The farmhouse was dark with the late hour, and the wind had died down.  A calm crept in, the sky full of motionless clouds that seemed to wait for some sign
upon which they would churn again.  The woman was standing near the steps of the large, wrap-around porch, her red hair still tangled from sleep.  One hand
clutched the white railing, the other hidden at her neck.  But he knew it was curled empty, the locket was miles away.  

"A storm is coming."

Blair's eyes widened for a second, then she turned, her expression dropping even lower.  Pale amethyst eyes seemed to glare at her, then the impression was
gone.  "It's so quiet," she said softly, leaning against the man's chest as a strong arm moved over her shoulders.

"The birds are gone," Sapphire said sharply.  His eyes swept over the trees that dotted the wide lawn, their leaves not moved by anything with the sudden lack
of wind.  The storm had been gathering since dawn, but it was waiting now, holding its breath.

"They followed you think they'll come back, then?"  The arm tightened around her, but Blair didn't look up.  It was her fault Chihaya had gone, she
should have hidden her sadness better.  But she hadn't *asked* him to go, in fact, she'd told him not to as soon as the boy had thought of the idea.  Only
when she realized how determined he was had she shown him the picture of her brother inside the locket.  "Then we'll know."

"Maybe, but there were always too many crows here.  The environment isn't suited for them.  I don't think they'll be back, with or without him."  Blair's shoulders
hitched, and he sighed, wrapping both arms around her.  "You know I don't blame you."

"You should.  He may not even make it to New York.  I didn't know he'd never been on his own before, I should have told you sooner."

"Chihaya always did what he thought needed to be done, he doesn't listen to anyone.  At best, I could have locked him up.  But then I would have had worse
things to worry about than whatever your kin might do to him."

"That went with him, didn't it."  While she was content with the welcome she'd gained from the black angels, there were many things they wouldn't tell
her.  The raven was one of them.  She knew it wasn't Chihaya's, yet it followed him everywhere.  They even let it stay in the house.  And she knew it slept over
the boy's bed.  It had done so since she first came to live with them.  "If anything happened to him, it would come and tell you, wouldn't it?"

"No."  The young woman shoved back so she could look up at him, and Sapphire sighed, taking in her confusion.  "That bird only answers to two people, and
I'm not one of them.  The only way it would leave Chihaya's side is if he died, or if it were called away.  Your brother wouldn't kill him, right?"

"No...but he wouldn't be alone.  You know how they feel about you, I don't know what they'd do if they caught Chihaya.  Kagetsuya wouldn't hurt him, I'm sure if
they met he'd see how kind Chihaya is.  But he wouldn't just let him come back here either, not unless he was following him.  And the others wouldn't let
Kagetsuya risk himself."

"Would they take him to Eden?"

"No!  No, I'm sure they wouldn't do that.  They'd *never* let a black angel set foot on Eden."  Sapphire snorted softly and she flushed.  It was embarrassing
how many misconceptions her kind had about him and his people.  But that didn't change the truth.  "They wouldn't take him there."

"Then we could find him."

"You're so certain he's in trouble.  I admit, I don't see how he could hope to get to Kagetsuya without running into others, but still.  It's not impossible.  Yet
you're certain."

"You don't know Chihaya as well as you think you do.  He's...too soft.  That's partly our fault, though.  He's never had to defend himself, and he's used to
getting his own way.  If there were trouble, he'd stubbornly stick it out, but Chihaya...he wouldn't hurt someone, even if it were to save himself."  The woman
was frowning at him, but he refused to let her in on all the details, she didn't need to know.  Yes, he loved her, but that was *his* choice.  The others on the
farm accepted that choice, and they'd embraced her.  But there were still black angels who would never accept her.  He would keep that from her until she
*had* to know.  "Believe me, as defiant as he is, he's passive when it come to his own safety."

"Are you saying he wouldn't run away if they caught him?"  She hadn't known him for more than a few short months, but she'd been drawn to the boy.  She
thought she knew him.  He *was* playful and sweet, and completely sympathetic to everyone around him, but he was so proud, too.  He would argue with
anyone with beliefs that countered his own.  She couldn't imagine him standing passively while someone hurt him.

