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End of Time
The only shonen ai vid for this anime, this amv features Miroku and Inuyasha set to a very pretty song.

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Song:  You're Not Alone
Artist:  ATB
Format:  Mpeg 1
Size:  61.6 MB

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Hanyou Mix
This was meant to be the first part of a trilogy, so it's just a little vid capping Inuyasha's fight against Kouga.

Vid Information
Song:  Shout 2002
Artist:  Tears for Fears
Format:  Mpg
Size:  28 MB

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I'll Wait for You
This remake of my 'End of Time' video is completely different, it's strong shonen ai for the Inuyasha/Miroku pairing, and rather angsty at that.  But it's a pretty vid for the yaoi fans.

Vid Information
Song:  You're Not Alone
Artist:  ATB
Format:  Mpeg 1
Size:  53.4 MB

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Dark Half
Like the title implies, this amv looks at the dark aspects of certain pairings, namely Youko Kurama, Inuyasha’s demon side, Kyuubi, and Battousai. I’ve a penchant for angsty romance.

The original idea of this video was to ‘animate’ a yaoi story using fan-illustrated frames as the ‘stock’ footage to maintain consistency between scenes and anime. I started with the Inuyasha section – which has a lot fewer frames and less movement despite it being placed in the middle of the video. Somewhere along the way of setting that footage to the audio track, the story shifted and I got better at putting movement (read: animation) into the vid. This is most evident in the YYH section. Just keep in mind that I didn’t make this video in the order the scenes appear, so the older scenes aren’t as detailed. This was something of a trial video.

Vid Information
Inuyasha                                     Naruto
Rurouni Kenshin                          Yu Yu Hakusho

Song:  Haunted
Artist:  Evanescence
Format:  Xvid
Size:  48.1 MB

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