Notes: This takes up where Is This Real? left off, after the boys see and remember their past in the pool. This is *very* short, but as the notes in the end
explain, there is more to come.
Warnings: Sap, shonen ai, very slight lime
Pairings: 1x2, 3x4
Category: Yaoi, AU

At Last

" remember now?"

Eyes wide, Trowa turned to where Quatre sat near him, shaking his head slowly. "I'm so sorry, Quatre. I never thought I would forget you..."

"You do!" Grinning widely, the blonde boy pushed off the marble floor, nearly knocking Trowa into the pool as he threw his arms around him. "Oh Trowa!"

Watching with bright eyes as the two boys exchanged a flurry of kisses, Duo glanced at Heero, taking in the dark look on his face. "Well?" he asked, wanting a
similar embrace.

"I lied to you." Cobalt blue eyes pinning Duo abruptly, Heero shook his head. "You'll have to forgive me."

Meeting his gaze, Duo grinned and stood, arms folded over his chest. "Of course, but aren't you going to sweep me off my feet and tell me how ecstatic you
are to see me?" Gesturing to the two boys who hadn't come up for air yet, he raised an eyebrow.

"Do you want me to take you right here? Because that's what I'll do if I touch you." Looking away from the violet-eyed boy, Heero glared. "Is this over then?"

"No, but take as much time as you need, I can wait."

Not needing more, Duo nodded to the cowled figure as he moved to Heero, grabbing his hand and tugging him toward the steps. "Let's go to that cabin of
yours." Laughing when Heero grabbed him around the waist, Duo wrapped his arms around the boy's waist as he was lifted off his feet. "Now this is more like

* * *

"I watched for you every day, just like I said I would." Eyes closing as soft lips moved over his face, Duo sighed. "Then you finally came and you didn't

"I'll always love you, you know that. When I made you cry..." Shaking his head, Heero buried his head against the long-haired boy's neck, breathing deeply
before looking up again. "I didn't understand, but it tore me apart. Even then, I loved you." Brushing Duo's smile with his tongue, Heero tightened his arms,
pulling the boy closer as his hands stroked his back. "You were wrong, you know."

"About what?" Duo asked, enjoying the sight of Heero's eyes on him.

"I didn't have a reason to live. The reason I didn't fear death was because I didn't have *you*. It had nothing to do with our pact."

"I guess that's romantic," Duo laughed, "But don't talk about dying, Heero, please." Hands moving behind the boy's head, his fingers dug into Heero's thick hair
as their mouths met, their initial fervor not yet satisfied. "I love you, and I have you back, that's all I want to think about."

Nodding, Heero returned the kiss, relishing in the boy in his arms.

* * *

"Trowa, what if someone..." Moaning, he abruptly forgot what he'd wanted to say, moving against the sand at his back. The story had taken a day in the real
world, and the sand was warm, almost hot against bare skin. Watching his green-eyed lover, Quatre smiled.

Furious that he'd forgotten him, Trowa was determined to reacquaint himself with every inch of the smaller boy, taking his time. For the moment, nothing
mattered except the soft skin beneath his lips as he paused in his exploration to take Quatre's mouth. "No one will see you," he whispered, fingers outlining the
boy's face as he placed soft kisses over his closed eyes. "I won't let anyone interrupt this."

* * *

"It's hard to believe we're all together again."

Nodding as he agreed with the pale boy, Duo smiled at Heero, eyes shining. "I'm never letting you go, Heero. That's both a warning and a promise."

"Quatre, what did the two of you do while we were gone?" Trowa asked. The four boys were sitting on a blanket on the beach, having lunch before their
inevitable trip into the forest.

"Well, I think we slept an awful lot," Quatre said with a small smile.

"Yeah, Shinigami said he'd fixed things so time would pass faster for us. I think he got sick of my yelling at him. It just took so *long* for you to come back."

"And you're always impatient," Heero said with a small, indulgent smile.

"Do you know where we go from here? We never actually talked about what would happen after we fought and came back." Eyes meeting Heero's, Trowa
nodded. "He gave his word that we'd be together, so I am *not* going to leave again."

"I'm afraid you don't understand."

Startled, the four boys looked up, Heero and Trowa glaring as they spotted a familiar figure standing near them. Squeezing Quatre's hand lightly, Trowa stood.
"What now? We've done as you asked."

"It's not that simple," Shinigami said, actually sitting in on the sand across from Duo, not quite touching the edge of the blanket. "The pact we made has
consequences that cannot be undone. The largest one being your mortality. Having given you unlimited lives, I cannot take them back. The two of you will
continue to be reincarnated each time you die." Raising a hand when Duo's mouth opened, he continued quickly. "The promise I made also holds, however, so
each life you will be reunited with your loved ones, meaning they too will have unlimited lives."

"I never thought of that," Quatre said, eyes uncertain yet happy as they moved to Trowa. "So we'll not be separated like this? Not again?"

"Only if one of you dies before the other in which case you won't see each other until your next life. But there's more. Having once agreed to be my soldiers,
the two of you will continue fighting in each lifetime, as long as there is war you will fight."

"Then we need peace," Quatre whispered. "But people are always fighting."

"There will be peace one day, that much I can promise, but the road to it will be harsh. You should know that by demanding that the four of you stay together,
you've included something that I had not planned. My intention was only for Heero and Trowa to fight, but with you together, Duo. You and Quatre will also be
surrounded by war. Whether or not you fight it *will* be your choice, but it will engulf you regardless."

Raising a hand to stall Heero, whose glare was furious, Duo shook his head. "You know what I'll do," he said, eyes drilling into the darkness of Shinigami's

"Yes, I do." Standing, he turned his back on them. "This life only, I shall...pull strings?...and give you peace. Do not waste the time, you don't know what the
future will demand of you."

Watching him disappear, no one spoke, simply exchanging glances. Finally, Duo shook his head again. "I have no regrets. As long as we can be together and
I have Heero," he smiled, "then I'll be happy. Even if it means fighting a war."

"Not one, Duo," Quatre said, leaning against Trowa as that boy's arm moved around him. "Endless wars. Unless we can find peace."

"Maybe, but I for one intend to forget about that and simply enjoy our time together now. Heero, what year is it?"

Eyes widening, Quatre let out a small laugh. "That's right. I have no idea how long it's been."

Placing a kiss on the blonde boy's brow, Trowa smiled. "It's been a long time, Quatre. You wouldn't believe how much the world has changed. I guess it was
the past that caused us to come here and build a cabin with our own hands. The world is different."

"I don't care about the changes," Duo said, one hand slipping behind Heero's back, fingers moving under his shirt and causing the dark-haired boy to stiffen. "I
want to know where you got such a soft bed."

Laughing, Quatre grinned. "Trowa, what year *is* it?"

"After colony 114."

Frowning, Duo raised an eyebrow as he looked at the green-eyed boy. "What's a colony?"


SEQUEL:  As it will be