
more patience than anyone I've ever known, yet..."

"It's you." Moving so his face rested against Duo's neck, Heero nuzzled him for a moment before lifting his head to meet those violet eyes, expression
serious. "I don't like you leaving, not being there."

"Vulnerable?" Duo asked, raising an eyebrow and smirking when Heero frowned.

"Don't tease. If I didn't know we'd both go crazy, I'd take you to some secluded area where you'd never leave my sight. We don't have to work."

"You're a romantic, Heero Yuy," Duo smiled, hand trailing across his lover's cheek. "We could try it...for a while. I have to admit, I love the thought of us
being alone together, no distractions."

Smirking suddenly, Heero moved, teeth tugging on the longhaired boy's earlobe. "You're still a distraction, Duo, you always will be. I thought about you the
entire time you were gone, I couldn't work."

"That's so flattering." Laughing when Heero bit his shoulder, Duo pushed onto his side, their lips brushing together. "I missed you too, I couldn't wait to get
back. Maybe you should have gone with me..."

Sighing, Heero looked away. "I didn't want to crowd you. I hated watching you leave, but it was your choice."

"Your obsessive tendencies are endearing, Heero. I *like* it when you're with me. If I'd known that's why you decided not to go, I'd have put up more of a
fight." Laughing suddenly, Duo shook his head. "We act like I was gone for weeks. I love you."

Blinking quickly, Heero stared at him with a startled expression. Sighing, his lips formed a smug smile and he curled against the American's chest. "I know."

Mouth open, Duo looked down at the top of the dark head, staring. Grinning widely, he laughed and tugged on Heero's thick hair. "Jerk."

"I know that too," Heero murmured, turning his head to nip at the hand pulling his hair before smiling at Duo. "Ai shiteru, baka."

"What did you call me?" Duo asked as his eyes narrowed with mock warning, careful to keep his grin hidden.

"Koi," Heero said quickly, a rare grin gracing his face as he hid his head again. "My koi."