"He'd run, if he could.  But if he couldn't, then he's more likely to accept that.  And whatever happens to him, he'd keep accepting it rather than ask for help, so
long as no one else is hurt."

"You make it sound like they'll torture him..."  Pale eyes flicked away from her and Blair ducked her head against the man's chest.  "Kagetsuya wouldn't let that
happen, I'm sure of it."

"You said he was stubborn, that he had a quick temper.  Chihaya is stubborn as well.  If the two clashed, do you think your brother would let him go?  I think
he'd find out where you are, using whatever means necessary."

"He wouldn't."  The man had never really met her brother, though they had seen each other once before she'd run away.  He didn't understand.  "He wouldn't
give up on finding me, but he wouldn't use such methods.  He has more pride than that."

"In any case, it's out of my hands now."  The girl moved as if she wanted to look up at him, but the wind had returned and he pulled her towards the door.  
"The only thing for us to do is wait.  If anything happens to Chihaya, we'll find out eventually.  One thing I will say...if anything *does* happen to him, it could
start a war between angels here on earth.  Your people think they're furious that you were taken, but they have no idea what fury is.  When he finds out..."

The man grew silent abruptly, and Blair moved out of his embrace, blocking the door to the farmhouse.  Her cheeks grew warm, and she couldn't meet his
gaze.  "You're talking about Messiah, aren't you."  She heard his gasp over the reborn breeze, and she flinched away from what she saw as an accusing
gaze.  "I heard some of the others talking about him.  I know I wasn't supposed to hear..."

"It didn't involve you," Sapphire said softly, his arms falling to his sides.  "But...don't feel guilty.  You haven't done anything wrong.  It's just that...we don't talk
about him much, no one does.  Just like you have angels you aren't proud of, so do we."

"What did he do?"  She didn't want him to be angry with her, but she couldn't let the opportunity pass her by.  He'd said they didn't talk about the angel much,
but she'd heard enough whispers to know there was an entire history behind the name.  Sapphire's eyes hardened, then he stepped past her and jerked open
the door.

"He tried to take Chihaya away from us."

* * *

They should have searched harder, that was the first thing to pass through his pain-fogged mind.  The two angels never even looked into the pile of debris he
was hiding in, and after a while he realized he should be grateful.  Chihaya was having trouble being anything, and he'd barely managed to keep quiet,
huddled behind some crates near the wall.  His wings had hidden him as well, blending in with the darkness.  They were the source of his agony, and the alley
was empty for nearly an hour before he could force himself to move.  He hadn't heard much that the two white angels said, but he'd made out something about
his landing and he glared toward the street as he had to agree.  But it was nothing to make light of.  They should have been at least a bit sympathetic.

He was clearly grounded, it hurt to even shift his left wing.  More than the pain, though, he was filled with fear.  Never had he seen an injured wing, and he
didn't know if it would heal once it had disappeared.  Somehow, he didn't think so, meaning he would have to keep his wings out.  But he couldn't do that or
someone would see him.  Whether it was an angel or human didn't matter, he couldn't simply move around with his wings showing.  To put them away he would
have to fold them back, though, and that was bound to hurt.  His head already hurt, pain throbbing behind his eyes and making his balance sketchy at best.  
Stepping toward the middle of the alleyway, he turned his head to see what he'd done to himself.

The wing was torn where it normally bent, half of it hanging by less than an inch of ripped cartilage.  He'd nearly broken it off, and he shook for a moment, his
eyes burning.  What if he lost it, bending it back might make it worse, might take away any chance he had of healing.  It needed a splint, something to hold it
out so the torn part could heal correctly.  That sounded like a good idea, but he knew he couldn't do it, not if he didn't want to be caught again.  His teeth
clenched when he reached over his shoulder and folded it back.  He was certain he'd made it worse when a jolt of pain arched through his back and he hit his
knees hard.  But the wings disappeared into him, and he tried to convince himself it was worth it.  The pain was still there, that hadn't changed at all.  But at
least he didn't have to worry about his movements complicating the injury, that was something.  A low moan escaped his lips, then he bent and hid his face
against his arms.  He remained like that for some time before he could force himself to move again.

