Author's notes: This takes place right before the Cell-games in the DBZ series, when they are waiting for Goku to get out of the hyperbolic time chamber.
For the Gundam Wing part, this is somewhere after the pilots are in space with their Gundams, after Trowa gets his memory back.
Category:  Yaoi, crossover, Dragon Ball Z/Gundam Wing, partial AU on DBZ side
Warnings:  none for this part, READ the future PAIRINGS (I don't want any more flames for the pairings...)
Pairings:  1+2/2+1, 3+4/4+3, will be Piccolox4, Trunksx2, 1x2, 3x4
Author:  Arigatomina

Alternate Timelines Indeed

Part 1

Their search had turned up nothing so far, and they were moving further from detailed space.  It was futile, trying to find a single shuttle when it could have
crashed onto innumerable planets.  That wasn't even taking into account that it could be floating somewhere, anywhere.  Since they had come separately to
the coordinates, Heero couldn't see the ship Trowa was piloting.  But they had their radios on for any incoming calls and his dark blue eyes flicked to the
screen when Trowa contacted him.  For a moment he looked at the sober boy, then he shook his head, glaring.  

"Their last transmission was from this area. It wasn't that long ago, have faith. We'll find them."

"How can you have such hope?" Heero asked, eyes devoid of even the smallest spark.  To him, it was simple.  To even think that the shuttle might still be
intact was hoping for too much and he was beginning to suspect that it had simply exploded.  The transmission hadn't been more than a call for help, so
they didn't know exactly what had happened.

Looking at him over the view screen, Trowa let his pain show.  "Because I know Quatre is alive. I can feel it in here," Trowa laid a hand on his chest, his
green eyes closed for a minute before he looked at the other pilot. "So I have faith. And so should you. We know from their transmission that there was a
hull-breach in their shuttle. They would have diverted to the emergency supply and set the shuttle into auto before they lost consciousness. Think about it,
Heero. No one has ever traveled into this region of space. The chances of the shuttle's computer finding a planet with oxygen aren't as impossible as it

"Unlikely though," Heero muttered.  

Despite the cold voice, Trowa could tell that the Japanese pilot was willing to wait before consigning their comrades to death.  "You wouldn't give up on Duo
without looking for him. Would you? Don't you owe him enough to at least *try* to find him?"

Glaring at the move made by Trowa, Heero glanced away from the screen as he continued to search the coordinates, looking for any planets near enough
for the shuttle's computer to have homed in on. "I won't give up until you tell me Quatre is dead."

"Don't say that," Trowa said sharply, his eyes blazing with pain for a moment before he suddenly clicked off the visual. "Quatre won't die on me. He gave me
his word."

* * *

"The news report said something large crashed down near the ocean just a couple of minutes ago. I wonder what it was." Looking around the room at the
others, Bulma shrugged her shoulders as a simple expression crossed her face. "Maybe someone should go check. It would be really bad if it was another
enemy, especially since we're still waiting for Cell to show himself."

"We are to watch the television," Vegeta said, giving the blue-haired woman a glare that screamed to all who saw him that he knew how slowly her mind
worked. "We don't have time to go gallivanting around like *children* after a meteor."

"It might be something else," Trunks said slowly, watching as his mother's expression turned hostile. "It's worth checking."

"Go then, boy. There's no need for you to wait anyway. So long as *I'm* here when Cell shows himself, that's all that matters."

Not bothering to argue with his conceited father, Trunks looked over at Krillin. The short bald man was watching Vegeta with a wary expression and Trunks
sighed. As much as he loved his father for the simple fact that he *was* his father, there were times when he couldn't stand the man. Now was one of them
as he saw the way he completely ignored everyone as if *he* were the only one whose words had any importance. Moving across the room, Trunks stopped
by the short fighter, laying a light hand on his shoulder as the other man watched the angry Saiyan.  Vegeta had turned again and was glaring at the

They were waiting for Cell to show himself, as he'd said he would when he gave them his last message. He'd said to watch the television, and Trunks knew
his father would be doing just that no matter how many days it was before the android showed himself. The others were anticipating Cell's arrival on the set
as much as the short black haired man, but they weren't looking forward to it with the same anticipation as Vegeta. They knew what he refused to admit;
none of them was strong enough to take the android on. Looking away from his father, Trunks fought the urge to glare as he met Krillin's curious gaze, his
eyes moving to include Yamcha in his next statement.