Standing, he was struck by a wave of dizziness that made him stumble forward a step.  He took a deep breath then walked toward the street, but he lurched
suddenly and had to brace himself against the wall.  It was more than the pain from his wing, his face felt hot despite the cold temperature, and he couldn't
seem to focus his eyes anymore.  His hands scraped brick when he turned to lean his back against the wall, and he had a vague thought that if his wings had
been out it would have hurt more.  Then his dazed eyes caught something near the lit end of the alley and the fog seemed to lift from his mind.  A girl was
standing, outlined by the light behind her and for a second he thought it was the angel from the apartment.  Then she rushed to him and he saw that her hair
was pink rather than lavender.  His vision swam again and he fell, not registering the shoulder that placed itself beneath his arm, the concerned voice that
spoke words he couldn't seem to understand.

* * *

The furious voice wasn't loud, but Takako was still surprised she hadn't felt the vibrations through the door.  Kagetsuya's face was more furious than she'd
ever seen, his normally neutral eyes cold slits of pale blue.  She recognized one of the angels he was speaking to, and she could tell from Kageto's expression
that they deserved the railing.  Her pink eyes turned to the girl beside her and she stayed in the doorway with Aya, not willing to interrupt.  "What's going on?"

"A black angel showed up last night, and he knows where Blair is.  But he ran off."  Aya sighed, frowning at the floor as she leaned in the open doorway.  "We
didn't get anything from him."

Takako didn't know the girl very well, only having met her a few times on Eden, but she was sure Aya had to have been close to Blair.  She looked so
disappointed.  "Why did he come?"  Blair had been gone for months; most of the authorities on Eden had given her up for lost.  Rumors that her mutilated
corpse had been found had caused Takako to rush to Earth, and she'd been shocked to find that the rumors were completely wrong.  From what Miyagi had
mentioned on the phone a few days ago, they had no idea where Blair was or what had happened to her.  All they had was a glimpse of a black angel right
before she disappeared.  She hadn't expected to find out one of them had come with news of the girl, and she couldn't imagine what the black angel had
hoped to accomplish.  "Did anyone get to question him before he escaped?"  Aya made a face and Takako blinked, leaning back.  "What?"

"Takako."  Kagetsuya's furious eyes cleared slowly as he looked at the girls and he moved away from the two angels.  He'd been surprised by the rumors that
were spreading in Eden, and he'd been supportive of Takako's coming to Earth.  She had as much at stake as any of them, she was one of the best friends
Blair had known.  "I'm glad you came."  The pink-haired girl nodded quickly and his eyes flicked to the side when Kageto shifted.  "Keep looking."  The man
nodded sharply, his eyes relieved.  Muneyuki looked up at him for a second, then the two left the room quickly.  They'd realized their mistake too late, but he
knew they wouldn't repeat it again.  Once they were gone, he walked to the doorway, his eyes dropping to Aya.  "I'd like to speak with Takako alone, please."

Aya's frown deepened, but she couldn't argue with the man and she turned on her heel.  "Fine."  She glared when the door was shut as soon as she was out
of the room.  Miyagi was in the kitchen and she raised her chin, looking away from his raised eyebrow.  "They want to talk alone, but I don't see why.  Sure,
she's Blair's friend, but Kagetsuya never talks about her."

His eye twitched, but Miyagi didn't respond to the jealous tone.  "I'm sure it's nothing personal," he said slowly.  The girl's back was tense and he sighed
suddenly, dropping his head to rest his chin on his folded hands.  "Kagetsuya is just worried about Blair.  He no doubt wants to be the one to tell Takako what

"Well, it's not as if I wasn't here when it happened," Aya said sharply, sitting in the chair across from him with a huff.  "It's no secret that they have to be *alone*
to talk about.  Besides, she didn't seem very worried about Blair."

"You have to understand," Miyagi said, his lips curving a bit when the girl frowned at him and tilted her head.  "She just came from Eden.  The rumors there
say that Blair is dead, she must be very relieved to know that's not true.  I talked to her yesterday, I think her biggest regret was that she hadn't come to Earth
with Blair before all of this happened.  It isn't that she's not worried, but that she's still hopeful."

"You seem to understand her perfectly," Aya said slowly, her eyes narrowing as she looked over the man.  "You don't *like* you?"

The girl didn't look upset by the thought, and he was almost disappointed.  His smile turned into a wistful smirk and he dropped his eyes.  "No, nothing like

* * *

"Why didn't you believe it?" Takako asked, her eyes wide.  She had been shocked by Kagetsuya's story, but not as disbelieving as the man was.  Blair had
always been whimsical, and she knew her friend had dreams of a whirlwind romance on Earth.  She'd just never imagined the girl would end up falling for
anyone other than a white angel.  That she might have run off with a black angel was hard to believe, but not at all impossible to imagine.  Kagetsuya was
staring at her in surprise and she sighed, sitting down in the cushioned seat across from him.  "Then Blair is all right."

"That's what he said," Kagetsuya nodded.  He didn't see how she could accept the story so easily, especially considering the source.  But she obviously had.  
"He wouldn't even consider taking me to her.'s no wonder after the way they treated him.  He probably thought I'd kill his people if I knew where they

"The way they treated him?  What happened?"  The man glared suddenly, and she remembered the way he'd spoke earlier.

"Muneyuki and Kageto beat him up.  I know why, but that doesn't excuse them.  Miyagi brought him here, but he escaped before I could get him to tell me more
than what I already told you.  We're still looking, though, and we'll find him."  Takako's mouth opened, but he thought he knew what she was going to ask.  
"He's grounded.  It was a fool thing to do, but he dove into an alley near here and probably broke a wing."  The girl gasped at his words and he leaned back
against the couch. "It sounds crazy, but he did the only thing he could have.  If he hadn't dove, he'd never have out-flown me.  But it didn't come off smoothly.  
He's on foot somewhere, probably still in the city.  We've been searching buildings near the alley, but so far we haven't found anything."  The girl's face was
very pale and he stopped, frowning at her.

Takako was silent for a moment, then she caught Kagetsuya's questioning gaze and blinked quickly.  "Are you going to get more people to help you search?"

"No," Kagetsuya said sharply, standing and folding his arms over his chest.  "Our mistake so far is the way we treated him.  If there's even an ounce of truth to
what he said, then we should have taken a non-violent approach and simply talked with him.  More angels would just make things worse, especially with the
rumors going around in Eden right now.  Knowing our luck, they'd probably kill him on sight."

"I just got in," Takako said softly, her eyes not meeting his when she stood.  "I need to take care of some things, but I'll be back later to help if you think I would
be useful."  

"You're more level-headed than Kageto or Muneyuki, and I think you might be able to talk him into listening better than I could.  Your help would be
appreciated."  She gave him a quick smile and Kagetsuya sighed before waving her toward the door.  He knew she'd had a long trip, but he was still
disappointed to see her go so soon.  She and his sister had been friends since childhood.  Having her around was reassuring.

* * *

The pain wouldn't stop.  Chihaya knew from the flush visible on his bruised face that he was also sick, but he was more concerned with his wing.  He might
never fly again, and that thought was more terrifying than any he'd ever had.  If he hadn't been raised never to show his wings to humans, he would have
risked being captured if it meant the wing would heal.  The white angels might end up torturing him to get Blair's location, but they were still *angels*.  He didn't
believe any angel would allow another angel to be permanently grounded, wings were what separated them from humans.  They were sacred to them.  At
least, they were to his own people and from what little information he'd gotten from Blair, white angels thought the same way.  But he couldn't just turn himself
in, he couldn't willingly endanger the others when he didn't know if he'd be able to keep their location a secret.  His wing would have to wait until he was steady
enough to travel, there was no choice but to wait.