"I'm going to check out that site they were speaking of. Care to join me?"

Glancing at the young man, Yamcha sighed.  He looked at Vegeta for a moment before his eyes moved back to Trunks. He liked the boy. It was surprising to
him, considering the fact that the boy's mother had been his girlfriend before she left him for Vegeta, but he really did like him. Glancing at Bulma, Yamcha
looked at the small lavender haired baby she was holding, marveling at how much Trunks had grown in eighteen years. The boy had done them all a huge
favor by traveling back from his time in the future in order to help them in their own, but that was the way he was. Trunks seemed to have missed out on
inheriting his father's self-centered genes, showing worry for others the way Vegeta never had and likely never would. After glaring once more at the man
who'd taken the only woman in his life, Yamcha nodded to the boy.


This was an easy decision for the small earthling as he pulled his gaze away from the intimidating Saiyan to look at the lavender-haired man who stood
beside him. "Sure," he said quickly, eager to leave the testy man alone in his wait. Vegeta had a temper problem during normal times, but having been
beaten easily by the green android had caused his fury to double. Krillin could just imagine how angry the spiky-haired Saiyan would be if he'd seen his son
making so much progress where he'd completely failed. Smiling up at the blue-eyed Saiyan beside him, Krillin nodded, then glanced at Yamcha. "Let's go

* * *

Flying low over the ocean, Trunks led the way to the coordinates his mother had given him. It was true that the woman was absentminded at times, even
bordering on ditsy, but she was also a genius in her own right and deserved more credit than his careless father gave her. She simply wasn't as
self-absorbed as him, taking pleasure out of life in a way that Trunks found endearing to watch, especially considering how sad she always was in his time.
Glancing at his watch where their position could be read, Trunks sighed as he thought about his time and how much things had changed since he'd come to
the past trying to save his father and friends. He'd had no way of knowing that Cell would show up, absorbing the two androids who'd created hell in his
world and doing his best to create hell here in the past. He'd thought the two androids were the only adversaries he'd have to face and that he would be of
some help to the others in their battle. As it was, Cell was stronger than him, enough so as to make him look weak.

He still remembered how he'd had to surrender after his painful battle with the confident android. If only his father hadn't been so stubborn, trying to defeat
Cell all by himself. If only Vegeta hadn't held him back when Cell was absorbing the last android, he would no doubt have been able to destroy the monster
before it reached its final, seemingly unbeatable form. But no, Vegeta's cocky nature had reared its ugly head. Trunks could still feel the betrayal he'd felt
when his father had knocked him into the cliff as he'd tried to stop Cell. He would love the man because of who and what he was, but he would not like him.
In fact, he might even have hated him for allowing the android the chance to become unstoppable. He wasn't sure at times.

"Are we there?"

Krillin's voice cut into his reverie and Trunks glanced down at the coordinates on his watch, scanning the islands below them. He pointed when he saw a bit
of smoke, the other two following his hand till they spotted what he was looking at. Flying closer, Trunks frowned as he saw what appeared to be a space
shuttle, much different from the ones his father had used, yet similar somehow. They landed near it, but far enough away so they wouldn't be in danger if
the plane exploded. It wasn't that an explosion was likely to hurt them, but it would be a nuisance that was best to avoid if possible.

"Hey, I think there's someone in there," Yamcha called, gazing through the intact windshield, rubbing at the filth that covered it as he tried to see inside. After
a moment, he turned to Trunks and shrugged. "I can't tell much from out here."

"There's a door over here." Not waiting for the other two, Krillin felt the outside of the square panel on the side of the shuttle, noting that the door was similar
in design to an aircraft's door. He couldn't find a release, so he gripped the door and pulled it off the hinge. A wave of thin air flew out of the ship and he
took a quick step back. "It reeks in there."

Trunks moved past him, looking inside the ship cautiously before entering. It didn't take him long to find the pilots and he wasted no time lifting the two still
bodies, one under each arm, and carrying them from the plane. Meeting Yamcha and Krillin's wide eyes, Trunks motioned for them to follow as he carried
his load a reasonable distance from the plane before laying them on the ground. Krillin landed beside him, kneeling and touching one of the fogged up

Crouching next to the other one, Trunks moved his hands over the neck of what was obviously a space suit as he searched for the release. He found it and
lifted the shoulders of the figure so he could pull off the helmet.  Then his eyes widened as he saw a young human boy. Very pale, the small blonde looked
thirteen at the most.  But he was breathing and Trunks heaved a relieved sigh before turning to Krillin.  The man still hadn't gotten the second helmet off
and he had to hide a groan. Krillin was just sitting there watching him. Moving to the other body, Trunks fought his anger as he remembered the one time
he'd asked the short fighter to do something for him.

It had been during his humiliating fight with Cell, and he'd asked Krillin to get his father off the battlefield while *he* distracted the android. Vegeta'd been
injured badly enough for him to lose consciousness and Trunks wanted him taken to safety before Cell could finish him off. It had taken a while before
Trunks realized Krillin had forgotten his one request. Seeing that his father was still lying where he'd fallen, Trunks had searched the sky, fighting his
incredulous anger as he saw that Krillin was just floating there watching the battle and making no move to help the downed saiyan. It wasn't until Trunks had
let himself get thrown around by the strong android that the short man had finally done as he'd asked.

Moving to undo the second helmet, Trunks forced down his anger at the man's seeming uselessness, reminding himself that he sounded like his father
when he criticized others. But he couldn't help resenting the man a little as he remembered the way he'd just watched, much as he was doing at that
moment, standing next to him, just watching. Yamcha moved to the blonde boy and he let out a sigh before glancing down and pulled off the helmet.  His
breath caught when he saw the boy. He was beautiful. The realization was an odd one for him to have and he pushed it aside, checking this one as well.  He
was also breathing.

Yamcha picked up the blonde and Trunks lifted the dark-haired boy, nodding at the man.  He didn't glance at Krillin since he was sure that one wouldn't be
of any use. Again, he shoved away his disparaging thoughts, fighting the way his anger tried to move as his father's did. Instead, he made himself smile at
the short, bald man, nodding to him suddenly. "Let's get these two back to my mother's house. They could be injured."

Krillin nodded back and took to the sky, the two young men following as they carried their burdens carefully, mindful of any injuries they might have. As they
made their way back to the house, Trunks let himself look again to the boy he held in his arms, his eyes moving over the smooth face. He couldn't help but
be in awe of the young boy's beauty, his features seemed so smooth. More refined than any human he'd ever seen, female *or* male. His dark lashes lay
still against his cheeks, and even with his long golden-brown bangs falling into his face, his hair caught Trunks' attention as he noticed how fine it was.
Thinking of his own thick, half-saiyan hair, Trunks wondered briefly what region the two boys had come from. They were different from the humans in this
one, so he figured they must have come from a remote region.

Glancing to Trunks as he flew beside him, Yamcha sighed. He'd noticed the way Trunks had taken charge of the situation and again felt his own inexplicable
pull toward the boy. As much as he wanted to hate Vegeta's son, he couldn't. Not when he was so strong and...kind. Not to mention respectful and polite.
Everything his headstrong father wasn't. Looking away from the boy's stern profile, the tall man shook his head, black hair not moving much as he looked
forward again. He couldn't wait for the day that boy's calm exterior cracked and he realized what an asshole his father was. Yamcha couldn't help that either,
he'd always hated the short saiyan, and he thought that he always would.