The sound of a door shutting reached him through the bathroom wall and Chihaya gave one last look at himself in the mirror.  The bruising wasn't that bad
and he'd definitely seen worse.  Mostly, it circled his left eye and his right cheek, but it was bad enough that he was surprised the girl had taken him home with
her.  Oh, he had faith in humans for the most part, but he'd expected her to take him to a hospital.  He didn't remember much after she'd caught him in the
alley, but he'd woken in a soft bed, alone in the apartment.  A soft tap rang on the bathroom door and he opened it quickly, giving the girl a small smile for her
concerned expression.  She looked young, her pink eyes wide and harmless.

"You don't look good at all," Takako said softly, looking at the boy.  He was leaning against the doorway and she was struck again by how young and helpless
he looked.  That was the reason she'd taken him home, thinking he'd been attacked by someone.  And she was right, only his attackers were angels and he
was the 'enemy.'  Violet eyes blinked at her and she frowned.  "You shouldn't be out of bed."

"You're very kind, to take a stranger into your home.  But I really can't stay long, especially if I'm able to move."  The girl was frowning at him and Chihaya
blinked when her pale hand curled around his arm.

"Come into the kitchen and I'll make you some tea."  He didn't look like he was going to follow, but Takako was used to stubborn people and she was
determined to keep him.  Kagetsuya would probably kill her if he found out, but he had made a point earlier.  If anyone could coax the boy into talking she was
the best bet.  "Don't argue with me, there's no point."

"I really shouldn't," Chihaya admitted, following the girl who still hadn't let him go.  "But I guess it won't hurt."  She smiled at him and he let his eyes move over
the kitchen.  He hadn't felt right exploring her home while she was away, but he had noticed how bare it looked.  It appeared that she hadn't been there long.  
He took the chair she waved him into, watching her move to the counter behind him.  She opened the cabinet and he blinked at the small amount of dishes
and food, wondering if she really did live alone.  Appearances could be deceiving, but he'd thought she was around Blair's age, in her early twenties at the

"So, what's your name?" Takako asked, glancing at the boy.  He was turned in the chair, watching her curiously.  There was nothing at all dangerous in his
appearance, nothing aside from his dark hair that gave him away.


"So soft."  The boy let out a small laugh and she shook her head quickly.  "Oh, I'm sorry, that was rude of me.  I'm Takako."  Chihaya smiled at her when she
set a teacup down in front of him before sitting at the table.

"It's all right.  A friend of mine used to say it sounds like a sigh."

"I bet your friend is worried about you," Takako said slowly, watching him take a sip of the tea.  "Chihaya?  I'm worried about a friend of mine, too.  I'm Blair's
friend."  The boy flinched, the mug rattling briefly, and she was surprised that he didn't give her an accusing look.  His eyes were on the door visible across the
living room as if he expected people to rush in after him.  Then he shoved away from the table and she clenched her hands to keep from rising.  "It's okay...I
haven't told anyone that you're here.  And I don't plan to."


"No, so sit back down.  I wanted to ask you about Blair."  His hands were gripping the back of the chair, but he was listening to her.  "Is she really in love?"

"He told you?"  When she smiled and nodded, Chihaya let out a little sigh, his gaze brushing the door once more before he sat back down.  "You must be a
close friend of hers if he told you that."

"Then it's true?"

"Yes, they were married in a human ritual.  She's very happy."  She was nodding again and Chihaya blinked at her, wondering why she believed so easily.

"And there were flowers?  Blair told me about those ceremonies once, how they were so beautiful with flowers and lace and music.  But I never thought she'd
actually..."  Those dark eyes were on the cup in front of him and Takako was surprised by how expressive they were.  "If she's happy, then why are you here?"

"The only thing she was sad about was that her brother and friends couldn't be there.  She acts happy, and I know she loves Sapphire, but...she said you
would mourn her as if something terrible had happened."  Chihaya glanced at Takako and gave a small smile, thinking that the two girls must have been close
friends.  She was no doubt one of those people Blair had missed.  "She didn't want everyone to know that she'd run off by choice, but everyone would think
she was dead."

"And that's why you came?"

He'd stuck the locket in his pocket last night, but it was about his neck again and he pulled it out from inside his shirt.  Takako's eyes widened when she saw it
and he knew she probably recognized it.  Blair had worn it every day until she'd given it to him.  Clicking the release, Chihaya opened it carefully, his thumb
brushing over the picture before he showed it to her.  "I promised I'd tell him.  She didn't want me to go, but I didn't think it would be so hard to find him, or
dangerous.  I never thought you would hate me so much I wouldn't have a chance to explain anything."

Takako knew he wasn't talking about her specifically, but she still felt a flush of discomfort at being included in the category.  It was true that black angels were
pariahs, their origin masked over time until people only speculated at what they truly were.  Some called them demons, others said they were the result of
mating with humans or a mutation, but they were always the enemy.  She hadn't really thought about it before and she wondered how he could have come
looking for white angels without knowing.  The two types never mixed.  "How do your people view us?"

With a soft sigh, Chihaya shook his head and let go of the locket.  "I don't know.  No one ever talked about them when I was growing up and Blair was the first
white angel I met.  She's a wonderful person, so beautiful inside and out.  I guess I thought all of you would be like that, though she did warn me.  I should have


"I'm naïve," Chihaya said sharply, his eyes glinting.  "I know."

"Maybe," Takako muttered, glaring at her hands.  "But you're nothing like I heard."  The boy's gaze followed her when she stood suddenly and she bowed her
head.  "I apologize for the ones who hurt you."

"It wasn't-"

"How are your wings?  Kagetsuya said you hurt one."  She'd been walking toward him, but she stopped when she saw how skittish he looked.

"I can't tell them where Blair is," Chihaya said quickly, shaking his head.  "No matter what they do, I can't let anyone hurt my family."

"Calm down," Takako murmured, brushing a hand over the stiff material of his coat.  It needed washed, she thought suddenly, a small smirk curving her lips.  
But first things first.  "I understand, Chihaya, really.  Kagetsuya doesn't know you're here and I won't tell him you're here.  Let me see your wings, you can't
keep them hidden if they're hurt."  The boy's head jerked to the side, his eyes hidden by a thick fall of black bangs.

"It's broken," Chihaya whispered, his eyes burning.  He hadn't thought about it since entering the kitchen, but the pain had been there all along and was
making itself known again.  The back of the chair was low enough that he didn't have to stand and he gritted his teeth before unfurling his wings slowly, not

"They aren't ugly at all."  The boy's head snapped back and Takako realized she'd said that out loud.  His eyes looked wounded and she straightened her
shoulders resolutely.  "Let's see."  Moving behind him, she could see that the left wing was the broken one.  It was hanging down, the edges of those long
black feathers limp on the floor.  Chihaya didn't move as she got closer, the wings rising over the boy's shoulder until they were above her eye level.  "Oh,
Chihaya, it's awful."

Her shocked voice did nothing to help him and Chihaya choked, ducking his head again.  "I know..."

"But I'm sure it will heal," Takako said quickly, pulling her eyes away from the torn joint. She stepped to the side and gave the boy what she hoped was a
reassuring look.

"I thought maybe a splint, to hold it."

His voice was so small, she half expected him to start crying any minute and she had no idea what she'd do if he did.  "Just wait, I'll get something, okay?"  Not
waiting for an answer, she hurried into the small bedroom off the living area, grabbing up the sheet.  She wasn't a healer!  What was she thinking?  Sure, she
couldn't tell the others he was there or they'd just end up torturing him or something.  He wasn't what they'd expected and she knew violence wasn't needed.  
But his wing was bad, if she messed up it would be warped.  Holding the sheet, she hesitated by the small bed, frowning at the white wall as she wondered if it
wouldn't be better to just tell Kagetsuya.  He had already said he wanted to talk to the black angel, and she knew he wasn't like the others.  The sound of the
door opening made her jump and she ran out of the room, aiming to catch the boy before he could disappear in the hall of the building.  Then someone called
her name and she knew it was worse.

Aya stood in the open door, her wide eyes frozen on Chihaya, who stood by the table.  "You!"

He couldn't breathe, his wide eyes locked with Kagetsuya's equally shocked gaze.  Panic swept over him for what seemed like an eternity then blue eyes
blinked, breaking his paralysis.  His own hair struck his face when he turned, knocking the chair over as his eyes darted toward the window.  The balcony was
just like the other one, only the door was open this time.

"Chihaya, wait!"  The boy ran across the living room, faster than she'd thought possible with one wing broken.

"Don't do it," Kagetsuya said quickly, finding his voice.  He knew what the boy was going to do, the same thing he'd done before.  "You'll never be able to
fly..."  He couldn't see it that well, but the left wing was definitely hanging wrong.  His own steps were slow as he moved across the pale carpet to stand next to
Takako.  The boy had stopped at the balcony, and he looked over his shoulder at them, eyes wide.

"What's he doing here?" Aya asked, her eyes glaring holes into Takako, marking her.  The pink-haired girl didn't answer, walking slowly toward the open glass

"Chihaya?"  The boy gave her a condemning look filled with hurt and Takako flushed.  "I didn't tell them, I swear.  But, Chihaya, if you die...Blair will never know
you told...right?"  

It was true.  Chihaya's eyes dropped to the locket and he touched it lightly.  He'd promised, he had to give it back to her.  Otherwise, there was no point in his
having come so far.  Straightening, he looked at Kagetsuya, his eyes narrowing.  "I won't tell you where they are," he said, his voice having no give to it.

"Oh yes you will," Aya said sharply, glaring at him.  "You'll tell everything after you're interrogated."

The boy flinched and looked away to the drop behind him, one pale hand clutching the locket.  Takako took a step toward Aya, but Kagetsuya moved quicker,
his eyes catching the girl's attention.  "Aya.  Shut up."

"What?!"  The blonde man was frowning at her, but Aya didn't care.  He'd just insulted her, almost as badly as the black angel had.  "Kagetsuya."

"Leave us."

"I'm not going anywhere," Aya glared, staring at Kagetsuya.  She had the worst crush on him, but he'd been extremely rude lately.  His sister was missing, she
understood that, but it was no excuse for his cold treatment.  Those pale blue eyes were cold and she folded her arms over her chest, her own eyes
narrowing.  "This is the last time, Kagetsuya."  The man nodded sharply and she glared at Takako and the black-haired boy before turning on her heel and
stalking out of the apartment.

Takako breathed a quiet sigh of relief when the girl was gone.  She knew Kagetsuya must be angry with her, but he'd understand eventually, she was sure he
would.  Chihaya was still looking away and she took a step toward him, stopping when his gaze flew to her.  "Come back in the kitchen so I can tie your wing,
okay?"  The boy's previously expressive eyes were blank, somehow, and she blinked at him.

"Why bother?"

The insult was sharp and Kagetsuya glared, sniffing when those dull eyes turned to him.  "I'm not going to hurt you, so stop expecting me to."  Takako had
reached Chihaya and those violet eyes blinked at him in surprise.  He could see the barrier break as expression returned to the boy's face and Takako drew
him into the living room.  It didn't seem to take her much effort to get the boy into the kitchen and Kagetsuya followed them, still smarting from the comment.  
Of course, he *would* remember the threat he'd made.  Dark violet eyes followed him when he stepped behind them and he winced at the torn wing.  "What
were you thinking, dropping like that?"

"I wasn't planning to hit the wall," Chihaya said sullenly, frowning at the table.  The man touched his wing and he flinched, gritting his teeth.  "And don't tell me I
need to work on my landing, I already know."